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  • Liz 2 novembre 2012, 10:33 / Répondre

    thoughts and prayers go out to all affected


  • Lila 2 novembre 2012, 10:35 / Répondre

    I love this!!! Even though I am far, Im always praying for those who were reached by the disaster! This is a lovely gesture!
    How are you and scott and the rest of the team? I hope you are all fine.
    Never lose hope. This is when the best of people shines through, and we are all aware of the resilient capacity of the north american community, specially after the terrorist attacks.
    Im sending you all my love!

  • Luana 2 novembre 2012, 10:37 / Répondre

    That’s a great way to help, thank you Garance for your thoughts!

    I’m posting accessories from Los Angeles on my blog!
    Take a look!


  • Nini Piccola 2 novembre 2012, 1:24 / Répondre

    Thank you for posting this. I’m having a hard time getting excited about fashion or eyeglasses when there are so many people suffering in NewJersey/New York. I know this is a fashion blog and everybody needs to move forward but I was hoping that you, as a photographer living through this historic time in New York, could document some of what is going on around you? People coping, people supporting one another, people trying to live! Merci.

  • Gigi 2 novembre 2012, 2:10 / Répondre

    J’espère que tu n’écris pas ce post à cause du commentaire écrit hier par une lectrice, tu n’as rien à prouver ou à justifier Garance … en tout cas je participerai également. Toutes mes prières aux victimes…

  • katie 2 novembre 2012, 2:12 / Répondre

    http://www.newyorkcares.org also offers volunteer opportunities for those living in the NY area…

  • Jad 2 novembre 2012, 2:12

    J’aimerais savoir de quel commentaire tu parles? car j’ai cherché partout et je l’ai pas trouvé. Merci

  • kamanda 3 novembre 2012, 9:30 / Répondre

    Très beau geste Garance

  • elise 3 novembre 2012, 8:43 / Répondre

    impacter, ça se dit?
    Belle initiative en tout cas, bravo Garance.

  • Mirta X 4 novembre 2012, 1:19 / Répondre

    My thoughts and prayer to all people in this unhappy situation across Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and New York. XX

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