Weekend Inspiration #50

Un vautour pape, pris en photo juste après qu’on ait interrompu son déjeuner – désolée vautour, on ne t’avait pas vu !). Les autres vautours (tout noirs, boring) doivent attendre qu’il ait fini de manger avant de se jeter sur ses restes. Un peu dégueu tout ça, mais ces animaux sont hyper importants pour préserver l’équilibre de la forêt parce qu’ils la nettoient de ses carcasses et empêchent les maladies de se répandre.

Celui-ci était immense !

Bon, voilà, c’était la minute Natures & Découvertes sur Garance Doré.

(Désolée, j’adore les animaux !)

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  • Coline 30 novembre 2012, 4:24 / Répondre

    Moi, des minutes nature et découvertes, j’en veux encore !! C’est cool ! :)

    Merci Garance

  • Nathalie 30 novembre 2012, 4:24 / Répondre

    Il ne ressemble pas vraiment à un vautour, de loin ! (Vient-il de Rome, d’ailleurs, ce vautour-pape ?)

  • Dariann 30 novembre 2012, 4:25 / Répondre

    It’s so beautiful! I appreciate this post so much, and it’s wonderful to see how you captured this moment!

  • suzy 30 novembre 2012, 4:27 / Répondre

    amazing! soo beautiful – i love it <3

  • Judith A. Ross 30 novembre 2012, 4:29 / Répondre

    Beautiful photo, and no need to apologize for loving animals! Anyway, don’t they provide us with fashion inspiration, too?

  • Garance 30 novembre 2012, 4:32 / Répondre

    Merci :)))
    Le weekend, je me lâche !

  • Monsieur J 30 novembre 2012, 4:32

    Ça veut dire qu’on doit arrêter de se bidonner en semaine devant certain de tes post?;p

  • Lila 30 novembre 2012, 4:38 / Répondre

    That’s why you sit on the first row at Chanel, isn’t it?? They only allow smart people!!! :D

  • Garance 30 novembre 2012, 4:38

    Lila : right !!!

  • Rachelle 30 novembre 2012, 4:38 / Répondre

    Non merci pour le moment natures et decouvertes j’adore les animaux egalment.

  • Gigi 30 novembre 2012, 4:39 / Répondre

    Bah voilà tout est dit! La nature est bien faite n’est-ce pas!?
    Superbe photo, ça doit être vraiment impressionnant “en vrai”…

  • Alicia 30 novembre 2012, 4:56 / Répondre

    pfff tu me rends nostalgique ! j’ai passé presque un mois au Costa Rica cet été en mission de volontariat pour la sauvegarde des tortues de mer…. ça dépayse tellement et ça te “recentre” je ne sais pas comment l’expliquer, après une première année passé à Paris c’était exactement que qu’il me fallait !!et j’étais tout près de Quepos !

    merci beaucoup de nous avoir fait partager ton voyage !!

  • Gabrielle 30 novembre 2012, 5:41 / Répondre

    What a wonderful creature! Love animals too and also love your weekend inspiration posts, we can be inspired by many things, fashion is quite often inspired by nature. xxx

  • Angela 30 novembre 2012, 5:49 / Répondre

    Fantastic! Never apologise for nature.

  • Laura 30 novembre 2012, 5:50 / Répondre

    C’est toujours bien d’apprendre quelque chose, surtout sur les animaux! Très belle photo!

  • D 30 novembre 2012, 6:10 / Répondre

    Loooove! and I love the fact that you are not just about fashion all the time :) I love that about your blog! What a wonderful vacation it must have been! Beautiful pictures as always! Do keep it coming :)

  • annabella 30 novembre 2012, 9:30 / Répondre

    You’re sorry for loving animals and an accidental, exquisite animal/vulture moment?! It’s a life”style” blog, right? (that covers everything stylish…right?)….If fashion doesn’t draw endless inspiration from the beauty of nature…what does…right? Come to think of it, I’ve never meant an ‘un-stylish” living animal ! Perfectly bedecked in their own stunning plumage, fur or skin If we need to stay on pointe here re: fashion…mindblowing wingspan plummage is always in fashion..on the vulture…and smartly ‘reinterpreted’ in fashion. Don’t you just love Stella (and her inspiratonal Mum, Linda) for tirelessly and brilliantly creating stunning animal free fashion… without preaching? So, i’ll shut up now.

    Thank you Garance for this gorgeous photo! My heart burst open when i saw it…but yours and the vulture’s(boom, really big boom) …had to be racing!

  • KELLY SPARKS 1 décembre 2012, 1:21 / Répondre

    I am always amazed at how poignant your photo’s can be. Whether it is an amazing snap into a millisecond of a fashion moment or a bird flying down a runway in the skies…you always seem to capture it. Thanks for inspiring me in all the right ways!

    p.s. thanks for the Zara post! I have been shopping the same way you have at Zara for the last year. I love to read that people are as crazy about Zara as I am!

  • Eva 1 décembre 2012, 3:02 / Répondre

    Wow, what an amazing shot!! So beautiful! xx

  • McKenzie 1 décembre 2012, 3:49 / Répondre

    Don’t be sorry, thank you for sharing! This is a wonderful shot!

  • The slow pace 1 décembre 2012, 4:10 / Répondre

    I was once almost attacked by a vulture. True story. I was at my uncle’s, in the mountains. I was sunbathing next to the swimming pool and suddenly my uncle said: hey, I’m going inside ok, you stay here… and run inside the house. And I was like, this woman is just crazy… I’m not moving, oh, the sun… wait a moment, where is the sun? And a huge vulture was coming and I swear to God the sun just disappeared behind him. Creepy. What did I do? I jumped into the swimming pool. Stupid, I know. Like vultures won’t attack someone if she is inside a swimming pool. Anyway, the vulture left and my uncle went out the house laughing…

  • charlotte 1 décembre 2012, 4:19 / Répondre

    like all the “normal fashionaddicts” have to wait for fashion editors to pick their favourites of h&m collaborations before they can fight for the leftovers :)

  • stylewaffle 1 décembre 2012, 6:00 / Répondre

    Absolutely beautiful bird! This picture took my attention a little longer than most cos it sent my brain in a new direction…… It really got me thinking about this scavenging animal and the cycle of life. Then I remembered Jess Eaton the lady from Brighton (heard a radio interview with her) who collects dead animals for her roadkill couture collection! My mind boggles……. a lot to think about……!!

  • Kate Schuette 1 décembre 2012, 6:37 / Répondre

    Hi Garance! First to let you know: I’ve been reading your blog every day since I had to get Google to translate it from French for me (I think 2008?). One of my favorite morning rituals is to start the day with a cup of coffee and your blog. I’m 5 hours behind New York, in Hawaii, which makes me lucky because there’s always something new first thing when I wake up! It helped me become interested in fashion to the point where I decided it would be fun to be a model, so I went to sign with Wilhelmina in LA and had a blast traveling around the world. I had never really thought about fashion much before. So – thank you for helping shape my life a bit!

    Anyway, I was getting some boots repaired today from an old local guy who really knew his stuff! But of course, in looking at the state of them began lamenting about how the construction of shoes is getting worse and worse. He pointed out to me where the designer had cut corners … I was surprised because they are the only pair I own that were actually quite expensive, and it got me asking questions about how to tell which shoes are high quality and which are not, but I couldn’t really get a definitive answer.

    I want to buy shoes that last, especially if I’m spending extra money! But I feel so lost trying to figure out which are worth the price. How do you tell whether shoes are constructed well? Which brands really don’t cut corners? I thought maybe to ask you because I always read but never say anything :)

    If you don’t see this or have time to respond, just want to say that’s OK and thanks again for your blog – it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. And if you’re ever in Hawaii I’ll show you the best spots to visit!


  • Chocosoue 1 décembre 2012, 8:40 / Répondre

    Très très belle photo, devrait être utilisée comme fond pour la National Géografic …

  • penny 1 décembre 2012, 12:40 / Répondre

    I love your animal shots.

  • 1 décembre 2012, 1:04 / Répondre

    Like it????????????????
    Follow my new post!

  • Eduarda 1 décembre 2012, 2:25 / Répondre

    Pourquoi doit on se excuser d’aimer les animaux!? Nous sommes des animaux aussi, donc on devrait s’aimer tous! Continue Garance!

  • ines 1 décembre 2012, 4:41 / Répondre

    Moi aussi j’adore! je regardais tout le temps les documentaires animaliers avec mon père quand j’etais enfant! Trop beau

  • vvn 1 décembre 2012, 5:34 / Répondre

    There is nothing more amazing than nature!

  • Vintage hype 2 décembre 2012, 5:03 / Répondre

    Oui, j’ai eu l’impression d’avoir attéri sur Garance Arte, mais ce n’est absolument pas un problème. Cette photo est superbe et l’endroit doit-être magnifique aussi!

  • Filofer 2 décembre 2012, 5:05 / Répondre

    Enorme, photo bien prise en plus…il a l’air beau comme oiseau. Si tu en a d’autres comme ça je suis preneuse ^^

  • Megan 2 décembre 2012, 6:22 / Répondre

    Moi aussi! Love the butterfly and the vulture. Thanks for the variety and great photography.

  • Blaise 3 décembre 2012, 12:07 / Répondre

    This is my favorite inspiration post yet. :)

  • Heidi 3 décembre 2012, 6:05 / Répondre

    I have so enjoyed your blogs about Costa Rica, particularly this one, so thank you Garance!

  • Performance and Cocktails 3 décembre 2012, 8:35 / Répondre

    I’m amazed that you can see anything in this picture, shooting up into the light like this! Were you just lucky, or are you so fast with the settings on your camera? Very nice…

  • acheter livre 25 avril 2013, 7:26 / Répondre

    Funny blog
    PS:you got a lot of comments :P

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