The Dickie

The Dickie

Ce n’est pas la première fois qu’on parle des plastrons sur ce blog…

Vous vous souvenez du plastron en dentelle vintage d’Allison? En ce moment, on en voit partout. Ceux-là viennent de chez Mr. Start, c’est Garance qui les a repérés à Londres. J’aime bien l’idée de les porter sous un pull un peu moulant, pour éviter le côté boursouflé de la superposition. Mais du coup, je me demande ce qu’en penserait mon boy-friend (imaginaire)…

Scénario: A un moment, j’envisagerais forcément de retirer mon pull et là, je me dirais : “La loose, j’ai mis mon plastron ! Il va me prendre pour une nana bizarre ! Qu’est-ce qu’il va penser de cette espèce de col qui pend lamentablement à mon cou ? C’est sûr, je vais me faire larguer !”

Bon, heureusement, pour l’instant, je n’ai à me préoccuper que de mon boy-friend imaginaire et je peux porter autant de plastrons que je veux…

Et vous, vous en pensez quoi ? Et vos boy-friends ?

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  • Florence 22 février 2013, 11:55 / Répondre

    Mais le plastron c’est ultra ultra sexy…Du moment où sous le pull tu ne mettes rien d’autre! Une belle peau peau nue et le plastron, ton boyfriend (imaginaire ou pas) en redemandera!

  • CORY SCOTT 22 février 2013, 11:55

    Dickie is somehow a funny name, don’t you think? :-p

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog
    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  • andreea 22 février 2013, 11:55

    not my style, but it looks convenient and cute :)

  • JENMA 22 février 2013, 11:56 / Répondre

    Ton post est tellement vrai ! J’ai un plastron de chez Cos today et je me fait la même rèflexion a chaque fois que je l’enfile : jamais je n’enlevrai mon pull en présence de mon copain ! JAMAIS !

    Du coup soit j’en porte quand je ne le vois pas, soit je file me changer dès qu’on se retrouve seuls…

    Ahhhhhh la mode ne rime pas toujours avec sexy attitude !

    Merci pour ton post Alex ! Et enjoy Paris (cheese and wine) ! Couvre toi il a neigé ce matin….


  • Fashion Snag 22 février 2013, 12:04 / Répondre

    I like them. They remind me of my mom. She has one similar to the one hanging on the hanger!

  • Maimu 22 février 2013, 12:05 / Répondre

    I do not mind dickies, I have two. I have a feeling my BF has no idea that I wear them thou…

    My boyfriends reaction to the picture above: “Are those somekind of fancy bibs?”

    Alex, who ever the lucky guy is that will someday be your BF, he probably will love you and your dickie ;)

  • antoinette 22 février 2013, 12:21 / Répondre

    I had a turtle neck one once long time ago, I tried it on felt weird………never wore it

  • Dora 22 février 2013, 12:24 / Répondre

    Hi Alex!
    I feel very sorry for the boyfriend that would “break up” with me because of a freakin’ dickie! I don’t own any, but I don’t find it a bad idea, too. True, layering a shirt under a tight sweater is tricky and I don’t do it, either. On the plus side of the dickie talk, imagine this: taking out the sweater, a great pair of lingerie and the funky dickie… sexy secretary gone wrong meets freshman college gal… not as stupid as it sounds! :p hehehehe! :p
    Anyway, though, I don’t believe that boys think that we’re so naive into obsessing if they like this kind of details or not.. but maybe that’s just my sayin…
    xoxo! :-)

  • Francisco 22 février 2013, 12:35 / Répondre

    I’d look at her with fear in my eyes and slowly walk away without turning my back on her. Move to another city and change my phone number.

    Just kidding, I’d find it pretty original.

  • Gabrielle 22 février 2013, 12:39 / Répondre

    Haha, Alex, you are so funny :-) But I think he wouldn’t brake up, but make out with you! I think most guys wouldn’t even notice you having a dickie on, they would only see you ;-) Where does this thing end after all….? My husband would probably laugh at me and I would laugh with him and we’d have a good time. I think dickies can be a really good idea, less bulk with slim cut jumpers and the one from Allison, I still remember that one…. so gorgeous, really beautiful! If I find a good version, I will definitely buy one. This version above actually could be a really good and easy DIY! xxx

  • stfn 22 février 2013, 12:46 / Répondre

    it d be awesome if you could put on some pics on how to match them.

  • Charlotte 22 février 2013, 12:48 / Répondre

    COS got me hooked! Dickies are amazing for the exact reason: to eliminate some of the bulk. Your boyfriend, imaginary or not, will probably love you for it.

  • Nomadic D. 22 février 2013, 12:49 / Répondre

    They had them at Cos this winter and I was so tempted, I thought it would be really great for layering. but in the end I just couldn’t do it. It feels somehow artificial.. I don’t know, I can’t even rationalize it, I want to embrace them but there’s something just totally ridiculous about it.

  • Eva 22 février 2013, 1:24 / Répondre

    I think this is the most brilliant idea ever. I mean, a shirt under your sweater isn’t comfortable most of the time and you only wear it for the collar in the first place (except when it’s cold, when we go for layers, layers, layers). This is the perfect solution for me! xx

  • Juls 22 février 2013, 1:48 / Répondre

    Thanks for the good LOL on a friday! I think I’d wear a dickie, but I’d be a bit sneaky about pulling it off before anything else came off ;-))


  • Kajsa 22 février 2013, 2:15 / Répondre

    This could work under a sweater :) Must confess that I can not understand much French.

  • Laura 22 février 2013, 2:50 / Répondre

    L’idée me plait bien, ça évite d’avoir des épaisseurs en plus, en ayant le joli rendu d’un col de chemise! Quant à mon boyfriend, ça fait longtemps qu’on est ensemble, il sait que parfois je porte des trucs bizarres, alors ne le dérangerait pas. Il faut juste essayer de ne pas en porter pour les premiers rendez-vous!

  • Sophia Rinaldis 22 février 2013, 2:51 / Répondre

    Au contraire, je crois que le boyfriend aimerait bien… finding you to be unexpectedly bare where he was imagining an extra layer.
    If you can pull it off. In my case, it would just result in awkwardness.

  • Alex 22 février 2013, 3:16 / Répondre

    Nah, guys won’t trip. You wear it under a sweater in place of an actual top, right? And he sees this dickie only after the sweater is off? Yeah, that happy man would not complain.
    Anyway, I never knew this clothing item existed. But then again, it is just an extended collar. When I hear Dickies I am reminded of uniform pants that were popular with cholos/cholas.

  • Ichraq 22 février 2013, 3:45 / Répondre

    i’m sure that my imaginary boyfriend will laugh and move on :D
    and i love the idea, it’s so practical and so pretty as well!

  • tigerlily 22 février 2013, 3:54 / Répondre

    i miss garance!

  • Colony 22 février 2013, 4:11 / Répondre

    I was joking with a friend of mine who mentioned that he only ironed his collar b/c it was the only part of his shirt that would show over his sweater…I sent him a link to the COS one. That’s when I learned the Dickie is cool again!

  • Newborn Fanatic 22 février 2013, 5:45 / Répondre

    Hmm…when you explain it, it sounds so convenient but I will feel so ridiculous wearing it. Not to mention that I always like the option of taking off my sweater.. :P

  • Rachelle 22 février 2013, 7:48 / Répondre

    No Boyfriend No problem, I would so wear it.


  • Annika Tibs 22 février 2013, 8:08 / Répondre

    It’s no coincidence that its all of a sudden its the “it” / “must have” fashion item on the runways, Garance spotted something great and the fashion world listened.

    Needles to say, I am want a closet full of these, I’m already planning out a vintage/ thrift shopping trip to do some DIY projects



  • Barbara 23 février 2013, 4:07 / Répondre

    Alex, it takes only a little imagination to upgrade it to Jennifer Beals’ dinner outfit in Flashdance, I think. And then taking off the top layer suddenly becomes something to look forward to.

  • Alice 23 février 2013, 4:33 / Répondre

    Aha I absolutely love these little blogposts by Alex but… Who is she? Introduce her!
    I hate layering because it always ends up as a shapeless mess. I have found them in Paris last year and I have been wearing them ever since (and don’t worry, after a few times, my boyfriend didn’t freak out anymore.)

  • Nica 23 février 2013, 4:44 / Répondre

    Ton post m’a fait bien rire! C’est vrai que je n’y avais jamais pensé. La solution c’est de ne pas porter de soutif comme ça il passe vite à autre chose ;)

  • Revecca 23 février 2013, 5:16 / Répondre

    Haha I love this post. Amazing! Hopefully no guy would be as stupid as to break up with a girl because she is wearing a dickie. I think they are cool!

  • Alex Lovelydoe 23 février 2013, 7:22 / Répondre

    Depuis que j’ai vu l’article de Garance sur le “Dickie” d’Allison, c’est devenu une obsession !!! J’en cherche un partout, et ce n’est pas chose simple….
    Je trouve ça sexy et mon petit ami aussi ;)

  • Virginie/Mode9 23 février 2013, 8:28 / Répondre

    Très drôle ! C’est un peu comme les soutifs push-up !

  • Meredith 23 février 2013, 10:32 / Répondre

    So now we have the resurgence of the Dickie? Are we serious here?

    I am conjuring up vivid memories of my mom’s closet, circa 1982. “Mom, what are those weird half shirts you wear? What are they supposed to do?” I recall a bout of snickering when she informed me that they were dickies.

    Sorry, but I can’t do it. They were weird then and they are weird now. Just layer a real shirt under your sweater. I like the shirts from Madewell.

  • tina 23 février 2013, 11:26 / Répondre

    I love the idea of a dickie, I would like to have one…But I can imagine that situation when you come home with your boyfriend and just want to take the sweater off – and there is that dickie and your boyfriend has this look on his face that “what the hell is that bib doing around her neck?!!” :D

  • january 23 février 2013, 12:49 / Répondre

    i am all for it!! great way to get the bulkiness of layers away, like you said! and as for my boyfriend… if i listened to him for wardrobe advice, i’d have to bin my whole closet!!

    january, x

  • Maddy Marcel 23 février 2013, 3:04 / Répondre

    This imaginary boyfriend would do (I think) one of two things:

    1. Not notice the dickie. You are getting undressed.
    2. Think it’s sexy. A dickie is not that far from the little burlesque collars sold as exotic lingerie.

    Any other reaction should get Mr. Imaginary chucked out of the bedroom immediately.

  • Angele 23 février 2013, 5:39 / Répondre

    This made me laugh.
    I can easily imagine the scene. Like a romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz (ah this Farelly movie haha)

    Anyways i like your posts here. :)

  • nicola lynde 24 février 2013, 2:11 / Répondre

    COS has a really cute one every single season and I’m always temped but then I too am thrown off by the lack of de-layering potential. But on the other hand there are days where a shirt and a sweater are too warm….

  • louise 24 février 2013, 3:03 / Répondre

    Mais j’espère que tu ne choisiras pas un boyfriend assez con pour te larguer à cause d’un plastron

  • Egmonde 24 février 2013, 6:07 / Répondre

    Ma mère adore ! Elle vient de fêter ses 80 ans.

  • Heather Coggins 24 février 2013, 9:32 / Répondre

    Love your article! We make dickeys so of course we love them! They arent your mom’s dickeys any more – they have gotten a major fashion upgrade. I love them because they are for women of all sizes, make you look thinner and are easier to maintain than a blouse.

  • Sofia 24 février 2013, 4:37 / Répondre

    In my experience soon as a girl starts undressing boyfriends tend not to care about dickies, neon bras, laundry day nickers (you know the ones, we all have at least one pair of shameful underwear) etc… So I would say dickie away! They are so good for layering!

  • anne hic et nunc store 26 février 2013, 7:12 / Répondre

    Je te conseillerais plutôt de porter le plastron par dessus un top. Certaines créatrices que j’ai pu distribué en on fait des pièces qui ne se cachent plus mais s’affichent fièrement. Un détournement drôle et élégant qui me plait bien ! En plus, pas de surprise par la suite ;-)

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