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The Modeleb

The Modeleb

Is Kendall America’s Next Top Modeleb?

Elle a fait TROIS des défilés les plus attendus de la saison (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel). Je crois qu’il faut qu’on en parle…

On comprend qu’il y ait de plus en plus de filles de stars sur les podiums (cf. Cara et Poppy Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Tali Lennox et Lottie, la petite sœur de Kate Moss), vu la visibilité qu’elles offrent aux marques.

Bon, ne vous méprenez pas, hein, j’aime bien la famille Moss et je trouve les dents du bonheur irrésistibles (hello Georgia)… mais est-ce qu’on est vraiment prêts pour Jenner ?

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  • Birdy& Bambi 5 mars 2014, 4:58 / Répondre

    I love her look! Her success seems well deserved!

    Good night from Germany and lots of love



  • Elizaveta 5 mars 2014, 5:10 / Répondre

    Hey Brie,

    I was skeptical at first too, but on the second glance I actually think she looks and walks quite well and the fact that she is just 2 mil shy of Rihanna’s following on Instagram is pretty damn impressive. I say – go, Kendall!

  • Q 5 mars 2014, 5:12 / Répondre

    I hear you on this one… however, I think if one looks at her with a clean eye and not through the eyes that have been tainted with Kardashian syrup…. then she will appear to have all the requirements to grace a catwalk…


  • IL 5 mars 2014, 5:20 / Répondre

    I say YES too !
    And am just as stunned as any one by what I’m about to say, but I actually thing she transforms when on the runway. She’s unconventional as a model and wayyyy more interesting (features wise) than say, Poppy or Lottie. Much less commercial ! Go Kendall ! (But all the other Kadarshians can disappear as far as I’m concerned)

  • coco 5 mars 2014, 5:32 / Répondre

    Its nice to see that one of those girls (women) can actually do something more with her live than just being! And I secretly hope she will over shine here older sisters. So go Jenner.

  • Lau 5 mars 2014, 5:38 / Répondre

    I was also skeptical at first but she does a good job. It’s not like Kim Kardashian trying to act which she is obviously rubbish at. I am glad that Kendall gets an opportunity to become something (and be good at it) and not get stuck in the reality TV celebrity bubble. But I am, of course, disappointed that fame lets you skip the million steps required to get to this point. If only every great model could blink her eyes and wake up a supermodel walking Paris fashion week for the biggest names.

  • Annie 5 mars 2014, 5:43 / Répondre

    what about Giles??

  • Fashion Musings Diary 5 mars 2014, 5:48 / Répondre

    Je pense qu’elle est parfaitement à sa place sur un podium: elle irradie…

  • Sabina 5 mars 2014, 6:28 / Répondre

    It’s tempting to make a snarky comment, but she looks good in the clothes.

  • nina 5 mars 2014, 6:35 / Répondre

    First big sister Kim kicked it with Carine, now lil sis Kendall is all of a sudden in on the action too. Go figure. I dislike immensely the “reality stars” that all the Kardashian/Jenner clans represent so I say get off the runway. Or, do I really care? Not really. What’s a model, but a clothes hanger, non?

  • Aleksandra 5 mars 2014, 6:36 / Répondre

    Yes, go Kendall. Just because she is related to the Kardashian Klan doesn’t mean that she isn’t worthy of walking those shows. She fits seamlessly. Even though it appears to be a ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ situation, I think you will find most people get their big break (not just in modelling) through their connections. WOO KENDALL!!

  • judi 5 mars 2014, 7:20 / Répondre

    I hate to be a hater……. but it just feels like everyone is buying into the whole attention at any cost thing. Even established designers…..I find the whole thing depressing.

  • Monica 5 mars 2014, 7:46 / Répondre

    I feel bad for the girl a bit. I’ve never watched those shows but it seems to me like that’s the environment she grew up in, in a way that may be as natural to her as they way each one of us grew up seems familiar to us. So we can’t really judge her for the desitions others made for her early life. It seems to me like she has every right to try any career as anyone has and in the long run it would be nice that her work and not her family’s show determine wether she is a good model or not.
    That’s my humble and really long opinion (sorry about that.)


  • Blake Walsh 5 mars 2014, 7:59 / Répondre

    She’s very beautiful and has a great walk. I think she could definitely be the next modeleb.

  • Madeline 5 mars 2014, 11:56 / Répondre

    Last time I checked that girl was like 14. I was totally not ready to see her nipples just now! But other than that… Who cares.

  • Liz 6 mars 2014, 12:13 / Répondre

    she’s amazing she deserves it!


  • johanna 6 mars 2014, 3:35 / Répondre

    Elle a tout à fait sa place sur les podiums selon moi; et puis ça fait quelques années il me semble qu’elle pose pour des magasines et quelques marques, c’est la suite logique :)

  • Peachylau 6 mars 2014, 3:59 / Répondre

    she looks good in Chanel!

  • Lucy 6 mars 2014, 4:45 / Répondre

    Took me a minute to get it but I love ‘modeleb’! Genius. If you can overlook her family, she’s actually a very beautiful girl and potentially a great model.

  • vanessa 6 mars 2014, 5:10 / Répondre

    et pourquoi pas?
    elle a travaillé comme les autres…

  • Sophia 6 mars 2014, 5:37 / Répondre

    I think she is probably better than we give her credit for. Her Kardashian roots are of course what’s put her in the spotlight, but they will probably hinder her too – she will have to do a Stella McCartney/ Victoria Beckham and really prover herself – I kind of hope she succeeds.


  • Nicole 6 mars 2014, 6:00 / Répondre

    I personally think she’s amazing. Watching the show, you can also see that this is something that she truly wants so kudos to her for going for it and proving the haters wrong.

    xx Nicole

  • Aylin 6 mars 2014, 6:05 / Répondre

    I don’t like it. I think when you put someone on the runway who has already acquired a ”somebody” status doing something completely different, it becomes less about the clothes and more about the person wearing them. And while this is how it should be on the streets, this should not be the case on the runway.

  • Charlotte 6 mars 2014, 6:20 / Répondre

    I really love Kendall! I guess she has been a little bit more lucky in the world of fashion thanks to the fact that she’s famous… But she’s absolutely gorgeous and deserves to be in runways such as Chanel or Givenchy.


  • Clotilde 6 mars 2014, 6:35 / Répondre

    I am french, I am no reader of tabloids or “fashion tabloids”, either french or american, and I had absolutely no idea of who that girl was. I had to google her name to learn the “terrible truth”… (I am ashamed, I did not even know Delevingne was a “daughter of”, I am the degree zero in celeb’s gossips)
    Therefore, the only thing I can say is that I find her/them looking OK for the job, so why not?

  • karina 6 mars 2014, 6:59 / Répondre

    She is pretty but there is nothing interesting about her. Nobody would talk about her if she wasn’t part of the Kardashian family.

  • Quinty 6 mars 2014, 7:05 / Répondre

    Although she had a good start as a ‘celebrity’, think she’s working hard for it and it’s now really paying off. So, good for her!

  • carole 6 mars 2014, 7:19 / Répondre

    the door is open..depends on her determination..

  • Sira 6 mars 2014, 7:26 / Répondre

    Very well brought up Brie. I was also wondering the same thing. I don’t want te be a hater for the sake of being a hater or complain (Kadarshian image, fashion = media circus, the more you talk about it, the more you “exists” but on the social media. Well, then it’s not about love of fashion, pure creativity anymore) I’m personally not ready : I didn’t want to be judgmental so I looked more than twice. But really, she doesn’t have this IT / wow factor, this swing, this beauty, this aura… that makes you a good model. I didn’t even say top model. But to me she’s a tall, cute girl.

  • Cat 6 mars 2014, 7:46 / Répondre

    Et bien moi depuis le début je la trouve magnifique! grande, élancée, visage de poupée, il y a 2 ou 3 ans je me disais déjà qu’elle avait tout pour devenir une Top Model.
    Et ces 3 défilés n’ont pas trompé, il faut aussi voir les photos de mannequin qu’elle a réalisé ces2 années passées.

  • Maria 6 mars 2014, 8:48 / Répondre

    I think so! I can´t see why not, she is a model and she’s making her way!

  • Peak 25 6 mars 2014, 8:56 / Répondre

    I’m definitely ready for the Jenner! She looks fantastic!


  • Charlotte 6 mars 2014, 9:35 / Répondre

    Why not !!!! She’s a gorgeous young lady with a beautiful face and banging hot bod… Nothing wrong with her name.

  • Élora 6 mars 2014, 10:49 / Répondre

    Perso, j’aime bien son look. Célébrité ou pas, si son look convient au défilé, moi j’ai rien contre. En Chanel, je la trouve magnifique! (Et ne croyez pas que je sois une genre de crazy Kardashian/Jenner fan — du tout. Ma soeur, oui; moi, non.)

  • vvn 6 mars 2014, 11:24 / Répondre

    I love Kendall! I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians (uhhh somewhat religiously….) and Kendall has been working at this for years. I’m glad to see it’s working out for her, I think she looks great!

  • Ana 6 mars 2014, 12:04 / Répondre

    I dont live in the US, I have never watched her show. I think she is indeed beautiful , but I dont find anything outstanding in her personality, nothing captivating, like Karlie or like Kate..just a pretty girl.

  • Nico 6 mars 2014, 12:18 / Répondre

    Not bad but not too “special”.

    Spring’s colors 2014 on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Sofia Dias 6 mars 2014, 1:19 / Répondre

    I say – let’s wait and see. Sincerely, her walk didn’t convinced me. But those are her first important shows and she’s young, so maybe she’s still afraid to show her personality. Or maybe she hasn’t have one. So yeah, we’ll see.


  • anita 6 mars 2014, 3:08 / Répondre

    Personne ne sait qui c’est en France!

  • Albertine, NYC 6 mars 2014, 5:24 / Répondre

    Are we ready for Jenner? What’s not to be ready? She has the body, the face and she can walk the runway as a pro. Who cares whose sister she is, because that’s what seems to be the reason why she’s being targeted. Another “modeled” Rita Ora: she also is not a professional model, but she rocked DKNY show last fall. And yes, we were ready.

  • nicola 6 mars 2014, 9:35 / Répondre

    oh come on…how many of the models that are at the shows have celeb parents? most are plucked from obscurity due to their ‘freak of nature’ perfection.. have you seen kendalls perfect body? limbs that go on forever and the most beautiful big eyes? regardless of her celeb family, she would be scouted on a London street or in a mall in the states, she is total model material. her mother is beautiful and her dad is an athlete..genetically she is blessed and is a perfect runway model. give her the credit she deserves..disregard the fact that she grew up in a reality show, not a choice she made but a choice that was made for her.

  • Anna 8 mars 2014, 3:00 / Répondre

    On peut très bien ne pas l’associer à la famille Jenner ou Kardashian et voir qu’objectivement elle est très jolie, à un corps magnifique et elle rend plutôt bien sur un podium. De plus les marques pour lesquelles elle a défilé lui apportent pas mal de crédibilité…. Chanel, Marc Jacobs et Givenchy pour des premiers défilés ce n’est pas rien…

  • Ann 8 mars 2014, 4:32 / Répondre

    I’ve never seen the show, I only know Kim K and the other one from pics from People and stuff like that. But when I see these pictures, I see a model, with a very interesting face.

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