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Brow Magic

Brow Magic

Le nouveau meilleur ami de vos sourcils.

Quand Tatyana est passée au Studio, elle a vraiment fait de la magie avec son rayon Stila. Avec ce crayon tout simple, elle a réussi à recréer des sourcils pleins, épais et contrastés. Je vous jure.

Bon, moi, j’ai un petit espace vide sur mon sourcil droit (j’ai dû me sur-épiler dans mon sommeil…) et avec ce crayon, j’arrive à le combler parfaitement. La pointe est super fine, ça permet de redessiner un peu de matière, comme ça, ni vu ni connu !

Comme on dit, sourcils fournis, vie épanouie (euh…)

Crayon à sourcils waterproof Stila Stay All Day disponible en light, medium et dark.

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  • Liz 11 mars 2014, 5:46 / Répondre

    I’ve never tried brown

  • andreea 11 mars 2014, 5:46

    i could totally try this crayon: it sounds useful! :)

  • Elisa 11 mars 2014, 6:12 / Répondre

    Great, as always!

    My Fantabulous World

  • carole 11 mars 2014, 6:36 / Répondre

    Hi Alex i have been looking for a smudge proof long wear eyeliner jet black…..Maybelline unstoppable eyeliner!! onyx… automatic and thin…under $10 …also comes in other colors

  • Pauline 11 mars 2014, 11:37 / Répondre

    I’ve always used a traditional brow pencils for my brows but recently discovered the Anastasai Brow Pomade. I use it to fill in the brows after tracing it with pencil. It’s pretty good. It’s described to be long wear and withstand humidity.

  • Nicole 12 mars 2014, 1:12 / Répondre

    I’ve never tried liquid brow liner, but it seems interesting enough!

    xx Nicole

  • The slow pace 12 mars 2014, 6:18 / Répondre

    I have a little empty spot too!!! It came out of nowhere!!! I was calling it an X-File but now I fell better to read that it happens to other people… ;)

  • Caroline Dé 12 mars 2014, 7:08 / Répondre

    J’aurais bien aimé voir ça en photo ! Mais je veux bien croire qu’une pointe aussi fine puisse faire des miracles…

    Bisoux à l’équipe !

  • Sevan 12 mars 2014, 7:43 / Répondre

    “Sourcils fournis, vie epanouie”……J’adore !

  • jane with the noisy terrier 12 mars 2014, 8:38 / Répondre

    I’ve been a big fan of the Anastasia BrowWiz skinny pencil, the colors are perfect, topped with their clear brow gel. But lately, I’ve been LOVING the new Benefit Gimme Brows. It looks a lot like the Clinique mascara wand for bottom lashes. You just brush a bit through and Poof! Perfect, natural looking brows. As I get older, mine seem to get lighter and lighter and this is ideal when I can’t get to the Boom Boom Brow Bar in the West Village for a tint and shaping. And teeny tiny for your makeup bag too.

  • Alex 12 mars 2014, 8:38

    Hi Jane! I also love love love Gimme Brow…and that Clinique bottom lash mascara! Tell me more about Boom Boom Brow?! xo Alex

  • Nico 12 mars 2014, 9:54 / Répondre

    Def I need it!

    Fluffy sweater, trench, slippers on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  • Nathalie 12 mars 2014, 11:11 / Répondre

    Ah il faudrait que j’essaye ca tout de suite alors


  • shani 12 mars 2014, 11:25 / Répondre

    I’ve just invested in the SUQQU brow pen, which beauty bloggers swear by. Just waiting to finish my Anastasia Brow Wiz!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • richele 12 mars 2014, 1:20 / Répondre

    I have one of these I LOVE it!

  • AuroreFromMorocco 13 mars 2014, 12:22 / Répondre

    Je l’ai acheté lors de ma dernière visite à NYC en septembre dernier, il est SUPER TOP!
    Le seul problème : introuvable en France (non distribué) et je ne trouve pas de site qui le livre en France…. tellement frustrant ! bises

  • Estelle 13 mars 2014, 7:27 / Répondre

    Un conseil pour les sourcils blonds?

    Any tips for blond brows?


  • Roslyn 13 mars 2014, 1:42 / Répondre

    Excellent stuff! That well-worn path between my door and Sephora is largely your doing. Thanks!

  • Madeline 23 mars 2014, 7:47 / Répondre

    Does anybody have any recommendations for red heads? I have thick brows but they are relatively sparse (genetically blessed right here) and i find that few brands carry eyebrow tools that have a colour that match the warmth of my brows.

  • Orangeufunny 23 mars 2014, 7:47

    The Anastasia line has a dip brow pomade in an auburn color. They also have a lighter beigy color for blonde brows. I bet if you are a darker red, the auburn would be perfect. If you are lighter coppery or strawberry, you perhaps could mix the two. You can get it straight from Anastasia or Ulta has them too.

  • Erin 18 mai 2014, 4:53 / Répondre

    I just bought this and I’m totally loving it! Thanks for the recommendation. Keep um coming.

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