Où : Coleman Skatepark, Lower East Side, New York
Qui : Karin Hansson
Quoi : Le bermuda quitte la plage pour investir la ville.

J’aime beaucoup l’idée du bermuda urbain. C’est pas mal de l’associer à des éléments un peu moins marqués Tropiques, comme une marinière et des sandales, pour un peu plus de street-crédibilité. Si en plus on ajoute un foulard et une tresse décoiffée, même les mecs du skatepark seront jaloux :)

Hair by Rodney Cutler and Brielle Johnson for Cutler/Redken.

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  • Lau 7 mai 2014, 9:28 / Répondre

    So cool !

  • Le monde des petites 7 mai 2014, 9:28

    J’adore!!! <3

    Le monde des petites

  • andreea 7 mai 2014, 9:28

    i love her entire outfit! :)

  • Mafalda 7 mai 2014, 9:28 / Répondre

    J’aime bien les bermudas, c’est une meilleure option quand on est un peu plus âgée et qu’on ne veut pas trop montrer ses jambes, et puis ça va avec tout type de chaussures.
    J’aime beaucoup le portrait de Karin, elle a un visage magnifique, et j’aime beaucoup sa tresse sur le côté, c’est une de mes coiffures préférées.

  • Cris 7 mai 2014, 9:31 / Répondre

    Amazing photos! I love her look, is very cool! The bermuda shorts combined with the Fendi’s sandals are amazing!

  • Lina 7 mai 2014, 9:41 / Répondre

    Love those blue sandals!!!

    Check out my lifestyle blog based in Rio/São Paulo:

  • Sophia 7 mai 2014, 9:50 / Répondre

    Love, love, love the shirt! Where’s the scarf from?

  • veronicav 7 mai 2014, 9:50 / Répondre

    Yes!!!! I like this bermuda shorts!! Great look!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Sunny Side 7 mai 2014, 9:52 / Répondre

    Ah j’adore la perspective de ta photo très BD !

  • Cecilia 7 mai 2014, 9:59 / Répondre

    Very good style! I’ll try to copy…

  • Sandra 7 mai 2014, 10:05 / Répondre

    It’s a no from me. I would consider them if they were wider, sort of like a skirt, structured, but not these.

    Sandra from

  • Karine 7 mai 2014, 10:06 / Répondre

    Très joli shooting, une fille magnfique… J’aime beaucoup ce bermuda, je vais essayer de trouver le même genre à un prix abordable pour cet été ;)


  • GapToothedGirl 7 mai 2014, 10:11 / Répondre

    I’m happy to know that the beach will come in the city this season. Love the post.
    XOX, Gap

  • Alix 7 mai 2014, 10:14 / Répondre

    Good Morning
    I really like the graphic contrast stripes vs Hawaiian flower!
    So cool

  • giada 7 mai 2014, 10:21 / Répondre

    yes, cool :)

    Xo, Giada

  • fashionsphinx 7 mai 2014, 10:29 / Répondre

    LOVE !
    she looks gorgeous

    I buy tropical fabrics in the downtown Los Angeles fabric shops , the same ones that you buy for hawaiian shirts, and then I give them to my dressmaker and she makes my boy-cut bermudas to measure.

    I have a cut I adapted from the surfy/skate bathing trunks/bermudas and tapered it , made it slightly longer at knee and took the sag out of the butt

    they are my summer uniform…..bright bermudas with toucans and hibiscus worn with a simple white liken shirt hanging over them or a great slouchy t shirt
    check out the fabrics here

  • juli 7 mai 2014, 10:29

    Only digging the “woody” print in smaller scale…but more importantly — what do your shorts look like? That is a lot of thought to put into them! I love a Bermuda — but I also find the cut can be kinda dumpy.

  • Mamzette 7 mai 2014, 10:56 / Répondre

    Je suis navrée. Si, vraiment. Parce que je suis prête à faire beaucoup d’effort pour me renouveler, rester dans le coup tout ça, mais le bermuda, c’est niet. Même pas en rapport avec l’effet peu avantageux d’un bermuda au-dessus du genou sur un cuissot généreux, mais parce que le bermuda-chemisette-foulard de catho bien sage, j’ai donné. Et que franchement, même planqué sous un imprimé des plus funs, le traumatisme est trop profond.

  • Theresa 7 mai 2014, 10:58 / Répondre

    They look good on those skinny legs, but I feel like they’d make my athletic legs look like tree trunks!

  • Julie de 7 mai 2014, 10:58 / Répondre

    Très joli look, confortable, léger, fashion pour se promener en ville tout l’été ???

  • Frédérique Chartrand 7 mai 2014, 10:59 / Répondre

    Magnifique mais 800 € le bermuda ! Quand même !

  • Milka 7 mai 2014, 11:13 / Répondre

    The clash of prints and that scarf, awesome! Ciao

  • GapToothedGirl 7 mai 2014, 11:43 / Répondre

    Great photo! The movement and the bright colors are super cool!
    Love it.
    xox, Gap.

  • Danielle K. 7 mai 2014, 11:44 / Répondre

    What a great photo. Så much lovely DETAIL in this girls look. The outfit is absolutely just sooo charming on her silph-like form. The mix of patterns really works – and the surprise element: those sandals! Hmmm… And what is that big black bag she’s got down there? This girl looks like a Scandinavian Royal (her name gives us a clue) trying to escape her fancy life by hanging with the scaters. I do believe there is more of a story there. Thanks for this inspiring image!

  • Traci 7 mai 2014, 12:14 / Répondre

    Those sandals are the best.

  • Sevan 7 mai 2014, 1:02 / Répondre

    Rien de tres original pour moi qui vis en Floride bien que les tres jeunes filles portent plutot des short shorts. Ce bermuda est plus porte par des femmes au-dela de la quarantaine…….et encore !

  • Nico 7 mai 2014, 1:18 / Répondre

    Def a cool combo!

    New outfits and trends on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion blog

  • Diana 7 mai 2014, 1:56 / Répondre

    Parfait! Exactement l’uniforme dont j’ai envie cet été :)

    Comme d’habitude, les photos sont sublimes!

    Merci et bisous,


  • juli 7 mai 2014, 2:03 / Répondre


    Really don’t like outfit — makes a lithe pretty girl look “dutchy” no “clunky/cool” which is what I imagine they were going for. I’m thinking it is a) The clash of whites and the b) clash of this particular blue & particular black and c) needed to be less “uptight” stripes maybe?

    Sorry — Can I make it up to you by telling you I bought my 1st pair of Berks?

  • Marielle 7 mai 2014, 2:17 / Répondre

    The picture looks great however… One has to be extremely pretty and slim to pull it off. There are only very few pieces of clothing that work exclusively on tall, skinny girls, but this is one of them, right?
    I absolutely don’t see how it could be flattering on a girl who doesn’t have a model-like body.
    Maybe that’s just me.

  • 7 mai 2014, 2:47 / Répondre

    Crazy to pay for a pair of shorts 800 something!!!

  • Laura 7 mai 2014, 3:10 / Répondre

    J’adore ce bermuda!


  • Zaelle 7 mai 2014, 3:45 / Répondre

    Bonjour garance ,

    Petite remarque quand tu fais des articles qui mettent en lien des tenues qui sont une bonne idée…je ne suis pas contre mais s’il te plait 820$ pour un short….c’est pas très sympa pour les 95% des lectrices qui ne pourront jamais se permettre ce type d’article…

  • La Pose Mode 7 mai 2014, 3:48 / Répondre

    J’adore tes articles, toujours bien trouvés !!

    Je viens d’ouvrir mon blog, si ça te dis d’aller y jeter un œil :

    Des bises !

  • jane with the noisy terrier 7 mai 2014, 6:24 / Répondre

    I liked these shorts until I clicked through and saw 1.) they cost $895 and 2.) they’re made of WOOL. Wool, lined with silk. Cannot imagine anything less comfortable to wear on a sweltering summer day. (It was like a Michael Kors show I saw years ago where he paired thick chunky knit cashmere turtleneck sweaters with bermuda shorts and sandals. Looked awesome but in real life, half of you would either be sweating or freezing.)

    So expensive wool shorts aside, I think the pattern mixing is interesting and unexpected. Like the trim shape of a bermuda short for summer. This model reminds me of a very young Sarah Jessica Parker. And I have to agree with an earlier comment that I don’t think this is a look that anyone over 25 (or bigger than a size 4) should attempt.

  • Paloma 7 mai 2014, 6:35 / Répondre

    Oui… Ça donne envie d’été…

    Bises de barcelona

  • Andrea 7 mai 2014, 11:21 / Répondre

    Dear G,

    The look is pretty, as almost any look on a model. I agree with many comments above. Most of us, your readers, aren’t able to spend that much on some Bermuda shorts. We still can have some fashion fantasies, though :)

    I just hope that the blog doesn’t turn into a lookbook with very pretty models with super expensive clothes. I have enjoyed your posts since 2008. Please keep it real, G! You have been able to do it for many years now :)


  • B. 7 mai 2014, 11:57 / Répondre

    Yuck!! Too loud, too masculine and too West Coast for NYC! Not a fan, sorry.

  • Eve 8 mai 2014, 3:54 / Répondre

    Alors le bermuda, ce sont des souvenirs d’adolescence, presque traumatisants… Je ne crois pas que sur une femme avec un corps de femme : je veux dire “des hanches”, je remarque l’absence de hanches sur le modèle… cette tenue soit très flatteuse, c’est une tenue, non pas masculine, mais asexuée.
    Si le bermuda est tendance, tant pis je m’en tiendrais au short court, voire au short-jupe, autre souvenir des années 90.

  • Sali 8 mai 2014, 5:07 / Répondre

    Tout à fait ok. Pour la ville c’est vraiment l’alternative à la jupe ou au petit short pas toujour adéquat…!
    Coup de cœur pour celui-ci:
    Simple et efficace en ville comme en vacances

  • Alice 8 mai 2014, 8:33 / Répondre

    Joli mais difficile à porter tout de même ! :-)

  • Angeline 8 mai 2014, 9:11 / Répondre

    Pas mal le bermuda, j’aime l’idée même si je pense que ça ne m’irait pas vraiment! Par contre ça va très bien à Karin qui est très jolie.

  • Karen 8 mai 2014, 9:37 / Répondre

    I am 5’1″ and love Bermuda shorts. I think they work best on my short legs when in a narrow cut. I love mixing patterns but feel the mostly taller, very thin people pull that look off best. I will likely stick with solid colors. I like the pairing with the French sailor shirt and now have another inspired way to wear mine.

  • M. 8 mai 2014, 11:24 / Répondre

    Yes to these. A woman of a certain age prefers to cover some of the thigh.

    Mind you, they are far too expensive. I can sew a pair in an afternoon for ten bucks.

  • Kymberly 8 mai 2014, 12:57 / Répondre

    Garance, Just finished the NY times piece. I was incredulously yelling at it as I read! My first thought was: I hope this doesn’t stress them out! I’ve been religiously reading you for years. I originally found you through Scott (whose books I buy and who I still read as well!). Journalists feel they have to come up with an ‘angle’ for every piece. The Scott vs. Garance bullsh*t being this piece’s made-up angle. Obviously, no one doubts Scott’s talent (or yours) for a minute. Love you both!

  • Vilborg Helgadóttir 8 mai 2014, 6:26 / Répondre

    I like her entire outfit a lot, the little red scarf is such a nice detail!

  • Carol Melo 8 mai 2014, 9:39 / Répondre

    Oh my God, I have a website (it is written in Portuguese because I am Brazilian, but I live in Miami) I did a post last week about bermuda shorts and how into them I am this season. I love the many different ways that designers presented them this summer. I like to dress them up with a high heal.

    BTW, on another completely different matter: I NEVER thought of you as a sidekick or a amrpiece, as said in the NY times article this week. It didn’t even matter the complements that came after that. Who is this writer?????? How can she write stuff as if this was the general understanding of the fashion public.

    I love Scott, and I know he knows that he is the lucky one to be on your side :)

    Ps: I don’t have your email but I do know Scott and I emailed him as soon as I saw the article and told him exactly the same thing.

  • Albertine 9 mai 2014, 5:51 / Répondre

    Sa tenue est manifique! Tres belle photo!

  • Sara 23 mai 2014, 2:14 / Répondre

    The whole outfits look so cool, I love it.

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