In the Pocket

In the Pocket

Le manque/l’absence de poches, c’est peut-être ma plus grande contrariété mode.

Moi, je veux des poches partout : dans mes jupes, mes robes, et surtout mes pantalons. Je mets plein de trucs dedans : mon téléphone, mes clés, mon porte-monnaie, mon rouge à lèvres… oui, même si j’ai un sac. Mon blouson préféré, celui-là, n’a pas de vraies poches et ça me rend dingue. Et sinon, un pantalon, à quoi ça rime si ça n’a pas de poches, hein ?!

Voilà mes looks préférés des dernières collections Croisière… avec plein de poches.

De gauche à droite : Altuzarra, Tomas Maier et Derek Lam.

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  • Suze 5 juin 2014, 12:47 / Répondre

    I can handle no pockets on my skinny jeans, but nowadays I only buy dresses and skirts with pockets – not only is it convenient, I just think they give a wonderful contemporary and casual flair to something that can be considered a bit more dressy.

  • andreea 5 juin 2014, 12:47

    one needs pockets, there should be some on any piece of clothing! :)

    a collective scream of joy rose from romania as Simona Halep Official Fanpage made it to the roland garros finals w/ sharapova! go, simona!
    ?#?simonahalep? ?#?haisimona?

  • Joyce 5 juin 2014, 12:48 / Répondre

    Love the first one! Altuzarra is such a great designer!


  • Amélie 5 juin 2014, 12:53 / Répondre

    Oh gods yes. Pockets, please.

    And you know, I think this is an area where we can really see how sexist and chauvinist our culture still is. I wish I had a dollar for every time a man had said to me, “Why don’t you put that (keys, money, credit card, lip balm, lipstick, sunglasses, business card, flier, cell phone) in your POCKET?” To which, of course, I often have to say …

    I haven’t GOT any pockets!!!

    And when you have to say this, and you’re standing there with that thing in your hands (whatever it is), trying to figure out what to do with it, it’s hard not to look a little less competent. Heaven forfend you have to hand the Thing over to your male companion, which is just infantilizing.

    And even when I have got pockets – as, for example, in jeans – well. Have you ever compared the pockets in your girly jeans to those of your bf or dh? The first time I actually borrowed a pair of jeans from a male friend, I was shocked – the pockets went halfway. down. my. thighs. Seriously. They did. OTOH, my “boyfriend cut” jeans from the women’s department had pockets about an inch and a half deep. Gah.

    The dream of my life is to have a custom-tailored blazer that has all the pockets that come standard in my husband’s jackets.

    I think it’s lazy for designers to say (if this is indeed their excuse) that it’s too difficult to incorporate pockets into womens’ clothes that won’t ruin the line. I have a couple of full skirts with pockets, and you could carry bricks in there without having bulges. OK, maybe functional pockets in cigarette pants or skinny jeans aren’t feasible, but if we had jackets with real pockets (those interior ones they give to men! ahhh! I want!! I want!!!!!) it wouldn’t matter.

    I think as our lives get busier, the convenience that real pockets can provide will become more important to more women – and I hope designers and clothing manufacturers will give us more of them. I live in hope.

  • Eva 5 juin 2014, 1:33 / Répondre

    I love pockets in my pants, cardigans, skirts and dresses. Somehow I don’t like them on my shirts. I like those clean. But pockets always come in handy! xx


  • leslie h 5 juin 2014, 2:11 / Répondre

    I have that jacket too and its lack of pockets I endlessly lament.

  • Alex 5 juin 2014, 2:11

    Right?! Ugh, but it’s so perfect otherwise!

  • suzy 5 juin 2014, 2:11

    I dunno anything about making clothes, but maybe see if the seamstress can help you add pockets?

  • Kathleen 5 juin 2014, 2:20 / Répondre


    How did that jacket become your “favorite” if it has no pockets?!

    Right now your lips are saying one thing and your dollars are saying another. Speak with your dollars and plenty of people will listen.


  • Alex 5 juin 2014, 2:20

    I know, I know, but everything else about the jacket was so perfect!! I gave it break when it came to the pockets. Now I’m extra careful that I’m always wearing it with something that has them to make up for it :)

  • Sevan 5 juin 2014, 2:24 / Répondre

    J’aime les poches egalement et j’en ai a presque tous mes pantalons, jupes et cardigans. J’aime beaucoup mettre……mes mains dans les poches !

  • The-astro 5 juin 2014, 2:40 / Répondre

    Pareil que toi ! j’allais presque dire que “je me sens nue sans mes poches” !


  • Lauren@Styleseer 5 juin 2014, 4:05 / Répondre

    Yes, yes, yes! There should always be pockets in jackets, skirts, pants, coats!

  • Delphine 5 juin 2014, 5:51 / Répondre

    Alex ! I think exactly the same! And COS is wonferful for that, because they put some pockets on ALL their clothes, even the skirts and the dresses.

    Finally a brand which understood the working girls that we are ;)

  • Gabe 5 juin 2014, 6:15 / Répondre

    Oh yes. My skinnies have faux front pockets. While it makes for a clean look, it’s difficult to get used to.

  • Jess 5 juin 2014, 9:44 / Répondre

    Love dresses with pockets!

  • Pauline 6 juin 2014, 5:48 / Répondre

    J’adore les poches !!! C’est super pratique et les filles en ont vraiment besoin ! :)
    J’ai trouvé une boutique chouette justement, ils mettent des poches sur toutes leurs robes ! Enfin !! Je mets le lien : http://boutiques-heroines.com/collections/robes

  • Ana 6 juin 2014, 5:51 / Répondre

    I love and need pockets everywhere so I have sewn pockets inside all my leather jackets. You can open the lining and sow a little bag between the leather and the lining or you can just sow three sides of simple square directly over the lining. It can’t be really big but it’s better than not having pockets.

  • Elle 6 juin 2014, 8:35 / Répondre

    I love that first outfit. I also lack of pockets but there is always time to change it… Oh, I have to go shopping soon! :)

  • MissPimpin 6 juin 2014, 10:29 / Répondre

    I love pockets too. I feel stupid without, not knowing what to do with my arms and hands …
    The perfect outfit has ALWAYS pockets !

  • Jeanne 7 juin 2014, 3:04 / Répondre

    I love this kind of “essential” detail!

  • Sharank 7 juin 2014, 8:20 / Répondre

    Aye aye to pockets! So useful in many ways – keep stuff in them, keep you hands in them if uve got no way to put them (especially during random photos!) plus keeps your fingers warm! <3

  • Sharank 7 juin 2014, 8:20

    *if uve got no where to put them

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