My Pet Square

Hi ! Live from my favorite café in Sydney (I am going to take pictures of it, I love it too much!), here are a few photos I took this morning (it’s 2am in New York, it’s 4pm in Sydney!) of Vicky and her dog, the adorable PK. He is the only dog I know that wears a bow tie.

Even better… A leather bow tie!

Here in Sydney things are pacing up a little (is that how you say when it’s calming down ? Tiiiiim sorry I’ve been so late lately!), and tomorrow we are going on week-end in the Australian outback (Ever heard about Wolgan Valley?) to meet kangaroos (my dream) and try to have them wear bow ties, cause other that that, I might not encounter much fashion out there!!!

Ok, I’m off now, kisses and talk to you later!

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