When someone told me that Solange Knowles was going to be the DJ for our party tonight at Tiffany, I practically fell out of my chair* : “Hoooow cool is thaaaat! She’s so cool we have to meet her!!! This is the perfect opportunity!”

And that’s how we ended up at her place in Brooklyn yesterday, taking a look through her closet, talking design and music (when she asked me if I wanted her to do a special dedication for me for the party, I didn’t know what to tell her – I feel like I’m about to become a lost cause when it comes to music.) and so it was a totally inspirational trip.

The colors and prints she surrounds herself with (in the picture, she’s wearing Marni pants and a vintage blouse), her haircut, and even the way she does her makeup… I’d been following her on her Damn Blog and she didn’t disappoint!

With that, I’ll stop with the superlatives and let you go. Scott just got back from two weeks and Europe and I’m so happy to be next to him again, finaaaaaallyyyy!!!

I’ll take some photos at the Tiffany party, I promise! Big hugs!


* Yep, seriously… There were screams. There were shouts. I danced around the apartment. And I just about fell out of my chair. And that’s how it goes when I’m super happy. When I’m a little PO’d, I’m calm. Super calm. So yeah, that happens rarely.

Translation : Tim Sullivan

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