Kate’s Tattoos

It’s funny how tattoos have become a fashion accessory. Here in New York everybody has one.

A lot of my friends have micro tattoos–the name of their boyfriend or the name of their mother on the inside of their wrist or they have a mini drawing ala Kate Moss (she has an anchor) on the arm. One of them (she will recognize herself, kisses darling!) has 100% written on her forearm and when I asked her what it meant she raised her eyes and started laughing.

Let’s not even start with men. In Brooklyn, a guy without a tattoo is a curiosity. They have tattoos on their forearms, their hands, and even on their necks. Nobody is worried about things like, “how am I going to find a job” or “how will it look when I age.”

When I think about that, I think the freedom we have in New York is really cool. It’s not the same everywhere. In Japan, for example, tattoos are forbidden at the pool and the beach and in other public places.

The tattoos in the picture belong to Kate, you were introduced to her style last week, but I wanted to show you this detail.

Hands are a pretty daring place, but with her white dresses, her angelic face and all of the rings she’s wearing, it creates a contrast that I really love.

Would you be willing to have a tattoo in such a visible place?

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  • Elisa Eymery May, 16 2012, 9:19 / Reply

    I think tatoos look cool on a few people, the ones who really love tatoos as an art form. But I find that a lot of people get tatoos just for the sake of having one, which I find a little bit pointless. Kate’s hands look cool though!

    Elisa Eymery

    Wandering Minds


  • Serdane May, 16 2012, 9:19 / Reply

    Me tatouer sur les mains ? Pourquoi pas ! Ce sera des fleurs dans ce cas.


  • ElsaMuse May, 16 2012, 9:20 / Reply

    Pas vraiment fan de tatouage… tu vas sauter le pas Garance?

  • roula May, 16 2012, 9:21 / Reply

    I love tattoos, but I still haven’t done any…


  • Hélène May, 16 2012, 9:21 / Reply

    Pour moi le tatouage ça doit être visible, j’adore ça !
    Mais je comprend pas ceux qui les font à un endroit “cachés” à part si le message est intime, sinon quand on souffre un minimum faut que ça se voit :)

  • Omar May, 16 2012, 9:24 / Reply

    Yes! I’d love to have one, but in many years of planing I haven’t decided what to tattoo on…

  • GINGER FASHION MONSTERS May, 16 2012, 9:33 / Reply

    Quand j’ai fait mon tatouage, la priorité c’était de pouvoir le cacher quand je voulais… après voilà c’était le premier, mais là je sens qu’un plus visible serait faisable!! et puis, d’ici là qu’on vieilli un peu, ils auront trouvé une technique plus performante pour les enlever… !! enfin j’espère!

  • Mnêmosunê May, 16 2012, 9:33 / Reply

    Avec le travail que j’exerce, je ne peux pas porter de tatouages trop visibles, ce serait très mal vu (déjà qu’être une femme dans ce secteur c’est pas facile, alors une femme tatouée, ce serait encore pire !).
    Ceux que tu montres ne me semblent pas tape-à-l’oeil (enfin bien moins qu’un tatouage qui recouvrirait tout le bras, ou le cou par exemple).
    J’aimerais bien me faire un tatouage, mais je ne suis pas encore décidée sur le dessin (mais ce serait sur le pied gauche). A voir.
    Et toi Garance, tu penses t’en faire un ?

  • Natasha Fatah May, 16 2012, 9:34 / Reply

    When I was younger I wanted a tatoo, but now I think I’ve out grown the urge.
    But sometimes I see tatoos that look so good that I still kind of want one.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Mery May, 16 2012, 9:36 / Reply

    I have one! I had it done when I was 17…. I regret it… Thank god we can remove them now… Will do it some day… It is only visible if i wear I bikini… Only very special people can pull off tatoos… They are now an evryday thing, like you said… I will never tatoo my hands… I am mother now and can’t imagine handdiling a baby with tatoos in my hand..

  • Kimberly May, 16 2012, 9:36 / Reply

    I’ve been wanting a tattoo. I’m 19 years old and I’m scared that when I’m older I will regret it. I guess now I’m more motivated to get a tattoo because of this post. I think tattoos in visible places shows how brave a person is. If you get a tattoo and you’re gonna hide it, it’s like you’re ashame of getting it in the first place. I love te tattoos I’m seeing on her hands. Please show us more of her tattoos!

  • Duygu May, 16 2012, 9:36 / Reply

    I have a small star on my foot. I love it, but I wouldn’t want a big, visible tattoo—especially not on my hands. Aside from the “will it affect my chances of getting a job?” issue, I’m pretty sure I’d get bored. =)

  • Mery May, 16 2012, 9:37 / Reply

    Ps: love her rings !

  • En mode Parisienne May, 16 2012, 9:38 / Reply

    Je serais tout à fait prête à porter un tatouages sur les doigts. Je dois avouer que je trouve ça plutôt charmant … J’aurais juste un problème concernant le choix du dessin… C’est quand même quelque chose de permanent donc faut pas se louper … C’est vraiment le truc qui me retiens pour l’instant de tenter l’aventure tatouage…
    Très jolie ces tatouages avec ces jolies bagues !
    J’aime beaucoup ce style !


  • en-mode-parisienne May, 16 2012, 9:40 / Reply

    Même si j’adore les tatoos je ne sais pas si j’oserais ….


  • Bonjour Grace May, 16 2012, 9:41 / Reply

    I love her tattoos! They look so sweet!
    I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist. My mother hates it though! I’ll be interested to see if I regret it in the future.

  • const May, 16 2012, 9:41 / Reply

    c’est drole j’ai fait mon premier tatoo il y a maintenant un mois et 5jours : une croix perpendiculaire a mes doigts a l interieur de mon poignet gauche et je l’adore! chaque jour je la contemple je suis ravie de la voir (l’avoir). je me sens une autre plus forte plus courageuse. mon mari en la voyant l’a trouve tres visible et pas du tout comme je lui avais montre et comble de l’histoire…(et de l’amour) il y a 10 jours il est alle se faire tatouer la meme, au meme endroit…comme quoi visiblement j’ai reussi a lui prouver a quel point le micro tatoo etait sexy…alors go Garance!!

  • XaruXamú May, 16 2012, 9:43 / Reply

    je suis choquée par ce que tu dis du Japon.Je n’imaginais pas que c’étais à ce point.
    Moi j’habite en Espagne (et au bord de la mer ) et c’est un peu pareil, beaucoup de gens sont tatoué, et sur des zones visibles en plus…Je crois que les choses évoluent.
    Un petit tatouage Garance???
    Moi je ne m’imagine pas en avoir, mais si c’était le cas ce serait dans une zone un peu cachée, un replis peu être…

  • The slow pace May, 16 2012, 9:45 / Reply

    I love tattoos! But they must be small and placed where they are not so obvious.

    I have two tattos: one in each foot.

    Sometimes I forget that they are there until someone tells me: Hey! You have tattoos!! And I surprise myself each time! Me? A tatto? Oh yes! (and I smile remembering my crazy university me).


  • amelia May, 16 2012, 9:48 / Reply

    Si quelqu’un connait un endroit où je peux le faire enlever, s.v.p. avisez-moi!

  • Valentine May, 16 2012, 9:48 / Reply

    J’adore cette photo tout en détail…

    Permet moi de rajouter… Hein? Les tatouages interdit à la piscine???

    –The adventures of a fashion designer…

  • anne May, 16 2012, 9:49 / Reply

    I have three tattoos, one on my back, on on the shoulder and one on the inside of my forearm. That one is pale lilac in colour, barely noticeable (more so when I’m tanned).

    I don’t like hand tattoos. I can see the irony of prison-like tattoos on an angelic girl’s hands, but personally, I’d get bored of looking at them all the time.

  • Jasmine CF May, 16 2012, 9:49 / Reply

    I have one on my left forarm and a little spiral on my right thumb. Spirals are found in Pictish runes and symbolize growth and progress. I’m a historian, so whenever I am typing or writing or reading, my tattoo is a little reminder to always improve myself and work hard.
    Tattoos are like the most personalized jewelry ever and the process of self-reflection I go through when I’m planning one is very self-affirming and healing.
    They’re also more acceptable in most workplaces now, which is lovely. I have met numerous proffessors with tattoos.

    The bottom line is, if you like them then that’s great. If you dont’t then that’s great too. But like anything else, you shouldn’t judge people who have them because you don’t know how much of their heart they put into their tattoos.


  • Gigi May, 16 2012, 9:50 / Reply

    I am waiting for you and Scott to come to Portland Oregon. Everyone has tattoos here, rides bikes… you would enjoy the city and the fashion is definitely different from anywhere else in the US.

  • Stéphanie May, 16 2012, 9:53 / Reply

    J’ai la formule du gamma d’Einstein-Lorentz tatouée sur la nuque, très visible lorsque mes cheveux sont attachés. Je suis ingénieur, et ça ne m’a pas gênée pour obtenir du travail, pas plus que les piercings que j’ai aux oreilles (une spirale d’un côté et un ‘industriel’ intérieur de l’autre). J’ai même pensé faire tatouer mon jonc d’ingénieur (un truc d’ingénieurs canadiens…) sous le jonc réel, sur mon petit doigt!

    J’aurais plus de difficultés avec le visage par contre, sauf peut-être de type ‘yeux de chats’ dans la catégorie maquillage permanent…

    j’ai aussi deux pièces plus grosses dans le dos et sur l’omoplate, pas visibles en vêtements de travail. Je pense que l’idée, c’est de les réfléchir avant de les faire faire, et de les faire retoucher après quelques années pour qu’ils vieillissent bien.

  • foteini May, 16 2012, 9:58 / Reply

    !!!I have exactly the same cross to the exactly the same arm & finger with her…
    Dear Garance,it’s a point for thoughts for sure, in general…
    I wonder if all the N.Yorkers got a tatoo , from witch state or country they ‘ll import blood!!!
    If U have a tatoo U can NOT give blood!!

  • Mina May, 16 2012, 9:58 / Reply

    J’ai attendu 34 ans et une bonne raison (deux enfants), un bel endroit (ma première fois à LA) pour faire mon premier tatouage et je ne le regrette pas !
    Le souci, c’est qu’un tatouage appelle l’autre, et là il faut être raisonnable…

  • Claudia May, 16 2012, 9:59 / Reply

    no, I have no tattoo and if, I would not want to have it on my fingers. Maybe I am a little oldfashion with that, but I can live with it. ;-))


  • Anna May, 16 2012, 10:02 / Reply

    I love tattoos and see them on other people, but when it came to my own tattoo I decided to got it in a non visible place… and I’m sure that if I ever get another tattoo I’ll do exactly the same!


  • Rebecca May, 16 2012, 10:06 / Reply

    I have 5 tattos. My right arm has 11 stars, i have a celtic sun on my back, left shoulder, quite small. I have an anchor on my left wrist, a swallow on that arm and a huge carroussel horse on my upper left arm.
    I think tattoos are something that must mean to you and it doesn’t matter at all if they are visible or not because the main thing is that you feel comfortable with them and they make you feel something when you see them.
    I also think that people that say: where are you going to work now or what are you going to do when you are old? Well, I am an engineer and I work in a huge company where nobody says anything about my tattoos. And I suppose when I am an old woman, everybody around me will have tattoos and so… no big deal about it.
    I’ve been to Japan with all my tattoos and had no problem at all going to the swimming pool, or a sauna or the beach or anyplace at all.
    I just don’t know why people think they can judge you or your abilities for your physical appearance. I am indeed quite a simple and modest person. I don’t dress in huge extravaganza… I just like tattoos.

  • Lo-lee-tah May, 16 2012, 10:10 / Reply

    Hi Garance!

    I`m 24 and I have a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. I`ve have it for almost 3 years. It`s a lovely lotus flower and i`m very proud of it. I must admit i have been covering it up when going to job interviews :) but in general, i tend to forget about it.

    I could never get bored of it. A tattoo is like a marriage. If you commit, you have to love it through the hard times and the good times.

  • Peroxide Blonde May, 16 2012, 10:13 / Reply

    Beautiful! On her… for me? I feel it would take away from my body´s purity…

    Peroxide Blonde

  • Amber May, 16 2012, 10:16 / Reply

    I love fashion and tattoos, however those of us that have more than a few tiny swirls and hearts find the connection between the two comical. I have both arms “sleeved” and wear everything from Haute Hippie to Jimmy Choo. No one has asked me if I “match” my attire to my ink. Nor should they…the answer would be a very long laugh. Tattoos used to be for those that wanted to express themselves by wearing art…now it’s a trend. Sad, but that just means you either go big or go home. And if you see someone that has more than a tiny star on their wrist smiling at you…you’ll know why.

  • Neris May, 16 2012, 10:18 / Reply

    I’m getting a tattoo on my left wrist in two weeks :) love her tattoos!


    Fashion Fractions

  • Mademoiselle.H May, 16 2012, 10:19 / Reply

    J’adore ces tatouages, sa me donne envie de m’en faire sur les doigts je trouve çà extra !!!!

  • Ariane May, 16 2012, 10:19 / Reply

    I had the Tengwar version of my mother’s name tattooed on my back, just at the top of my spinal cord, on her 20th death anniversary. Just so I’ll have her with my wherever I go.

    Planning to get a Haruki Murakami quote on my left wrist, too. A little reminder to myself.

  • The PvdH Journal May, 16 2012, 10:20 / Reply

    I do think that tattoos can be pretty cool, but I also really think that it depends a lot on your upbringing how you feel about them.

    Growing up in Mexico City (and despite subsequently living in the states and the UK), I would not be able to get a tattoo without the voice of my mom resonating in my head (plus, she was right regarding the belly button ring…!)



  • Rebecca May, 16 2012, 10:21 / Reply

    Thank God, Amber… I do wear cute dresses with my arms in the air covered in tattoos and I don’t think I look like a heavy metal fan.

  • A. May, 16 2012, 10:21 / Reply

    Va voir le blog de coline , elle a des tattouages qui déchirent !!! etpourquoipascoline.fr/

  • Jane & her noisy terrier May, 16 2012, 10:26 / Reply

    Not a fan of tattoos, especially not on women. And I see so many young women scribbling on their bodies as if they were post-it notes and just wonder how they’ll feel years from now when their skin isn’t as taut and smooth, when the ink gets fuzzy. You wrote a post about tattoos years ago where you said that anytime you’ve considered getting a tattoo, you’ve decided to wait a year and see if you still feel the same way. I think that’s excellent advice. My philosophy has always been “Never permanently put anything on your body that you wouldn’t want to hang on your living room wall!”

  • Sarka May, 16 2012, 10:28 / Reply

    Nooooo…nothing on the hands, neck, or head. It looks terrible and especially when skin elasticity start to change with age! I have a few tattoos, but they are discrete and I only show them when I want to. That gives me choice with lifestyle, work (I’m a financial journalist — so I need that choice), and with what I want to wear.

    My sister on the other hand…has many, many tattoos on her arms, wrists, legs!


  • Ambyr May, 16 2012, 10:31 / Reply

    I love all of her thin band rings, they make the skull tattoos romantic. I have a tattoo on the back of my leg. Most of the time I kind of forget it’s there but people always ask about it. I surprisingly don’t mind. I mean, I”m the one who chose to pu tit there and picked it out. *Note to anyone wanting a tattoo- make sure it’s something YOU want and that you can’t stop thinking out, otherwise you’re risking not liking it later in life.


  • Ariane May, 16 2012, 10:31 / Reply

    I had the Tengwar translation of my mother’s name tattooed on my back, just at the top of my spinal cord, on her 20th death anniversary. Just so I’ll have a piece of her with my wherever I go.

    Also planning to get a Haruki Murakami quote etched on my left wrist. A little reminder to myself.

    I have another tattoo, a big one on my lower back. Though it’s not visible all the time, it’s something that I wouldn’t mind people seeing. My tattoos represent some things that are important to me, and I think people should think carefully before getting one because it’ll be on you forever.

  • Anaïs May, 16 2012, 10:31 / Reply

    Mon premier tatouage, même si c’était sous l’emprise d’un petit-ami vite oublié, je l’aime toujours autant car il est dans un endroit que l’on ne montre généralement en public ;-) (un colibri sur ma fesse droite) comme le 2ème (en bas du ventre à droite) que j’ai vraiment voulu et mûrit. Et puis il y a eu le 3ème, fait en Chine, sur le pied droit, puis dernièrement un autre sur le pied gauche (le nom de ma Chihuahua, aie je vais en faire hurler plus d’un/une, mais j’ai pas d’enfants et je ne compte pas en avoir). Ok en résumé c’est adictif..comme dit Mina…d’ailleurs j’ai déjà réfléchi au suivant… mais les mains cela ne serait en aucun cas mon choix d’endroit à tatouer. Kisses from Geneva

  • littlelulu May, 16 2012, 10:36 / Reply

    Tattoo is an imprinted expression of feelings, thoughts or events in somebody’s body… I am disappointed when this turns into a fashion trend…


  • Jessie May, 16 2012, 10:36 / Reply

    thats a very very good point about tattoos in your first line. it makes them much less special in my opinion. hers are cool though i will admit
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  • Anaïs May, 16 2012, 10:37 / Reply

    ps je voulais dire qui ne se montre pas en public..pardon..my mistake.. sorry Garance..

  • Dollyy May, 16 2012, 10:41 / Reply

    La photo est vraiment très jolie !
    Je trouve les petits très beaux, ceux aux poignets, sur les mains… mais je ne pense pas me faire tatouer un jour; j’ai trop peur de m’en lasser, et de le regretter par la suite…


  • asianfreak May, 16 2012, 10:42 / Reply

    C’est rigolo, nous avions une discussion tatoo avec mon chéri hier soir.
    J’ai beaucoup aimé les piercings quand j’avais 15 ans, mes parents m’ont dissuadés d’en faire et je les en remecie aujourd’hui.
    J’ai beaucoup aimé les tatoos quand j’avais 20 ans, mais la peur que ça fasse mal et la persistance de la chose m’ont fait reculé….
    Aujourd’hui avec un peu de recul (10 ans de maturité en plus), je suis contente de ne pas avori sauté la pas. Comme tu dis, tout le monde est tatoué, et je n’ai pas envie de ressembler à tout le monde.

    Mais cette photo est vraiment très chouette et je suis sure que ça va très bien à Kate et à plein d’autres, mais ce n’est pas fait pour moi.
    bises et enjoy Cannes

  • jj May, 16 2012, 10:44 / Reply

    I need one micro tattoo! :))


  • Michele May, 16 2012, 10:49 / Reply

    J’ ai deux tattoo! :)

  • Beth May, 16 2012, 10:49 / Reply

    J’ai un tattoo sur mon ventre. Je l’avais fait quand j’avais 18 ans. Je l’adorais puis et je l’adore maintenant! Je veux plus, mais… c’est nécessaire de choisir le croquis parfait.
    It is such a reflection of personality and soul. And if it isn’t… then, it hasn’t been done properly.
    Bisous à tous :-*

  • Elizabeth May, 16 2012, 10:53 / Reply

    As a college student, I am in a place in my life where the cliche thing to do is to get a tattoo. Some of my friends have them– and many more want one or two– but tattoos have never been for me. I love the idea of inking yourself, of enscribing your limbs with secret symbols and poignant words, but the permanence of a tattoo is too much. Instead I doodle on myself when in a lovely little mood– a lightening bolt by my thumb for strength during finals, a verse of poetry on my forearm when the inspiration strikes. The tattoos I give myself are completely personal; they are fleeting moments in my life.

  • Maricha May, 16 2012, 10:57 / Reply

    J’adore les tatouages! C’est quelque chose qui me fascine et quand je croise quelqu’un qui en a je ne peux pas m’empêcher de regarder! Pour ma part j’en ai 2 (un à l’intérieur de la cheville droite et un sur le gros orteil gauche) mais je ne compte pas m’arrêter là: le prochain sera à l’intérieur du poignet gauche.
    Je trouve ceux de Kate très jolis cependant j’ai entendu dire que ça vieillissait mal à cet endroit là…


  • San May, 16 2012, 11:01 / Reply

    Sur les doigts, bien que super visible, ça peut rester super sobre – en plus, c’est facile à cacher avec une bague, si jamais vraiment on est dans un milieu plus rigide.

    Je me suis fait tatouer la date de mon mariage en guise d’alliance, sur l’annulaire gauche, et pour le coup, difficile de faire plus traditionnel, comme concept :D

    On m’a même demandé plusieurs fois “non mais, eh, si tu te remaries ?” -j’adore cette question, ça fait genre, ça choque personne qu’on s’engage pour la vie à porter un dessin sur sa peau, mais qu’on s’engage avec une personne, oh là là, mais c’est follement osé non ?

  • JC May, 16 2012, 11:03 / Reply

    I am tattoo-less. I was at a yoga class once where *everyone* had tattoos. I felt so naked and exposed…in a good way. The tattoos seemed like a lot of noise to me at that time. I think unadorned skin is quiet and lovely – especially when exfoliated and moisturized. :)

  • Julia May, 16 2012, 11:06 / Reply

    Personnellement j’en ai un sur le poignet et je le cache facilement avec une montre ou quelques bracelets donc ce n’ai pas trop embêtant ! Mais c’est vrai que je ne me sent pas d’en faire un sur le dessus de la main ou sur les doigts comme Kate cela dit je trouve ça très chouette j’adore son style !

  • juli May, 16 2012, 11:11 / Reply

    i have 3 :) one little star behind the ear, a dragonfly above the hip and the third : a feather to the ribs by the heart side , i like them a lot and i dont regret them :)
    shume puthje :)

  • Oriane May, 16 2012, 11:15 / Reply

    Comme tu le dis c’est une mode et donc le concept du permanent me fait un peu peur mais après sur certaines personnes c’est vrai que je trouve que ça ajoute une touche en plus.

  • The Photodiarist May, 16 2012, 11:22 / Reply

    Unfortunately, I have never been able to answer to my satisfaction questions like: “How will I find a job?” or “How will they look when I age?”

    Or “What if i change my mind about the design the day after?”

    So, I will not likely ever get a tattoo.

  • Sara May, 16 2012, 11:32 / Reply

    Love tattoos and really love looking at other peoples tattoos, but are afraid to get one myself, afraid of the pain and the potential cancer risk.

  • Rose Tuffney May, 16 2012, 11:33 / Reply

    I’ve had my tattoo for about a year now, on my left, inside, wrist saying Fate.
    I love it, I couldn’t imagine myself without it now.
    I don’t think I’d ever get a tattoo that didn’t mean a lot to me, I couldn’t have them for the sake of just having them. I thought about getting my tattoo for at least two years before I got it, I’ve known that I wanted it for at least 4 years, but only took it seriously for the last two. I may get more in the future, but again, It would have to mean a lot of me, and I would think about it for a long time beforehand.
    I wouldn’t take it back, I don’t regret it and I love having it, and it completes me as a person.
    Rose. x

    Ps. I love Kate’s little tattoos, I agree, it takes something to get a hand tattoo.

  • Adélaïde May, 16 2012, 11:34 / Reply

    Got a 4 leaf clover micro-tattoo inside my wrist. It’s not original and all my friends were so worried when I did it – “will you be one of these grandma with a tattoo?” – but I don’t regret at all. I love it and it’s really a part of me now. The thing is that you got to be sure and aware of what you do and where you do it.

  • sev May, 16 2012, 11:34 / Reply

    Non, je ne trouve vraiment pas ca joli, ni chic.
    Ca fait revendication, et on ne peut pas en changer si la mode des têtes de mort (… <= ça c'est ce que j'en pense) passe. C'est comme porter la même chemise pendant 40 ans. (sans les odeurs)

  • Cam May, 16 2012, 11:39 / Reply

    au Japon c’est interdit à la piscine, dans les bains public et compagnie, mais c’est à cause des yakuzas !
    Pour les petits tatouages des touristes, j’ai déjà vu qu’on pouvait leur demander de les masquer avec un gros pansement par exemple.

  • Leslie May, 16 2012, 11:39 / Reply

    I do. i have 2 on my back, on on my left upper arm and wrist. soon im getting one on my right wrist. but imlive in califormia and it doesn’t matter here either

  • Sandy May, 16 2012, 11:42 / Reply

    I have seen some lovely (short) poetic thoughts tattoed in beautiful script on the inner arm and wrist that I have thought were beautiful.

    Generally, though, if you have visible tattoes you will be judged. Never have foreign language tattoes if you don’t really know the language – you are just asking for trouble. I have seen English language tattoed on singers in some Korean and music videos that are totally stupid and I imagine Westerners tattoed in Asian languages are giving natives speakers quite a few laughs (or insulting them unwittingly).

    If you like to help people, remember that being tattoed will mean you are unsuitable to donate blood (at least for many years). Blood and plasma donations save lives.

  • Benoit May, 16 2012, 11:44 / Reply

    C’est marrant puisque je lisais ici-même, il y a deux jours le post sur les tatouages avec les photos de la campagne The Kooples. Les tatouages ne sont plus ce qu’ils étaient avant, synonymes de vulgarité , c’est grâce au changement des mentalités qu’on se rend compte que n’importe qui peut arborer un tatouage, toutes classes sociales confondues.

    Pour l’instant, j’en ai deux, un sur le bras, l’autre derrière l’épaule, donc à des endroits plutôt discrets. Pas que je n’assumerai pas à un endroit plus visible, mais c’est surtout par rapport au monde professionnel que ca pourrait être un “défaut”. Et je n’ai pas tellement réfléchi au fait qu’ils vont évoluer avec le temps, l’encre va vieillir certes, mais justement les tatouages font partie intégrante du corps qui vieillit également, c’est donc dans la logique des choses.


  • Sevan May, 16 2012, 11:49 / Reply

    Jai passe l’age des tatouages mais sur une peau jeune, cela peut etre joli.
    Attention aux mains qui vieillissent tres vite…….
    Chere Garance, pourquoi ne pas essayer un tatouage au henne, temporaire ?

  • Marie May, 16 2012, 11:51 / Reply

    Quel bonheur que le tatouage se soit enfin affranchi des préjugés qui lui tournaient autour ! Ici, à Paris, il n’y a plus que les personnes agées, et encore, pour s’offusquer. Maintenant, un tatoo est simplement un joli morceau d’art. J’ai des arabesques fleuries et colorées dessinées sur mon pied, pourtant personne ne me prend pour une “fille de petite vertu”. Et ma fille adore. Changement d’époque !

  • E May, 16 2012, 11:57 / Reply

    Never ever. Ever.

  • Hera May, 16 2012, 11:58 / Reply

    Moi personellement je n’aime pas les tatoos sur les doigts, j’aime par contre ses bagues et la couleur de ses ongles.

  • Le Fiancé du Pirate May, 16 2012, 12:01 / Reply

    Je préfère les peaux vierges comme des pages blanches…ou des écrans noirs ;-)

  • Ninee May, 16 2012, 12:06 / Reply

    Il me semble que tu ne sais pas pourquoi les tatouages sont interdits dans les sentos, onsen et autres piscines au Japon (et encore pas tous!): c’est pour que les yakuzas ne rentrent pas!! Le tatouage est rituel chez les yakuzas avant d’être une mide au Japon, jusqu’à récemment en tout cas.

  • brindille May, 16 2012, 12:18 / Reply

    tout simplement magnifique…. le mélange bagues/tatoo: ouahhhhhhh!

  • Roslyn May, 16 2012, 12:24 / Reply

    Apart from the issue of how they will look on an older person (with older skin), there’s the matter of taste. I can’t think of a lot of aesthetic or decorative choices I made in, say, my twenties that I would still make five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty years later. Our tastes change so much. Things I once liked look wrong, or dated, or just plain ugly–no longer “me.”
    I’ve also never found the color tones of tattoos, especially the blues, very flattering to (or nearly as attractive as) human skin of whatever color. And as art it all looks kitschy to me.
    But I’m clearly of the wrong generation.

  • Severine May, 16 2012, 12:32 / Reply

    moi je n’aime pas du tout ca les tatouages, dc pas sur moi ni sur mes doigts ni ailleurs, et limite rédhibitoire sur un mec ( le pire que j’ai vu : le prénom d’une ex sur son torse AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!!)

  • LCM May, 16 2012, 12:32 / Reply

    I’m loving the delicate gold jewelry and linen dress juxtaposed with the gritty tattoos! Adore


  • Jessica May, 16 2012, 12:36 / Reply

    Personnellement que je me laisserai bien tenter par un tatouage sur les doigts, j’aime beaucoup :)


  • L'heure d'été May, 16 2012, 12:39 / Reply

    Je lisais les commentaires ci-dessus et je trouve très intéressant de voir le florilège des réponses. Ce qui est certain, c’est que cela suscite beaucoup de réactions antithétiques.
    De mon côté, ce n’est pas du tout mon truc… non que cela me choque ; simplement, cela ne m’attire pas.
    En revanche, les mains photographiées sont très drôles, quand on sait à qui elles appartiennent ! Quel contraste avec la tenue photographiée !
    Merci Garance pour le reportage sur la mode du tatouage de ton côté de l’Atlantique.

  • Gigi May, 16 2012, 12:41 / Reply

    Alors ça c’est une sacrée coincidence! Transmission de pensée en place ;))

    Le dernier post de mon blog ainsi que ma dernière illustration traitent justement de Tattoos!
    En régle générale je ne suis pas fan de tattoos, et je n’en porterai pas je pense… mais sur certaines personnes ça le fait vraiment. Je crois qu’en France, c’est tendance est moins répandue et/ou plus discrète que sur le continent américain.

  • gemma May, 16 2012, 12:44 / Reply

    never. great for someone else. maybe because I am a designer and fear I would visually tire of whatever it is eventually.

  • Yarrpi May, 16 2012, 12:51 / Reply

    Owi, carrément même. J’en ai quelque uns et j’attend de quitter de lycée pour en faire des plus gros et plus visibles. Aussi loin que je me souvienne, j’en ai toujours voulu. J’ai sauté le pas à mon entrée en première et depuis j’arrete pas.
    Je trouve ça super qu’au moment où je vais rentrer dans la vie active, les tatouages n’auront plus la connotations “rebelle” et “mauvais genre” d’avant, parce que c’est pas du tout ce que j’ai envie de véhiculer. Pour moi, c’est plus l’expression d’un bout de vie qu’on veut garder et partager. Je me vois un peu comme un album de souvenir heureux finalement. Et je pense que je suis pas la seule, à voir tout ces gens, de tout les milieux qui en ont, c’est super. Chacun à sa vision du truc et je trouve ça beau. Cette variété, tant au niveau des motifs, qu’au niveau de l’idée qu’on s’en fait.

  • lisa May, 16 2012, 1:05 / Reply

    un énorme sur le bras sur moi! en bleu une estampe japonaise la vague D’hokusai je l’oublie tout le temps et pourtant il est PRESENT mais j’adore le décaler avec un tutu ou un petit robe romantique … les mains j’aimerais bien je crois… :) affaire à suivre!

    check :) http://makemylemonade.com/page/8/

    à vite Madame Garance

  • susan May, 16 2012, 1:06 / Reply

    I had several when I was younger on my ankle and back but the last few years I have started to get more. I have 2 on one wrist, one on my arm on the shoulder, one on my forearm underneath going down to my other wrist. I added those last one’s at 44/45. I don’t regret them. They are a great way to express yourself. All of mine have meaning to me. I can cover them all up if I want to and hide them from the world. I prefer to not have too.

    If you get one…remember it cost more to have it removed then to get it done. Remember it should mean something to you and get someone really good to do them.

  • Sandra May, 16 2012, 1:10 / Reply

    Je suis sur le popotin c’est CANON ! CANON CANON CANON
    Merci pour cette belle découverte Garance
    Bizs Sandra


  • julie K May, 16 2012, 1:12 / Reply

    Live and let live. Now in the States, it seems more original and individual to NOT get a tattoo. Some ink is striking and cool, the vast majority is neither. I don’t even have a piece of jewelry I’ve wanted to wear for 10 years.

  • Astrid May, 16 2012, 1:13 / Reply

    J’en veux un mais je n’ose pas vraiment. Mais quand je prendrais un tatouage, je veux la possibilité de le couvrir complètement. Petit, et jamais sur les mains, donc.. mais belle photo Garance!

  • Emma May, 16 2012, 1:20 / Reply

    Once on a road trip through the states, I was somewhere in the midwest at a rest stop and a very tanned, older woman who looked like she was probably very cool when young, was washing her hands. Something was so strange about them and being as covert as possible, I moved closer to see why. And it was tattoos. They turned green, and the thin, older skin had skewed the drawings….. they looked…awful. Yea, there’s not a nicer way to put it.

    Years later, I put my tattoo in a concealed area that debuts depending on my clothing…

    That said, Kate fits the bill of “THE EXCEPTION”

  • Pauline May, 16 2012, 1:27 / Reply

    Justement, les mains je trouve ça super beau! J’adore la petite croix ou le coeur..J’adorerais en avoir un comme ça mais je n’ai pas osé pour l’instant…

  • lâge May, 16 2012, 1:28 / Reply

    Je sors de mon épilation laser et le dernier truc à la mode ici (Paris) c’est le laser pour enlever les tatouages !

  • maria May, 16 2012, 1:29 / Reply

    Tattoos look lovely when you are young, beautiful and toned but when you get older and the skin starts to wrinkle it is not a good sight!!! i always wonder how David Beckham is going to look like in 30 years time, maybe not sooo cool anymore! mxxx

  • Gabriela May, 16 2012, 1:32 / Reply

    I have several tattoos (both upper arms are full) and most of the people don’t know about my ink because I usually wear long-sleeved shirts. I love my tattoos and feel very proud of them, also because I drew some of them myself, but I don’t have the urge to share them with the rest of the world. It’ not a “fashion-thing” for me. And that’s what I think these small tattoos are, it’s a fashion fad. Plus small tattoos don’t age well. The skull on the finger may look cool now, but in a couple years all that will be left is a black smudge.

  • Gülsüm May, 16 2012, 1:40 / Reply

    j’aime bien ses tatouages.. Mais moi, je n’en voulais pas avoir..

  • Y. May, 16 2012, 1:51 / Reply

    je vois fréquemment ça ici aussi, à Montréal
    j’ai l’impression que c’est décidé en allant faire les courses tu sais, hop un tattoo
    pour moi le vrai tatouage est le japonais justement
    qui peut être intégral et ne pas se voir habillé
    et qui n’a rien mais rien à voir avec des gribouillis de table d’école
    je parle de celui fait à la main pas au stylet électrique
    et qui demande des années à réaliser
    une épreuve, une forme d’art

  • Victoria Mashkova May, 16 2012, 1:51 / Reply

    Tattoos are something I enjoy on other (very few) people. I find most of the tattoos are tasteless and, sorry to say, ugly. And they don’t age well.

  • KatellB. May, 16 2012, 1:52 / Reply

    J’adore, c’est vraiment très jolie avec toutes ces bagues! Mais moi je n’oserais pas.. Ou alors d’autres dessins. J’aime aussi beaucoup ce qui sont au poignet ou a la cheville!

  • Kelsey Zahn May, 16 2012, 1:57 / Reply

    I adore tattoos. In today’s culture I think they are more beautiful, expressive, and artistic than ever. I personally have three, all delicate and unique in their own way, but I am planning to have my whole shoulder done in wild flowers eventually.
    I do however, strongly feel that people need to know what and where they want them before they get them, making sure it fits their style and body type. I know that sounds odd, but as a stylist I address people’s style and structure everyday, and if you think about it a tattoo is a permanate “accessory” so it better suite you well.

    Kelsey Zahn

  • Professoressa May, 16 2012, 2:07 / Reply

    You would have to be pretty careful in the kitchen with finger art like that.

    If you look at my site, you’ll see that people are not so daring in Vancouver: http://swistography.com/journal/

    I also photograph street fashion and the majority are so casual and simple here that it makes my job a challenge.

  • Mata May, 16 2012, 2:18 / Reply

    I have 2 tattoos in both of my wrists and they become such a part of you that you don’t even think they are a separate part of your body….They actually become one!
    I love them and I wouldn’t change them !


  • ana May, 16 2012, 2:24 / Reply

    Aha j’adore !!

  • Josephine May, 16 2012, 2:26 / Reply

    This may be an unpopular reaction, but I think tattoos on your hands make you look like a prison inmate.

    The inside of the wrist however, can be really feminine and most importantly, easily hidden. I also like dainty forearm tattoos. To each her own!

  • Dana May, 16 2012, 2:34 / Reply

    I get that on Kate the tattoos add an element of mystery – you would notice her overall look first and draw conclusions about her and then notice her fingers after … which would turn those first impressions upside down. Very cool. Personally, I would never do it. I’m happy to be in the untattooed minority. I noticed several commentators explained in French about Japan but no one did in English so I will say it – the Japanese ban tattoos in many places because they are connected to yakuza (gangsters) there.

  • Anne chic and geek May, 16 2012, 2:39 / Reply

    Si j’avais ses jolies mains, peut-être… mais j’ai des saucisses herta, voir des knacki balls attachées à la paume des mains, alors je fais profil bas des phalanges ;)
    Après y’a la question du motif… un crâne, je ne crois pas.
    Un message comme Robert Mitchum ?
    Le tatouage le plus chic restant évidemment le Modigliani sur la peau de Jean Gabin ;)
    Bisous Garance ! Tu nous montres hein dis, dès que tu sautes le pas ???

  • kristen May, 16 2012, 2:47 / Reply

    I love the way her hands look tattooed, but then I’m a fan of ink. The best part of this post has been reading the comments! I love how diverse and, well…opinionated some of the remarks have been, especially from people without any!

  • Clémence May, 16 2012, 3:01 / Reply

    Je me suis habituée aux tatouages et trouvent ça pas mal… je ne m’en ferai jamais, j’ai du mal avec le côté indélébile et j’ai peur de m’en lasser ;-)

    la photo set très belle, ça lui va très bien!


  • Céline May, 16 2012, 3:13 / Reply

    J’ai 2 tatouages, un fait il y a près de 10 ans sur un endroit qui finalement ne se voit que l’été, mon épaule, et un fait il y a moins d’un an, un attrape rève à l’intérieur de mon poignet. Le second est beaucoup plus exposé et toute l’année, j’aime pas les manches trop longues ! et bizarrement les personnes ne le voit pas tout de suite, je parle beaucoup avec les mains donc ils finissent par le voir… sur la main pourquoi pas mais ça serait une lettre à chaque doigt pour que les poings fermés cela forme un mot ou 2 ;-)

  • valeria May, 16 2012, 3:15 / Reply

    Me! I love tattoos!! I´ve got many. The ones from Kate are adorable!!! I agree with you about tattoos becoming fashion complements, they are a sign of our time. Whenever I see tattoos I want to run to have myself another one, but at the moment I can´t, I´m breast-feeding my eight month baby.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  • Mariuzella May, 16 2012, 3:18 / Reply

    Je trouve ça sympa sur les autres et quand ça colle au style de la personne comme Kate, que c’est un peu personnel. Pour ma part, je m’aime bien sans tatoo, j’aime bien ma peau nature. En plus, je ne sais pas bien ce que je ferai, il faut être sûr de son coup!! et puis j’avoue aussi que l’idée de graver des trucs sur ma peau me fait flipper.

    Lundi dans le s-bahn à Berlin, il y avait une fille en face de moi qui avait un tatouage sur la cage thoracique, bien en évidence, j’en avais mal rien que d’imaginer mais je regardais c’était intriguant et là je me suis rendue compte qu’elle avait 2-3 trucs métalliques incrustrés, j’ai failli tomber à la renverse.

  • McKenzie May, 16 2012, 3:18 / Reply

    Yes, I used to be totally against having tattoos, but no I have reconsidered and like some!


  • Alexia May, 16 2012, 3:21 / Reply

    j’en rêve un peu, un petit colibri (que j’imagine comme fait au fusain, ce qui doit être impossible en vrai mais bon). Après, sur les doigts… déjà ça me fait mal rien que d’y penser! Je ne trouve pas que ce soit l’endroit le plus joli même si c’est original, je crois comme d’autres personnes que ce doit être quelque chose que l’on peut choisir de cacher ou révéler :)

  • Carol May, 16 2012, 3:33 / Reply

    I love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles, windows of Beverly Hills and amazing summer accessories…


  • IS THIS IT? models review May, 16 2012, 4:21 / Reply

    A lot of friends have and love tattoos, but I still can’t be a fan… :/

  • janaina lopes nogueira May, 16 2012, 4:24 / Reply

    tu m’éblouis a chaque fois avec tes photos! ?

  • Gale May, 16 2012, 4:27 / Reply

    I like tattoos on other people…….not for me at all. Some people especially suit tattoos and they look wonderful. Others though, not so much.

  • Nathalie May, 16 2012, 4:41 / Reply

    Completement fan des tatouages, j’en ai deja un petit : mon prénom en arabe à l’intérieur de mon bras, et je veux en faire un autre, sur les cotes LOVE ou HOPE.

  • helene May, 16 2012, 4:45 / Reply

    tatouage… liberté…
    je ne sais pas… n’est ce pas un peu exagéré d’associer la liberté au fait de pouvoir se faire tatouer ?

  • This is Belgium May, 16 2012, 4:52 / Reply

    not at all sure about this !!

  • Harmony May, 16 2012, 5:19 / Reply

    Très intéressant.
    J’habite à Berlin où c’est également très courant de porter un tatouage. Par contre, aucune crainte concernant la recherche d’emploi: le look bien propre sur soi semble ne pas avoir autant d’importance qu’en France lors de l’entretien.

  • David May, 16 2012, 5:31 / Reply

    Not for me. They don’t age well. I once read how Chrissie Hynde tried to scrub hers off with salt.

  • tracy May, 16 2012, 5:58 / Reply

    I have “To thine own self be true” from Hamlet tattooed on my forearm. I was once at a spa and a woman about 70 years old asked me if she could see it, so I held my arm out for her to read it and I was thinking to myself she’s going to scold me for this (my mother did!). She said to me that she thought every woman should have that tattoo to “remind themselves that we matter too and not to always putting ourselves last in line”, I thought that was so cool! I hardly notice my tattoos, but when I notice that one I always think of her! :)

  • Kate May, 16 2012, 6:00 / Reply

    I have a tattoo on my upper right arm, and when I had it done, nearly 20 years ago now, I chose the spot because I wanted to be able to see it. Otherwise, what was the point of having it? :) The last few years it has remained hidden most of the time, because I live in San Francisco and we don’t have a real summer here. But I’m moving back to New York next month, and it will be out on display. Here in the Bay Area EVERYBODY has tattoos–I’m happy to know that mine will fit right in in New York as well!

  • carole May, 16 2012, 6:18 / Reply

    the look so sweet…..the sweet nail color…her delicate dress…I like ink in fancy script…especially name on a man’s neck…if i every got one it would be ….F..U… on a certain finger so when I put it gently to the side of my face……

  • Morgane May, 16 2012, 6:18 / Reply

    J’ai déjà penser à me tatouer mais l’idée du tatouage change tout le temps donc de peur d’être déçue de mon geste plus tard, je préfère rien faire pour le moment…

    Sinon, les tattoos de ton amie Kate sont vraiment cool & btw ( je passe du coq à l’âne) FELICITATION pour ta collaboration avec Reed Krakoff, on retrouve vraiment ta “patte” dans les clichés !


  • Capuchino Beauty May, 16 2012, 7:08 / Reply

    Tattoos are special to the person that chooses to have them. I had a beautiful bouquet of spiritual flower mandalas tattooed on my ankle and foot. In honor of my mother and her passing. I love it. It reminds me of her beauty and strength. ~CBeauty..

  • pearl May, 16 2012, 7:14 / Reply

    I never thought I would get one, but I got it for my son. It’s the Batman symbol on the back of my right wrist.


  • Anna May, 16 2012, 7:16 / Reply

    I love finger tattoos! They are so delicate and beautiful – like jewelry for the skin!

    I’m wondering where Kate had hers done… I have been wanting to get one for a long time and can’t seem to find a place that is willing to do them.

    I would be so happy to find out where she, or any other readers, got finger tattoos done :)

  • Melissa May, 16 2012, 7:25 / Reply

    I’m not a huge fan of those sorts of tattoos – will she like a skull on her finger in 20 years time? Not my thing at all. A bit too dark and scary for my liking.

  • Jessica May, 16 2012, 7:42 / Reply

    Wow, that skull tattoo is the first and only tattoo I’ve ever seen that I could see myself getting. That’s rad!


  • renee ruin May, 16 2012, 7:45 / Reply

    Love this!! <3

  • Amy Rose May, 16 2012, 8:01 / Reply

    I truly admire people who are able to wear tattoos with style and aplomb. However….that’s not to say I’m entirely convinced about them on the ‘style’ front. To go through that much pain to get a tiny etching that you may hate, or may mean nothing to you, in 6 months?

    That’s what’s so good about clothes… they’re style statements which you can take off with every whim or mood!


    -Amy Rose

  • Pepperoncina May, 16 2012, 8:14 / Reply

    C’est mignon!! Par contre moi je ne pourrai pas, je préfère les choses éphémères, on ne sait jamais…

  • Incognito May, 16 2012, 9:04 / Reply

    J’ai souvent tendance à dire que je n’aime pas les tatouages mais je trouve que sur certaines personnes c’est juste superbe. Je pense que c’est un tout, ça doit aller avec la personne, son style, son mode de vie. D’ailleurs quand on prononce le mot tatouage je pense automatiquement à Justin O’Shean qui est d’une élégance folle et qui pourtant (enfin pourtant ne convient pas mais bon, je ne vois pas quel autre mot utiliser) est très tatoué. Ses tatouages se fondent parfaitement avec son style, sa personnalité (enfin du moins ce que j’en perçois lol). Bref je pense juste que les tatouages sont bien portés quand ils font partie d’une esthétique, évidemment ils sont encore mieux portés quand ils ont un sens pour la personne qui se les fait :), après tout c’est comme un petit bout de son histoire personnelle qu’on donne à voir (ou pas^^).

    Shug’A'Very d’Incognito


  • Emma Drady May, 16 2012, 10:29 / Reply


    I have a peace symbol tattoo on my middle (rude) finger. It stops me from getting angry at people! Whenever I feel like sticking my finger up at someone, I look down at my little peace symbol and laugh

    Emma from Sydney

  • Nina May, 16 2012, 10:59 / Reply

    I’d always wanted a tattoo but could never think of anything I loved enough to have inked into my skin forever. So finally, in my late 30s, I got two small tattoos I really love and are incredibly meaningful to me. I think if you don’t rush it, something great will come to you. It would really suck to get an impulse tattoo and regret it! Removal may seem easy, but I hear it’s a very long, painful process!

  • Ale Semenov May, 16 2012, 11:00 / Reply

    It is not a big deal to have a tatoo in Brazil. Many people do, but I believe that it is not cool for everybody. It is kind of a lifestyle.


  • daiana May, 16 2012, 11:02 / Reply

    I have my inner arm tattooed with a bunch of peonies and cherry blossoms (they cannot be seen if I keep my arm close to my body, which is what I love about it). I appreciate “secret” tattoos or tattoos are hard to see at first glance, I think that makes them even more personal.

    This is my tattoo ;-)

    Great post! I would like to see more tattoos among all that fashionable and pretty clothes!



  • Rebekah May, 17 2012, 1:05 / Reply

    I got a tattoo when I was 18. I think in the back of my mind I thought ‘I could get it removed’ . What I didn’t know is that removing a tattoo is a loooong, painful and incredibly expensive process!!! Also, be prepared to explain your tattoo to people again and again and again for the rest of your life. It might be cool and fun for the first couple of years but it gets really annoying after a while. Nothing wrong with a tattoo – but always be sure!!!

  • Fanny May, 17 2012, 1:42 / Reply

    Well, I actually have a tatoo on my tiny finger, a small heart shape, à bit like Kate’s one, and I am so glad I made it! Also have other tatoos but they are more hidden. So when I decided to make this one it was a kind of stress : ‘on my tiny ? Really ??? Won’t I get borred of it?’ … Oooohhh stop thinking to much Fanny

  • Gita May, 17 2012, 4:53 / Reply

    Yes, I love tattoos! I just think you have to come up with the idea that is close to you, that means something to you. It doesn’t have to be visible to others – you can keep it as a secret and share it just with the close ones :).


  • Sophie Mhabille May, 17 2012, 5:13 / Reply

    Un tatoo sur les mains c’est délicat, on ne peut pas vraiment le cacher (sauf si on porte des gants) alors il faut vraiment l’assumer même quand les années passent. J’adore ce contraste de la photo entre la robe immaculée tres sage et les mains plutôt rock. So cool

  • sandrine from Toulouse May, 17 2012, 5:16 / Reply

    Je pense de mon côté que classe, élégance et tatouages sont antinomiques … Un tatouage où qu’il soit je dis 1000 fois NON.
    Et alors là sur les mains je trouve ça franchement crade ;-))))

  • mathilde May, 17 2012, 5:20 / Reply

    j’ai un tatouage dans le cou assez discret meme avec une queue de cheval il ne se voit pas forcement ! je suis française et j’habite en australie depuis 8mois et mon plus grand choc a été de découvrir que TOUT le monde, je dis bien tout le monde, est tatoué ! et pas des petits mais plutôt des portraits immense en couleur sur les bras,le dos, le torse et les cuisses et mollets ( tres a la mode sur les filles..).
    Je ne me lancerai pas la dedans .. mais certaines personnes les portent bien !


  • Ambiance Active May, 17 2012, 5:33 / Reply

    J’habite en Angleterre et beaucoup ont des tattoos, du coup je pense a m’en faire un,
    mais un petit dans un endroit peu voyant
    Mais se decider pour la vie est dure..

  • Sztukastudiowania May, 17 2012, 6:34 / Reply

    They look cute on her hands, but I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to have tattoos there… :-)


  • lialia May, 17 2012, 6:43 / Reply

    dans le creux du poignet comme un bijou mais j’hésite toujours!

  • Coralie de Made In SisterS May, 17 2012, 6:50 / Reply

    moi les tatouages j’aodre, j’en ai 2, et je pense déjà au 3ème!
    le seul truc c’est la douleur, c’est pour ça que je me limite car je ne suis pas douillette mais ya des endroits où ça fait mal, et bien sûr j’ai tjs envie de me tatouer que dans ces endroits, comme le long des côtes ou sur le ventre, ou sur les pieds…

  • shopnextdoor.fr May, 17 2012, 6:55 / Reply

    J’adore les tous petits tatoos. Le soucis, c’est que ce qui est à la mode aujourd’hui, deviendra ringard à un moment et le tatoo est définitif… Il faut trouver un endroit qui pourrait éventuellement se dissimuler le moment venu…

    Info : WE-30% sur tous les tops sur shopnextdoor.fr

  • Virgule May, 17 2012, 8:30 / Reply

    C’est beau uniquement quand ils ont du sens, quand ils portent haut et fort les valeurs et la personnalité de celui ou celle qui les portent, quand ils accompagnent, tels des attributs.

  • Manon May, 17 2012, 8:30 / Reply

    Wow magnifique ! Je n’ai aucun tatoo mais je dois dire que sur cette photo j’adore !!!


  • irosis May, 17 2012, 8:35 / Reply

    Justement j’en ai révé, il y a quelques jour… un ptit tattoo sur la main comme un bijou comme un petit coeur ou une étoile… un petit bouddha à l’intérieur du poignée… ou à la cheville. Mais j’aimerais le faire pour un événement particulier, que ce soit symbolique.
    Pour l’amour… et que mon amoureux se tatoue la même chose… J’adore l’idée… J’attends l’occasion qui déclenchera l’envie….

  • bonnie clyde marni May, 17 2012, 8:43 / Reply

    i have a diamond tattoo on my finger!! :)

  • yvonne May, 17 2012, 9:13 / Reply

    i knew i always wanted one, but couldnt decide what words to say

  • Cecile May, 17 2012, 9:18 / Reply

    J’ai très envie de me faire un tatouage et j’y réfléchis sérieusement de puis qqes temps. J’avais tjrs pensé à un truc “caché” , comme un secret, mais jdois avouer que les micros tattoo sur les mains comme ça c’est bien stylex, achhhhh j’hésite! (honte sur toi, je croyais etre sure!)
    Enfin bon, au pire jme, ft deux ;)
    Bisous, bien ouej pour la variété de tes posts, c’est vraiment coolos

  • narcisseetmirage May, 17 2012, 10:19 / Reply

    j’aimerais bien prendre une personne en photo avec pleins de tatouages!!!

  • Charikleia May, 17 2012, 3:02 / Reply

    Nope. Never.

    I am a -relatively young- lawyer and it would cost me credibility points.

    Also, I think I would never be able to pull off a fancy cocktail dress or an evening gown with a visible tatoo. It would cost me class points.

    But I do enjoy when I see interesting hits on other people. My friend Athena has a really perplexing colourful character, my friend Maria has some sort of sculpture and my sis a really cute fairy-angel.

    A big kiss from Greece!

  • Foam Magazine May, 17 2012, 3:24 / Reply

    These are so delicate and funky at the same time, we love the look!

    xo, FOAM

  • Melo May, 17 2012, 4:10 / Reply

    Yes, absolutely !
    i also have my hands tattooed as well as forearms and foot…Just can’t imagine myself without them, they’re part of the all personality !

  • janie May, 17 2012, 4:52 / Reply

    sorry, but i think tattoos are the most over-related fashion item. i don’t get why so many men and women have them.

  • Astrig May, 17 2012, 5:11 / Reply

    Un petit tatouage au poignet ou dans le bas du cou, c’est super cute je trouve.

  • Cece May, 17 2012, 6:09 / Reply

    A tattoo is forever, even with the new laser techniques, it’s still relatively permanent. The lasers are not guaranteed to work. At 59, it’s hard enough watching my skin age. The last thing I would want to see is a tattoo going “Dali” on me.

  • Kalli May, 17 2012, 6:13 / Reply

    I like the way it looks in the photo, but then I’m only looking at it for a fleeting few minutes. With tattoos that were influenced by trends, or done to accessorize (rather than something that really tells a story about the person), I’m sure the novelty factor would wear off within months and then 10, 20+ years later they would most likely be a changed person in many ways and have some regret or boredom with them.

    Our style evolves throughout our lives as we go through different stages, so to get anything permanently, prominently affixed to your body is kind of a big deal. I’ve met far too many people that have said “I want to get another tattoo” as if they just crave the process or something, but if you ask “of what?” they don’t even know, or care all that much. Some tattoos are truly beautiful, a person’s artwork that you carry with you forever, but in my eyes, anything on the neck or hands is too attention-pulling.

  • alice May, 17 2012, 7:56 / Reply

    I HATE tattoos. defacing a beautiful body. They always look regretful – barbed wires around the arms anyone? and EVERYone’s got one so what’s cool about them? every mum up at the school has one. A truly tough rebellious person these days has to be clean-shaven and tattoo-free – how ironic!

  • Anneke May, 17 2012, 8:45 / Reply

    Hmmm I think it’s not very smart to have them where your clothes can’t hide them. I work in a hip inner city jewellery store in Australia (we mostly sell gold, diamond and pearl jewellery), and so many girls would like a job but we have to turn them away bacause they have tattoos.
    Piercings is not that much of a problem though.

  • kari May, 18 2012, 12:51 / Reply

    I am not a fan of tattoos in general and especially the little squiggles on her hands. It looks like a child with a sharpie scribbled on her. I can not imagine looking at the same drawings on my body 20 years from now and having the same sense of pride. I have never sen a tattoo on an older aging person, artist or not, and thought it looked good. I also think it is a sign of the times and is already looking tired. Just my opinion…

  • Bridie May, 18 2012, 3:37 / Reply

    Wow, the contrast between the tattoos and the pink nails and lace dress is just superb. Temporary tattoos are awesome too, they don’t have to be permanent. Although, the statement is not as great I guess.

  • Malin May, 18 2012, 4:16 / Reply

    When I got mine, I was very “I’m 18, I do what I want!”. Now, almost ten years later, I’m more like “Why the hell did I have to get tramp stamped?” Sigh, I should have listened to my mother…

  • Tatouage May, 18 2012, 7:19 / Reply

    J’adore tout ce qui touche l’univers du tatouage.

    Les endroits visibles ne me dérange absolument pas mais le tatouage sur les doigts ressemblent trop pour moi aux tatouages des taulards…


  • Lisa Marie Diary May, 18 2012, 7:26 / Reply

    Ces tatoos sont vraiment superbes et hallucinants à la fois

  • Jo May, 18 2012, 7:49 / Reply

    Moi je trouve que c’est un art du corps plutôt sympa et cool mais qui ne va pas à tous le monde.
    Ses tattoos sur les doigts c’est original mais personnellement je ne pourrais pas en faire un.


  • Elizabeth May, 18 2012, 8:14 / Reply

    they blur, you can’t change them and they are so common now that they are a sign of conformity rather than originality. I always feel sad when I see beautiful skin marred by tattoos

  • C. May, 18 2012, 8:58 / Reply

    Ha! I have a small tattoo of a heart on my hand, where my thumb and index finger begin. It’s red, because black is too hard on my white skin, and through time the color got really light. I still love it. I put it there as a reminder for my love of life and I hope I will never regret a symbol like that!
    Bisous from Amsterdam!

  • Colleen May, 18 2012, 10:22 / Reply

    “Comme tu dis, tout le monde est tatoué, et je n’ai pas envie de ressembler à tout le monde.” Exactement.
    Tattoos aren’t exactly unique anymore. Especially sculls, anchors, hearts, stars, birds… If you love the look then that is great but if your motivation is to be different you may want to choose another path. To me they are like accessories you can never remove and I would not want to have to still be wearing the same accessories I liked 15 years ago. And I actually think tattoos age people and don’t look young and fresh.
    That’s just me…

  • Megan May, 18 2012, 11:46 / Reply

    My best friend died and a year later I decided, on a whim, to get a tiny tattoo on my chest. I feel like its a secret branding, a way of wearing the impact he had on my life, and I hope I’d never regret anything like that.

  • Ann May, 18 2012, 3:40 / Reply

    I have what looks like a permanent wristband, the kind you get at concerts or clubs. All black, about 1 & 1/2 cm wide. Most people think its a leather bracelet!! Neat, and I still love it after mmm…5 years :)

  • Ann May, 18 2012, 3:45 / Reply

    Ah, also, a friend of mine got a finger tattoo, a sort of ring, and it got erased over time. Tattoer said constant renewal of hand’s skin cells prevented tattoos to remain for a long time. Don’t know about cate, hers look sharp, maybe because it’s only the outer line, no filling. xxoo

  • Elisa May, 18 2012, 4:03 / Reply

    I also love so much her hands!!!! So amazing!


  • Claire May, 18 2012, 4:54 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,
    j’arrive un peu late pour ce post mais bon je tente ma question :-).

    Connaitrais-tu le vernis qu’elle utilise ???? Quand je l’ai vu je me suis dis que tu l’indiquerais et j’étais prête à sauter direct sur mon vespa (…ok dans le métro) pour m’en aller quérir cette merveille printanière qui fera peut-être arriver le soleil à Paris :-).
    Je t’en supplie dis m’en pluuuuus!

    PS: j’aime les gens qui sont authentiquement originaux… le tatouage sur les doigts sur moi ce serait ridicule mais cette fille le transforme en charme et c’est ce qu’on appelle le talent à mon avis :-). Le style quoi !

  • Jane Quigley May, 18 2012, 4:59 / Reply

    I do like it when there is a juxtaposition in tattoos like as she said Kate’s angelic face in contrast to the tattoos on her hands. Stephen at stitchesfabricandsoul.com had a story about a petite little girly girl he met in London who had a giant swastika tattoo under her arm. Not that I condone swastika tattoos, even though I know they have an ancient meaning blah blah blah but I doesn’t give the best impression.
    Anyway, I think tattoos are particularly good when not expected.

  • Smilla May, 19 2012, 4:26 / Reply

    Be different. Don’t get a tattoo.

  • Mariana May, 19 2012, 9:29 / Reply

    Non! Je préfère sur l’intérieur du poignet, je veux faire trois symboles du zodiaque! :) et toi?

  • Latoya May, 19 2012, 5:28 / Reply

    I adore tattoo’s. I usually only like them if they have more meaning then just fun symbolism—>or the whole hipster scene. I do have tattoos, so I may be a bit bias.
    I love your blog and draw from it for inspiration. Thank you!



  • Jules May, 19 2012, 6:09 / Reply

    @ Smilla
    Hahah, so true:) Especially now, that it’s been such a TREND…

  • Olivia May, 20 2012, 7:06 / Reply

    Salut Garance!

    I have a few tattoos and they’ve always been a passion of mine. I’ve met some amazing people since I’ve started exploring the tattoo world and my tattoos and what I’ve learned about the culture has become a really treasured thing for me. I have my own sort of “rules” for my own tattoos, but one of the things that’s great about tattooing is that it’s open to interpretation. They look different on every person and the artform means something unique to every person that experiences it. The idea of tattoos as fashion accessories does bother me a little bit; I think that their permanence warrants a bit more gravitas. But I love Kate’s tattoos; I’d love to hear more from her about them. Even more so, I would love to see more posts on here about tattoos and tattooed people in fashion. How tattoos have become a huge part of the fashion world is fascinating to me. Oh, and for the record @foteini, you can in fact give blood when you have tattoos! That’s an old myth. There is, however, a restriction on how soon after getting a new tattoo you can give blood again.

  • Ruby May, 20 2012, 12:11 / Reply

    When you hear a story of someone’s tattoo’s that’s just so personal and inspirational, and so full of integrity and maybe of respect (to someone or something), how can you not love that tattoo – for that person. It can be a beautiful thing.

    However, on the other hand, the pure, unadulterated form of a human hand, a foot, a leg, a torso, a neck, one toe, even, is just a beautiful and sacred sight to behold. And I think to myself, it (these forms) already imparts to me to all there is to know…and we’re done here. :)

  • Ruby May, 20 2012, 12:22 / Reply

    oh. plus, another reason why I would probably never get a tattoo is because I don’t want all the moles and freckles on my bod to get jealous.


  • Meg. May, 20 2012, 12:26 / Reply

    I loved this post!
    I live in Milan, I have flowers tatto all over my right arm, and other 6 tattoos on my body like hand and wrist. I’ve never had problem with jobs but when my Granny discovered them looking the pictures I took at the sea, I risk death!

  • sorthed May, 21 2012, 3:48 / Reply

    Like the fine tatoos soooooo much:)

  • Claude(e) May, 21 2012, 4:56 / Reply

    Hou là, j’arrive très tard, peut-être trop tard, simplement pour défendre la liberté des Japonais : si les tatouages sont interdits en public, c’est qu’ils sont traditionnellement arborés par les Yakuzas, cette mafia spécifique du Japon contre laquelle le Japon moderne lutte férocement. Quand le tatouage est un signe obligatoire d’appartenance à un groupe criminel, où est la liberté de le porter? Tous les signes font sens, et ceux qui croient aujourd’hui porter leur liberté flamboyante en exhibant leurs tattoos réels ou virtuels rejoignent finalement des petits troupeaux…
    Je suis un peu dure, là!!

  • Violette May, 22 2012, 10:21 / Reply

    pour Amélia :
    si tu es sur Paris, je te conseille le docteur Fusade. Il est très bon, par contre il faut savoir, que le prix est de 150 euros par séance, qu’il en faut en moyenne 6 ou 7, et que c’est assez contraignant ( tu ne peux pas le faire moins de deux mois avant de partir au soleil ; 3 semaines de pansements; …).

  • Saxon Kelleher-Moore May, 22 2012, 7:21 / Reply

    i.I myself do not have any visible tattoos YET! i have a small clover on the side of my wrist and a traditional sugar skull on my ribcage designed by me and a tattoist ive had them a for abt 5 years now it would be alien if they werent there my only regert is getting them so young i got the clover at 14 and the suger skull not long after i found a profesional with there own shop from a family of tattoists who new my age even though i tried to pretend to be older and he obviously cared more about money or he wouldnt have done it in the first place. I wish id waited and found somone with more artistic flair i left my sugar skull halfway done because i did not like the work and now im older and found a credible tattoist who i trust im finally getting it touched up and finished im so excited for the finished result alothough i love my tats the finished result will be so much better as for visible tat its fine if you know and love what you want with deep emotions and meaning so you love it no matter what but a highly skilled and credible tattoist helps no matter what the price

  • Vivian May, 25 2012, 2:54 / Reply

    Something interesting I heard was that in traditional American tattooing, supposedly you’re supposed to “earn” your hands; Only once you’d completely used up all other space on your body then would you have them done on your hands. But to each his/her own I say!

  • Anna May, 27 2012, 3:54 / Reply

    I have a tattoo on the inside of my upper arm of snowflakes. I love it, it’s totally unique and me. I feel like it’s in a pretty obvious place, especially when I’m wearing tees or tanks, but a lot of people I know don’t even notice it. it’s just a part of me, my personality, and my style. I think that if you don’t 100% want a tattoo then you shouldn’t get one. You shouldn’t have a single doubt about getting inked. Once you do, though, they’re addictive!

  • Sara June, 1 2012, 10:22 / Reply

    I’d love to read one of your work interviews to Kate Foley.

  • Fibs June, 12 2012, 3:32 / Reply

    Yesterday i got my first one!

    The experience is amazing…and I could stare it for hours!

  • Elizabeth June, 22 2012, 7:27 / Reply

    I agree with the commenter who mentioned henna. Absolutely exquisite traditional designs, although you can be as creative as you like, and temporary. I wouldn’t get a tattoo, it’s just not me.

  • Gab June, 29 2012, 1:42 / Reply

    J’ai presque 16 ans et oui je serais prête à me faire tatouer sur un endroit visible du corps. À mes 18 ans je me ferai tatouer un oiseau en signe de liberté (Je sais c’est un peu clicher, mais ça signifie beaucoup pour moi!). Je veux aussi me faire écrire YOLO sur l’intérieur du poignet…Pour l’instant c’est tout!

  • Ellena July, 8 2012, 9:20 / Reply

    I liked the lady with the purple dress and the water in her hand spilnilg out and the tattoo on the other lady foot with the two roses and water. I’m an aquarius and still trying to figure out what tattoo i want for the zodiac sign. They were all cool but the two i picked were my two favorites.

  • Zoë July, 8 2012, 4:17 / Reply

    J’ai 18 ans, et je me suis fais tattouée une plume sur mon poignet gauche lorsque j’étais au Nouvelle Orléans. Mes parents n’en sont pas fan mais moi je trouves que c’est un moyen de s’exprimer. C’est une forme d’art. C’est fascinant car chaques tatouages a une histoire et un sens.

  • Sarah September, 5 2012, 3:48 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance et bonjour à toutes!

    J’aimerais vraiment savoir quelle est la marque de la baque tête de mort de Kate sur la photo et où est-ce que je pourrais me la procurer?


  • minette September, 21 2012, 5:23 / Reply

    years ago, i would’ve been on the no-tattoo side of things, to a great degree because i wasn’t completely comfortable in my own skin. but now, in my 55th year of life, i have gotten two of them – within the past month. it took a long time to decide what was important enough for me to want on my body permanently, and, regretfully, beyond taking so long to feel comfortable with myself, i think i also had to wait for enough minds to open to them before i was ready to get them. even though they are new, they both feel natural and part of me already (because they are both things i know i can live with the rest of my life — choosing carefully is important).

    i see tattoos as part of a person’s story, and i like to hear about the story behind people’s ink, so i ask about it when i see a tattoo that catches my eye. some of the stories refer to a person’s past, some are more current, but they are all valid. the designs i chose mean something to me, and they are meant for me. if someone else “gets” them, they are more likely to understand what makes me tick – my story.

    also, i have to tell you that everyone i talked with about getting ink during my research phase, and those i’ve told about my own ink – all inked themselves – has been really friendly and open and full of helpful tips.

  • Claudia November, 18 2013, 1:22 / Reply

    Le tatouage de Kate qui répresente un coeur sur l’annulaire est charmant. Mais aujourd’hui toute le monde a un tatouage. Quelle barbe!!!Je suis plus original parce que je n’ai aucun tatouage. Je change avis très vite et donc je ne peux pas porter quelque chose de indélébile. PARDON MY FRENCH.

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