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  • Liz October, 21 2012, 3:07 / Reply

    that is so true!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  • Erika October, 21 2012, 3:15 / Reply

    J’adore ces petites phrases que tu partages avec nous Garance !! C’est génial ! Et c’est intéressant et juste !!!!

  • My Vintage Curves October, 21 2012, 3:29 / Reply

    In my opinion luxury means original and creative things. Money is cheaper than unicity!

  • Lise October, 21 2012, 3:32 / Reply

    Il faut lire l’excellent ouvrage dirigé par Olivier Assouly réédité par l’IFM : le Luxe, essais sur la fabrique de l’ostentation. Les articles sur le luxe contemporain vont dans le même sens que Costanza, c’est passionnant !!

  • Dip It Black October, 21 2012, 3:36 / Reply

    Love her!
    And she is so right!
    Great post :)


  • Angela October, 21 2012, 4:01 / Reply

    How true!

  • Tian October, 21 2012, 4:03 / Reply

    She’s spot on! But I do think there is still a certain exclusivity behind the highest of luxury.

  • Marcela October, 21 2012, 4:03 / Reply

    I’m always tuned :) & I follow a strict routine. First I come across your tweet, click on the link and check how long the PMF video is. If it’s less than a minute, I watch it a minimum of three times, if longer than 7 minutes, I get all jittery, haha, and I watch it…twice. Today I was reading the Nov Vogue and your ad appeared, and then the conversation over lunch (with my step-daughter, another big fan) was all about how the fashion industry is in desperate need of more down-to-earth people like you, who at the same time can inspire meaningful frivolity ;)

  • James Pouliot October, 21 2012, 4:03

    I agree with Marcela! The focus is on creativity and not being elitist.

    Lovely little bit.

    Much love,


  • Robbie L. October, 21 2012, 4:09 / Reply

    That is a very interesting way of looking at it. Definitely made me reflect for a minute there. Nice post. :) Cheers from Milan.

  • Viktoria October, 21 2012, 4:16 / Reply

    Waiting for the interview))))

    Hugs from Ukraine!

  • Jenny Kozlow October, 21 2012, 5:43 / Reply

    Some (or most) people will never own a piece of fashion luxury as it is so totally out of reach.
    The irony is that those is higher fashion and celebrity circles that can afford it quite often receive it for no cost, how does that work?

  • Sihem October, 21 2012, 5:50 / Reply

    Il y a en effet du vrai dans ce qu’elle dit . je tiens à te remercier Garance et ton équipe car en rattrapant mon retard ,ce week end sur toutes les videos de Pardon My French que j’avais raté , tu as fait en sorte que toutes les idées que l’on avaient proposé dans l’article sur les idées pour la prochaine série soient réalisé , et ce fut juste génial de regarder cela . Merci !

  • Lore G October, 21 2012, 6:18 / Reply

    So true.
    But what to do?

  • Anna October, 21 2012, 9:23 / Reply

    Costanza is a true inspiration..I also think that this word is used way too often to define things that aren’t actually luxury…

  • Marie October, 21 2012, 9:47 / Reply

    J’adore la personnalité de Costanza, j’espère avoir le même regard, la même lucidité sur le monde qui l’entoure qu’elle plus tard. Merci de m’avoir fait découvrir cette merveille de Femme !

  • Luana October, 21 2012, 10:37 / Reply

    Being Brazilian it’s fantastic for me to see the most iconic lady from Brazil here!!!
    Thank you Garance!

    I’m posting accessories from Los Angeles on my blog!
    Take a look!

  • Jessica October, 21 2012, 11:24 / Reply

    This is the reason we need some intellectual property laws on designs (not on t shirts, but more elaborate pieces!).
    I find it really hard to want really original designer things because I know, no matter how absurd it is, I can get it cheaper.

    The Lovelorn

  • karen October, 22 2012, 12:03 / Reply

    I haven’t heard a statement regarding the fashion industry that rang so true, in so long. Whilst, luxury (and luxury fashion) has become more available to the common denominator or anyone with a ready credit card- it’s become more and more of a status symbol but without the old world reverence and appreciation. But, in its place, there’s more appreciation for styling and those with truly amazing style- whether or not there are elements of luxury or not. The word in itself has lost all semblance of meaning the moment it became “cool” to wear designer head-to-toe.

    I love your attitude towards fashion and luxury. Truly inspiring to myself as I try to navigate the line between investment purchase and obnoxious purchase.

    x k

  • The Photodiarist October, 22 2012, 12:03

    Could not have said it better . . .

  • The Panther's Tophat October, 22 2012, 6:10 / Reply

    The best quotes of the day. So True

    Love it :-)

    Kisses from Milan

  • silvia October, 22 2012, 6:45 / Reply

    Fashion looks more and more like soccer each day. They maintain the brands but designers sign up with a different corporation in the blink of an eye. Couture is now a show for the masses. It is entertaining, but not even close as glamorous as in the 1950s

  • Kirbybee October, 22 2012, 7:57 / Reply

    Huge fan of Costanza, a remarkable woman. Can’t wait to see the video!


  • B. October, 22 2012, 8:21 / Reply

    It really does depend on what you consider as luxury, but in general it’s probably true
    new outfit post

  • faraway October, 22 2012, 10:56 / Reply

    Oui enfin .. je pense que le luxe, le vrai; est toujours rare et cher. Et de qualité.

    Celui qui est cher et qu’on trouve à tous les coins de rue, c’est du faux luxe qu’on souhaite vendre au prix du vrai, où la qualité fait souvent défaut. C’est juste nous berner :(

  • agneslamexicaine October, 22 2012, 12:47 / Reply

    The only real luxury is Time… what can be bought is no longer a luxury once you own it…

  • Jessica October, 22 2012, 1:01 / Reply

    Tellement vrai !


  • L'épingle October, 22 2012, 1:23 / Reply

    Le luxe, c’est le temps et l’espace. L’avantage de cette définition, c’est que le luxe reste rare, et que s’il est accessible surtout aux riches, il peut aussi être à la portée des moins riches, qui font des choix.

  • Rebecca October, 22 2012, 2:50 / Reply

    There was a time when luxury goods were valued by the craftspeople that made them. Now a “Luxury Item” is valued by the margin of profit it can attain. The less expensive it is to make and the highest price point it may receive determines its worth!

  • Cathy October, 22 2012, 2:50

    so true!

  • ManriqueGaby October, 22 2012, 3:35 / Reply

    That’s an interesting statement. “Luxury” is a concept I still haven’t wrapped my mind around. I can’t wait for the video!

  • Michael October, 22 2012, 4:02 / Reply

    I think ‘luxury’, like fashion has lost its allure, it’s now downmarket in the same way as stretch limos have gone from luxury cars of the rich and chic to symbols of vulgarity. Just take a look at

  • Jessica Renton October, 22 2012, 5:17 / Reply


    I read Costanza comment somehow differently; to me she implies that Luxury means Elitism.
    This is what luxury is by definition and most dictionaries and economic books will agree with her – a good stop being luxurious once it loses its aspect of scarcity and becomes mainstream.
    But I think the definition is evolving and luxury now means ‘quality’ (huh sometimes), beauty and style. And if more people can afford to buy ‘quality’, beauty and style – I really can’t see anything wrong with that! Long live ‘Elistism for all’ as one magazine will say…


  • Helen@TheStyleSchedule October, 22 2012, 7:50 / Reply

    So true… its like the rareness of old b&w photographs… taking a photo was a special occasion thing. Nowadays its easy to take pic, download it and voila… you got it instantly… ‘Stuff’ is very easy to obtain these days – nothing wrong with that… just a different world we live in:)

  • Alyssa October, 23 2012, 8:28 / Reply

    Great words of wisdom – thank you as always for inspiring us!

  • E. October, 23 2012, 8:40 / Reply

    It all depends on how you interpret ‘luxury’, and I think this is – in principle – an entirely personal thing. What is a luxury to me (very high quality chocolate) isn’t necessarily a luxury to somebody else. However, Jessica Renton is probably right in pointing out the connection with elitism. I think it has to do with a luxury item (like designer bags or jewelry) being ‘special’ – not for everybody – which has been very cleverly marketed into ‘when you buy this you are going to be very special too!’ Luxury as a way of defining your identity. I would argue that what Constanza seem to define as ‘luxury’ is no longer really luxurious. The definition of a ‘luxury item’ has changed, and is probably going more into the direction of ‘an item that’s hand made in a small family run business on the isle of X that you can only reach by canoe’ :)

  • Letícia July, 3 2013, 10:26 / Reply

    Constanza is AWESOME!
    she knows so much about so many things!
    I’m always inspired by her.

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