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Scott On…

Scott On…

Soon after I started my blog, invited me to my first fashion week in Milan.
I knew there was a chance I would never go again. So I had to make a big impact quick….

I didn’t want to be confused with a pit photographer. I wanted to be seen as an editor who told his story with pictures.

Because money was tight I asked a good friend to borrow some money (investing half the money in the wardrobe and half in camera equipment) because of my years of experience in the business I felt confident that making that investment was the thing that would set me apart.

- Scott

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  • Emma October, 23 2012, 6:48 / Reply

    Well done Scott!!!

    Et bravo pour toutes ces superbes photos!


  • Margaux October, 23 2012, 7:02 / Reply

    C’est intéressant de voir comment Scott assume totalement le fait d’etre -aussi- une marque, du fait de sa notoriété. Etre une figure publique implique de se vendre d’une certaine manière, pour donner de la visibilité à son travail, et les Américains ont beaucoup moins de mal que nous à assumer cet aspect. Cette absence d’hypocrisie, ça change !

  • joy. // October, 23 2012, 7:09 / Reply

    Great inspiration quotes and story! Scott inspired me when I was in the art academy and found my love in street(style)photography! Thank you!
    With Love,


  • The slow pace October, 23 2012, 7:11 / Reply

    Everytime I read about your story, Scott’s or other nice bloggers stories I get butterflies in my stomach. Should I finally invest on that travel blog I’ve been dreaming about? Or should I keep on working on my actual job?

  • Nini Piccola October, 23 2012, 7:11

    DO IT

  • Sylvia S October, 23 2012, 7:11

    Dear Show The Place,

    Start yr. travel blog asap. and let us know when is ready.

    We will start visiting you and posting notes.


    Sylvia S

  • Marcela October, 23 2012, 7:14 / Reply

    Scott is the reason why I started paying attention to fashion blogs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was set off to a good start. Look who I found soon after ;) !!!

  • arli October, 23 2012, 7:30 / Reply

    Comme quoi, il faut être visionnaire et sérieux sur ce qu’on veut dans le vie!

  • Dip It Black October, 23 2012, 7:44 / Reply

    Great story and quotes!
    Love Scott’s work!


  • Gabrielle October, 23 2012, 8:13 / Reply

    Catching the moment! I wonder what camera equipment did Scott invest in? What would be a good investment to start with?

  • Lamirose October, 23 2012, 8:18 / Reply

    Très bon investissement …et merci à l’ami de Scott

  • Samira October, 23 2012, 8:30 / Reply

    would love to know the camera equipment he invested in!!

  • Viktoria October, 23 2012, 8:31 / Reply

    He is great!!!

    Hugs from Ukraine!

  • vanda October, 23 2012, 8:31 / Reply

    A short story that tells us that everyone should FOLLOW their dreams, and that NOTHING can be on the way to sucsess!!! I really admire Scott’s talen as a photographer, because his work shows that he is a serious and loving man!
    PS I am learning photography and The Sartorialist is my reading every single day!!!!!
    Love you both!!!!
    Bisou tres grand!

  • Aurélie* October, 23 2012, 8:42 / Reply

    Et voilà le (très beau) résultat… ça vaut le coup…
    Scott aussi est un très bel exemple (comme toi Garance mais je te l’ai déjà dit quelque part…).
    Merci pour tous ces échanges dont tu nous fait part*

  • Thais October, 23 2012, 8:49 / Reply

    Great quote, its always inspiring to hear stories of people like Scott who built their careers up with determination and courage, and of course talent! In this industry, first appearances are so important, I wish I could see a photo of him from that first day at Milan!
    Thank you for sharing!


  • Polly October, 23 2012, 9:01 / Reply

    How could anyone confuse Scott with a pit photographer?!

  • Marlow October, 23 2012, 9:13 / Reply

    very inspiring! very brave! Scott is still the best…God of all blogs

  • Monsieur J October, 23 2012, 9:13 / Reply

    C’est quoi tous ces post pour que l’on se sorte les pouces???
    J’aime cette énergie de partage et qui nous fédère!
    PS: J’ai mis 2h à commenter mon commentaire du coup pas vu celui-ci avant mais la finalité est la même, rêver et faire en sorte que cela se réalise.

  • sev October, 23 2012, 10:01 / Reply

    Scott est chou ET pragmatique ! (et n’aime pas sourire sur les photos haha)

  • The Sartorialist October, 23 2012, 11:47 / Reply

    @ Thais All those posts, thoughts and pictures of me are still on my blog. Look at June and July 2006

  • Marta October, 23 2012, 12:01 / Reply

    The quote comes from this interview (careful, it’s 1.5h!) – a highly recommended watch for everyone who gets inspired by passionate people:

  • Carole b October, 23 2012, 2:45 / Reply

    Bonsoir Garance
    Je viens de commander via internet les 2 livres the sartorialist , de
    Ton amoureux. J’adore ses photos, encore 1 p’tit bonheur.dis lui merci,
    quel talent.
    Carole de bordeaux

  • Jessica October, 23 2012, 3:58 / Reply

    On voit que ça a porté ses fruits !

    Bravo pour sa carrière :)


  • Paris in Four Months October, 23 2012, 4:24 / Reply

    Thank you so so much for this and the 9-5 post. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a few words of wisdom from you two. My boyfriend and I were talking about exactly this a couple of days ago and I just told him “yeah yeah…” when he said almost the exact same thing as Scott did in this text. It sounds great but I would never dare to take that leap I thought to myself. But after reading this, and the 9-5 post, I just realised this is exactly what I need to do myself. It is possible for me too, you just have to have a little bit of “guts”. And of course it took me two “strangers” to realise this fact. Now I have to run and tell him sorry sorry sorry for not listening (I mean really (!) listening) to what he had to say, because it’s so very true. So thank you so much Garance! You certainly was my life coach today :)

    All my best,

  • Nini Piccola October, 23 2012, 8:50 / Reply

    Scott’s was a calculated risk and it paid off. We all need to do this when the timing feels right. Scary yes, but do you want to look back and kick yourself for not having taken a chance on trying something new?

  • kimmie October, 23 2012, 11:38 / Reply

    Small story but HUGE inspiration! Take the time to invest in yourself and really stand out!

  • Bb de la Branche October, 24 2012, 9:06 / Reply

    j’ai trouvé ça :
    et ça me fait penser à ça!
    Vous êtes inspirants…

  • Sylvia S October, 24 2012, 4:34 / Reply

    Dear Garance and Scott,

    You guys are an inspiration for all of us !!!!

    Thank you for your everyday work and for being an inspiration.

    hugs and kisses from Mexico

    P.S. by the way are you coming for a visit we can arrange interviews, signing books etc.

  • TheNina October, 25 2012, 12:55 / Reply

    Opportunity of a lifetime. You had to make it work….

  • Adrienne October, 26 2012, 2:32 / Reply

    Vous vous complétez bien, toi et Scott…mais vous ressemblez beaucoup aussi ! Je tiens juste à préciser que la formule”Très vite après que j’ai ouvert mon blog” n’est pas correcte, on écrit plutôt “Très vite après que j’aie ouvert mon blog” (car on utilise le subjonctif dans ces cas-là), comme ça ton article est parfait,
    très bonne continuation à tous les deux !

  • joyce November, 2 2012, 8:44 / Reply

    Moi tout ce que j’ai à dire et ce que je remarque après avoir vu Skyfall c’est que Scott à un air à Daniel Craig ;)


  • Laura Hueto Puig November, 4 2012, 5:55 / Reply

    Ohh… Je ‘drag’ cette photo sur mon Desktop, et qu’est-ce-que je vois? scott-my-love-2-mp-620×393
    Trop mignon, j’adore! :D

  • Théa Unknown November, 4 2012, 12:29 / Reply

    Je suis toute à fait raccord avec ton homme. Parfois un effort vestimentaire, budgétaire ou juste de confiance en soi peut tout changer!

    Théa Unknown

  • irene the athenian November, 4 2012, 2:36 / Reply

    risks have to be taken on our way to success…im glad to see people talking about the story behind it because it really makes you think “i can do this” (whatever your goal is) letting our personality to shine takes courage…i hope everything and everybody gets better there in the :big apple” after Sandy
    greetings from “a still sunny” athens,greece

  • Anne November, 7 2012, 9:38 / Reply

    Garance, c’est une question très bête, mais je ne comprends toujours pas en quoi une nouvelle garde-robe a permis à Scott d’avoir l’air d’être “un éditorialiste avec un point de vue”? (je comprends très bien pour l’investissement dans l’équipement, hein! :-))

    Merci :-)


  • Anne November, 7 2012, 9:38

    PS: à propos de “9 to 5″. Pour moi, j’ai commencé à vraiment faire attention et trouver mon style en me concentrant sur deux jours de la semaine. Le mardi et le jeudi, je fais très attention, le reste, c’est plus cool. ça marche! :-)

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