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Raf Simons On…

There is an interview with Raf Simons in this month’s Numéro that I really liked… Here is a quote…

Have you now mentally turned the page on Jil Sander?

With that last collection I tried above all to enlarge the minimalist vocabulary which had started to look like a bad parody of itself, like a caricature: white shirts, straight shapes which were deliberately neglecting female curves. I completely understand the beauty to be found there because with such austerity the shapes are always beautiful and timeless. But they aren’t new. A completely white interior for a house is very lovely, but it’s not new. With minimalism making a comeback, my challenge is to move away from that caricature. Take away everything that isn’t now. Maybe it can be fun, include movement, sensuality, sexuality, feminine curves…

-Raf Simons, in the November Numéro

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