Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

So the other day, my friend Emily took me on a date to eat some macrobiotic deliciousness at Souen (Macrobiotic dates ? That’s what girls do in the city) (I hate macrobiotic restaurants but I’d go anywhere as long as there is Tahini sauce) and then we went to see Anna Karenina.

I was not super excited at first. I had just suffered through Lincoln a couple of days ago (I know the movie’s supposed to be great and I am supposed to love it, but too much talking killed me) and I was more into going to see Life of Pi than another movie in costumes.


The movie is a dream.
The photography is breathtaking and the ever moving sets sweep you away.
The movie is set as if in a theater, with the sets changing behind the actors in what seems like a dance between each scene. Difficult to explain, but seriously great.

The acting is good and it’s difficult not to fall in love with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (I actually already had, in Savages) and to definitely unfall in love with Jude Law if you hadn’t yet (I  had, a long time ago, which I think is great for him, cause now he can go on and have fun with acting, not be trapped anymore in his sex symbol role, which makes me actually re-love him more, see what I mean?)(yeah it’s hard to be a sex symbol) (I mean I would know, right ?).

Keira Knightley definitely has an expressive face (whatever that means) and the person in front me was smoking a fake cigarette, which was nicely disturbing, I felt like I was at the cinema in the 60′s – without the bad smell.

Lots of freedom was taken with the costumes – beautiful, amazing but felt very modern. And a Chanel friendship is definitely unfolding in front of our eyes (Keira being an ambassador for the brand, and Joe Wright being the director of their latest ad with Brad Pitt), as Keira wears a lot their contemporary jewelry. A little surprising but nonetheless beautiful.

So, let’s jump to the conclusion and here is my verdict : I think you should see it.

Ok, isn’t that a great movie review ? I know, you want more right ?

Don’t worry, I am in the process of reading 50 Shades Of Grey.
Oh we’re gonna have so much fun.

Did you see Anna Karenina ? What did you think ?

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  • Lolotte68 December, 6 2012, 11:46 / Reply

    Tout à fait d’accord, Garance, ce film est une véritable escapade, et on se laisse emporter, c’est très agréable…Mais pour 5O shades…..comme on dit en français, “y a pas de quoi fouetter un chat”!(même s’il est question de fouets, hé-hé!).Moi, j’ai trouvé ce livre hyper mal écrit et l’histoire vraiment comparable aux romans Harlequin série “rouge” que me prêtait ma vieille tante quand j’étais ado.
    En plus (SPOILER ALERT), la petite épouse qui réussit à faire rentrer le beau Christian dans les rangs…Aaargh…trop dommage, il était tellement mieux non domestiqué!!!
    Have fun anyway!

  • andreea December, 6 2012, 11:46

    yes, 50 shades is badly written but it gives u insight into the wet dreams of 60 million ppl (quite boring :P)


  • Louise December, 6 2012, 11:50 / Reply

    Bon, visuellement le film est splendide, certes. Mais c’est émotionnellement très plat, non ? J’ai été tellement déçue !

  • Kabie December, 6 2012, 11:50

    Tout à fait d’accord! J’ai trouvé que le côté “théâtre”, même s’il était très bien fait et assez original, ne rendait pas forcément service à l’histoire…


  • Aura December, 6 2012, 11:50 / Reply

    I can’t wait to see this movie! Still waiting for a premiere in Denmark


  • Kirsten December, 6 2012, 12:05 / Reply

    I loved it! I want to watch it again and again for the costumes and dancing. It was such a lush experience!

  • Pri December, 6 2012, 12:06 / Reply

    Aaaah ! Ça fait 6 mois que j’attend la sortie ! J’adore Joe Wright, j’adore Keira Knightley, j’adore Tolstoï, (j’adore Jude Law) bref ça à l’air génial !Les décors me semblaient douteux mais tu viens de me rassurer, merci du conseil j’y cours, j’y vole ! (ps : ta dernière illustration est absoluement magnifique ! je rêve d une série limitée mais je dois t’avouer qu’elles ne sont quand même pas très accessibles … )

  • azrakun December, 6 2012, 12:16 / Reply

    I love it as well! I thought it was so innovative and brave to have it filmed as in actual theater. Very creative touch! I also enjoyed how gradually the scenes became somewhat more avangard (? – can’t find the better word) with the story going deeper. Like the scene where Vronsky leaves Anna at home and she is just in her underwear (the big old-fashioned underwear skirt) > I thought the scene was so modern and artistic..

    And I am definitely in love with all the costumes and jewelry! Sheer perfection!


  • kseniya December, 6 2012, 12:21 / Reply

    I was also very skeptical of Anna Karenina movie. But fell in love with it as soon as movie started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even very funny Russian Ac cent of English actors did not spoil the movie ( I am Russian). Everything was so beautiful!

  • Christine December, 6 2012, 12:24 / Reply

    I have not see the movie yet but I can’t wait!!! I am a tireless reader of Tolstoy and period movies are my favorite. Who would not want to dress like Keira Knightley in the first pic even for a moment? http://heelsandpeplum.wordpress.com/

  • Miss Kutsu December, 6 2012, 12:35 / Reply

    J’avais déjà très envie de le voir, et tu m’as totalement convaincue!


  • Samira December, 6 2012, 12:42 / Reply

    beste review i have read in like EVER!!!! You need to go to the movies more often and write reviews!! should that be your new profession??? I think yeah!!!!

  • Marie December, 6 2012, 12:44 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup Keira, j’irai voir le film avec plaisir, mais en France pour Noël, le cinéma est bien trop cher à Toronto! :(

  • Ev December, 6 2012, 1:17 / Reply

    Haven’t seen the movie but heard a lot about it and love Keira Knightly! xx


  • Nathalie December, 6 2012, 1:24 / Reply

    Rien que pour la mise en scène, les décors, les costumes (les bijoux Chanel ??? Ah bon ?)… et les acteurs, j’ai hâte de voir ce film. La critique de Louise me fait un peu peur… mais je sais être une vraie fleur bleue parfois. Il faut juste que j’arrive à rentrer dans un film. S’il me transporte, c’est gagné même si j’en perçois les défauts…

  • Line Uhlen December, 6 2012, 1:32 / Reply

    I am so sad that I won’t get to see this in a movie theatre :( It’s not coming to the city I live in in the US, and the Norwegian premiere isn’t untill February so it won’t be playing when I’m home for Christmas or summer.

  • IB December, 6 2012, 1:47 / Reply

    “Keira Knightley est très expressive” mouhahaha j’ADORE! You’re so bad Garance ;)

  • Leslie December, 6 2012, 1:50 / Reply

    Absolutely loved it too! I was in a theatre on socal where alot of older people frequent and it was interesting to hear their comments as I was leaving the theatre. Alot of them just didn’t understand it, but since i love the theatre, ballet, opera, plays etc. I adored it. I hope it achieves an oscar for costumes or cinematography.

  • LiLi December, 6 2012, 2:04 / Reply

    Il y a plein de fautes d’orthographe dans l’article, c’est normal ?

  • martin December, 6 2012, 2:04

    Oui, c’est normal.

  • Viktoria December, 6 2012, 2:11 / Reply

    I am waiting for this movie so much)


  • ewa December, 6 2012, 2:14 / Reply

    Hey Garance,
    I’m a movie science student and you did a good job here! Honest and simple recommendation of a beauty on the screen. Love for Jude lives place for the admiration for an art of real acting. And Aaron is a new no 1. Love it.

  • Linda December, 6 2012, 2:22 / Reply

    i must watch that movie. i’m a huge fan of keira knightley and, goodness, that costume outfit is AMAZING on her. i love her in periodical films =]


  • Dea December, 6 2012, 2:49 / Reply

    I am going to see it on Sunday and simply can’t wait!! I’ve read the book, and I have huge expectations from the movie. So far so good, reading your review :)


  • Danisha December, 6 2012, 2:50 / Reply

    T’es trop In

  • Carole December, 6 2012, 3:01 / Reply

    so beautiful romantic…staging so innovative….Kira was Anna….where the jewels Chanel? i think so..out of this world beautiful costumes..

  • w. December, 6 2012, 3:02 / Reply

    Garance, Fifty Shades of Grey, quel .. délice!! Je me demandais justement qu’en est ce que tu allais nous en parler ;) J’ai hâte de connaître tes ressentie sur The best-seller !
    Merci encore pour tout ce que tu nous fait partager !


  • Pauline December, 6 2012, 3:09 / Reply

    Je compte aller le voir dès sa sortie (ce qui est prévu depuis que j’ai su que Wright réalisait un nouveau film). Je crois que j’ai aimé tous ses films, particulièrement Atonement (mon Dieu, ce que j’ai pleuré). Il a esthétique incroyable, la photographie est toujours sublime, et la musique, que ce soit pour Pride and Prejudice ou pour Atonement (Dario Marianelli <3) est magnifique. J'ai toujours aimé Keira donc ça me fait plaisir de la voir continuer à travailler avec lui, il lui donne des rôles très intéressants, même si cela reste dans des films d'époque pour le moment.
    Jude Law n'a jamais été un de mes crush mais par contre Aaron… Depuis Kick Ass, je l'aime d'amour fou. Il est parfait dans Nowhere Boy aussi, et il me fait bien flipper dans Chatroom (ok, dans Savages, il est un peu beaucoup sexuel en Ben). Et puis dans Überlin de R.E.M voila.
    Et il a pris le nom de sa femme, et je trouve ça très classe : )

  • Celeste December, 6 2012, 3:10 / Reply

    I’m currently about halfway through reading the book! I will finish reading it before I watch the film :) So excited!

  • mi-ming December, 6 2012, 3:31 / Reply

    j’aime j’aime j’aime le livre, du coup j’ai un peu peur d’être déçue par le film , mais si tu l’as trouvé beau, je remettrais peut être en question mes réticences

  • Georgina December, 6 2012, 3:36 / Reply

    Hi Garance-
    I actually didn’t love it. I am a self-proclaimed cinephile, and have had SUCH wonderful experiences at the movies these past few months (LOOPER. so good.). I was so excited for Anna Karenina, as it has some of my favorite actors… plus, who doesn’t love a story like that??? I agree, the costumes were amazing, and each scene was like a painting, and the bold colors made it enjoyable, yet I still can’t say that I loved it. I liked it. Nothing more.
    I think maybe I would have liked it better if I could have connected with Anna more… I often times realized I had forgotten about her, or, dare I say it, even stopped caring about her. Maybe it was because her character had taken such an inevitable path…. I’m not sure. Also, I felt that the two hours this movie was made up of didn’t take advantage of all the time it should have… it had the length but not the content of a two hour movie (again, just an opinion and just based off of what I felt after a one time watch). Maybe if the director had have focused less on the dramatic scene changes and settings and focused that energy into developing Anna more intimately then I would have been more satisfied… Although I do agree, it was breathtaking, and anyone would be hard pressed to pick a scene to cut or shorten.
    Maybe I’m too picky! Just my opinion.

  • Simone December, 6 2012, 3:40 / Reply

    Je suis très curieux de voir Anna Karenina! http://www.flaircat.com

  • Anita December, 6 2012, 3:53 / Reply

    Dear Garance, I am so escited you have mentioned that picture. Funny but i only have now returned from the cinema and watched it again. Seeing it now twice i must say by watching Aaron Johnson as Vronsky that the director Joe Wright managed to capture the passing quintesence of youth passion and beauty. He painted the moment of how and why our heart falls into this dreamy weakness called love. The beauty and youth passes away with time, so will Aaron’s one day, but he will remain in history in this perfect picture of Anna Karenina. I just wish him all the best. Despite his controversial private life I wish him happiness :-) Everybody, go and see this movie, please!

  • B. December, 6 2012, 4:26 / Reply

    I will definitely watch it and I’m actually super curious to hear your honest opinion about 50 shades


  • Biancamaria December, 6 2012, 4:30 / Reply

    I just love Anna Karenina!! Not the film, I didn’t know there was a film about it, but I love the Tolstoj’s book!!! I read it when I was very young and I hated because it was so long, but now I really appreciated that story, that atmosphere, the setting…


  • Renata December, 6 2012, 5:03 / Reply

    Merci Garance! tu m´a redonné l´ envie de voir le film! :D J´adore Keira Knithley comme actrice et j´ai l´impression que tous les film d´époque avec elle sont biens (Dutchess, Pride and prejudice, Atonement). Cependant, je pense etre trop accroché a la version d´Anne Karenine de 1997 avec Sophie Marceau et Sean Bean, Quand j´ai vu le trailer, la vision de Jude Law dans le role de Vronsky m´ a presque fait rire :D (ce n´est pas Sean Bean quoi , et meme si Jude law peut etre consideré comme un sex symbol, Sean Bean, c´est un autre niveau) mais bon, tout ne se joue pas aux niveau des acteurs, donc je pense que je vais devoir supporter Jude Law avec sa moustache (qui fait pitié) pour pouvoir savourer l´autres aspects du film.

  • Renata December, 6 2012, 5:03

    je corrige l´erreur que j´ai fait :D j´ai effectivement pensé que Jude Law joue le role de Vronsky alors que c´est Aaron Taylor-Johnson :D je sais pas pourquoi, mais quand j´ai vu les photos, j´ai tout de suite pensé a lui (peut- etre a cause de Sherlock Holmes?) mais ca ne change rien a l´idée que selon moi Vronsky a l´air un peu trop jeune. (je dirais presque enfantin) J´ai adorée Aaron dans Kick-Ass mais la, je vois pas du tout qu´est-ce qui vous fascine tant. Ou je suis bizarre, je sais pas :D

  • Ana December, 6 2012, 5:12 / Reply

    Oh yeah, I want read Your review on 50 shades!!! It should de fuuunnn!

  • Ava December, 6 2012, 5:19 / Reply

    Une adaptation cinématographique est toujours une petite trahison, surtout face à une oeuvre aussi géniale, aussi immense qu’Anna Karenine. J’ai trouvé celle-ci tellement minuscule, tellement conformiste, qu’elle en devient drôle – son unique intérêt étant effectivement les costumes, c’est une très bonne publicité – dommage que pour cela elle doive traîner dans la boue l’une des plus troublantes oeuvres du XXème siècle. L’unique adaptation acceptable est celle de Soloviev. Mais pour ceux qui ne sont pas regardants sur le respect envers Tolstoï, l’âme russe et la littérature, c’est vrai que c’est un joli petit film avec des mignons petits acteurs.

  • Nora December, 6 2012, 5:35 / Reply

    oh Garance, perfect timing!!! I will just watch it on Saturday – with Dutch subtitles, that will be fun :) I love Jude Law (who doesn’t???), but strangely, I can’t like Keira. whatever. Saturday evening cinema alone after a long week is just what I need, I will love it for sure!

  • Betsy December, 6 2012, 5:54 / Reply

    I want to watch Anna Karenina so badly! I am such a fan of Pride and Prejudice so I know this movie will be great!


  • Claire December, 6 2012, 6:00 / Reply

    What a movie!!!!! tout simplement SUBLIME!!!

    Voici mon article sur mon blog – have a look: http://wildandpureblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/anna-karenina-de-joe-wright-grandeur-et-decadence/

    Une grande fan de films en costumes et de Joe Wright&Keira Knightley
    Claire ;)

  • Rachel December, 6 2012, 6:06 / Reply

    I’ve been dying to see this for so long now!! It’s not out til dec 26 in Australia. I’ll be there lined up with the best of them!

  • Belleb December, 6 2012, 6:13 / Reply

    It’s beautiful.

  • Marie-Eve @aprettynest December, 6 2012, 6:42 / Reply

    J’ai bien hâte d’aller voir ce film, mais certainement pas autant que de lire ta critique de 50 shades haha !

  • Phoi December, 6 2012, 7:04 / Reply

    Jude Law comments so funny. I read the book a long time ago, so I don’t remember it. I want to see the movie now!

  • Lala December, 6 2012, 9:24 / Reply

    I wasn’t that excited to see the movie, and I was incredibly surprised by how much I really loved it! Keira Knightley doesn’t really float my boat (to put it mildly), but she was actually good. Jude Law, however, (who is also not my favorite usually) was impeccably, unbelievably brilliant ( I actually fell in love with him a little bit; not with Karenin, obviously, but with Law’s acting genius). The whole idea with the theater set was fantastic and allowed you to focus on the true drama of characters and the fatal choices they make. Not to mention the beautiful (inside and out!) Levin character– the nineteenth century Russian hipster/the original forgotten member of Lynyrd Skynyrd :-) All in all, a fantastic movie! Glad you liked it, too!

  • TeMo December, 6 2012, 10:33 / Reply

    Will I lose my lit cred if I admit I did not like the book – Anna Karenina?! I have read it twice now and no I just don’t like it at all. I feel that and maybe it is the time of its writing the woman that seeks her own happiness is punished. But anyway I look forward to seeing the costumes. + I have a HUGE crush on Domnhall Gleeson who has a part in the film.

  • sck December, 6 2012, 10:55 / Reply

    agree…brilliant! took my breath away!
    and that final shot?!?!?!?! All I could have wanted!
    sooooooo fantastic!

  • chx December, 6 2012, 11:15 / Reply

    I’m so glad you liked the film! So lush and romantic. I liked the parts where the theater opened up to the wide field, and the light was magnificent.

  • Allison December, 7 2012, 12:28 / Reply

    OK, but do see Life of Pi!
    Reading that book was life-changing. It’s still my very favorite.

  • sharon December, 7 2012, 12:52 / Reply

    I enjoyed your movie review (trying to avoid “loved your review”!!! haha Noting/remembering your words on Americans “loving” everything!!!) I saw Anna K. already but wanted to see the movie again – so I saw it again with fresh eyes after reading your review and was able to observe the Chanel jewelry and more modern costumes. Garance – keep doing movie reviews now!!!!!!!!! A new niche for you. LOVE them, whoops.

  • Antonia December, 7 2012, 2:18 / Reply

    I love the book, but the Anna Karenina I had in my head reading it, was nothing like Keira Knightley. So, I can’t wait to see the movie and the modern Holywood interpretation of something so traditionally eastern in soul. Kisses!

  • Echidna December, 7 2012, 2:36 / Reply

    I was trill at first about Anna Karenina but changing my mind after saw a trailer.
    The male lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson put me off. I didn’t mean to be rude but he look gay and prissy.
    (That is not homophobic cause I’m gay myself) How can a girl leave Jude Law for him.
    It not realistic. But I change my mind again. I’ll put it on my list after Skyfall.

  • debiparna c December, 7 2012, 2:45 / Reply

    i have been looking forward to see this ever since i saw the trailer.hope it releases here.

    Help me get to 500 readers

  • femme russe strasbourg December, 7 2012, 2:49 / Reply

    Vivement la sortie du film !

  • Florence December, 7 2012, 3:16 / Reply

    J’irai voir…mais Anna Karénine étant un gros morceau de la très belle litterature va falloir qu’ils soient vraiment bon our être à la hauteur.

    Life of Pi, vu hier. Le film est génial pour y aller avec ou sans enfants – un vrai film de Noël – mais le livre est mieux!

  • Caroline December, 7 2012, 3:30 / Reply

    50 shades of grey… le pire livre que j’ai jamais lu!!!
    Par contre, le film a l’air effectivement très bien, si il est à la hauteur d’”Orgueil et Préjugés” j’aurais un nouveau DVD à mettre en boucle ^^

  • Hauger December, 7 2012, 4:41 / Reply

    Je n’ai jamais eut la foi de lire un tel pavé (j’ai déjà lu guerre et paix, ce qui m’a pris pas mal de temps);mais ton article m’a définitivement convaincue d’aller le voir. Très bonne lecture de 50 nuances, tu vas le dévorer!

  • sin December, 7 2012, 5:25 / Reply

    Just another distorted adaptation of the book. Absolutely all movies made of Anna Karenina a love story, but the book is totally not about that. It’s a story about love (totally different thing), lust, weakness, selfishness.
    Has anyone here actually read that book?

  • S.P, December, 7 2012, 5:37 / Reply

    Moi aussi j ai trouve ce film fantastique
    Keira est bien (et tres bien sapee) mais a Kitty est merveilleuse!

  • anne December, 7 2012, 5:50 / Reply

    Haha, I succumbed to reading “50 Shades” too :D I’m going to see “Anna Karenina” after your review, I love the book but I was worried about the movie (not a huge fan of Keira) but of course, Chanel costumes! How could I overlook that fact? Thanks for a great post Garance!

  • Olimpia Liberti December, 7 2012, 7:23 / Reply

    I am so glad we share the same taste towards this movie!
    Me, living in London, a little sad about my everyday boring life, and hating the city a bit, very tired with uni and part time job, went to see this movie with a friend, with the excuse that ‘we had to forget our reality and dream a little, in order to allow us to be creative again’ (my words trying to convince my friend to come with me). And I have to say that I was expecting something. I was expecting to be good. But nothing, NOTHING, prepared me for this movie, and for my reaction towards it… I was so so so mesmerised, that I didn’t have words. During and after the movie. Really. During it, I couldn’t focus in anything else, and didn’t even think about me, didn’t have my own thoughts. And after… oh God! I was sliding through the streets, looking around me with such delight… everything seemed beautiful, and the street lamps seemed to glow intensively. The soundtrack was in mind head, and I was so happy!
    I am not kidding Garance, this is real. I was totally in love with the movie, and still am!
    I couldn’t take the soundtrack out of my head, and Aaron Taylor’s words “you can’t ask why to love”…
    Finally I can describe this amazing feeling that I had at the day!
    I felt like that before, more than 5 years ago, when I saw Pride and Prejudice, also directed by Joe Wright (he is amazing, isn’t he?). But this time, with Anna Karenina, was stronger.
    Very glad you posted this!

  • auroreinparis December, 7 2012, 7:33 / Reply

    J’étais un peu comme toi, pas trop envie de le voir ( surtout que je l’ai lu) , ms ta critique et quelques autres m’ont convaincue , et je vais le voir mardi !

  • Jane with the noisy terrier December, 7 2012, 8:56 / Reply

    I thought the movie was visually stunning and the staging with the mix of the society/city folk in the theater and the country people actually outdoors was so innovative. That said, I felt Aaron was miscast–too much of a pretty boy and no hot passionate sexual frisson between him and Anna. I described it to a friend as feeling like a very long, very lovely Chanel ad.

    Get yourself uptown to the Ziegfeld to see The Life of Pi on the big screen. It’s my favorite movie of the year. I loved the book and this is that rare case where the film might actually be better!

  • Marie December, 7 2012, 12:00 / Reply

    J’avais pas du tout envie d’aller le voir mais je crois que tu m’as fait changer d’avi. Et j’aime tellement quand il y a de beaux costumes dans les films !



  • Julie December, 7 2012, 12:43 / Reply

    Garance, il faut absolument que tu fasses un post sur 50 shades !
    J’ai vraiment envie de connaitre tes impressions : )

  • Polly December, 7 2012, 2:05 / Reply

    Garance have you read the book? The book is amazing and covers a sub plot (not really in the film) which is very deep- this is what true literature is.
    Polly x

  • Virginia L December, 7 2012, 2:32 / Reply

    I prefer the book. La littérature russe…

  • ludo December, 7 2012, 3:35 / Reply

    a great review!

    “life of pi” is so great and beautifully made too. you can talk about it for your next review ;) highly recommended!

  • Une fille à Paris December, 7 2012, 6:07 / Reply

    Je ne suis pas une super fan de Keira Knightley, par contre, je suis une fan de Tolstoï… De plus, les adaptations de très grands classiques de littératures m’ont toujours déçu… Je ne pense pas aller le voir, même si les décors sont beaux. ;)

  • CRIS December, 8 2012, 3:55 / Reply

    I read the book “Anna Karenina” and I’m soo curious to see the movie..but I have to wait because in Italy will arrive in February. Now,with this post, I’am even more curious :)

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME reading 50 shades of grey………..indeed I’ve read it :) but as you go on reading it become sooo boring and repetitive!

    Have a good day, baci

  • Inga December, 8 2012, 5:12 / Reply

    Hello, Garance,

    nice review, thank you for it. :) Well, I belive it has to be really nice movie, but I don ´t want to see. Why? Because I love the book so much that I don´t want to change and lost my own visions of the story and characters.

    I haven´t seen Anna Karenina with Audrey as well, and that was hard, because I really love Audrey. :)

    Have a nice day!

  • MGF December, 8 2012, 11:41 / Reply

    Youhouuuu ! moi aussi je veux absolument aller le voir.
    Non pas que j’aime Chanel (c’est plutot le coté révulsif en fait), mais parce que j’ai vu Pride & Prejudice à peu près 429 813 fois, ce qui m’amène à penser que Joe Wright est un peu le dieu du cinéma.
    Voilà un argumentaire construit :))

    Garance, tu ne veux pas nous faire un ptit dessin du film hein dis siou plé ?

  • Laura @ Laura Lite December, 8 2012, 1:53 / Reply

    I LOVED Anna Karenina too! I wasn’t expecting to love it quite that much but I did.

    50 Shades is the most terrible awful book ever written. I couldn’t get through it.

  • Hadas December, 8 2012, 7:25 / Reply

    I agree with every word! I wrote a short review/recommendation on my blog a few weeks ago but I really couldn’t find the words to do so. I guess you know what I mean :) It will be amazing if you would like to take a look…



  • GeraldineTrip December, 8 2012, 11:39 / Reply

    Thanks for your recommendation of Anna Karenina. Enjoy the spice of reading 50 shades of grey, although it’s poorly written there is some sexy spice…

  • Evgenia December, 9 2012, 1:28 / Reply

    I took my finance-and-business-only friend to see Anna Karenina, and our opinions afterwards could not be any more different. She was bored, and I was thrilled; excited to the extent that I made her sit through the final credits and listen to the music. I don’t think that we’ll ever venture into properly discussing the film, or the whole world will tremble from our argument.

    I love the film, not least because I am a long-term Keira fan. As a Russian, I had a lot to feel connected to, because Anna Karenina is a solid part of my cultural heritage and upbringing. What Joe Wright has done is fantastic: not only did he do justice to the masterpiece of Leo Tolstoy; he also brought the essence of the Russianness of that time, the universality of issues like love and responsibility. The theatrical setting, which I know was not liked by everyone, is a very Wright touch, too, for theatre was a crucial part of the society of that time, and in a way, theatricality and theatre are in our blood – there is a truth to Shakespeare’s words about the whole words being a stage. To put it in a film was essentially an attempt to give us some sort of perspective, attachement and detachment all at once. I would even say, it reminded me of detachment ideas so popular with Brecht: to consciously make audience remember that it is just a play (a play within a film), so they start questioning and actively participating in thinking, rather than only consuming a final product.

    The film was a feast for eyes and theatre soul, in my case. I cannot say I didn’t like dashing count Vronsky either – Aaron Taylor-Johnson looked his best so far. The film itself, though, left a big enough impression for me to choose Russian-English film/theatre/literature field for postgraduate research. Fingers crossed, one day I’ll write good scripts and plays and put them on stage (film them?). That’s what is beautiful about films like this – they give use inspiration and motivation :)

  • chrisazur December, 9 2012, 3:35 / Reply

    cool, merci pour l’info, hâte de le voir….j’avoue que je me suis posée la question!!!

  • Noemi December, 9 2012, 11:30 / Reply

    I read Anna Karenina few years ago and I loved it. The book really taught me something about life, I would say. I’m looking forward to see the movie, which will arrive in my country only in february… The costumes are gorgeous, not period costumes, as you said, but very modern and so are Keira’s hairstyles. I’m particularly looking forward to see the ball scene, which seems to be very beautiful, according to what I read. And yes, Aaron Johnson is so beautiful. Don’t you think that she looks much “older” than him?

  • Nicky December, 9 2012, 12:13 / Reply

    Je suis allée voir le film sur tes conseils… Quelle déceptiom! Je me suis ennuyée. Les acteurs sont mauvais. Keira a trois expressions en tout: c’est une très mauvaise actrice. L’ émotion est absente de cette histoire d’ amour totalement gachée par trop d’ esthétisme. Un seul point positif, de tr?s beaux costumes mais que de longueurs.

  • Sylvie December, 9 2012, 1:22 / Reply

    J’ai adoré Anna Karenina aussi!
    Opulence et beauté, je dirais.
    Par contre, je n’ai pas pu finir le livre, l’écriture est trop lourde pour moi.

    Mais abandonne la lecture de 50 Shades of Grey, à ce qu’il paraît c’est hyper ennuyant, mal écrit et redondant.

  • MGF December, 9 2012, 1:32 / Reply

    Houlaaaa grosse grosse déception !
    je m’attendais à un film d’époque, je me suis retrouvée face à une pub Chanel. Le placement de produit (bijoux + C Delevingne) aurait pu être plus fin.
    C’est terrible …

  • judith December, 9 2012, 2:26 / Reply

    I love your writing garance!

    I tried to explain the exact same thing (using almost the exact same words) about Jude Law to my boyfriend! He just looked at me with blank eyes.

    Keep on going!

  • Mariane Nadaline December, 9 2012, 8:24 / Reply

    I haven’t seen the film yet, because it hasn’t been released in my country, but I’ve read the book. Here’s what I wrote about it.

    I didn’t really like the choice of Keira Knightley for Anna, though. Not that I don’t like Keira, I even enjoyed her performance in A Dangerous Method. My Anna would be someone with a stronger, prouder face, like Marion Cotillard. And I simply love Jude Law, he’s the second handsomest man in the world, the first being my dear husband, of course.

  • DIANA_hong December, 9 2012, 8:44 / Reply

    it was breath-taking-ly gorgeous! i was stuck by the depth of her husband’s love…. the restoration and redeeming power of forgiveness……. and how unforgiveness of others and oneself leads to ultimate death of a soul.

    the costumes…. the RED, GREY, WHITE, BLACK fur was INSANITY…. the jewels…. ugh. to have had her wardrobe.

    i will certainly be an owner of this movie.

  • A.M. December, 9 2012, 9:25 / Reply

    Pas encore vu, mais j’ai hâte d’y aller.
    Dans le genre film qui m’a fait vivre un rêve et j’étais encore toute émue en attendant le bus pour rentrer chez moi… je conseille à tout le monde “A royal affair”. Acteurs époustouflants, costumes superbes, histoire passionnante, le tout très bien filmé… Bref, j’ai été transportée. En plein milieu de la séance j’ai prié très fort pour que ça dure encore des heures tellement c’était bien.

  • Alison December, 10 2012, 7:05 / Reply

    I saw it what feels like a lifetime ago in September UK, love the books, love all Tolstoy! I saw it three times with various friends I dragged I adored it as much as I hoped I would. I cannot wait for the DVD to make more people see it! Roll on January. So glad you enjoyed it!!!

  • ines December, 10 2012, 11:22 / Reply

    OH NOOOON pas 50 nuances de grey!!! il existe des livres erotiques vraiment beaux et exceptionnels, je n’arrive vraiment pas à comprendre cet engouement pour ce livre, il est ordinaire, apres je comprends les gens qui le lise par curiosité il y a eu tellement de comm dessus!

    dans le même genre, et tres beaux il y a: le livre blanc de cocteau, je ne m’ennuie jamais toute seule ( je ne me souviens plus du nom de l’auteure mais le titre est deja tres evocateur…), ou en plus trash exploits d’un jeune dom juan et les 1001 verges d’apollinaire…

    Pour les coquines ;)
    bisous xo

  • Cucina49 December, 10 2012, 3:44 / Reply

    I loved the movie as well–I don’t think it captures the tragic Russian tone of the book, but it’s beautiful and surprisingly entertaining. That tracking shot at the ball alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Clou December, 12 2012, 11:05 / Reply

    Garaaaance !! ça fait 2 semaines que je harcèle ma violoncelliste pour qu’on aille le voir, ce film, merci, tu viens de me pondre l’argumentaire rêvé pour la convaincre !!!

    Et j’attends avec impatience ta critique de Fifty Shades, je ne l’ai pas lu parce que…j’attends qu’il ne soit plus à la mode (oui, j’ai appris à aimer être à la masse) il parait qu’en matière de divertissement c’est top, mais que rien d’exceptionnel dans la transgression…

    Et je ne sais pas si tu as vu, dans Grazia ils se sont lâchés sur le look “Anna Karénine”, ça donne envie de porter de la fourrure et des voilettes tout ça… =)



  • Martina Longhi January, 13 2013, 2:33 / Reply

    Yes I did watch the film… I liked it so much that I did an ilustration of my version of her and wrote a post about the film :) Here you are…



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