The Clear Clutch

The Clear Clutch

Downsizing doesn’t come easily for this girl, you remember my packing issues?

I tend to carry around a lot of stuff in my handbag: a variety of beauty products, a collection of sunglasses and enough bobby pins to pick the lock of a bank safe…

Anyway, I’ve been eyeing up this clear clutch from APC for summer. But with a great clear clutch comes great responsibility… I mean, everyone can see everything! Even though this style has a slight “tinted windows” effect, it will still show off my excessive lipstick collection to the world. So, I’m learning the art of editing. One lipstick, one set of shades, maximum three bobby pins, remove the Kindle you haven’t turned on in over a year, etc. On the plus side, the clear clutch does mean I won’t be digging around thinking I’ve lost my phone every 10 seconds…

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