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  • Jennifer D. June, 21 2013, 9:02 / Reply

    Although they’re the same, they’re too different to choose. Love them both, though with my butt, the first one is my realistic…

    The White Studio

  • Jennifer D. June, 21 2013, 9:02

    ‘more’ realistic…

  • Meghan June, 21 2013, 9:02

    It’s so instructive that these are the same shorts, which you might not guess right away. Makes me wonder what I already have in my closet that could be transformed by wearing it a bit higher or lower on the hips…

  • Giu June, 21 2013, 9:03 / Reply

    I guess you have to have beautifulll legs to wear the sexy version… and try to stay refined isn’t easy. I go for the tomboy look, which you can get more feminine with the right heels or wedge! baci

  • jess June, 21 2013, 9:05 / Reply

    I love them both…each would be great in specific situations… the 2nd shot makes me want to do more squats and lunges :)

  • debbie June, 21 2013, 9:05 / Reply

    being the age that I am (43)…I vote tomboy look. No one would want to see me in “the sexy” short. I know I wouldn’t.

  • AnSo June, 21 2013, 9:05 / Reply

    Sans hésiter version tomboy! Tellement plus simple à porter!
    Pour la 2ème version des fesses et des jambes s’imposent.

  • Cecilia June, 21 2013, 9:06 / Reply

    Without any doubt, the left one! I think a woman can be more interesting if she knows how to hide her body and give her clothes personality and life.

  • Giu June, 21 2013, 9:07 / Reply

    I guess you have to have beautiful legs to wear the sexy version. I go for the tomboy one, which you can get more feminine with the right heels or wedge maybe?! baci

  • Amandine June, 21 2013, 9:08 / Reply

    Celui de droite est la religion des Anglaises…. difficile à porter, souvent jugé, peut être un peu indécent.
    Celui de gauche par contre, beaucoup plus garconne mais tellement plus sexy si on sait le porter…

  • Annelise June, 21 2013, 9:08

    Couldn’t agree more, Amandine! :)

  • Jana H. June, 21 2013, 9:09 / Reply

    I like both, the sexy way is really good if you have a good figure for it… I love the high waist. If you’re still in your twenties it’s even better, but sometimes I think it’s a little to much if it’s to short. The left one is just cook, fun and comfortable. I’m for the sexy one, but as I said, I think you need quite a perfect skin and shape for it.

  • Meghan June, 21 2013, 9:13 / Reply

    I keep going back and forth!

    It is impossible to decide. I want both.

    But maybe…if I had the bum of this model…#2.

  • Note Box June, 21 2013, 9:13 / Reply

    Sans hésiter, celui de gauche, version tomboy !

  • Amandine June, 21 2013, 9:14 / Reply

    Je préfère largement la version de gauche. Tomboy power

  • Sandrine V June, 21 2013, 9:18 / Reply

    J’ai un faible pour la deuxième version, par contre, il faut avoir les jambes pour le porter!


  • fede June, 21 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    je préfère TOMBOY!

  • rebekah June, 21 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    DEFINITELY the left one. i really hate it when you can see the bottom of the bum. if the shorts were a tad longer (and maybe looser) i would like them high-waisted as well. i wear a lot of my shorts/pants both ways depending on how i feel, it’s a nice way to get completely different looks from the same piece!

  • yza June, 21 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    Both – en fait ca dépend de la situation et des jambes que l’on a- le tomboy est plus simple à porter et peut être également sexy en fonction du faut.

  • Rachelle June, 21 2013, 9:21 / Reply

    Love the second one but the first is more up my alley and realistic lol.


  • Lee June, 21 2013, 9:21

    Agreed. LOL. The first is more up my alley as well–less literally than the second one I suppose–but definitely more my style.

  • Isaure June, 21 2013, 9:22 / Reply

    Ah, ce short en jean …
    A 17 ans, je le portais taille haute, à 37 ans taille basse, ça faisait encore la blague !
    A 47 ans, j’ai laissé tombé l’affaire, sans amertume mais avec un peu de nostalgie…

  • Anne June, 21 2013, 9:24 / Reply

    I prefer the sexy version but I’d never dare to wear it myself.

  • D. June, 21 2013, 9:24 / Reply

    La version de gauche pour la ville et celle de droite pour la plage !

  • Maude June, 21 2013, 9:24

    After reading a lot of the the comments above, I see it is revealing some profound issues about body image and the politics of the woman’s body. Very interesting topic. I hope some sociologist is reading all of these and is taking notes ! I sure am, in my own way.

    On a personal level, I am on the tomboy side all the way. I feel the sexy one is a little too indecent for the city. At least I, for myself, never could have pulled it off on the streets, even in my twenties, with a perfect bum and all. Too reserved I am. Gone days anyway.That beeing said, I will proudly wear it on the beach, no complex at all. At 32, my bum and thighs are for the first time, let’s say, altered by age and motherhood… I will make sure not to let this stop me from wearing the shortest shorts on the beach proudly (mental challenge, for sure) !

  • Jade Cactus June, 21 2013, 9:27 / Reply

    sans hésiter la version garçon ! En sexy, les poches montent tellement haut qu’on dirait que la mannequin a des fesses ovales ^^

  • Dani June, 21 2013, 9:29 / Reply

    Aucune, mes fesses sont aussi dodues que celles de Jennifer Lopez (la star attitude en moins et la normalité en plus, comprenez avec du coussinet grassouillou, œuf corse).
    Mais sinon, virtuellement, la version de gauche est la plus jolie !

  • Eleni June, 21 2013, 9:33 / Reply

    Definately the left one… I dont like “everything” of my body to be shown to everyone, I keep some parts of my body for “specific” people.. :))

  • viola June, 21 2013, 9:34 / Reply

    I like the first option, but with legs like that… who cares???

  • Anna Louisa June, 21 2013, 9:35 / Reply

    Tomboy on the left! Sexy in its own way :)


  • ines June, 21 2013, 9:35 / Reply

    honnêtement les 2
    tomboy c’est beaucoup plus simple, la version sexy est cool mais vraiment compliquée pour tous les jours… dans paris on risque d’avoir des petits soucis dans le metro quoi, c’est plus pour cannes sur la croisette en été, et bien sûr le moindre capiton ne pardonne pas!

  • Emily June, 21 2013, 9:36 / Reply

    On the model: high waist, sexy style. For real life, myself: neither. I don’t find shorts to be flattering (and also, who wants to run around looking like a slouch or your booty hanging out in the city?? Besides models??) But in a dream world, where we all have model bodies, and don’t run into our professional acquaintances on the street when we are “off duty”: high waist, sexy style :)

  • Julie June, 21 2013, 9:36

    Completely agree! Shorts are most suited for 1) children and 2) teenagers in public.

    Happy vernal equinox day to all.

  • Anna K June, 21 2013, 9:37 / Reply

    Tomboy, sans hésiter! C’est aussi très sexy et nettement moins vulgaire ;)

  • Alexandra June, 21 2013, 9:37 / Reply

    I prefer the ‘tomboy’ look. Overt sexiness (or showing one’s bum when not wearing a bathing suit) is not my thing. I’d feel terribly uncomfortable with my ass hanging out.

  • NATH June, 21 2013, 9:38 / Reply

    Merci… c’est très instructif, je préfère le tomboy, mais je comprends que les garçons préfèrent l’autre…Le 1er est dégaine , l’autre est tellement féminin…

  • Marion June, 21 2013, 9:38 / Reply

    Je vote pour la version de gauche. Les garçons de l’open space votent à l’unanimité pour la version de droite… étrange ;-)

  • anke van der Valk June, 21 2013, 9:40 / Reply

    What happens to the inner seam when you are wearing these shorts highwaisted? It happens with everyone so my choice is tomboy style.

  • sarah L June, 21 2013, 9:42 / Reply

    Disons que y’a une maniere que je peux porter, et l’autre pas tellement….

  • severine June, 21 2013, 9:42 / Reply

    Si on est mannequin ( ou que nos fesses ressemblent aux siennes) la version sexy ! sinon (98% de la population?) la version tomboy :-)

  • Senni June, 21 2013, 9:43 / Reply

    Ce qui me frappe, c’est surtout une différence de poids très visible… Pourtant, la fille de droite est très mince… Ne me dis pas que c’est la même, pas possible… J’aime bien le tomboy décomplexé, bon à crapahuter, faire le marché, sortir les poubelles, laver les vitres, faire ses courses etc… :)) L’autre me fait penser à Liz Taylor, à une certaine époque, hein…C’est savoureux de voir ça dans la rue, mais elles ne doivent pas être nombreuses à se risquer… Dommage!! :))

  • Senni June, 21 2013, 9:43

    Bzzz… Je me réponds à moi-même… :)) Celui de droite, Lova Moor le porterait encore et encore… :))
    Mais, assurément, il n’y a pas assez de m’enfoutisme dans les rues européennes pour que n’importe qui puisse porter ça, sans avoir droit aux regards concupiscents ou moqueurs. Constat désolant, car pouvoir porter le short de Lova Moor, ça semble dévolu à une visibilité bien précise, c’est pas la rue au sens large, tu vois… :))) Donc, je dirais que, heureusement, on peut admirer ça et l’aisance qui va avec sur des photos! Futile, comme plein de choses, oui… Tant mieux!

  • Fabi June, 21 2013, 9:43

    En Espagne, de nombreuses jeunes filles et jeunes femmes portent la version sexy dès les premiers beaux jours, y compris dans les transports en commun. Deux étés que je vois ça tous les jours et la parisienne en moi est encore stupéfaite ! Je n’ai jamais surpris de regards concupiscents ou choqués. J’ai fini par me dire que c’était une question d’habitude, je m’y ferai sans doute aussi (de là à sauter le pas…)

  • Senni June, 21 2013, 9:43

    @Fabi, tant mieux… :)) Je ne veux pas polémiquer sur le physique concordant, mais ailleurs (je ne parle pas du look de plage), c’est frileux… Je ne demande qu’à voir ça, je suis ouverte et indulgente, ce n’est pas la cellulite et les kilos qui me feront changer d’avis, pour vu que les femmes osent!! Un look dans une revue sans l’accès à la rue et à chacun, ça reste du fantasme… A quoi bon le travail des créateurs et des copieurs en tout genre, sans citer personne, si les gens trouvent ça importable dans la vie de tous les jours?? La plage, ça ne compte pas, j’aimerais voir ça dans la vie de tous les jours, assurément… :))

  • Fabi June, 21 2013, 9:43

    @Senni : il faut que tu viennes à Madrid pour voir ça de tes yeux ! :-)
    En ce moment, c’est le défilé, 30° et plus obligent : mini-short et débardeur à tous les coins de rue, y compris sur des filles très rondes. Perso, ça m’épate, pouvoir s’habiller comme on veut sans se dire qu’on va attirer tous les gros lourds ou se prendre des remarques désobligeantes, ça doit être une vraie libération. Je m’interroge sur ce qui rend cette liberté possible… Je n’avais pas l’impression qu’il y avait tant de différences entre la France et l’Espagne, mais en le vivant au quotidien, si, clairement :-)

  • Zoe Royall June, 21 2013, 9:46 / Reply

    I think the tomboy IS the extra sexy version! There are approximately 5 people on the earth that can pull off the image on the right. :-)

  • M de M June, 21 2013, 9:52 / Reply

    Pour ma part, ni l’un ni l’autre, pour des raisons évidentes il me semble. Je ne comprends même pas que l’on puisse considérer sérieusement celui de droite comme étant portable. Et ce n’est pas une question de beau body ou non, mais de classe et d’élégance, et ma foi d’hygiène. Je n’achèterais jamais un tel short à mes filles de 6 et 8 huit ans, qui n’ont pourtant aucun capiton mes chères dames. Quant à celui de gauche, je ne le porterais pas davantage; il manque lui aussi de classe et d’élégance, mais il a le mérite d’être hygiénique, hi hi…

  • LaBouyxonne June, 21 2013, 9:52

    Evidemment que ça ne sied pas à des enfants de huit là n’est pas la question… Je ne vois pas non plus ce que la question d’hygiène vient faire ici.
    C’est simplement une question de goût! Inutile de juger les personnes qui s’habillent différemment de vous.

  • karacocoa June, 21 2013, 9:54 / Reply

    A little mystery goes a long way, so I vote tomboy.

  • Juju June, 21 2013, 9:54 / Reply

    TOMBOY! je n’oserai jamais l’autre version…

  • Sunny Side June, 21 2013, 9:59 / Reply

    Si t’as les fesses de Gisèle ou des mannequins du Vogue quelle importance les deux sont sexy ! Si t’as la peau blanche, la fesse molle ou syndrome bouffé trop de nutella, oublie ! le tomboy est un cache misère presque pire qu’un jog ! Pas la peine de se saborder en plein été !

  • Laura June, 21 2013, 10:01 / Reply

    Sans aucune hésitation, le premier, porté en short boyfriend! Je n’ai jamais trouvé ça très joli le short porté au ras des fesses, même sur une fille très mince!


  • Isa tout simplement ... June, 21 2013, 10:03 / Reply

    Sans hésiter : this … le that ne me correspond pas du tout !


  • 2moiselles-happy-lookeuses June, 21 2013, 10:05 / Reply

    La première sans hésitation!!

  • Isaure June, 21 2013, 10:12 / Reply

    Gauche toute !!! C’est hyper dur de porter la version de droite sans faire vulgaire !

  • Mély June, 21 2013, 10:15 / Reply

    J’aime bien les deux versions ! Justement hier, en prenant le train, une fille bien foutue portait la version de droite et cela lui allait vraiment bien (et les hommes du wagon n’y étaient pas insensibles ^^). Mais la version Tomboy est pour moi la plus pratique et la plus confortable.


  • Joy June, 21 2013, 10:18 / Reply

    I love the tomboy look!!

  • Marie June, 21 2013, 10:19 / Reply

    High and tight! Denim shorts ONLY look good on women when they are tight. I know that fashion is controlled by gay men but seriously, women should look feminine and sexy and the left look is not good. It’s not ‘cool’ either, it’s just hobo. Misunderstood.

  • A June, 21 2013, 10:19

    I am inclined to agree with you marie that women should look feminine. Afterall it is one of our ‘super-powers’ :)

    but i do think the left look leaves more to the imagination (and its more of a personal taste)

    . Also when you come from overly-macho cultures like I do, wearing something like that would guarantee that I would get followed down the street, possibly all the way home. And if anything bad should happen , EVERYONE will basically tell you that you were ‘cruisin for a bruisin’….Extremely sad but very true.

  • EB June, 21 2013, 10:24 / Reply

    Vous pourriez faire une capsule sur comment couper un short comme celui-là? Quel genre de jeans choisir, etc.? Merci!!

  • Anne-Marie June, 21 2013, 10:27 / Reply

    Gauche pour la rue, droite pour mon homme.

  • Cohiba June, 21 2013, 10:27 / Reply

    Aucun des deux ! Celui de droite a la taille haute, ce que je déteste pour un short moulant. Et puis, laisser apparaître le pli de la fesse, c’est carrément vulgaire. Quant à celui de droite, le tomboy, il fait un cul plat et donne des cuisses de grenouille.
    En matière de short casual, ma coupe préférée est celle des shorts en denim d’Isabel Marant. Ils sont sexy sans paraître vulgaires. Courts sans être ultra mini. Près du corps sans être moulants. Ils sont parfaits.

  • Ala June, 21 2013, 10:28 / Reply

    There can be something alluring in the reveal of curve and skin, but (way) too often with short shorts it is with the effect of a side show. Version #2 is frequently afflicted with this outcome – revealing (especially in the unforgiving day light) rippling cellulite and jiggling slabs of saggy butt cheek that pull attention away from other things.

    Personally, I would prefer to look comfortably at the comfortable face of someone in version #1, instead of wincing at the imminent possibility of wedgie in version #2, while unable to meet the eyes of the victim.

    AND another thing: version #2 frequently involves the physical action of yanking at the shorts, to keep them in place. That doesn’t look great either.

    Yes, there are people who can pull off version #2 effortlessly, but *sigh* either way, they are still denim cut offs, and at least here in Toronto, these are as prolific as pigeons and about as exciting… but not all fashion has to be exciting, or unexpected! I just find other options more imaginative to see and to wear.

  • Sevan June, 21 2013, 10:34 / Reply

    A gauche : confort.
    A droite : grand inconfort !

  • Lindsay Sue June, 21 2013, 10:35 / Reply


    For errands and running around, I like the longer version.

    For a night out in the dog days of summer, I like the short short version!

  • Laet June, 21 2013, 10:39 / Reply

    Tomboy forever!!!

  • Patty June, 21 2013, 10:40 / Reply

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • pelle June, 21 2013, 10:42 / Reply

    super high super sexy! un peu plus de chair ne fait de mal à personne.

  • Camille June, 21 2013, 10:45 / Reply

    I’d pick “That”, with a little cheeky cheek showing. I know it’s not what my mother would want, but its sexier, and id rather show a little somethin than have absolutely no ass at all. No ass=no fun. But of course, go with the mood youre in. xoxo

  • joanna June, 21 2013, 10:48 / Reply

    only the left one. the tomboy sexyness is the one of today. the right one is in my sense simply outdated.
    The left one would look also super sexy if you pair it with heels, sandals or just cool smokey eyes…

  • Karina June, 21 2013, 10:51 / Reply

    Tomboy! Of course the model looks super cute in both shots, but I personally wouldn’t dare to show even an inch of my butt.

  • Hala June, 21 2013, 10:51 / Reply

    Garance, this is hysterical to me! TOMBOY for sure, I don’t even have to think about it.

    The two pictures also say a lot about the person wearing them. Cheeks hanging out is totally ridiculous even if the body is fab enough to pull it off. Why does anyone need that kind of attention from people on the street? The cheekies are a little desperate, no?

  • Curiosités à NY June, 21 2013, 10:52 / Reply

    Number one!!! Sans aucune hésitation!!! (surtout passé là trentaine!)


  • Denisse June, 21 2013, 10:55 / Reply

    I like the tomboy one. I’m not a fan of the butt-cheeks showing. If they were high-wasted but not so showy, it would be my favorite.

  • Théa Unknown June, 21 2013, 11:06 / Reply

    Les deux versions sont sympas, ça dépend des chaussures choisis et de l’allure souhaitée… Moi je porte les deux :)


  • Lilena June, 21 2013, 11:09 / Reply

    Now whenever I see cut-off shorts, I can’t help but think “Arrested Development”… If you’ve ever watched that show, you’ll know it means NO :)

  • carol June, 21 2013, 11:14 / Reply

    Love the tomboy look. The butt look is too trashy, no matter the wearer’s age or body type.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier June, 21 2013, 11:14 / Reply

    Hell, if I had that nice tushie and those stems, I’d run around in a thong, shorts be damned! That said, I too am in favor of Le gauche, the tomboy version. Much sexier, in my humble opinion, as something so overt as a hint of butt cheekiness just smacks of trying too hard. Love to hear some guys weigh in with their preference.

  • Kimberly June, 21 2013, 11:15 / Reply

    Tomboy is the ultimate in sexy.

  • IS THIS IT? models review June, 21 2013, 11:15 / Reply

    They both look great. Btw a perfect example of how the same garment can fit different people’s personalities or moods…

  • Léopoldine June, 21 2013, 11:17 / Reply

    Tomboy way ! No doubt about it !

  • judi June, 21 2013, 11:21 / Reply

    without a doubt the left ! That is my preference, I could totally see someone else rocking the right!
    Thats what makes the world go round.

  • Iga June, 21 2013, 11:25 / Reply

    very hign is better. sooo sexy and retro : D

  • Sophia June, 21 2013, 11:26 / Reply

    Maybe something in between the two?


  • Jessica June, 21 2013, 11:30 / Reply

    Honnêtement j’aime les deux versions mais ça dépend beaucoup de la personne et de la morphologie ! Aucune cellulite pour la seconde version…


  • Bec et Ongles June, 21 2013, 11:33 / Reply

    Sans hésiter, la version tomboy!!

  • Fashion Snag June, 21 2013, 11:33 / Reply

    I like to try both for different looks!


  • Meredith June, 21 2013, 11:37 / Reply

    For real life? Definitely the tomboy look. I’d wear it with a fitted tank, a loose summer braid, some awesome sandals and a bright red pedi. I’d keep the rest of the look feminine to balance out the boyish bottom.

    The appearance of the cheeks is what make #2 a no-no for me. If the cheeks were covered by another inch or two, I cold totally admire look #2 on a 20 year old with a runway model body on the shores of Ibiza. Seeing that I’m well past 20, I would not try to pull off that look on myself. I shudder to think.

  • Delightful People June, 21 2013, 11:39 / Reply

    “this” for normal women and “that” for Miranda and Gisele only!!

  • Mafalda June, 21 2013, 11:46 / Reply

    Je suis tellement habituée aux tailles basses que ça me fait mal aux yeux de voir une taille haute… Mais au moins, plus de string qui dépassent.
    Je reste cependant sur la taille basse!


  • Tina June, 21 2013, 11:47 / Reply

    Les deux! Mais ça dépend du corps de la personne! La version taille haute lui va très bien comme elle est toute fine! La version tomboy lui va bien aussi bien que ca lui affine encore les jambes!

    Mais ce short est top!! D’où vient-il?!?

  • Melissa June, 21 2013, 12:00 / Reply

    I love the one on the right best although personally I would never be comfortable enough to leave my house like that.


  • Angeles June, 21 2013, 12:02 / Reply

    I think is depend of your confidence and style…. I love both… but I feel much better in my own with a tomboy style… well also it’s depend where you are… Miami, Bahamas, Ibiza… or Paris, NYC, Germany ….
    Cool post Garance… always trending and interesting!

  • Virginie/Mode9 June, 21 2013, 12:15 / Reply

    Sans aucune hésitation la version loose, en tout cas pour moi (je sais que c’est la tienne aussi !). Je ne me vois pas avec la version so sexy mais si tu as 20 ans et que t’es goalée comme une déesse alors c’est possible…

  • Susan June, 21 2013, 12:31 / Reply

    With my arse the one on the left, with righties arse, what do you think!

  • Cathy June, 21 2013, 12:40 / Reply

    On the left – tomboy. I can’t stand showing your butt cheeks in shorts.

  • Lucrece June, 21 2013, 12:43 / Reply

    The Street Walker version innit…

  • Lola June, 21 2013, 12:44 / Reply

    Tomboy all the way because I’m not a model ha!

  • marion June, 21 2013, 12:47 / Reply

    le 1er version comme je peux cacher mes fesses sa me laisse le temps de faire le caf au sport pour le 2eme lol

  • flou June, 21 2013, 12:55 / Reply

    celui de gauche, tellement plus sexy mais plus subtilement! ^^

  • Kate June, 21 2013, 1:03 / Reply

    It depends on the day and the occasion. For now I can still get away with the “sexy” version, though mine wouldn’t show quite so much cheek, just fit the curves more tightly. The tomboy look is classy and can be dressed up nicely.

  • Amandine.L June, 21 2013, 1:13 / Reply

    la version sexy pour allonger les jambes! :)

  • K June, 21 2013, 1:26 / Reply

    I vote for shorter! I want to make 5 days a week at the gym worth something – I wanna flaunt it!

    Cheers! from,

  • Pia June, 21 2013, 1:32 / Reply

    CE QUE J’AIME, C’EST DE POUVOIR PORTER LES DEUX. Spontanément. Sans avoir à faire de compromis. Sans essuyer de réflexions, ni remontrances. De me sentir aussi powerfull dans l’un comme dans l’autre. BITCH, I’M FABULOUS.

  • Celia June, 21 2013, 1:33 / Reply

    Salut, Garance!
    Je crois que ça depende de chaque jour! Aujourd’hui je veux être sexy… je prends l’image à droite! Par contre, si je veux jouer au chic&sport… gauche! :)

  • Astrid June, 21 2013, 1:34 / Reply

    Left FOR SURE. Really awful to have your butt hanging out.

  • Belva June, 21 2013, 1:36 / Reply

    J’ai exactement le même short acheter pour 5 euro en frippe, j’adore les deux versions mais j’adopte plus la deuxième version, la première version ne me va pas du tout disons que j’ai pas vraiment un cul plat quoi :D
    super le poste ;)

  • Noemi June, 21 2013, 1:39 / Reply

    I prefer that, but I would never go out that way!

  • Joanna June, 21 2013, 1:39 / Reply

    #1 all the way. Just say no to butt cheeks!

    Though who am I kidding, I wouldn’t wear either look. Haha.

  • Tania June, 21 2013, 1:40 / Reply

    only the ones on the left! the ones on the right are not even sexy…

  • Eunice June, 21 2013, 2:02 / Reply

    Je préfère définitivement la version “remonté-et-sexy” mais avec mes magnifiques fesses galbés (vive le sport) ce serait plutôt indécent sur moi! :)

  • Lauren June, 21 2013, 2:05 / Reply

    Definitely the left pair. The right is just too vulgar and “try hard.” Walking around I would feel like I was screaming “everyone, look at my butt!”

  • decor8 holly June, 21 2013, 2:17 / Reply

    On me: Tomboy
    On a model (or someone who looks like one, not me!): The sexy style.

  • hasty June, 21 2013, 2:34 / Reply

    the left ofcourse, no reason to show butt why we need to do that, do any of you ladies like to see a guy’s butt cheeks showing off while he runs?

  • Heloïse H. June, 21 2013, 2:41 / Reply

    En acheter un avec lequel je peux varier les deux styles, incapable de trancher !

  • Helen June, 21 2013, 2:48 / Reply

    Usually I really like a nice high-waisted short shorts but I definitely draw the line at the butt dimple. Shorts that are so short that they show the beginning of your butt cheeks are trashy, not sexy.

  • Manon June, 21 2013, 2:52 / Reply

    Sans hésitation tant que je suis citadine, la première solution.
    En revanche, sur le bords de mer, dans une inspiration “Cagole” ou “Spring Breakeuse”, la deuxième sol why not?! :-)

  • Cassandra June, 21 2013, 3:02 / Reply

    Tomboy. What does Scott think???

  • Lansky June, 21 2013, 3:15 / Reply

    J’aime les deux versions! J’ai un Levi’s 501 vintage high waist mais on ne voit pas mes lignes de fesses, plus décent pour la vie de tous les jours! Selon moi, lorsque tu portes un short high waisted il est parfois mieux qu’il soit bien rempli au niveau du popotin, le modèle ne fait pas ce critère c’est mon avis. C’est beau quand même :)

  • Elizabeth June, 21 2013, 3:19 / Reply

    Please, please, please never so short that the butt is hanging out. We have suffered enough already

  • Justine June, 21 2013, 3:21 / Reply

    I realize I’m probably going to be alone in this but I don’t think the extra sexy one is necessarily restricted to people with flat butts. In fact I don’t this the extra sexy version look that good on the model because she has such a flat butt, even though she does have great legs.

  • rose_buvard June, 21 2013, 3:27 / Reply

    La version tomboy, définitivement, avec une chemise ample ou un t-shirt bien coupé, où toutes les audaces en matière de teintes sont permises, et une belle paire de spartiates aux pieds. Moi qui aime tant les Birkenstock, j’évite tout de même avec ce type de short…

  • maria June, 21 2013, 3:27 / Reply

    I’m not a short shorts fan, but if I had to choose: Tomboy version. Isn’t the right version kind of gross? Esp. when it’s very hot and you sweat…and you have to take the cab or even the subway. Ew…just ew. Imagine sitting with your naked butt on these fake leathery seats…and when you move up you kinda stick on the seat. And then think about all those people who sat there before you or after you. No thanks. To me it looks cheap and very often you can not only see the butt cheeks, but also a cameltoe…which is even more disgusting.

  • SARAH TAZI June, 21 2013, 3:32 / Reply


  • Crystal June, 21 2013, 3:36 / Reply

    I enjoy both looks but I would have loved to have seen these two looks on one model (it seems to be two different women). Therefore, demonstrating the versatility of the levi short or highlighting the differing looks on a boyish figure versus a more women-ly figure. As it is, both looks are appropriate for their chosen body types. That said, my body type leans more toward model #2 and I celebrate the little rounds that peek outside the short.

  • Lizzie June, 21 2013, 3:48 / Reply

    Very cheeky, Garance! My vote is for ‘tomboy’ all the way.

  • Xenia Metelski June, 21 2013, 4:05 / Reply

    the right one! No chance for illusion, I love my body!

  • Peach Black June, 21 2013, 4:07 / Reply

    I deffinately like the right one more, because the left one looks too skinny. Is this the same girl? because if it is, it’s incredible how much it changes her figure O.o

    Love xoxoxox

  • Valente June, 21 2013, 4:07 / Reply

    Je suis choquée par la maigreur du tomboy ! Et j adore la version so sexy de droite

  • C June, 21 2013, 4:33 / Reply

    I agree with a lot of the other comments; showing off your butt just looks trashy, no matter how fit you are. If you’re attractive, everyone can see that you’re attractive. The one on the right just looks like you have low self-esteem or are desperate for attention. A truly confident, sexy woman doesn’t need anyone to tell her she’s sexy; she would wear the one on the left because she knows she’s hot stuff and doesn’t need to put everything on display. Also, shorts where your butt hangs out are everywhere these days, and it seems that when something is everywhere, you don’t look very unique or fashion-forward wearing it.

  • vh June, 21 2013, 4:45 / Reply

    Elle a l’air maigre avec le tomboy… Mais au niveau du look.. LES DEUX, tout dépend de l’occasion

  • yasamin June, 21 2013, 5:15 / Reply

    Tomboy baby

  • Ellen June, 21 2013, 5:33 / Reply

    Je vote pour la version Tomboy, par moins sexy pour autant, mais pas vulgaire :)

  • Louise BE June, 21 2013, 5:40 / Reply

    I best like the sexy version, the tomboy is too boy-ish ..
    but the sexy shows a bit too much buttocks….

    Maybe just a pair of tight shorts would be fine? :)

  • sylva June, 21 2013, 5:41 / Reply

    Franchement, ni l’une ni l’autre. Désolée mais merci encore pour ton travail.

  • Archana June, 21 2013, 5:59 / Reply

    No cheeky shorts if you are over 20. Tomboy shorts, go with great legs.

  • amandine June, 21 2013, 6:15 / Reply

    the sexy one! on ne vit qu’une fois non?

  • Emanuella June, 21 2013, 6:16 / Reply

    Number one hands down. I feel as though it is a classier look. The second look, in my opinion is ok for a
    music festival for example with a long shirt. Also I think whether you are “thin” or have more curves to your shape the tomboy version is the way to go.


  • Te-uta June, 21 2013, 6:43 / Reply

    Leaving it up to immagination …. I am all about being sexy underneath it all so I vote for the boyfriend look .

  • kris June, 21 2013, 6:44 / Reply

    i vote tomboy!!!! xoxo

  • moon June, 21 2013, 6:46 / Reply

    j’adore celui de droite !


  • Valentine June, 21 2013, 7:52 / Reply

    Somewhere in between…

  • Angelina June, 21 2013, 9:03 / Reply

    The left, I believe a less is more, be mysterious!


  • mag June, 21 2013, 9:52 / Reply

    Tomboy ;-)

  • Helen June, 21 2013, 9:56 / Reply

    The left ones – the right is ok too except for the butt showing :S

  • Josephina June, 21 2013, 10:08 / Reply

    Omg, definitely the tomboy look is better!! I think the look on the right is too overtly sexy. Also, I never really got into the high-waisted look. Maybe because it would look terrible on me! :)

    Have a great weekend,

  • Putri Soe June, 21 2013, 10:21 / Reply

    Actually like them both, but the right one looks nice only in super skinny girls.
    The left one, on the other hand, looks more casual, easy-going, and appropriate pour moi!! Hahaha!

    Cheers from Jakarta!

  • Nicolette June, 21 2013, 11:16 / Reply

    The tomboy version just looks scruffy and even very juvenile…it’s an Orphan Annie look literally for very young tomboy girls !
    The look on the right is more womanly and definitely if worn with flats and a demure blouse can look quite charming and vintage 1940′s style rather than overtly sexy. It has way more potential to be flattering and if just worn slightly lower need not be too revealing. Just as a lot of you recommend sexing up the tomboy look, I vote for toning down the sexy look !
    Not many, if at all any men , are going to prefer the look on the left because in my opinion only a minority of women on this planet are so gorgeous that they can still look hot dressed deliberately unattractively.

  • E. June, 21 2013, 11:16

    I’m afraid it’s also a minority of women on this planet that can pull of the look on the right…

  • Ai-Ch'ng June, 21 2013, 11:36 / Reply

    “This” looks the most beautiful for all bodies.

  • Patricia June, 21 2013, 11:38 / Reply

    I want to wear it this AND that ! it depends on my mood in the moment and also where I am going. If I want to be relaxed and carefree and don’t want any attention, I wear the “left” way, if I feel sexy on that day and want to play a little, then I wear it the “right” way. When it comes to what to wear and how to wear, I am the boss :)

  • cath June, 22 2013, 1:55 / Reply

    Tomboy, l’autre ne flatte pas les fesses (forme goutte que je n’aime pas..)
    Je trouve en fait Tomboy plus sexy! c’est bizarre?

  • 40 and so what June, 22 2013, 5:06 / Reply

    A gauche, je déteste. Je préfère mille fois celle de droite et encore la demoiselle n’a pas de jolies fesses, voire pas de fesses. Pour que ca soit beau, il faut un minimum de fesses, et zero cellulite. Pas facile !

  • Anissa June, 22 2013, 6:16 / Reply

    Sans hésitation je préfére la version tomboy, car beaucoup plus jolie je trouve, plus simple à porter…etc… et il faut avouer que trop de jeune filles (14 ans) prenne les exemples des créateurs et se promène en ville avec la version super sexy, je trouve qu’il faut réagir..

  • Nanie June, 22 2013, 6:18 / Reply

    Pour moi, c’est une question de temps et de lieu. Sur la plage, le look sexy de droite est tip top ! Par contre, pour se promener tranquille dans la rue, le look de gauche me semble plus approprié.

  • CarolineJ June, 22 2013, 6:56 / Reply

    j’aime beaucoup les deux versions, mais sur moi j’opte pour le tomboy, j’ai un blocage psychologique pour dévoiler le bas de mes fesses :)

  • Léopoldine June, 22 2013, 7:20 / Reply

    celui de droite: plus sexy.

    Mais ça me rappelle le short rouge-pouf de Nabilla….

  • Simonetta June, 22 2013, 8:04 / Reply


  • leparapluierouge June, 22 2013, 8:19 / Reply

    The one on the right

  • Clara MARI Cheers June, 22 2013, 8:19 / Reply

    Entre les deux mon coeur balance! J’aime tellement être un garçon et tellement être une fille que ça devient vraiment compliqué comme question… Et puis mon amour pour les shorts de toute sorte me semble éternel!!


  • Gosik June, 22 2013, 8:38 / Reply

    TOMBOY. Definitely

  • HAYLEY June, 22 2013, 8:54 / Reply

    I don’t want to see anyone’s ass when I am walking down the street, even if its Giselle’s, sorry! TOMBOY all the way. Creating a really great shape with clothes while leaving something to the imagine is ALWAYS sexier. Always. Put that ass away girl! Leave that for la plage.

  • princessglee June, 22 2013, 8:54

    Funny. I agree.

  • Youna June, 22 2013, 8:58 / Reply

    Le problème de la version tomboy c’est que si tes cuisses se touchent quand tu marches, tu vas passer ta vie à faire redescendre le short qui remonte fatalement. Je préfère la version haute, mais pas si haute. Plus on remonte la taille plus on remonte les jambes. Ça marche juste a la plage, ou en Scandinavie (où je vis, donc version adoptée, normal ! )

  • Meena June, 22 2013, 9:46 / Reply

    The one where the bum cheeks are not showing…it is as bad as pants that sag to the knees showing underwear….some things are better left for the imagination….

  • Claire June, 22 2013, 9:54 / Reply

    Je suis affligé devant la bêtise de certains commentaires concernant la version dite “sexy” : “vulgaire, pas hygiénique, aujourd’hui des gamines de 14 ans portent ça …” (et j’en passe)
    A quel siècle vit on Mesdames? Sachez qu’il y a plus de 50 ans la version deux était déjà portée et ne choquait personne. J’ai vécu à Londres l’an passé, et je portais régulièrement ce genre de short ( quand il faisait beau bien sur…) et on voyait mon pli de fesse OUI dans le métro, et pourtant je n’ai jamais eu de regards désobligeants ni de mains aux fesses ni d’insultes. Pourquoi? Car là bas les gens sont OUVERT d’ESPRIT! Il est commun dans cette ville de voir un tas de jeunes femmes habillés ainsi.
    Je ne vis pas à Paris et je ne le supporterais pas, vous les parisiennes êtes focalisés sur “le bon sens” “les principes” “le politiquement correct” , vous en devenez insupportables.
    Sincèrement en quoi est ce vulgaire pour une jeune femme de porter ce genre de short très classique, certes cours, avec des chaussures plates ( baskets, ballerines, tongs et cie) et un haut simple?
    Il faut un juste milieu et arrêter de s’affoler au moindre bout de peau qui dépasse!

  • Kate June, 22 2013, 9:54

    Je suis entièrement en accord avec vous. C’est triste de voir les femmes qui disent que si l’on porte le numéro deux, on est « trashy » ou « desperate », comme si c’était que pour les hommes qu’on portait ce genre de short.

  • Holly June, 22 2013, 11:07 / Reply

    Definitely the short shorts!

  • Anna June, 22 2013, 1:06 / Reply

    It’s funny reading some comments, saying that women should be feminine and sexy all the time. There are so many of us and we’re all so different. It’s about choice and can vary from one day to the next. That’s why both versions work! But today, I’m diggin’ the loose shorts look.

  • Ingrid June, 22 2013, 1:34 / Reply

    Je préfère celui de droite ! ;)

  • mimi/cigalechanta June, 22 2013, 1:44 / Reply

    I like them short but when the cheeks hang out, it’s tacky.

  • mimi/cigalechanta June, 22 2013, 1:47 / Reply

    I like them short but when the cheeks hang out, it’s tacky!

  • melina June, 22 2013, 1:57 / Reply

    Definitely the LEFT…x

  • Christal June, 22 2013, 2:49 / Reply

    AMANDINE ? 21 juin 2013, 9:08 / Répondre
    Celui de droite est la religion des Anglaises…. difficile à porter, souvent jugé, peut être un peu indécent.
    Celui de gauche par contre, beaucoup plus garconne mais tellement plus sexy si on sait le porter.
    Rien de plus à ajout mais je préfère la version droite du du short.

  • Alix June, 22 2013, 3:05 / Reply

    Sans hésiter le Tomboy! Pour porter le second il faut vraiment avoir des fesses et des jambes de rêve… Et puis bien porter le Tomboy a son charme je trouve!

  • Newborn Fanatic June, 22 2013, 7:56 / Reply

    Totally feeling the tomboy pair! I can’t find a good one tho!! Maybe I should try on the destroyed Jbrands that just came out…


  • Ella Thrupp June, 22 2013, 8:30 / Reply

    I’m a big fan of the tomboy – but personally, on a skinny model, both look fantastic. I think we all need to understand that unless you take great pride in caring for your butt, you probably shouldn’t go waving it in people’s faces.

  • Siham June, 23 2013, 1:02 / Reply

    Celui de droite!! :)

  • TeMo June, 23 2013, 2:39 / Reply

    There is an old hip-hop song “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep. The chorus goes “You can get with This or you can get with That.” This is the cool choice, That is wack. I think the same applies here. Though the short shorts are cool for a fashion editorial or the beach in reality walking around, not so much. The tomboy shorts to me are timeless, elegant and sexy. I prefer This.

  • debiparna June, 23 2013, 4:25 / Reply

    they look completely different people and different shorts..i will always go for the high waisted look!

  • Clemence M June, 23 2013, 6:22 / Reply

    Version tomboy, sans hésiter :) !

  • Ai-Ch'ng June, 23 2013, 6:32 / Reply

    “This” works best, on every body!

    Bottom-hugging…. never good on anybody of any age or any shape. It just looks bad!

  • brigitte perrot June, 23 2013, 7:54 / Reply

    CONCLUSION du SONDAGE *****????? !!!!!

  • Montres Lip June, 23 2013, 9:05 / Reply

    Bien sure c’est un point de vue d’homme mais la réponse est “that” sur la droite ! Objectivement, disons qu’avec le “this” à gauche, ni le corps du modèle, ni le vêtement ne semblent être très valorisés.

  • Hannah Ruth June, 23 2013, 10:06 / Reply

    I like the relaxed look. I’m too prudish for the look with bum cheeks on display!

  • zou June, 23 2013, 10:15 / Reply

    Plutôt le tomboy car plus portable mais peu seyant. Une version ‘à mi hauteur’ entre les 2 serait parfaite …, sous réserve de silhouette, situation et âge adéquats….

  • Elizabeth June, 23 2013, 10:30 / Reply

    Tomboy! I hate the butt cheeks look — looks so trashy in my opinion.

  • Natasha June, 23 2013, 11:26 / Reply

    I’m definitely more of a fan of the high-waisted, shorter version, as long as there isn’t too much buttcheek exposed- I think the tomboy look only really looks flattering with a pair of heels and as an already tall girl that isn’t really an everyday look for me, but would definitely work on loads of other women!

  • Katell June, 23 2013, 12:56 / Reply

    La version tomboy est beaucoup plus facile a porter et convient a plus de femme tandis que la 2eme nécessite des jambes parfaites.. sur la mannequin je préfère la version sexy mais sur moi la tomboy!

  • ad June, 23 2013, 1:23 / Reply

    NEITHER! I’ve been seeing both these looks since ’07 on the streets of NYC and London and I keep wishing that both would go away. I read a great description of them somewhere and the writer described them as an unfortunate “wall of denim.”

    Once I saw a girl with #2 on the subway. When she got up, her tampon string was dangling from the back of her left leg.

    I think a great pair of shorts that are tailored and made with an elegant fabric are much more flattering. (Cocktail shorts!) Try looking for a pair with a very slight drop crotch, wide legs, and pleating/darts in the front! Pair them with a boxy top or a slim black boatneck 3/4 length jersey top. And don’t forget a belt!

  • Clara June, 23 2013, 1:30 / Reply

    un mannequin peut se permettre les deux en étant aussi jolie… moi en boyfriend, on dirait une camionneuse et en sexy on dirait aussi une camionneuse mais vulgaire cette fois ahah
    n’empêche, c’est quoi comme modèle? (on sait jamais hihi…)



  • e June, 23 2013, 1:41 / Reply

    I’m so suprised how many of you is for tomboy! I loooove the second one! feminin doesn’t mean trashy! if a girl wears a shortsII, casual t-shirt and no make it looks way more classy than the first clumsy one.
    Or maybe it’s my thing, I don’t have superskinny legs but rather a very ‘feminine’ body so in tomboy I don’t look too good…

  • ainhoa June, 23 2013, 2:11 / Reply

    for me left one, mais je remplie le pantalon un peu plus ;-)))), right one remembers me film Dirty dancing ;-))

  • op June, 23 2013, 2:30 / Reply

    I usually wear the 2nd which is probably acceptable at my age, but I actually much prefer the first, you make me want to head out to goodwill in search of some good baggy levis!

  • Kyok June, 23 2013, 3:10 / Reply

    Moi, je mettrai “Tomboy” pour me décontracter, d’autant plus que j’ai laissé l’ADN “Sexy” dans le ventre de ma mère…

  • Jessy June, 23 2013, 3:29 / Reply

    I’d choose neither. I prefer my Levi’s cut-offs worn in a style between those two. More fitted than the one on the left, but lower than the one on the right. aka no butt cheeks. : )

  • Erika June, 23 2013, 6:46 / Reply

    I vote look #2 with Bridget Jones style granny panties underneath! :)

  • sunshine & daydreams June, 23 2013, 8:16 / Reply

    Number 1 for sure, for real life. Number two looks great in a fashion shoot, but in real life I see too many overweight teenagers wearing this look- and it just makes me sad. The shorts are not actually the problem though I guess. On a fit toned body ( like the models) they would look great.

  • laura June, 23 2013, 8:28 / Reply


  • Kerry June, 23 2013, 10:04 / Reply

    The “sexy” is trying too hard.

  • Vovó Santa June, 23 2013, 10:56 / Reply

    I love hot pants, but this time choose the left :)

  • Maya June, 24 2013, 3:09 / Reply

    Tomboy sans hésitation !

  • Julie June, 24 2013, 3:09 / Reply

    I think they both look pretty horrid, actually!

  • chromdot June, 24 2013, 3:10 / Reply

    longer version. I don’t say the model looks bad with the “right” version but I would feel naked in them. And I don’t like to sit on something with my bare skin (esp. when it’s hot and I “stick” to the surface) ;-)

  • Yoanna June, 24 2013, 4:34 / Reply

    Les fesses qui dépassent, c’est juste pas possible :/

  • Elna June, 24 2013, 6:16 / Reply

    I’ll go with the Tomboy look for sure. I don’t want to be caught up wearing a “pek-pek shorts” just like this gal I saw in Venice.


  • Güls June, 24 2013, 6:56 / Reply

    Oui, j’ai des jambes d’une mannequin mais encore je préfère la version tomboy, c’est plus à la mode. Je m’en fous des mecs, je m’habille pour me satisfier pas pour les plaire!

  • mimi June, 24 2013, 7:45 / Reply

    je porte tomboy mais vote sexy ;)

  • Jenny June, 24 2013, 10:07 / Reply

    Definitely the sexy look! It looks gorgeous! I am still looking for that perfect pair of Levis.

  • Manon June, 24 2013, 1:34 / Reply

    Having your a*se hanging out your shorts is never a good look
    (but rolled down a few more times they would be perfect :)

  • HAY June, 24 2013, 3:34 / Reply

    Maybe I am too conservative, but option #2 does not seem appropriate to me if you’re actually out in public… regardless of how good one may look showing off that much skin, to me it is just tacky.

  • hemma June, 25 2013, 5:29 / Reply

    I personally prefer the super sexy one on the model because I think her legs seems nicer in it, but I also agree that for non model people the tomboy one is easier and better.

  • Ana July, 8 2013, 4:38 / Reply

    When I first saw the image on my reader I was 100% sure you are raising up a weigh issue, I was a bit disappointed you didn’t in a way because the picture on the left doesn’t visually help the viewer (at least myself) to imagine a healthy woman wearing the jeans in a boyfriend loose style, which I’d wear and prefer anyway. In this case I much prefer the right image, she looks healthy and sexy, bold and daring!

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