The Pre-Order

The Pre-Order

The idea of pre-ordering items from a designer’s collection is not a new concept (especially thanks to Moda Operandi) but I’ve never really felt the need or urge to do it…until recently.

The waiting time between fall fashion week in February and when the clothes hit the stores seems endless. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka…anyone?) and think I have to have that fur sleeved sweater now. Turns out…I don’t! But the idea of pre-ordering has me feeling a little bit less antsy and eliminates that fight for the last size of those embellished track pants I am likely to start in the store.

What am I pre-ordering? A few things from that highly desirable fall J.Crew collection.

Yeah, those cropped pants…and that cool pouch…oh and maybe the jeweled baseball cap…

What about you? Are you down to pre-order? Or do you have the patience to wait?

PS: You can pre-order here from the fall J.Crew lookbook!

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  • Meghan July, 2 2013, 12:35 / Reply

    Ooooh. The tweed coat on the right is killing me. Just what I’ve been looking for.

  • Virginie/Mode9 July, 2 2013, 12:52 / Reply

    J’ai adoré cette collection J Crew (d’ailleurs je me suis fais un paperboard sur lequel il y a pas mal de silhouettes issues de cette collection- et du Phillip lim aussi). Mais je trouve que c’est plutôt bien l’attente (c’est le meilleur moment, non ? un peu comme en amour…), le fantasme, la projection…et puis avec le temps, tu peux aussi changer d’avis, préférer autre chose. Bref, moi j’aime bien qu’il y ai un temps pour chaque chose et que chaque saison soit à sa place. Il faut savoir savourer l’instant présent…la vie m’a appris ça !

  • Jessica July, 2 2013, 1:08 / Reply

    Ces pièces sont plus que canons !


  • Laura July, 2 2013, 1:19 / Reply

    Habituellement je suis assez zen pour attendre, mais il arrive que je flashe sur une pièce et qu’il me la faille à tout prix, alors dans ce cas là, je précommande!


  • Stephanie July, 2 2013, 1:24 / Reply

    Definitely already preordered quite a few items from the fall collection! The coats are all amazing!


  • Nomadic D. July, 2 2013, 1:39 / Reply

    Much as that J Crew collection is making me drool and wish for cooler temperatures, there’s no way I would pre-order. Who knows how I will be feeling 3 months from now, who knows what size I will be, who knows what my life will be like…? Am I the only one who’s life is so unpredictable? I guess it’s fear of commitment or something, I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a virtue like patience or restraint keeping me from pre-ordering. Whatever it is though, my bank account thanks me.


  • ELISA TAVITI July, 2 2013, 1:44 / Reply

    The collections looks amazing my dear!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • Janine July, 2 2013, 1:53 / Reply

    wishing there were more dresses that hit just below the knee. much more elegant. knees are ugly. my vote is for the multipatterned dress in the center.

  • Johanna July, 2 2013, 2:05 / Reply

    This is perfect for a student. It helps to know how much to save for and what I can spend during summer sales.

  • Gabrielle July, 2 2013, 2:17 / Reply

    Oh My!!! Since I first saw this collection from JCrew, I was hooked! I think it’s my favorite JCrew collection so far! And yay! Finally I can preorder! Thank you Alex for letting us know! xxx

  • YP July, 2 2013, 2:19 / Reply

    Ive only ever pre-ordered fragrance, from a new start up company (Commodity), but have yet to try this for clothing.
    Instant gratification (or, the kind that comes after 2-day shipping) is something which makes shopping exciting for me rather than a chore. but those J Crew pieces ARE pretty darn cool!

  • Gabrielle July, 2 2013, 2:21 / Reply

    …..only problem….. I have such a hard time deciding….. I could practically preorder the whole collection…….. :-/

  • Lolita July, 2 2013, 2:49 / Reply

    J’aurais tendance à pré-commander, puis l’euphorie de l’achat passé, je serai de nouveau frustrée et achèterai du coup un truc dispo de suite mais dont je n’avais finalement pas envie… et du coup d’ici à ce que je reçoive le dit article, soit je me serai lassée soit je “kifferai grave” mais pas longtemps je pense… bref c’est non pour moi (mais parce que je suis une grande malade et que je ne me fais pas confiance, pour les gens normaux je pense que c’est très bien !) !!

    Sinon ce manteau là tout à gauche… Il me ferait pas de l’oeil ?

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Anne July, 2 2013, 3:57 / Reply

    Je travaille dans une boutique de vêtements donc je pré-commande environ 50% de ma garde-robe avec une saison d’avance :) Il y a pour moi aussi le plaisir délicieux de l’attente mais parfois la déconvenue quand tu te rends compte que l’objet du désir ne te va pas aussi bien que dans ton souvenir (ou quand tu as pris des kilos en trop).

  • Dark Blue Stripes July, 2 2013, 5:27 / Reply

    I must admit that I have never taken advantage of pre-order either. The latest J.Crew collection looks worth it though.

    Christie x

  • Alice July, 2 2013, 6:11 / Reply

    It’s fascinating how nowadays we want everything right here and right now. This is probably due to the internet that is delivering us dozens of images and information in a split second. However, I try to conjure myself and remember my mother’s words whenever I’m tempted: “patience, my dear, patience”

  • Cy July, 2 2013, 7:48 / Reply


  • Elna July, 3 2013, 12:09 / Reply

    Im just curious, is pre-ordered items more expensive? by how much?

  • Dea July, 3 2013, 1:46 / Reply

    I first like to see what everybody out there is designing for new collections, then I make my choice and if I can, yes, I like to pre-order! Saves me the stress of the hunt :)


  • Denisa July, 3 2013, 1:55 / Reply

    I like that collection and perfect patterns. I want it. xa


  • The slow pace July, 3 2013, 4:02 / Reply

    I love JCrew and that collection is seriously beautiful. I never pre-order, but this collection is amazing!

  • Smilla July, 3 2013, 7:41 / Reply

    Items sell out even in the pre-order phase so you can’t win either way sometimes! At least it’s easier to cancel the order if you change your mind before it arrives. I pretty much only shop online these days and find pre-order works well especially with a reputable website and friendly staff behind it.

  • edwige July, 3 2013, 8:53 / Reply

    Hello Alex,

    I just love this concept of pre order ’cause i can finally get some pieces that would be already sold out as soon as they arrived in shops and sometimes there are pieces of collections you won’t even find anywhere..so now i’m sure i won’t miss the piece i despertaly want ;)

    I pre ordered few months ago a dress by vivienne westwood fall 2013 collection on the website MyBeautifulDressing and they have just called me to let me know my order is about to ship :) so excited !!

  • Deld July, 3 2013, 9:14 / Reply

    but no prices?

  • Patricia July, 3 2013, 4:16 / Reply

    I’ve never ever felt the need to do so haha…love your post as always Alex :)

    Brunette Letters Blog

  • fashionaltitude July, 4 2013, 6:14 / Reply

    I have already seen the pre fall JCrew collection……to die for!
    I save up for September so I will not pre -order, who knows what I will covet by then?
    The summer is late, we have had no Spring so all I crave for is sun, beach and tan:-).
    xo. Mireille

  • Kim July, 4 2013, 7:36 / Reply

    This is the first time I’ve heard of pre-ordering for high st shops, maybe it’s not something they do in the UK. Really love your mini posts Alex! Hope you to see them for regularly x

  • Ai-Ch'ng July, 4 2013, 10:10 / Reply

    I love the patterned long jacket on the left! However, I only ever pre-order on handbags or jewellery. These are things I don’t need to try on, because I have already seen and tried it in another colour or fabrication in-store (always been happy with pre-oders of this nature)… or the description is absolutely spot on in terms of dimensions and material (it almost never is).

    Pre-order is something I’d never do otherwise. Occasionally, I will request to be notified of an item that requires trying on before buying… but rarely.

    I much prefer waiting for the surprise of what arrives in-store: if I manage to find an item I love in my size, then great. If not – no worries – I am not fussed for very long.

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