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King of the Glitters

King of the Glitters

This is the greatest glitter top coat that ever lived.

I picked up it up at BHV (hello, that beauty floor?!) when I was in Paris in February and actually hadn’t opened it until last week (sacrilegious, I know). And now I don’t think another glitter top coat will ever touch my nails. I paired it with a coat of Butter London’s Bread & Butter Pudding (a super sheer ivory) and then applied two coats of this perfect black and white glitter.

My nails feel a little Jackson Pollock meets speckled linoleum flooring with a side of “Hey, where did you get your nails done!?” I highly recommend giving it a go.

PS: Not going to lie, it’s a complete work out taking it off, just like all glitter topcoats. Have any tips for easy glitter polish removal?

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  • Laura July, 29 2013, 1:44 / Reply

    J’allais justement demander si ce n’est pas trop dur à enlever … dommage, parce que c’est vraiment galère! Une photo de tes ongles avec ce beau top coat ça serait bien!

  • andreea July, 29 2013, 1:44

    i got 6 different kinds of glitter for my nails in tokyo, as a birthday present. i love the purple one but i’d totally try black and white! :)

  • Mary July, 29 2013, 1:45 / Reply

    I love glitter polish, but why did you add a photo of your nails puhleeessseee!!!! I never would have thought of the 2 colour combo

  • Christine July, 29 2013, 2:00 / Reply

    Et le nom de ce vernis? :)

  • sophie lorraine July, 29 2013, 2:16 / Reply

    The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover makes getting glitter polish’s off a bit easier, if that helps. I adore this topcoat – and I feel a bit like MJ too when I wear it. xx

  • Laura July, 29 2013, 2:53 / Reply

    Ça me donne très envie de l’essayer !
    New post:

  • Denisa July, 29 2013, 2:59 / Reply

    I like the glitters. Great day.

  • Lais July, 29 2013, 3:02 / Reply

    The trick to get it off is to let the remover really act. Maybe wrap the nail + remover suken cotton in tin foil and let it start to melt the nail polish before trying to take it off.

    Other neat trick is to apply an extra layer of polish on top of the glitter, so you are actually removing a sandwich of nail polish with the glitter trapped in.

  • dasjenige July, 29 2013, 3:16 / Reply

    there are special basecoats that ensure easier glitter nail polish removal. the cheapest is probably from essence:

    there is also a trick of wrapping your fingertips in a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover and then topping it off by wrapping it in aluminum foil for about 5 min.

    but using a base coat is much more gentle on the nails.

  • Colony July, 29 2013, 3:32 / Reply

    Oooh! When I saw this post I was hoping that it was the king of glitters b/c it was easy to remove.

    Like others above I soak a cotton ball a wrap the nail for a minute or 2 before removing. So damaging which is why I try to steer clear of glitter polish. That combo sounds nice though!

  • Janneke July, 29 2013, 3:49 / Reply

    You can use a layer of peel-off nail polish underneath (Topshop does it, and so do other beauty brands), or simply use some old-fashioned kids’ glue (school glue, modge podge,that stuff) on top of your base coat and peel off the glue+glitter+topcoat layer when you’re done with the glitters.

    The aluminium foil trick really works, but soaking isn’t good for your nails. However, I also love this Japanese invention (of course it’s Japanese) – little rubber tips you can wear to soak:

    If it gets really difficult, you can always try pure acetone, but again, not good for nails.

    Good luck!

  • Dorus Mhor July, 29 2013, 4:00 / Reply

    Would love to try this color out.

  • Emma July, 29 2013, 4:11 / Reply

    Have you ever tried this :

    Best nailpolish remover I’ve ever used !

    I guess we all want to see these Jackson Pollock style nails ! :)

  • frout July, 29 2013, 4:27 / Reply

    tadaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ;

    et en plus elle propose des tutos de manucure geniaux !
    aller, ne me remerciez pas !

  • Emilie July, 29 2013, 4:47 / Reply

    Moi j’ai une super technique, il s’agit d’une base:

    Tout est expliqué ici:
    La demoiselle à des très bons goûts et réalise des nails arts hyper beaux et pas dur à reproduire.

    Je rejette toute faute en cas d’addiction =)

  • Lady ID July, 29 2013, 4:54 / Reply

    Sounds pretty. No pictures? :(

  • Anne-Sophie July, 29 2013, 6:19 / Reply

    Le meilleur truc pour enlever un vernis à paillettes c’est de se poser des boules de ouate imbibée de Remover sur les ongles et d’emballer le tout avec du papier d’aluminium pour que ça tienne. Et puis hop, cinq minutes plus tard, ça s’enlève drôlement plus facilement!

    Merci de la suggestion de vernis! À ajouter à ma (trop grande) collection :)!

  • Chowmut July, 29 2013, 6:41 / Reply

    Any idea where to buy this in the US? a quick google didn’t render any results :(

  • Ylan July, 29 2013, 7:37 / Reply

    I read somewhere that using small squares of foam, the kind used for kids crafts aids in glitter nail polish remover.

  • Roxanne July, 29 2013, 8:02 / Reply

    Merci pour les conseils sur comment enlever le vernis pailleté. Je viens de m’en acheter un d’Essie et j’ai remarqué que quand je l’ai essayé dans le magasin, il ne partait pas après ce qui m’embêtait.. Merci beaucoup pour ces conseils. Vous tombez pile-poil ! :)

  • Melody Lesser July, 29 2013, 8:04 / Reply

    I’m a huge fan of glitter polish – but not of the removal process. Like others suggested, I soak it off, even though that’s not the healthiest alternative. What I now do is apply glitter polish, like the one you write about, judiciously – to one nail on each hand. That satisfies my inner diva and makes removal easier too. I have yet to try the L’Oreal glitter top coat but if it’s the King of Glitters then the Queen is most definitely Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Smashed. It’s a gorgeously deep shade of purple with a glamorous and subtle glitter that pops under different lighting – and removal is a snap. My manicurist loves when I bring it to the salon and much prefers it to using traditional glitter polishes that defy removal. It’s an elegant way to have your glitter and remove it too. xo, Melody

  • Angelique Jennifer July, 29 2013, 9:15 / Reply

    If we’re talking glitter, I prefer gold nail polish.

  • Emma July, 29 2013, 10:31 / Reply

    Oooo that does look pretty! I love glitter polish. Using pieces of foam to remove is a good idea, hopefully reducing the amount of time spent swearing/scrubbing madly at nails! Beauty is pain!!!

  • kady July, 29 2013, 10:40 / Reply

    I have this nail polish as well! I love it so much!! It doesn’t look like a colour you match easily, but it does go well with everything. When I add them to yellow my nails look like jelly beans..

  • Nicole L S. July, 30 2013, 12:40 / Reply

    Amazingly perfect looking glitter topcoat! When the time comes, Sephora collection instant nail polish remover. Red container, finger insert application. Will take off glitter polish in a breeze.

  • Blaise July, 30 2013, 1:44 / Reply

    Hey Alex, thanks for sharing, but can you post a picture of your nails with this polish on? Wanna see! :)

  • Ana July, 30 2013, 2:30 / Reply

    The best way to remove glitters is to put a cotton with acetone in your nails and then wrap them with foil (the same used in kitchen). Wait a few minutes and everything is gone :)

    Other trick is to use helmer’s glue instead of your base coat. But you have to be careful with hot water because it will come out quite easily.

    Hope it helped!



  • Léna July, 30 2013, 2:40 / Reply

    J’ai le meme problème avec un vernis pailette de chez sephora, le disolvant ne retire que le vernis … du coup pour enlever les pailettes j’ai une méthode “casto” de l’acétone, c’est le seul moyen que j’ai trouvé – c’est radical !

  • Marion July, 30 2013, 3:58 / Reply

    Une photo Alex !

  • Le BHV MARAIS July, 30 2013, 5:49 / Reply

    Hello !

    Merci pour la mention!
    Toujours plus de nouveautés et de nouvelles marques dans notre nouvel espace beauté… N’hésitez pas repasser lors de votre prochain détour par Paris :) A très vite!

    PS: pour enlever le vernis à paillettes, on a entendu parler d’une petite astuce (pas très glamour mais assez efficace): des papillotes! Un coton imbibé de dissolvant, de l’aluminium, un peu de patience et au revoir les paillettes !

  • Mathilde July, 30 2013, 7:46 / Reply

    Je pense que la technique a été dévoilée dans les commentaires précédents, mais le truc du coton imbibé de dissolvant sur les ongles qu’on emballe dans de l’aluminium est génial !

  • Patty July, 30 2013, 7:55 / Reply

    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Rachel July, 30 2013, 8:25 / Reply

    Une photo ! ; )

  • Chloé July, 30 2013, 9:08 / Reply

    La seule solution que j’ai trouvé pour retirer les vernis à paillettes est de découper des petits morceaux de coton (10 pour chaque ongle), de les imbiber de dissolvant, de les poser sur les ongles et d’enrouler l’ongle de papier aluminium. Attendre 1 minute ou 2 avant de retirer les “papillotes” et le vernis pailleté se détache de l’ongle ;)

  • Melodie July, 30 2013, 10:11 / Reply

    Je me suis également offert cette petite merveille et il est bel et bien fantastique! En revanche je confirme, l’enfer du “démaquillage” limite son utilisation parce que clairement, pas le temps de passer 30min à retirer du vernis! Et j’ai un peu l’impression que ça m’abîme les ongles d’ailleurs, pourtant j’ai un dissolvant top depuis des années…mais bon, à l’occas’ ça reste un petit plaisir!

  • Leslie July, 30 2013, 12:16 / Reply

    I love glitter polish too. I’ve purchased about 3 different ones this year. Anyways, my trick for removing glitter polish is using pure acetone. I put some on a cotton ball and then let it sit on each nail for about 10 seconds before I start rubbing it off.

  • Debbie July, 30 2013, 1:02 / Reply

    Glitter polish – there is no PERFECT glitter polish remover. I first soak them in Sephora instant nail polish remover then use 100% acetone – & even then you must go over them one more time. Acetone does make it a lot easier but is trouble for your cuticles. Enjoy your glitter – this b+w one I’ll have to check out.

    my blog:
    Recipes, Fashion, Product Reviews, Health Tips, Quotes

  • irosis July, 30 2013, 5:42 / Reply

    Une photo serait vraiment super !!! Je l’ai vu mais j’ai pas osé l’acheter.
    Merci à toute pour les conseils pour enlever les paillettes.

  • Putri Soe July, 31 2013, 4:14 / Reply

    Hmm i think the most effective way is to grab a pinch of cotton with the remover on it and just press while rotating it a couple of times. It works for me, at least.

  • Mariette July, 31 2013, 6:53 / Reply

    More pictures, please Alex !!! We want to see it on your fingers !

  • Claire July, 31 2013, 8:27 / Reply

    En ce qui me concerne, j’enlève les vernis et top coat pailletés avec un bain dissolvant (comme celui de chez Bourjois). Je le garde à cet usage unique dans la mesure où il est relativement plus agressif que mon habituel dissolvant sans acétone.

  • Maddy August, 1 2013, 12:37 / Reply

    Here’s a tip I read and would ike to share with you girls !

    Apparently, if you put on strong glue (not too strong though!) on your nails, then peel it off, the glitter polish will peel off with it as well !

  • jacqueline christina August, 1 2013, 11:03 / Reply

    I love all things glitter including glitter nail polish….I found that the task of taking it off was nightmarish – hence I would continue to just use glitter nail polish – until one day in a fit of tears after doing my best to remove as much as possible with nail polish remover took a nail file to the tops of my nails and found this did wonders! Huge difference and the task was much easier!

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