What I love about Montauk is that the beach culture is totally different than anything I’ve known before, the Mediterranean or even California

What I love the most is to go out early in the morning. The days in Montauk often start in a light fog, which gives a pretty magical, soft atmosphere. You can grab a café at the beach truck and go sit on the beach, do a few stretches or watch the surfers walk towards the sea and disappear in the mist. They arrive there very, very early as it’s supposed to be the best time for waves.

You stay for a while, meet people that are also there in a sort of daydream. That’s where I met Ipek, who’s the designer of a brand of swimsuits and beachwear, Kiini. After talking a little bit, we decided to have a barbecue together (us and our friends) that same evening.

Ahhh, I’m gonna miss summer !

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