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Highlight It

Highlight It

The key ingredient in the beauty look at the Phillip Lim show? Highlighter.

For whatever reason, I’m a bit highlighter challenged. I try to achieve a soft and glowy look (makeup artist Francelle Daly best described this as “at the beach without the tan”) but usually end up getting a little too close to Queen Frostine territory (Candyland, anyone?). Seeing this look has given me the courage to give it another go.

The trick is to apply it to the areas where light naturally hits your face (easier said than done for some of us), which means your cheekbones, lips and chin. If I start practicing now, I should have it down pat by spring.

PS: The highlighter used above is the Luxor Multiple from NARS.

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  • Youna September, 11 2013, 1:06 / Reply

    Salut Alex !
    I recommend you to look at this video It will tell you all about illuminateur :)


  • andreea September, 11 2013, 1:06

    an interesting angle! i’ll consider it :)

  • Bonnie September, 11 2013, 1:12 / Reply

    L’enlumineur poudre est beaucoup plus facile à appliquer, surtout celui de Bobbi Brown:!catalog/product/view/P47615

  • Gabrielle September, 11 2013, 1:42 / Reply

    You are funny, haha, I know exactly what you mean with the Candyland ;-) and I can tell you, the older you get, the better your applying skills will be….but…. the trickier it gets, cause older skin makes it somehow more challenging… I use it only rarely, normally it’s too much “work”, but I do really love the look above! xxx

  • Debbie September, 11 2013, 1:54 / Reply

    Yes, illuminating parts of your face can be a beautiful but tricky look. I think it’s best
    to use some light shimmer on your brow bone & a little bit on your cheeks. As it so happens
    all of these by Benefit are my favorites:
    Highbeam – a lovely light pink with a bit of shimmer
    Watt’s Up! – a golden shimmer
    High Brow – A light pink/yellow mat that looks great on…..what else but brows.
    You certainly don’t need ALL of them although I happen to have ALL of them.

    Beauty Product Reviews, Fashion, Recipes, Health, etc.

  • La Reine Souillon September, 11 2013, 2:00 / Reply

    Maintes fois tenté, jamais réussi. Ca me donne l’air légèrement poisseux. Pas franchement élégant… Peut-être que le Benefit High Beam n’est pas le meilleur produit qui soit (du moins pour moi)!

  • Quyen September, 11 2013, 2:10 / Reply

    I love using highlighter because it catches your eye and takes you away from the imperfections. I love using Laura Mercier’s creme eyeshadows as a highlighter. I use rose gold as a shimmery addition to my matte blush.

  • Marina B. September, 11 2013, 3:19 / Reply

    Le teint est super-frais et avec ces cheveux “wet” le look est top : plage, mer, vacances, aye -aye c’est loin! 16 ° à paris, au secours!!

  • Kim McLeod September, 11 2013, 3:39 / Reply

    Love the luminous glow! As your “resident Bobbi Brown gal” I love Bobbi’s Brightening Brick in Pink for a quick, subtle, fantastically lovely pinky glow! I also love the Shimmer Brick Compacts for soft, glowing shimmer. So easy to do!

    In any case, “yay” for being luminous!!!! Always flattering :)


    xox Kim

  • Angelique Jennifer September, 11 2013, 3:54 / Reply

    A tutorial on this would be good if you can! Please pretty please….

  • Amalia September, 11 2013, 4:53 / Reply

    I second the Benefit highlighters. Liquids are easier than powders and look more natural.

  • Donnah September, 11 2013, 9:12 / Reply

    Sephora staff sold me some to use in place of my BB cream. I mistakenly used it all over my face. What a sight! I glowed in the dark. After shunning it for 2 weeks I tried it again. I am still learning the boundaries. Some skill is necessary. But when I get it right I really like it. :D

  • Ai-Ch'ng September, 12 2013, 12:54 / Reply

    Ahhh… such a fresh, pretty girl!

    My Nars Liquid Highlighter in Orgasm is my absolute favourite item. There’s no colour to it upon application – it just seems to dramatically change the appearance of the texture of my skin from late thirty-ish looking, to early twenty-ish dewy.

    I think it looks odd when I apply it to “highlight areas” like the nose, chin, temples, etc. So, I just smear a tiny squeeze all over my entire face (including over my eyelids – just use it extremely sparingly like a facial cream, really) after I apply my moisturiser. It’s not so shiny that I’m glow-in-the-dark, but just lifts the face and makes me look really fresh. And – if we examine a person’s skin in real life, naturally-occuring dewy skin tends to happen all over the face – not just on your nose, brow bones or tops of cheeks.

    I love it – and will wear just that on my face, with a touch of lip tint most days. Very, very easy… except for photographs where I am sure I am positively bright as the sun.

    Ah well – can’t have it all – dewy looking skin and look matt in photos. And it’s OK – I’d rather look better in real life than photos :-)

  • Blaise September, 12 2013, 1:43 / Reply

    I use a powder, a loose eye shadow shimmer in light gold (I have a warm, golden skin tone), as a highlighter. I tried the one from Benefit (comes in stick form) and while that is good, I think using the powder is much easier, as I get to control the product that I put on my face. Suffice to say, I find the stick form a bit harder to control. The powder is also easier to blend with a brush.

  • Lala September, 12 2013, 6:11 / Reply

    Celui de RMS est le meilleur ;) impossible de rater avec celui-là (même Gisèle l’adore).

    The best is RMS one, impossible to fail and even Gisele love it.

  • Lauren September, 12 2013, 1:37 / Reply

    Yes, the video in the first comment will change your life. One day I was washing my hands in the bathroom and the light (although, of course, terribly unflattering) caught the highlighter I had on in such a way that I was like, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh I GET IT NOW. The the purpose of make-up is to make light reflect off your face.” It was a life changing moment. I like NARS Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana or Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlighter. You can’t go wrong with either. Do it, girl; you won’t regret it.

  • ubfashions September, 12 2013, 10:14 / Reply

    L’enlumineur poudre est beaucoup plus facile à appliquer

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