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  • Manon September, 13 2013, 5:15 / Reply

    Oooh no this is not exaggerated! There really are people that are this annoying, glued to their phones, even during a conversation, that is so disrespectful! If I need to take an important call I will keep it short and apologize afterwards, but otherwise I think it’s common decency to look the other person in the face during a conversation and not focussing on your phone… arg, so annoying and disrespectful!
    So I guess this really was bothering me…

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  • andreea September, 13 2013, 5:15

    i refuse to use internet on my phone. i’m online enough as it is for my job! :)

  • Sandrine V September, 13 2013, 5:35 / Reply

    Love that, makes us think that we probably are going to far!


  • Anne September, 13 2013, 5:43 / Reply

    Ben oui,
    Nous sommes entrain de perdre ce qui fait de nous ce que nous sommes …
    La possibilité d’échanger “en live” et pas à travers le multimédia …
    Bisou et bravo pour ton super blog Garance

  • Bonnie September, 13 2013, 6:11 / Reply

    Oui, je crois bien que c’est fichu…on vit à travers nos écrans!

  • Sofia September, 13 2013, 6:21 / Reply

    Ahh not exaggerated!! Not at all!

  • Daniela September, 13 2013, 6:24 / Reply

    It’s sad to think that we are having relations with our phones glued to our hands the whole time. But I don;t think it;s exaggerated at all. I believe it’s rude, but it’s true.

  • Denisse September, 13 2013, 6:34 / Reply

    Oh, it is definitely like this! Even I find myself sitting in the bus on my way to the train station holding on to my phone…I’m not even using it but it’s attached at my hand! We are definitely obsessed.

  • Molly September, 13 2013, 7:05 / Reply

    This is why the world still needs flip phones.

  • Milda September, 13 2013, 7:07 / Reply

    Oh… It is exactly the way it is! And its not right at all… No matter how cool all the social media can be…this is not right.

  • Quyen September, 13 2013, 7:17 / Reply

    I thought that video was hilarious. I definitely do not think that is exaggerated. It is the world we are in now and it is so annoying! We have a strict no cell phone at the dinner table rule now and I love it.

  • soniachocolat September, 13 2013, 7:31 / Reply

    Oh my god! Mais c’est tellement ça! C’est à la fois drôle et effrayant!!!

  • elli September, 13 2013, 7:33 / Reply

    i think this video is sad ! But so true ! Some people aren’t like that thank god, some don’t even have a smart phone, but others are really like that and i’ve had some bad experiences to prove it

  • Amalia September, 13 2013, 7:42 / Reply

    It’s ironic to think that without our smart phones, most of us feel we would be missing out on something important, but in fact, the opposite is true.

  • Hollis September, 13 2013, 7:42

    I couldn’t say it better myself. This is exactly true! It’s sad what people miss out on because they are too busy trying to capture moments instead of actually living in them.

  • April September, 13 2013, 7:55 / Reply

    This isn’t an exaggeration at all. Phones have become like an extra appendage. It’s sad to see how addicted we are to our phones, and I doubt there’s any going back. I appreciate what my phone can do, but I am very mindful of how much I use it and where.

  • Brigadeiro September, 13 2013, 8:02 / Reply

    I don’t think it’s exaggerated, and embarrassingly, I am often one of them…trying to mend my ways.

    Brigadeiro’s Blog

  • carmen September, 13 2013, 9:18 / Reply

    WOW! watching this just shows how much our society has changed! It’s such truth, just watching it has made me reflect on my life and most of those scenes played are reality in it! It’s frightening!

  • Daiana September, 13 2013, 10:04 / Reply

    I wish life wasn’t like this nowadays!

  • Elsie September, 13 2013, 11:16 / Reply

    I wish it was exaggerated, but it’s not at all. Everyone is so consumed by recording their lives that they’re missing out on living altogether. What are their memories going to be years from now?

  • Amalia September, 13 2013, 11:16

    Elsie I was also thinking about this. The most powerful images are the ones in your mind. Some of which unfortunately, never fade.

  • Blaise September, 14 2013, 1:42 / Reply

    It’s a bit extreme, but it happens. Tsk, tsk.

  • Lansky September, 14 2013, 1:57 / Reply

    C’est totalement comme ça, je suis 100% d’accord. C’est sûr que je lâche mon téléphone à un certain moment mais oui je l’ai toujours sur moi, par contre.

  • Lisa September, 14 2013, 2:37 / Reply

    No, this is true and it’s a pitty. I’ve seen these scenes everywhere. I personally don’t own a phone with an internet connection and that is the reason (and also because I hang around online more than enough as a blogger). I mean, do you really notice where you are and what’s happening around you if you’re constantly online? Is it necessary to put an instagram filter on every moment of your life to make it more beautiful and to show it to everybody else just to get assured that it was in fact beautiful? I don’t want to get all dramatic here but I think most people are much too connected to their phones. Switch it off und have a look at the real world!

  • Camille September, 14 2013, 2:40 / Reply

    Ce n’est malheureusement pas exagéré, c’est triste !

    Comme le disait Einstein “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

    Merci Garance pour ton travail, ton blog est un condensé de merveilles quotidien. xx

  • Jo September, 14 2013, 2:50 / Reply

    Definitely true! I’ve had friends sit across from me at a restaurant table either taking a call or messaging other people WHILE having a DMC with me – this I found super hurtful and disrespectful. But at the same time I’m totally guilty of it to. I think it’s all about picking your moments – phones are a great source of entertainment on a long train ride or waiting in a queue, not so much when someone is singing happy birthday to you like in the video! There are times when you really need to put your phone down and be present.

  • jicky September, 14 2013, 2:59 / Reply

    pas du tout exagéré, hélas… Faire gaffe, on est tellement rarement hic et hunc, désormais, ça devient grave..

  • Olivia September, 14 2013, 3:17 / Reply

    Oh, it’s not exaggerated. It is rather relevant for what is going on these days. And even more so fore kids and teen-agers

  • Anneke September, 14 2013, 3:56 / Reply

    So true. I don’t have a smartphone (my phone is ‘dumb’ hehe) but I’m dreading the day it dies and I will only be able to get a smartphone.
    I was catching up with best friend, and had to tell her off for constantly checking her phone. She was upset, but understood later and apologized. We hadn’t seen eachother for 2 years!

  • Paloma September, 14 2013, 3:57 / Reply

    Pure réalité!

  • lia September, 14 2013, 4:30 / Reply

    at the end of the video i was waiting for her to rip the phone out of her boyfriends hand and throw it !! Yes I think I want a week vacation from my phone…

  • camille reddress September, 14 2013, 5:03 / Reply

    this is so true.
    i have my phone on silent and never get it out during meals. i check in with it when i have the time or the inclination. it’s frustrating to friends who can’t get hold of me ‘immediately’ but that’s crazy. otherwise you are actually missing out on your OWN life.
    i enjoy your honest posts… instagram is classic ‘the grass is greener’

  • Aneta September, 14 2013, 5:14 / Reply

    shoking!!! not exaggerated. Unfortuanately it is true :(

  • Jessica September, 14 2013, 5:16 / Reply

    Malheureusement ce n’est pas du tout exagéré… Ça parait dingue mais des personnes vivent vraiment accrochées à leur téléphone !


  • KeLLy September, 14 2013, 5:47 / Reply

    Ce n’est pas exagéré, c’est exactement ça ! Déprimant à certaine occasion ! Cela empêche parfois aux gens d’être “présent”.

  • Marie September, 14 2013, 6:09 / Reply

    Ce n’est pas loin de la réalité. Je me suis déjà vu être la seule qui ne regardait pas un écran dans les transports. Sinon, j’ai une copine qui est complètement accro, tjs scotchée à son phone, on était au resto avec une autre copine et on se demandait si ça l’intéressait de parler avec nous, elle avait une conversation parallèle sur what’sapp, elle se marrait toute seule, elle écoutait à peine ce qu’on disait, pour finir on lui a dit mais bon normal, pas le drame, et puis limite on était des has been.

  • Lia September, 14 2013, 7:33 / Reply

    Je trouve ça particulièrement triste, on fait tout pour ne pas oublier chaque moment en le prenant en photo, en video, ou bien on veut être partout à la fois,avec tout le monde en même temps, mais finalement le moment présent nous échappe et on risque de passer à côté de tellement de choses.. !

    Et bravo pour ton blog Garance, moi qui y vient tous les matins depuis de nombreuses années maintenant..
    Bises,A bientôt !

  • johanne77 September, 14 2013, 7:39 / Reply

    Je crains que ce ne soit la vérité…je vis a priori avec mon temps, 36 ans, je ne suis guère techno addicted, je ne sais même pas comment télécharger Instagram sur mon tout nouvel iphone néanmoins, pas pour me mettre en scène mais pour regarder les autres, je l’utilise avec parcimonie. Il y a déjà tellement de choses que l’on pourrait faire sans son téléphone, prendre le temps de réfléchir et de s’ennuyer. Je ne fais pas partie de cette catégorie de personne, toujours pendue au téléphone, ainsi je pourrais passer plusieurs heures sans regarder mon téléphone, tout en sachant que mon mari essaiera de m’appeler, au travail par exemple, de peur de passer pour mal élevée. Rien que de décrocher, lorsque je l’entends sonner, je n’ose des fois pas. Je ferai tout pour éviter que mon fils ne devienne obsédé et lobotomisé par ces outils, qui d’une part, t’isolent plus qu’ils ne te rapprochent, et d’autre part, te font en perdre ton orthographe….le progrès, oui mais devenir à ce point obnubilé, Mon Dieu, Au Secours. Il y a tellement d’autres belles choses à faire. Bises Garance, en revanche, je suis addicted de ton blog et n’en ai aucun scrupule :)

  • Kristina September, 14 2013, 8:02 / Reply

    No, not exaggerated! For me there are situations where I will never approve of this behavior, like at dinner tables and when you are spending f2f time with someone. I think we need to ask ourselves why we do it. Is it important to show that intimate (?) kiss on the beach with others? Why? How many bubble wine bottle labels have been posted on auto-pilot? Why? What does it say about us? What do we think we gain or lose by doing it? On the other hand, the occasional bubble wine label pic when someone really is celebrating something special, feels totally OK. Are we becoming paparazzis in our own lives, and why do we follow so closely? Why does online life seem more interesting than the real one? Is it because it is still a bit new and we need to learn the hard way how to limit ourselves? Well, I am too a part of this, and some days I am looking at my phone just a bit too often than what I want, and some weeks I hardly ever post or check my flows due to information overload and feeling so tired from all our eagerness to project our lives into something more….something grander, something more dramatic… Ah, the life in the 2010s! Have a good day :-) /K

  • Maria September, 14 2013, 8:17 / Reply

    Et vôtres nouvelle coupe de cheveuxGarance?
    C’était hier non?Comment hors sujet!!!!!!!!!

  • Fleur-Léon September, 14 2013, 8:31 / Reply

    This is so, so sad! I can´t stand it when I´m out with friends and they´re on their phone nearly the whole time, what is there that´s more interesting than enjoying real time not virtuel??!

  • Virginie/Mode9 September, 14 2013, 9:09 / Reply

    C’est horrible mais c’est complètement ça !! Et on veut voir ta nouvelle tête !!!

  • nat September, 14 2013, 9:09 / Reply

    C’est exactement ce qui se passe à l’heure actuelle.Tous accros aux smartphones,c’est l’horreur!

  • Anesca Smith September, 14 2013, 9:52 / Reply

    My boyfriend’s don’t feel the need to be on any of the social media sites and that’s one of the awesome things I love about him. When we’re on holiday, at some point, we say “time out” on even taking pictures – it disrupts the experience of enjoying the experience with all five senses.

  • ines September, 14 2013, 10:09 / Reply

    c’est exactement ça…

  • Alice September, 14 2013, 10:10 / Reply

    Génial ! C’est un tout petit peu exagéré mais c’est tellement ce qui nous attend ! Moi même je suis plutôt addictive mais je m’efforce à profiter du temps présent! :-) ce sont les instants présents qui deviennent gravés dans la roche et deviennent les moments inoubliables d’une bande de pote ou d’une famille…et ça c’est irremplaçable.

    Et toi Garance, t’es addicte ?

  • judi September, 14 2013, 10:12 / Reply

    sad but true :(

  • Martin September, 14 2013, 10:35 / Reply

    I can only leave a short comment because my wife is giving me dirty looks across the dinner table, but yes, it’s not an exaggeration. Terrible!

  • Miss Kutsu September, 14 2013, 10:46 / Reply

    C’est triste (et drôle en même temps), mais c’est vrai!

  • Jocelyne September, 14 2013, 11:01 / Reply

    This is certainly not exaggerated! I see the situations in the video happing all the time, especially with teenagers. It’s like they never take their eyes off their phones, even when they’re together with friends, they don’t talk to each other, but are checking their phones constantly. Then I think to myself ‘If your phone is more important, why are you hanging out with your friends then’? Me and my friends try not to check our phones when we’re together, only when we want to show something to the rest. Real life contact is more important and valueble than online contact I think!

  • Camille September, 14 2013, 11:04 / Reply

    I do not own a smart phone, just an old Nokia that does nothing else except calling and texting, and that´s enough for me. And I see the situations in the video happening everyday around me, whether it is with friends or just observing situations on the streets. I find it strange that people do not realize what they are doing, glued on their cell phones.
    What can be so much better there that one needs it constantly?
    What is there to escape in the first place?
    Why do people feel the need to share their life with everyone else?

  • Angelique Jennifer September, 14 2013, 11:08 / Reply

    I think it’s quite realistic. I’m currently chatting to my friend who’s on Facebook on his iPhone while I’m typing this on my MacBook…

  • Anjela September, 14 2013, 11:41 / Reply

    it’s unfortunately pretty accurate :/ which made me think of this song:

  • Behind the Mirror September, 14 2013, 11:44 / Reply

    Looks pretty accurate to me!!! But, I do not think it is going to change… I think this is just life now… everyone capturing everything all the time…

  • Noé September, 14 2013, 12:16 / Reply

    Je pense que cette vidéo reflète exactement la réalité.
    Je l’ai vu il y a quelques temps, et j’ai constaté à quel point la scène du verre entre amies n’est absolument pas exagérée : rien qu’avant hier, lors d’une soirée entre copines, il y a eu ce moment où quatre de mes amies étaient penchées sur leur mobile : un blanc, pas de conversation, elles étaient dans leur micro-bulle.
    J’ai un vieux samsung à clapet dont je ne me sert que très rarement, donc je remarque vite ce genre de situation… et c’est flippant ! Être avec ses amis, c’est pour socialiser avec eux, pas pour vivre à distance avec d’autres !
    On commence à s’enfermer dans quelque chose de malsain et les moyens de communications se retournent contre nous. Je crois qu’il serait grand temps de prendre conscience de tout ça, revoir ses priorités, et lâché un peu les écrans… et vivre dans le vrai. Pourquoi ne pas recommencer à envoyer des lettres et des cartes postales ? Ça a beaucoup plus de charme ! :-)


  • Maria September, 14 2013, 12:53 / Reply

    Oh my GOD this is so true!
    Do you remember when it was rude to look at your phone or take a call when you were having a conversation? God that was years ago. I really miss it.

  • Jess September, 14 2013, 3:21 / Reply

    This is not exaggerated at all. It is extremely frustrating.

  • Hollis September, 14 2013, 3:32 / Reply

    People caught behaving like this should be sent to digital detox and etiquette school. I’m afraid this isn’t an exaggeration of the way many people behave… but I think we are slowly waking up to how ridiculous it is. I hope so anyway!

  • lilou September, 14 2013, 3:51 / Reply

    Bien sûr que c’est la réalité! triste mais vrai

  • john September, 14 2013, 6:15 / Reply

    non, c’est vrai
    mon précédent copain passait plus de temps à regarder sa page fb qu’à me parler…
    je l’ai quitté…

  • Nathalie September, 15 2013, 5:12 / Reply

    Oh mais je suis certaine que cela n’est en rien exagéré ! Cela fait maintenant plus de 2 ans que j’ai fait le choix de ne plus avoir de téléphone portable et je me sens toujours comme dans un monde parallèle lorsque je suis en compagnie de mes ami(e)s … mais je préfère de loin la vision de ce monde à travers mes yeux plutôt que le leur à travers leur téléphone !

    Oh I’m sure it’s not ! It’s been over two years since I made ??the decision not to have cell phone and I still feel like i’m living in a different planet when I’m with my folks … but I prefer the world through my eyes rather than their cell phones … Just saying !

  • Tara September, 15 2013, 5:45 / Reply

    Thank you. Being a little older than my friends I thought I was being a fuddy duddy when this happened to me and so I would grin and put up with it. But the other day went for lunch with friends and their parents and the parents commented how rude it was….not a fuddy duddy after all….just wanting real human interaction… Because that makes us human.

  • A September, 15 2013, 7:28 / Reply

    Oh no! not exaggerated at all. (wondering if i am guilty also of this)

    the worst example i have seen was at an intimate wedding…(so intimate that the couple were talked out of eloping & just had a gathering with their parents and 2 sets of friends.)

    And yet in a snapshot noticed afterwards of their lovely day…. almost everyone at the wedding dinner table was on their phone except the bride and groom.

  • Katherine September, 15 2013, 8:28 / Reply

    SPOT ON. I went to a concert with a friend (we are both in our 40′s) and every “younger” person around us spent the entire evening either hunched over staring at their screens (checking instagram or twitter, no doubt), taking selfies of their selves or recording snippets of the concert (and posting to said instagram or twitter!) I couldn’t help to think “what has our world come to?”. But, I will admit, I was waving my phone around with all the others to get that crowd “twinkle” effect during the slow songs!!

  • Vero September, 15 2013, 10:45 / Reply

    Exactement pour cela que je n’ai jamais succombe a la folie telephone-intelligent… J’ai garde mon mini “flip-phone” et c’est parfait ainsi. Un telephone, c’est fait pour les appels et les textos, voila!

  • Cocotte September, 15 2013, 1:27 / Reply

    Ce n’est malheureusement pas exagéré, dans certains milieux, avec certaines personnes, les “interactions sociales” ressemblent à ça… Ou plutôt devrais-je dire l’absence d’interaction sociale !!
    J’ai beau avoir un smartphone, quand je suis avec mes amis, ma famille, mon copain, mes chevaux : je ne suis pas joignable ! Et si je dois “enregistrer” un souvenir, c’est dans ma mémoire, ou sur le film de mon appareil… Et voilà !
    En tout cas, merci pour le partage de la vidéo, ça met une claque et j’espère que le maximum de personnes vont la voir :) !

  • juliet September, 15 2013, 2:25 / Reply

    No its not. Although I really hate to admit that!

  • Andreea September, 15 2013, 4:24 / Reply

    Not exaggerated at all, even if it’s not a fortunate thing!

  • MsBallin September, 15 2013, 4:48 / Reply

    i hope i forget my phone a few times this week

  • cecilia September, 15 2013, 6:41 / Reply

    C’est vrai!! It’s true. Esto es real!!
    N’importe la langue.
    Les gens portent leurs phones à la main tout le temps, n’importe où, n’importe avec qui.
    Le monde ne se regarde plus. On est en train de oublier une de plus belles choses dans la vie: regarder les yeux de ce qu’on aime…

  • Marjorie September, 15 2013, 6:57 / Reply

    Malheureusement, la vidéo n’est pas exigée…je crois être la 100 et plus personnes qui en témoignent. Croyez-le ou non… lorsque je sors avec mes copines.. je dois exiger que l’on regarde nos insta, twister et FB et texto pour 2 a 3 min.. Ensuite, hop dans le sac à main pour le reste de la soirée. FOMO un problème de société … hélas…

  • Beryl September, 15 2013, 8:33 / Reply

    The best thing is leaving your phone at home during the day and going out without it; it’s extremely liberating and should be done more often, I feel.

  • sarah September, 15 2013, 9:00 / Reply

    I think it’s exaggerated to make a valid point. We are all on are cell phones trying to show everyone else the moments we are experiencing rather than experiencing the moments with the people that are actually there with us.

  • Newborn Fanatic September, 16 2013, 1:12 / Reply

    LOLOL I already watched this previous to seeing it on here but its so funny!! My boyfriend showed it to me because he teases me about being on my phone all the time (damn you instagram). The last part of the video is killer. hahaha

  • Alexandra September, 16 2013, 4:17 / Reply

    Non c’est pas du tout exagéré, les gens ne savent plus profiter des choses si ce n’est pas sur leur téléphone. Avant c’était pour rester connecter avec les autres, mais finalement les gens sont complétement déconnecté entre eux.

  • Isa September, 16 2013, 4:19 / Reply

    Un peu exagéré mais malheureusement je crois que nous en sommes pas bien loin …


  • david September, 16 2013, 4:46 / Reply

    On commence a voir qu´on vie à travers l´écran du tél., et on ne profite pas de l´experience de vivre…la fête d´anniversaire, le concert, la réunion avec les amies…pas loin de la realité.
    It gives me the creeps!!!

  • Carole September, 16 2013, 7:17 / Reply

    i didn’t grow up with smart phones……pros and cons….we know the pros…but the cons…yesterday i received a annoying email..just pushed my button…shady remark….this would never happen before

  • Mary September, 16 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    True. So very true.

  • KB September, 16 2013, 10:25 / Reply

    SO true! I’m in a long distance relationship and always in contact with work emails etc. so i’m guilty of tech overdose all the time to stay in touch with my BF and to keep up with work but when the bf and I are together in person it infuriates me when we’re at dinner or snuggling and he is on his phone or tablet the whole time. I can sometimes try to have a whole conversation and he will have no clue, so tuned in to sports scores, etc. on his phone. ugh. I put his phone in “time out” and confiscated it on vacation one year it got so bad. lol

  • eveange66 September, 16 2013, 11:49 / Reply

    Absolument pas exagéré, au contraire je trouve. Ma mère me faisait remarquer que,” avec tous vos outils (les jeunes), vous communiquez mais vous ne vous parler plus car vous avez peur de vous même et du silence..” J’ignorais que ma mère fut philosophe à ce point… Pour ma part, oui je surfe via mon smartphone car longtemps je n’ai pas eu internet en propre. En revanche, je n’ai ni instagram, mon compte tweeter est inutilisé depuis quasi le début. Pinterest, bof, faire des catalogues “La Redoute” sur la toile, cela ne m’intéresse pas. Et je ne supporte pas que, lorsque je dine avec quelqu’un, ladite personne empoigne son téléphone pour surfer, vérifier ces emails….. Si le téléphone sonne, on demande aux autres convives si l’on peut décrocher SI c’est une urgence. Soit on est avec quelqu’un (ami, amant, famille), soit on ne l’est pas, pas de demie mesure en la matière. Pour moi cela signifie “je n’en aies en fait rien à faire de toi, cela m’ennuie”…

  • vain jane September, 17 2013, 8:14 / Reply

    Wow, Wim Wenders was right. His film Lisbon Story is about this phenomenon and he calls all the kids who wave around with their video cameras filming every meaningless second of life “vidioten”.

  • fashionsphinx September, 17 2013, 6:03 / Reply

    it is exactly this and getting worse. I just posted about a ridiculous foodie/instagram experience I had last week , it made me sad , annoyed and angry . People : LOSE YOUR @#$%^&*ING PHONES and get a life !

  • Lisa September, 19 2013, 10:07 / Reply

    Yes! Yes! Totally agree. I am also guilty, but it drives me batty. It seems as though no one is in the moment anymore and if you don’t post, tweet or Instagram it, it never happened. The little girl sitting on the swing made me sad. Super video!

  • miss rosie September, 24 2013, 11:23 / Reply

    je crois que c est vraiment comme ca! hier encore j ai croisé une petite fille qui devait avoir 6 ans sur son iphone et à sa grand mere (sans doute) qui lui a demande comment s etait passe l ecole, elle a repondu :
    “attends, 2 s’condes…”
    que les gens soient toujours sur leurs portables, passe encore, tant pis pour eux, mais qu on en donne aux petits!!!
    bravo pour ton blog et bonne continuation!

  • Crystal Granderson-Reid September, 30 2013, 5:10 / Reply

    So true! Not at all exaggerated…And I am so guilty!

  • Stephanella October, 4 2013, 11:54 / Reply

    It’s not exaggerated at all. People are glued to their phones, it’s so sad (British expression, haha). But here’s the scoop: last week I saw Christian Bale with his family (at a cafe), then I saw (and spoke to, squuuueeeeaaaal!) Tom Ford in a department store, I came across Eva Green and Helena Bonham Carter in a restaurant (they only had drinks)…etc…etc… My friends always ask me how I manage to meet so many high-profile people but there is only one reason (maybe two):

    I am NEVER glued to my phone
    I live in Chelsea, London. (<— that helps too)

    It's amazing what you get to see when you start looking up from the palm of your hand.

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