The other day outside of the Proenza Schouler show, I was chatting in the crowd when this woman passed by, between the fashionistas, the photographers and the drivers and I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop starring.
I’m not the only one. Seeing her, the photographers stopped shooting their usuals and ran after her to take her picture. 4 mins of hysteria…

Funny when you think she is wearing a white shirt, a bermuda and a pair of boots.

So all right, after 2 mins of research, I found out that she is Liisa Winkler, a model that had just walked the show.
And give me bermudas and a pair of boots tomorrow, it will certainly not look the same…

But still – what made me turn my head and raise my camera was her allure.
It makes me want to go back to ballet, raise my head and walk with a confident nonchalance on the streets of New York.

No seriously – we spend our time talking about our clothes, but when do we take care of our allure?

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  • Cristina September, 20 2013, 9:01 / Reply

    She’s gorgeous and what a great photo! I love her effortless look and her great allure

  • CORY SCOTT September, 20 2013, 9:01

    Nonchalance is SOOO the right word to describe her!
    I’ve made the experience: I get hit on much more by men when I walk very confidently (in Paris, you have to) than when I just don’t care and stare at my feet. The Allure is very important!
    But you have to own it, which is not an easy thing to do…
    Xoxo! Cory

  • andreea September, 20 2013, 9:01

    not trying too hard always wins! :)


  • Mafalda September, 20 2013, 9:10 / Reply

    C’est un peu inné non l’allure, la classe, le chic? Bien sûr on peut y travailler, mais à mon avis, on l’a, ou on ne l’a pas… Je vois des blogueuses porter les fringues les plus chères et les plus à la mode et ça ne me fait ni chaud ni froid, et certaines filles arrivent à s’habiller avec des choses simples et à me faire rêver…
    Mafalda ?

  • CREEZY September, 20 2013, 9:10

    Il est certain que ce n’est pas donné à tout le monde de pouvoir porter un bermuda comme le sien, et elle a su le combiner avec un chemisier classique. Elle ne pouvait passer inaperçue avec sa taille et son beau visage, et pour finir son allure !
    Il est évident que l’allure est la chose la plus importante si on parle d’élégance.
    C’est pourquoi, et heureusement, beaucoup de blogueuses l’ont compris et évitent de se photographier pour montrer certains vêtements qu’ils soient luxueux ou cheap : elles laissent cela aux filles qui ont de l’allure et qui font rêver les autres…
    surtout quand certaines (heureusement pas toutes) prennent des poses de star sur lesdites photos, c’est assez ridicule)

    Je vais aller voir votre blog que je ne connais pas encore et j’espère ne pas être déçue.. ;-)

  • CHelcias September, 20 2013, 9:10

    Je suis d’accord avec vous!

  • soffi September, 20 2013, 9:10

    Tout à fait, l élégance, l allure n ont pas grand chose à voir avec les vêtements portés.
    C est une alchimie !

  • loulou September, 20 2013, 9:16 / Reply

    70%d’allure 30%de vêtement je pense que c’est cette proportion qui m’attire sur un passant.

  • kim September, 20 2013, 9:17 / Reply

    This goes back to what you were talking about on your Hangout the other day. You can be wearing all the expensive clothes you want, but if you don’t feel good in your own skin, it doesn’t work. She clearly feels good about herself and that’s what makes her stand out.

  • Rachelle September, 20 2013, 9:19 / Reply

    Love her outfit and confidence. She looks effortlessly chic, but I can’t help but think that she looks so skinny.


  • Lily September, 20 2013, 9:19

    Yes, skinny always helps, doesn’t it?

    But I do know some people who can carry a little extra weight and still look so stylish and alluring. So, understanding what works for you personally, and having confidence – I think that’s the real key

  • Victor Stonem September, 20 2013, 9:22 / Reply

    She looks amazing!!

  • Clara MARI Cheers September, 20 2013, 9:27 / Reply

    Pour moi ça va de paire! Parce que les vêtements ou chaussures influences énormément sur l’allure! Cette belle mannequin assume aussi cette allure nonchalante, grâce à cette chemise loose et ce look de garçon, non? Aurait elle été la même sur des talons de 12 et une petite robe moulante, je n’en suis pas certaine… L’exemple le plus frappant et de voir la démarche et l’allure qui change quand on est sur du plats ou des talons!


  • moustachic September, 20 2013, 9:28 / Reply

    amazing shot ! x


  • Une petite Bruxelloise September, 20 2013, 9:33 / Reply

    You raise a very good point there Garance. In the end, we can all wear a pair of jeans and a white tee and still, there will be so many different interpretations of the outfit that… After all, I believe that everything is a matter of attitude in the end.

  • Dark Blue Stripes September, 20 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    I love this simple chic pairing. Shoe oozes casual confidence.

    Christie x


  • amandine September, 20 2013, 9:40 / Reply

    La photo est belle. Et la danse c’est chouette pour l’allure, le port de tête, la nuque, les épaules. Ça change tout, c’est vrai que ça rend les femmes tres belles. Tu devrais faire une board sur Pinterest sur les danseuses. Y a des photos sublimes. Smack.

  • Theresa September, 20 2013, 9:44 / Reply

    Agreed! Clothes are only a small part of the equation.

  • Behind the Mirror September, 20 2013, 9:47 / Reply

    Beautiful photograph… I love it and I love the idea of taking care of our allure!!! After all, that is what make the cloths look good!!!

  • ANNE September, 20 2013, 9:47 / Reply

    grande fine mince

  • Quyen September, 20 2013, 9:50 / Reply

    I think hey allure comes from her quiet confidence!

  • Anna Louisa September, 20 2013, 9:53 / Reply

    You do such a great job of keeping perspective while being inside the fashion world…I can’t remember the last time someone brought up a point like this!


  • Eleanor September, 20 2013, 9:54 / Reply

    Excellent point! I especially love that I can consider my allure and spend zero dollars, which I don’t have right now, which is so frustrating in the middle of the fashion weeks.

  • Meghan September, 20 2013, 9:54

    haha. Yes! Allure is free!

  • Lindsay Sue September, 20 2013, 10:05 / Reply

    I’ve seen photos of her in this outfit pop up on Pinterest. I keep repinning regardless of how many times I’ve already pinned it :)

    Its SUCH a great look. Comfortable, stylish, chic. And she has the right attitude (well, from what I can see in the picture) to pull it off.

    Thumbs up to this buttercup.

  • Marion September, 20 2013, 10:14 / Reply

    Super look mais trop skinny.
    Bise de Shanghai (-;

  • Patty September, 20 2013, 10:15 / Reply

    I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Louise*Sk September, 20 2013, 10:21 / Reply

    En ce qui me concerne, je m’attache particulièrement à ce que les gens dégagent ou à leur allure comme tu dis et ce, finalement plus qu’à leur tenue. Une femme qui a confiance en elle, qui est heureuse et qui le traduit par exemple par un sourire sera toujours radieuse. Peu importe ce qu’elle porte. Elle fera bien meilleure impression que sa voisine qui sera vêtue des it-items de la saison si celle-ci se sent mal à l’aise ou ne dégage rien. Il faut respirer, laisser place au bien-être ! :-)

  • Gabrielle September, 20 2013, 10:31 / Reply

    How did Diana Vreeland say: “you don’t need to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive”. Well this lady is obviously both, but your allure can make really such a difference! xxx

  • Meghan September, 20 2013, 10:31 / Reply

    Yes! I love that you talked about this in your shopstyle hangout as well. The clothes are not the key to style, it is the character that bears them.

  • pr September, 20 2013, 10:44 / Reply

    The woman is skin and bone what exactly is attractive???

  • jessica September, 20 2013, 10:47 / Reply

    You have such a good eye and hand for photographs! I’d love to know some of your tips because right now, I am the worst at snapping good moments.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Bella September, 20 2013, 10:52 / Reply

    Lovely picture indeed. But then allure is a bit easier to come by when you are six foot and weigh 100lbs and your legs never end…

  • E September, 20 2013, 10:53 / Reply

    tu as raison-c’est question d’attitude,anyway t’as réussie de capturer parfaitement le moment:)

  • Camille September, 20 2013, 11:16 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup.

    Cela dit, si ça peut te consoler, elle ne tient pas droite. ;)

    As for dancing, I’ve been doing classical dancing for over 30 years. It’s the best!

  • Zazie September, 20 2013, 11:27 / Reply

    Ahhhh, to carry oneself well, with nonchalance and elegance….
    It’s not ovious, but it really changes the way we (and our clothes) are perceived!
    Do you think it’s a gift, or is it something one can acquire at any age?

    BTW – pardon my french!?!
    Want PMF!!!!

  • Nansosi September, 20 2013, 11:33 / Reply

    Point so well taken, Garance! I will think about this some more, this thing, this allure…

  • Laura September, 20 2013, 11:44 / Reply

    C’est vrai que le façon de se tenir est aussi importante que les habits que l’on met! Et elle a vraiment une belle allure, même habillée de faàon aussi simple! (soupir)


  • Suzy September, 20 2013, 12:16 / Reply

    You gotta be good at life in one way or another to have any type of allure

  • Dominique September, 20 2013, 12:19 / Reply

    La simplicité sera toujours ce qu il y a de plus chic…

  • Annika Tibs September, 20 2013, 12:30 / Reply

    … and she is Canadian to-boot !!!

    But in all seriousness, what also captured my attention in your photo besides her nonchalance allure, is her elegantly long, lean androgynous style & fresh face, straight hair. So simple and so refreshing!

    xx love it

  • L'Oliphant September, 20 2013, 12:48 / Reply

    L’allure, la posture,…elle pourrait se ballader complètement nue, cette fille là aurait du style!

  • Rebecca September, 20 2013, 1:44 / Reply

    Really excellent point, Garance. So much of what we emphasize is external (her hair, her outfit, her accessories, etc). Sure, this woman is very beautiful externally but you’re right — what draws you in is not just her appearance. It’s that link between her external beauty and how she carries herself, her attitude, her (quiet) confidence, her obvious comfort in herself, etc.

    Side note…I don’t know how old she is but she doesn’t look like a young model in this picture. And, this only adds to the appeal (from my standpoint)!

  • Maggie September, 20 2013, 2:28 / Reply

    I think this is one of the things I miss most about fashion week – the new face you come across every season; that captivates you so much you look for them at every show! Thanks Garance – spot on as usual :-)

  • Martha September, 20 2013, 3:49 / Reply

    We should ask the guy on the right !

  • cath September, 20 2013, 4:41 / Reply

    C’est sûr, elle a beaucoup d’allure, mais quelle maigreur !

  • ShibaGirl September, 20 2013, 4:47 / Reply

    I find it interesting that many of you find her alluring. I read your post, and stared at the photo some more, and can’t shake the feeling that I find her disturbingly thin. Maybe she moved in a graceful way? Maybe in person she was much more mesmerizing? However, in the still photo, I just can’t find her clothing attractive because her thinness is so distracting.

  • Katarzyna September, 20 2013, 4:47

    My sentiments exactly. I keep coming back to this photo and all that strucks me is her extreme thinness.
    Yes maybe seen live she would have made me admire her, but on the photo all I can think of is: “Grab some sandwich, girl!”

  • julia September, 20 2013, 4:47

    That applies for me too. At first I do not feel the allure, I see the body. And of course she is a model and it is part of her job being so thin, but I have to admit I do not like it. She is somewhat graceful and I imagine 10 pounds more on her and she would look absolutely amazing while walking down the street in this kind of slow motion moves. But of course your photograph is superb and your topic is very true. You do not need luxury designer brands on your hips, shoulders or elsewhere and you do not need to be a stunning beauty to grab some attention….

  • mary September, 20 2013, 4:54 / Reply

    great picture and great commentary… it’s not the clothes it’s your sense of style and self that makes it.. and either you have it or you don’t and this woman has it!

  • Crystal Granderson-Reid September, 20 2013, 5:42 / Reply

    Although your photos are always striking and your subjects equally captivating, I feel a moment of allure is best captured in video where one can experience confidence in motion.

    That said, I love your Pardon my French eps and would love to “experience” more of them.

  • Jay September, 20 2013, 5:49 / Reply

    Your photo is definitely eye-catching. Lisa Winkler is/was a successful model in the ’90′s and forward. It’s that effortless chic that always is so refreshing; she makes everyone around her look overdressed. Plus, she is gorgeous (I’ve seen her up close with NO makeup, and she is all that). Funny you mention ballet… her husband is a ballet dancer!

  • Virginie/Mode9 September, 20 2013, 5:58 / Reply

    C’est peut-être aussi parce que l’on n’est pas celle que l’on voudrait être que l’on s’intéresse autant aux fringues ?!!

  • Ron September, 20 2013, 6:30 / Reply

    Les beautés nordiques filiformes sont toujours très photogéniques, mais, ça en devient ennuyeux et répétitif à la longue…

  • Annette September, 20 2013, 7:07 / Reply

    Lovely photo…she has a nice smile on her face too :-).

    My cousin was discovered by a modeling agency and they took her to NY and the first thing she had to do was to go on a diet, it’s just part of being a model, to be super thin like that. She came back to Seattle after a few years, now she can eat :-).

  • Mireille September, 20 2013, 7:09 / Reply

    Bon, elle est grande, dégingandée, c’est un mannequin..et skin and bones.. Forcément on la remarque..Je ne sais pas..pas persuadée, pas transcendée..en revanche, la photo qui capture la grâce du mouvement, oui :-) Bon à quand Pardon My French, l’an dernier , celui de Valentino m’a poursuivie par la grâce et la pure beauté des créations…. les PMF me manquent …

  • Lison September, 21 2013, 2:08 / Reply

    C’est clair que de notre allure, on ne s’en préoccupe pas assez!
    xx http://wildlysweet.blogspot.fr

  • ainhoa September, 21 2013, 4:46 / Reply

    j’adore les allures :), au dernier salon beauté ou je me suis fait épilé la fille est une ex-danseuse, et ça se voit ;-)))

  • Emilie September, 21 2013, 5:43 / Reply

    L’allure est encore plus importante que les fringues, mais surtout les 2 sont liés !
    Quand je me sens belle et à l’aise dans mes fringues, j’ai fière allure :)

  • Sarah H September, 21 2013, 7:35 / Reply

    You are right! Our allure has as much influence to the way people see us as clothes. Or even more!
    You can wear the same outfit on two days. On day one you are super happy and confident andeverybody turns around. On day two, you are stressed and you are feeling horrible, nobody turns around because all one can see is that you are not feeling comfortable with youself, nobody cares of you fabolous Prada coat anymore.

    I love your blog, but I miss those amazing videos you used to make like ‘Pardon my French.’

  • Antonius Alexander September, 21 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    The allure thing is definitely important, but I don’t see this model girl as beautiful as you guys see. Maybe it’s about taste. I think she looks too skinny! I can see her bones and that’s not how I describe beauty. Or allure.
    Nice shot by the way!

  • Evelyne September, 21 2013, 11:01 / Reply

    Elle a de l’allure, mais ne croyez vous pas que les gens se retournent sur elle à cause de sa maigreur?

  • jana September, 21 2013, 3:13 / Reply

    She caught my eye right away because I was like, “Isn’t that my friend Ryan’s wife?” And it is. She was a dancer, her husband too, as was I. She has presence. Her beauty is in the natural way that she carries herself and her style that is cool and effortless.

  • Jessica September, 22 2013, 4:46 / Reply

    Très belle photo ! Et une allure au top en effet, mais je pense que c’est de naissance. Certaines personnes marchent la tête haute, d’un pas élancé sans faire quoi que ce soit pour :)

    Malheureusement un peu maigre, c’est dommage…


  • Blaise September, 22 2013, 5:50 / Reply

    I was just looking at the picture (I’m so enamoured) and haven’t even begun reading your post, and what struck me was her, her presence in the photo, to think there was nothing really extraordinary about her clothes (or even her looks), but she’s just eye-catching, attention grabbing without meaning to.

  • Joy September, 22 2013, 1:38 / Reply

    Absolutely right and allure vs. clothes. Allure is much harder to attain than clothes. I think it’s a mix of many ingredients, confidence, intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, style.


  • modne sukienki September, 23 2013, 1:18 / Reply

    love it! great look! Stylish :)

  • Nata September, 23 2013, 7:37 / Reply

    What a great question to ask! Indeed, we too often focus on clothes or latest trends, forgetting that allure comes from within. Thank you for reminding us.

  • Allison September, 23 2013, 3:35 / Reply

    Way too skinny but great outfit.

  • Sophia September, 28 2013, 10:17 / Reply

    Garance, I follow your blog religiously and only now have just wondered why you haven’t talked about allure…….. To me and I guess others this is what French women have that us other mere mortals don’t oh and I guess models! Maybe a pardon my French on allure

  • Martine October, 9 2013, 10:09 / Reply

    There is almost nothing less flattering then a low rise pair of bermuda shorts. Ones that sit on the natural waist on the other hand look amazing. That doesn’t even flatter this model. Her torso looks eight miles long, and her legs look short.

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