Beauty Cocktail

Beauty Cocktail

Imagine my confusion when I walked into the Delfina Delettrez presentation to find people eating tubes of lipstick…

That’s right. You heard me. The catering at the presentation yesterday was all about edible goodies inside of traditional beauty packaging. Mojito lip gloss, white chocolate lipstick and gin perfumes…

At first, everyone just kind of poked around, wondering if they really were supposed to eat out of that night cream jar. But it didn’t take long before people were digging right in. Silvia, the genius behind the food, said the key is to keep everything simple. Don’t put a complicated food in the container, it has to be simple and delicious. And it was. Which explains why waiters were replenishing the table every two minutes.

Now if only all of my lip glosses included a bit of rum…

PS: The mastermind behind the food is Silvia Sperduti of Enoteca La Torre Catering.

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