Thank you, Karl.

Thank you, Karl.

For this jacket…

I’m a supporter of the jacket over your shoulders look. And I’ll admit, I try to appear extra nonchalant during fashion week which means extra jacket over shoulder wearing.

It looks cool as crap, but it’s not even a little practical. If you’re actually wearing your jacket to stay warm, it’s not helping because your arms are still flailing about, freezing. If you need to move your arms at all, you have to be super calculated or else the jacket slips off. If you need to, oh I don’t know, answer your phone, send a text, take a photo or just show someone your invitation, you risk a runaway jacket.

But then I saw this bad boy on the Chanel runway. It has the complete cool, nonchalantness of the typical jacket over your shoulders look except it’s not going to fall off! Those genius (why did I not think of this?) buttons eliminate the runaway jacket risk, so you can text, eat a sandwich, wave hello to a friend, high-five Karl, anything. You can do anything in that jacket.

Thank you, Karl.

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  • CORY SCOTT October, 1 2013, 6:35

    K-A-R-L! I still can’t believe this collection… too good too be true.
    Or too expensive, same thing lol


    Xoxo! Cory

  • andreea October, 1 2013, 6:35

    herr lagerfeld nailed it once again :)


  • Leslie October, 1 2013, 7:18 / Reply

    Awesome jacket!
    Karl is indeed a genius!


  • Andrea October, 1 2013, 9:56 / Reply

    I do the jacket thing with cashmere cardigans. I can button the top, and it’s still warm.

    Speaking of Chanel, check out my numerology post on Coco a Chanel. Her story is so inspirational! http://www.andreatung.com/2013/09/chanel-legend.html

  • jessica October, 1 2013, 10:10 / Reply

    Karl can do no wrong. Honestly.
    Your Friend, Jess

  • Lison October, 2 2013, 12:50 / Reply

    C’est vrai que c’est une ingénieuse idée, ça va en sauvait plus d’une!
    xx http://wildlysweet.blogspot.fr

  • Noor October, 2 2013, 2:22 / Reply

    Oh la la I want this jacket really bad.


  • Stephanie October, 2 2013, 2:50 / Reply

    Best fashion invention ever! Thank you Karl!


  • The slow pace October, 2 2013, 3:27 / Reply

    Genius! I never wear the jacket over the shoulders look because I move too much. :)
    Anyway! I would love too see a Pardon my French about a day in your life with a jacket over the shoulders! ;)

  • Ghislainem a i October, 2 2013, 4:59 / Reply

    Superbe allure et bonne idee
    Mais il ya un vrai bemol: tu ne peux pas porter cette veste ainsi que si tu portes ce top ( que le manequin porte)
    Ou alors il faudra prevoir de coudre des boutons sur tout tes top suceptibles detre portes ac cette veste
    Mmm ya encor du boulot pr troouver un autre moyen d’attache a la veste

  • saskia October, 2 2013, 5:15 / Reply

    ‘I got a chip on my shoulder’

    It is since quite some time now that I have been watching this ‘I’ll casually hang my jacket over my shoulders’ trend. Considering what it is that I think of it.
    Ofcourse, from a pure visual point of view it gives an interesting look/shape. But nevertheless…
    And now I have decided that it has surpassed it’s imagined cool.
    a. We are no Audrey Hepburns…
    In the fifties the Audrey Hepburns and Grace Kellys of the world pulled it off with utter self-evidence. Walking from a Ritz hotel to the waiting limo. Or being on a yaught and casually hanging a cashmere cardigan to protect against the breeze. It was sort of soft-ish. Feminine. Protective. Romantic. But are we all Audrey Hepburns now?
    b. The coolness factor
    Chanel ones said it’s not about fashion but about style. But sometimes style and fashion cross roads and it becomes…a trend. A difficult time for the originals because trends have a tendency to overkill. In the end, when the trend fades, there’s this period of late majority followers. That’s what they call it apparently but in reality it simply means a huge amount of copy-ing behaviour. A somewhat sad period. Until the trend really fades and only the original ones stick by it. Being seen either as outdated or for their true sense of style.
    During the in-between time…at the top of the hype…you can look pretty ridiculous with that jacket hanging over your shoulders at a fashion event amidst of oh let’s say 200 other ‘unique looking’ adult women doing exactly the same.
    c. The down to earth approach
    I know that fashion and rational arguments like practicality are a dangerous territory to enter. I mean…platform shoes? 12 cm stiletto heals? Silk lingerie dresses in the middle of winter? Belts with no other function then to be there. Practicality can be such a turnoff. But nevertheless my practical Dutch roots urge me do so now because I all of a sudden have this old fairytale story in mind. You know…the one about the emporer and his new ‘unvisible’ clothes?
    Why have arms if you don’t use them? Why wear a jacket and still be cold? Why be limited in your moves out of fear for falling jackets? Etc. etc. etc.
    All in all? If it’s a cape you’re after, buy a cape! If it’s a jacket you’re after, put your arms in it.

  • moustachic October, 2 2013, 7:35 / Reply

    love it!

    moustachic ?
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  • Virginie/Mode9 October, 2 2013, 8:34 / Reply

    Isabel Marant a sorti pour cet hiver un manteau avec un système d’attaches qui permet d’y glisser ses bras et de porter son manteau sur les épaules sans qu’il ne tombe :-)

  • Mariateresa October, 2 2013, 9:28 / Reply

    Chanel c’este toujours Chanel! Le meilleur!

  • Danisha October, 2 2013, 10:17 / Reply

    ingénieux indeed!

  • Quyen October, 2 2013, 10:48 / Reply

    The jacket over the shoulder look is a great one, but so impractical! I actually do it in the office when the AC is on high. It makes for a great cover-up. The jacket with buttons is almost like a shawl/cape. I had one in London for the cool, rainy days and it was a lifesaver!

  • It's About LA October, 2 2013, 3:21 / Reply

    j’avoue que c’est une super idée!! Chanel, toujours là pour créer de supers trucs

  • Jeanne October, 2 2013, 5:56 / Reply

    Je n’ai jamais compris cette mode de veste jetée sur les épaules… la mode n’est pas toujours faite pour être pratique, certes, donc à la limite l’aspect inconfortable du port de la veste sur les épaules pourrait se justifier par un côté esthétique. Mais même de ce point de vue là, j’ai (personnellement) toujours trouvé ça moche les vestes sur les épaules. Ça donne littéralement l’impression que les gens n’ont pas de bras ou pas de mains, et ça gâche la coupe de la veste. Et quelle allure ça doit donner … quelqu’un de complètement empêtré et peu naturel dans ses mouvements. Pardon mais vraiment je ne suis pas du tout de la team veste sur les épaules ;) ça me fait un peu pensé aux hipsters qui portent un bonnet l’été ou dans des endroits couverts : c’est tellement bizarre que toute appréciation sur le style est chassée par le ridicule de la chose. Mais ce n’est que mon ressenti bien sûr!

  • lucie coquette October, 2 2013, 5:56

    Tu résumes parfaitement ce que je penses depuis un petit bout de temps Jeanne!!! Merci!

  • Andrew October, 2 2013, 10:47 / Reply

    Even though I didn’t love the whole collection, this was a standout look. Took a classic outfit and made it knew again- I’m in love!

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