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A world without wine

A world without wine

No day week is complete without a nice relaxing glass of wine…

Which is why this recent prediction of a global wine shortage (I know, that can’t be possible, right??!!) had everyone at the studio a little worried.

I mean, think about it… in a world without wine:
1. Napa Valley would just be hot
2. Cheese would be lonely
3. Gallery openings would be totally depressing
4. High school reunions would be unthinkable
5. A night at home watching Sex and the City would be spent drinking… water
6. Dinner with friends would end as soon as the bill came
7. Olivia Pope would have to switch to bourbon

Can you even imagine? Well, until that day let’s all sit back and enjoy a nice glass of pinot.


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  • natalie November, 1 2013, 3:37 / Reply

    I will not come to terms with what the report suggests– instead, I’ll pour myself another glass.

  • andreea November, 1 2013, 3:37

    wine is a world in itself :)

  • Q November, 1 2013, 4:03 / Reply

    mmm… babe, I dont drink….. living 6 months of the years in Europe was hard at first ,as upon hearing I don’t drink people would give me that ‘are you in recover’ look! LOL!….. nope not in recovery, just don’t like the taste or feel of it… funny though as on nights out i am always the last one standing!!!!… I kind of feel like I was born with a slightly drunk personality…. so need to add to it!.

  • Jette November, 1 2013, 4:03

    Same here! And I grew up in Europe… My parents actually encouraged me to drink (they’re huuuge winelovers), but in vain… I never got to actually LIKE the taste of it.
    Weirdly enough, I enjoy cooking with wine (to mention just one dish: risotto!), so even to me, a global wine shortage sounds scary!

    As for the list, gallery openings and high school reunions are never a good idea anyway… and don’t tell me the wine you get there is any good!

    So… as Marie Antoinette might say… bring out the champagne!
    (I know)

  • sal November, 1 2013, 4:04 / Reply

    8: crazy talk

  • ASYA November, 1 2013, 4:40 / Reply


  • JUSTINE November, 1 2013, 4:53 / Reply

    Noooooooooo don’t scare me like this!

  • leffrontee November, 1 2013, 6:48 / Reply

    un apéro avec son amoureux
    un délicieux repas
    un bon verre de blanc avec un bon fromage
    un apéro entre copines
    un nouveau client, projet, dossier, .. à fêter
    une dégustation en Côte du Rhône
    un vendredi soir pour rien
    on peut pas se passer de vin

  • Lorraine November, 1 2013, 7:35 / Reply

    « Si le vin disparaissait de la production humaine,
    je crois qu’il se ferait dans la santé et dans l’intelligence de notre planète un vide,
    une absence encore plus affreuse que tous les excès dont on le rend coupable. »

    Charles Baudelaire

  • moustachic November, 1 2013, 8:37 / Reply


    moustachic ?
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  • Costume De Rigueur November, 1 2013, 9:22 / Reply

    couldn’t agree more! well said! “Stin Igeia mas!”


  • Katerina November, 2 2013, 3:53 / Reply

    Yep! Actually I hate the taste of it… I think I am alone in the universe on this one :). It is simply bitter stuff that destroys the taste of food for me. I’m really not kidding. So water, beer, or fruit juice all the way… I think I can pull off sophisticated without the wine… :). At least I hope I can. Your blog helps with the dressing part of it. Have a nice day, Garance!

  • Cat November, 2 2013, 4:37 / Reply

    Lucky for us there is an oversupply in Australia. Many of the smaller growers can’t sell their wine and are going out of business.

  • heidi November, 2 2013, 6:39 / Reply

    i’d say life is not complete without those beautiful rings! stunning!

  • TIGER LILY November, 2 2013, 6:56 / Reply

    Un monde sans vin ? Non, mais ça va pas !

  • Polina November, 2 2013, 8:36 / Reply

    Moi aussi, j’ai été scandalisée par cet article ! Que serait la vie sans un bon verre de vin ? ;)

  • Camille November, 2 2013, 10:43 / Reply

    En bonne française qui se respecte, amatrice de vin rouge (bon, d’accord, de tous les vins), je crie au scandale en lisant cet article ! Quelle tristesse … Après la chasse à la clope (une des raisons pour lesquelles je ne pourrai jamais vivre à NY), le vin, et puis quoi après ? La bonne bouffe ? Le cul ? Le rire trop bruyant ? La fantaisie ?


  • Sophie November, 2 2013, 10:54 / Reply

    Un monde sans vin : no problem, par contre un monde sans épice je ne pourrais pas.

  • Konomi November, 2 2013, 10:55 / Reply

    Un monde sans vin? Nous nous adapterons a cela aussi, l’humanité trouve toujours des solutions………;-)

  • Saby November, 2 2013, 11:21 / Reply

    POUIL-LY FU-ME! ;)

  • Amélie November, 2 2013, 1:38 / Reply

    J en profite pour faire de la pub puisque cette jolie photo montre une bouteille de vouvray ( cépage chenin blanc donc) de la famille pinon, qu on trouve à new York Paris les belles exportations de Touraine !

  • matchingpoints November, 2 2013, 5:14 / Reply

    Ce serait dommage, parce que le verre réunit pour un moment de convivialité, de plaisir ! L’humanité survivrait, mais la vie serait un peu plus fade.
    Nous ne sommes pas des alcooliques, mais nous apprécions justement ce petit verre…

  • marie November, 2 2013, 6:51 / Reply

    Olivia Pope s’est mise au whisky..

  • gadah November, 3 2013, 6:25 / Reply

    i don’t drink , and people in my society don’t drink but we still enjoy all the point you mentioned. so don’t worry

  • C2G2 November, 3 2013, 6:34 / Reply

    Et moi je n’aurais plus de job :(

  • Noemi November, 3 2013, 7:51 / Reply

    So funny… I heard about the shortage of wine, too. Well, I like beer, so I would survive (even if wine is much classier).

  • Preeti Kaur November, 3 2013, 8:11 / Reply

    Ha ha! Fun post :)

  • Catherine November, 3 2013, 1:15 / Reply

    When I moved to the south of France a decade ago, there were vineyards as far as the eye could see. Every bit of farmed land was vines. Due to an EU directive, winegrowers have received payments for ripping out their vines. Now we have wheat and sunflowers, which to me is worrisome in a way. This region is very arid, but when it rains, it really pours. I have the impression that the vines did a better job of living without water as well as holding the soil during the torrential rains. It’s very sad to drive home from town now and see barren hills where twisted vines once stood.
    Let me put in a word for the remaining winegrowers in my region, Minervois. It’s a small, little-known region with very small, family winegrowers who have worked for the past two or three decades to really raise the quality of the wine. Their devotion never ceases to amaze me.
    Now excuse me while I have a glass of red (Minervois, of course).

  • Joy November, 3 2013, 3:32 / Reply

    So true. We need to start stockpiling!

  • K November, 3 2013, 3:40 / Reply

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of it. Not nice Garance… not very nice at all. :(


  • alix de beer November, 3 2013, 7:28 / Reply

    Je n’aurais plus aucun intérêt à rentrer chez moi à Bordeaux.
    Je ne fumerais plus.
    Je serais mince.
    Je n’aurais plus de lendemain de cuite difficile.
    Je me coucherais tôt, très tôt
    Je me lèverais tôt, très tôt.
    Je me sentirais seule lors des repas de famille (Noêl,, Pâques, Toussaint…)
    Je n’aurais plus de bleus sur mes cuisses sans savoir comment ils st arrivés là.
    Je ne chanterais plus.
    Je ne crierais plus.
    Et enfin je ne pleurerais plus…

  • Isa November, 4 2013, 12:56 / Reply

    Un monde sans vin serait un peu triste, je suis bien d’accord ;)
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • maria November, 4 2013, 1:34 / Reply

    I am pregnant, so for the next year or so I am living in a world without wine. While I am over the moon about having a child, I really do miss my Syrah on Fridays. Grape juice is what I now drink instead – at least the color is the same :)

  • Marie November, 4 2013, 4:51 / Reply

    Depuis le temps que tu nous parles d’Olivia Pope, quand est-ce que tu vas nous parler de sa façon de porter le noir et blanc, et surtout de ses extraordinaires maillots de bain blancs!!!!

  • Martha November, 4 2013, 1:14 / Reply

    I’m just reading this article with a glass of red wine in my hand, so I guess it means I agree.

  • TiffanySquared November, 4 2013, 3:29 / Reply

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I’m just a smidgen concerned about how concerned I am about this “wine shortage” situation. Lol. Glad to hear I’m not alone.

  • Roxanne November, 5 2013, 5:24 / Reply

    Je suis allergiques aux sulfites, alors pour moi, un monde sans vin, ça existe malheureusement. Je tiens à préciser, les sulfites sont présents dans tous les vins, puisque le raisin à tendance à en créer en fermentant. C’est ennuyeux, parce que je croyais pouvoir m’en tirer avec des vins sans sulfites, mais j’ai vite appris qu’aussi bio puisse être le vin, il en a malgré :(. Enfin, je vis avec, je n’ai pas trop le choix, mais avant le mois de mai, je pouvais encore en boire, alors se fut un sacré choc! Et j’adorais le vin! Maintenant, si je ne veux pas avoir l’air d’un écureuil jouflu et asthmatique, je n’en bois plus. (Et c’estt une véritable allergie, et non un intélorence)

    Sur ce, j’aime beaucoup l’article, oh et comme tous les autres!! Je voulais surtout sortir de mon statut de lectrice fantôme et vous renseigner un oeu sur le sujet. :)

    Bises xx

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