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The Science Of Sleep

The Science Of Sleep

So, here is a weird topic…

The other day, I was reading a magazine about the good habits to take to age well and in between the usual suspects, stop smoking, stop eating crap, exercise and all the usuals stood a pretty interesting one:

“Sleep straight.”

Yes, yes. Like, dont sleep curled up on your side. What they said is that basically, those who sleep on their sides tend to always sleep on the same side. And a dermatologist said he could see it immediately under the eyes for example – one eye being more marked than the other. Some sleep lines also become permanent, mostly on the face and on the chest and décolleté.

In conclusion, they where saying that teaching yourself to sleep on your back was a great way to rejuvenate your face, as it’s a chance to spend a number hours, face relaxed, with gravity pulling everything in the right direction.

Now, this actually makes total sense. But I’m a ruthless mover in bed.
Do you think it’s worth it to try to sleep on my back, or is that crazy talk? Would you ever try?

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  • Caroline November, 25 2013, 11:59 / Reply

    Il dit quoi de dormir sur le ventre?…

  • andreea November, 25 2013, 11:59

    i already sleep on my back :)


  • Ali November, 25 2013, 12:02 / Reply

    29 ans que je dors sur le ventre ou sur le coté, 29 ans que je ne bouge pas d’un millimètre pendant 8h de dodo. 1 heure que je me regarde dans la glace pour savoir quel coté est massacré par ces mauvaises habitudes…
    baci le studio

  • Christine November, 25 2013, 12:02


  • Roos November, 25 2013, 12:05 / Reply

    Oh my! Sleeping on my side is just too important for me, so eh… no ;)


  • Jane with the noisy terrier November, 25 2013, 12:08 / Reply

    I’m all over the place (though I think I’ve broken myself of the habit of sleeping on my stomach with my head smooshed into the pillow!). But for the past two years, I’ve been using a “Save my Face” pillow (http://www.savemyface.com). It’s shaped like a stretched-out Chanel double C logo so if you sleep on your side, you face is supported around the edges but the majority of your face is suspended. I used to get a big crease along the side of my nose by my cheek which this pillow has erased. It also prevents your night cream from sinking into your pillow rather than your face. I have the smaller one that lies on top of my regular pillow and honestly, I’ve gotten so I can’t sleep without it. It’s a great holiday gift! I’ve given it to two friends and they’re hooked, too!

  • Laeti November, 25 2013, 12:13 / Reply

    Je suis enceinte et donc contrainte de dormir sur le côté puisque ni le dos et encore moins ma position habituelle, sur le ventre, sont recommandées !
    Là, à quelques jours de la fin, quand je n’arrive plus à dormir, je passe sur le dos quelques minutes… et cette position ne m’a jamais semblé si confortable ! ;)

  • roelien November, 25 2013, 12:14 / Reply

    wouldn’t sleeping upside down be even better? just an idea…

  • Isabel November, 25 2013, 12:14

    !!! :D

  • Simone November, 25 2013, 12:14


  • viola November, 25 2013, 12:19 / Reply

    Well, I gotta tell you that it’s not weired at all. I have read that sleeping on your back actually guarantees better, calmer sleep, with all its benefits. I do believe it. I usualy don’t move during sleep (my husband jokes that sometimes he even has to check if I breathe), but I think that in the mornings after a night of sleep in this pose, i feel much better rested.

  • andreavytlacilova November, 25 2013, 12:28 / Reply

    Well, that’s an interesting fact! I didn’t know that! I always sleep curled in the corner of my bed, haha.


  • Nathalie, L'heure d'été November, 25 2013, 12:33 / Reply

    Oh là… Faut pas pousser Mémé, hein : quand je dors, je dors, je ne compte donc pas mes rides, mais plutôt les moutons de mes rêves !
    J’aurais bêtement tendance à dire que si l’on dort, on se repose, donc on se détend… et la ride du lion nous dit merci… mais je dois avoir une façon de penser old school ! ^__^
    Allez, tu m’as bien fait rire, Garance !
    J’attends de lire les commentaires, je sens que ça va être assez mignon…
    Bon début de semaine,

  • Sevan November, 25 2013, 12:39 / Reply

    Dans mon cas, impossible de me forcer a dormer sur le dos, vu que je change de position sans arret…..jusqu’a tomber du lit ! (Cela ne m’est plus arrive depuis longtemps mais je bouge toujours autant.)

  • Noé November, 25 2013, 12:43 / Reply

    J’ai lu ça sur bon nombre de sites, et j’avoue me forcer un peu à dormir sur le dos maintenant… En fait, j’y crois. Ça peut paraître débile – encore une découverte saugrenue qui sera peut-être démentie dans 10 ans – mais je pense qu’il y a une certaine logique. On dort pendant plusieurs heures d’affilées dans la même position, ça doit jouer sur le corps. Je dors toujours sur le côté, en position fœtal, car le fait d’avoir les jambes dépliées me donne froid. Mais j’essaye de plus dormir sur le dos, c’est aussi meilleur pour la colonne vertébrale… bref, on verra dans 30 ans si cette technique m’aura préservée des ravages du temps !

    Couleur Spleen.

  • Gabriela November, 25 2013, 12:47 / Reply

    Moi je dors sur le dos depuis des années, suite à un conseil de mon physiothérapeute, et je le recommande fois mille! Par contre pour protéger sa colonne vertébrale, il faut mettre un oreiller sous les genoux, un petit sous le bas du dos et un petit sous la nuque. Et le plus dur, pas d’oreiller sous la tête. Ça a l’air fou, mais ça marche vraiment très très bien :)

  • Tina November, 25 2013, 12:50 / Reply

    I try to strictly sleep on my back. It’s better for your all around health- so I’m told. Psychologically, it also means that you’re more open to the universe and trusting…interesting. I’ve been having trouble with getting to sleep and staying in a deep sleep though, (like you, moving around a lot)…but I’ve been drinking a special sleep tea that really does the trick. Plus some lavender oil to calm me down…perfect combo for a perfect nights sleep. Here’s the sleep tea I use: http://www.ourwonderlust.com/ourwonderlust/holiday-survival-3-products-you-didnt-think-about.html

    Hope that helps,


  • sev November, 25 2013, 12:56 / Reply

    oui oui je l’ai déjà lu ET testé. Si je suis décontractée je dors sur le dos les bras au dessus de la tête, si je suis triste ou en faiblesse je dors sur le ventre. Et j’ai remarqué récemment après m’être réveillée sur le ventre l’énoooorme ride qui s’était tracée coté yeux ET joue/bouche. Nul. Peau qui vieillit (39 ans), ca fait peur. Alors je me force souvent à dormir sur le dos sauf quand je dis fuck à la peau je veux le confort du bébé. ;))

  • sophie November, 25 2013, 12:57 / Reply

    ça peut paraître débile mais je dors mieux sur le dos, certes parfois j’aime dormir comme un vieux phoque affalé à m’écraser les seins et en pliant qu’une jambe. Mais sur le dos, je me sens plus détendue et cela m’aider à m’endormir car en parallèle je m’imagine sur une plage avec le doux son des vagues. Je dors rapidement avec ça!

  • Dea November, 25 2013, 1:00 / Reply

    I actually don’t believe this. Sorry… xx

  • Q November, 25 2013, 1:13 / Reply

    aren’t most back sleepers also snorers? …. mmm, …………. I think I will stick to my normally sleeping habits….


  • Maude November, 25 2013, 1:23 / Reply

    hello Garance! Je suis sure que ce dermato a un point valide! Le pb, j’ai remarque chez mon mec, qd il est sur le dos il se met a ronfler! Mais jamais sur le cote ou sur le ventre…. Faudrait pas avoir l’air plus jeune mais se mettre a ronfler… :s

  • Elisha November, 25 2013, 1:23 / Reply

    I agree with the last comment. I think sleeping on your back leads to snoring. And that’s not chic.

  • Eva November, 25 2013, 1:39 / Reply

    My bedroom dream. So beautiful and those wooden doors, amazing! xx

  • Barbara November, 25 2013, 1:40 / Reply

    To complicate things further, my ayurvedic doctor says it’s best to sleep WITHOUT a pillow, to allow circulation to go all the way up into your braintissue, to nourish it.

    So, does aging gracefully come down to an either/or type situation (like there are so many in a woman’s life): either looking fabulous, while being forgetful and hazy in the head, or looking wrinkly, while being sharp as a razor.?

    Tell me.

  • Leslie November, 25 2013, 1:42 / Reply

    I’ve been told by doctors that sleeping on your back puts more pressure on your lungs and sinuses, leading to more snoring and congestion. Plus, it’s impossible to control which way you roll when you’re asleep.

  • Clara November, 25 2013, 1:43 / Reply

    Je m’endors sur le côté. Mais me reveille sur le dos. Et bouge beaucoup trop la nuit. je crie, je tape, je bouge. Des fois je me reveille avec des énormes marques d’oreiller, des fois pas du tout, parfois j’ai mal partout comme si j’avais dormi dans une boite, parfois je suis aussi détendu qu’un bébé.
    bref. je crois que ça dépend des gens non ?

  • Gabrielle November, 25 2013, 1:50 / Reply

    Honestly… No! I don’t wanna think of how I should sleep, I ‘ d rather have more wrinkles, but I wanna be relaxed in the morning and nothing else… and anyway… I don’t really think I could influence it anyway ;-) And I think, the quality of your sleep helps having a beautiful skin much more than the position you sleep in. xxx

  • Denisa November, 25 2013, 1:50 / Reply

    I like this post. And.. I sleep on my side and a back too. xa. It depends how was my day. xa


  • Monsieur J November, 25 2013, 2:03 / Reply

    Bon moi je crois qu’il y a quand même une part de génétique immense car ma maman qui a fumé plus de trente ans n’a pas vraiment de rides, ha! et elle est pas très crèmes non plus…

    Pour ce qui est de dormir sur le côté, autre étude… les filles on une tendance à s’endormir sur le côté droit et les garçons sur le côté gauche. Pour ma part c’est juste, impossible de m’endormir sur le côté droit.

    Pour en revenir aux rides, heureusement qu’il y a movember pour que la moustache me donne quelques années de plus :P

  • E. November, 25 2013, 2:07 / Reply

    To me, this falls in the same category as “don’t smile too wide because it gives you wrinkles”: a. How am I supposed to control a reflex? b. Why bother?? To avoid wrinkles? Hahahahahaha!

  • Gita November, 25 2013, 2:08 / Reply

    I think that as long as we get a good sleep, it doesn’t matter in which position we sleep. But it makes sense though…! Tricky! :)


  • Marie November, 25 2013, 2:11 / Reply

    Je suis cap ;)

  • Ekaterina November, 25 2013, 2:11 / Reply

    I do believe, but I agree with the idea of the “snoring beauty” – dilemma ;)) haha

  • Guro November, 25 2013, 2:24 / Reply

    I have heard this advice before, and I must admit here that I am an avid stomach-sleeper. I don’t move at all during the night, but keep my face firmly squashed into the pillow, and my decolletage is starting to show signs of this… I have tried and tried and tried to sleep on my back, but I find it impossible!! I cannot relax lying like that, no matter how sleepy I am! It’s super frustrating, because I can actually see that the skin my decolletage is a bit scrunched up during the morning, and then evens out during the day. So if someone has any tips about how to learn to sleep on the back, I would be most grateful…

  • M Ruth November, 25 2013, 2:26 / Reply

    I read that study too, but when I mentioned it to a Chinese medicine doctor/acupuncturist she said “no no no”… sleeping on the back is not good for the adrenals. So, who knows? I was having neck problems due to too much time at the computer and finally found this little book Treat Your Own Neck by Robin McKenzie that has simple great exercises for the neck and he recommends side sleeping with the neck supported, the head on a down pillow (not foam or memory foam), sleeping on the side. Stomach sleeping being the worst for the neck.

    So, I guess there are many opinions…

  • CarolineJ November, 25 2013, 2:29 / Reply

    je suis totalement incapable de m’endormir sur le dos… d’un côté, de l’autre, mais sur le dos vraiment je ne peux pas, trop inconfortable… je vais quand meme peut etre réessayer, je ne veux pas finir toute asymétrique !!

  • Fashion Snag November, 25 2013, 2:37 / Reply

    Interesting, but I move around constantly so I doubt it would work for me.


  • Virginie/Mode9 November, 25 2013, 2:43 / Reply

    Ah bah voilà je comprends mieux pourquoi j’ai une sale tronche !! ah ah je ne dors que sur le côté ou sur le ventre (bon à la fois ça m’évite de ronfler c’est toujours ça !) C’était l’instant glam !! :-)

  • jicky November, 25 2013, 3:05 / Reply

    ben ça n’a pas l’air débile, comme théorie, mais si ça vient pas naturellement, c’est pas évident!! je crois d’ailleurs que dormir sur le dos est préconisé pas seulement pour la raison que tu cites (pour respiration, dos, je crois que c’est mieux)

  • Anne November, 25 2013, 3:32 / Reply

    Oui, on se plisse en dormant sur le côté … et pas tellement du visage mais plutôt sur le torse. C’est frustrant au possible ! Dormir sur le dos ! Oui, mais avec la tête le plus à plat possible et un mini coussin sous les genoux pour ne pas terminer avec un mal de dos canon ! Et les ronflements …. mais nos chéris ronflent aussi, non !
    Bisou Garance

  • Elizabeth November, 25 2013, 3:49 / Reply

    No idea how one would learn to sleep, still, on one’s back but it is well worth investing in a pure silk pillowslip. It is much kinder to your skin & hair as you sleep (less friction, especially if you move a lot) and glamorous too.

  • Charlotte November, 25 2013, 4:33 / Reply

    Believe it or not – it really works! Just takes some time to adjust. You probably already know this, but try a pillow that doesn’t wrinkle too much (silk for example). Magic!

  • Bernadette November, 25 2013, 5:47 / Reply

    Hi G, so many theories re sleep positions. Ear nose and throat wise many will NOT recommend sleeping on the back. Definitely more likely to SNORE if sleeping flat front or back. I find a small flatish pillow works best for me on top of a regular pillow. It can be tucked into under chin and down into cleavage (then yr face isn’t buried in a big pillow (which def encourages lines in my experience). Re facial lines, best if creams are applied 20 mins before you lie down to sleep so the product doesn’t just go straight into yr pillow/eyes.
    A good solid nightly sleep is the best beauty/sanity treatment available; (a slightly deeper crease here and there is nothing these days with all the retinol etc based correction products avail) a girl can cope with just about anything with a good night’s sleep under her belt. B

  • Bernadette November, 25 2013, 5:50 / Reply

    PS The small (children/toddler size) pillow travels easily – obviously so important for you. B

  • annika Tibs November, 25 2013, 10:46 / Reply

    Well I love to sleep with a bed of pillows. Right now I have 7 or 8 full size pillows. I pretty much sandwich myself btw them as if I am being cuddled from both sides… oh yah, I am single, lol. Never the less, its nice to have the option to cuddle them on your side at night. But more often then not, I find I had the best night sleep when I’ve slept on my back… sandwiched between the pillows :)

    so I guess your article is on to something. It’s definitely good training to sleep on your back so it becomes habit.

  • Ai-Ch'ng November, 25 2013, 10:50 / Reply

    That’s such an interesting post!

    Gravity affects us every day: so my first thought is, “don’t worry about the sleep position!”

    However, there are many other things that affect the wrinkles on our faces as well:
    (1) what we eat – or don’t eat
    (2) stress
    (3) sunlight daily exposure and
    (4) even the exercise we do (stop jumping on those trampolines, ladies – and all that crazy dancing at the club with the cigarette smoke everywhere).

    Our sleep position is just a tiny part of what our faces will look like as we age, than what we do/eat/drink/THINK during the day… even our pillow and mattress… and where we felt good about ourselves as hit the sack, or were depressed, angry or stressed. Even the humidity, amount of light – even a sliver of light coming in and hitting your face and throwing your melatonin (great anti-oxidant made in your own body) and temperature of the room is going to affect our skin’s elasticity for the next eight (or four, if you believe sleep is a thief of time) hours.

    The most important thing is to be comfortable when we sleep. For some, it’s on the side. For others, it’s flat on the back.

    My best sleep is when I sleep like a starfish – arms and legs sprawled out, face-up. Some mornings, I wake in exactly the same position (when I am absolutely exhausted to the point of my heart palpitating – terrible, I know, and I’m trying to go to bed earlier more often). However, most mornings, I wake up elsewhere and positioned differently – but always on my back – just arms and legs akimbo differently.

    The past seven months I’ve had to sleep on my right side every night, because of a few helix piercings I had done in my left ear, which keep getting inflamed, and which prevent me from sleeping on my back when the pillow squishes up around the tips of my ears.

    Sleeping on my side these past few months, I’ve never felt so tired in my whole life – apart from when I was pregnant and had to sleep on my side for eight months.

    And really – don’t worry about wrinkles! They are not important, they are not ugly. What matters most is that you get up feeling refreshed from your side/back sleep, and that your thoughts are positive and your intentions good – these three alone will guarantee you a worry-free, beautiful start to your day.

  • Anna November, 26 2013, 12:23 / Reply

    First, I love the bed in the photo.
    Second, I cannot sleep well if I laid on my back. Those times when I managed to get some sleep, I have to put something on my head. If not, I wont be able to sleep.
    I read somewhere that if you sleep curling on your side, usually it contribute to slouching. Maybe that is the reason why I am a bit slouching.

  • Sunny Side November, 26 2013, 7:46 / Reply

    C’est valable si tu es totalement détendue ce qui est rare ! Tu peux serrer les machoires et grincer des dents en étant sur le dos genre damned j’arrive pas à dormir. C’est surtout la qualité et la profondeur du sommeil qui compte et qui détend les petites cellules. Il faut faire comme les chats chercher la position la plus confortable. Bouddha a-t-il des rides plus à droite qu’à gauche ? lui qui dormait allongé du côté droit en respirant par le nez ??? Buddha wrinkles … holy smile!!!

  • Juliette November, 26 2013, 8:06 / Reply

    Alors une fois j’avais lu un article sur les Folies Bergères, et les danseuses disaient qu’il fallait ABSOLUMENT dormir sur le ventre, pour avoir de jolies fesses. Ne sachant choisir entre jolies fesses et visage lisse, je pense que je vais continuer à dormir une nuit sur le côté gauche, l’autre sur le côté droit.

  • Manasa November, 26 2013, 9:41 / Reply

    I was told to sleep straight on my back fora totally different reason. Even though it took me sometime to get used to it, it was totally worth it. The doctor told me that if we sleep to the side, the back muscles got to be active to support the shoulder blades and they need rest. If they dont get to rest enough, it results in back pain.

    As a side effect, I started breaking out less and waking up with a fresher face.

  • Nina November, 26 2013, 10:02 / Reply

    Oh là là, déjà qu’on nous bombarde de conseils plus ou moins judicieux pendant la journée pour “bien vieillir”, voilà qu’en plus il faudrait qu’on se prenne la tête avec ça la nuit, l’un des rares moments où on est tranquilles!
    Bon, ça me paraît pas complètement idiot comme théorie, mais bon, on bouge tout le temps la nuit, même un peu, et on peut difficilement s’en empêcher. On va tout de même pas se sangler à nos lits pour se préserver des rides non? De toute façon, on en aura tous et toutes des rides, un jour ou l’autre, alors autant s’y faire! Pour moi, bien vieillir ce n’est pas vieillir sans rides, c’est vieillir en bonne santé de toute façon!

  • Angie November, 26 2013, 10:07 / Reply

    A very interesting article indeed. In my case though it would mean that I have to choose between, one: sleep on my side and accepting that I have a larger chance at getting imperfections in my facial region or, two: lying on my back, not getting any sleep at all and looking like crap every day of my life. So it’s definitely a no-brainer for me ;p.


  • claudine November, 26 2013, 12:12 / Reply

    Je dors sur le dos, pour soulager ma nuque, mes cervicales, mes épaules… Sur le conseil de mon ostéo c’est la meilleure position pour relâcher la tension en haut du dos.
    Si en plus, je rejeunis ainsi, c’est parfait.

  • Patti November, 26 2013, 1:10 / Reply

    I used to only be able to sleep on my side, but had to switch to sleeping on my back in order to protect my spinal discs. (It elongates the spine if done properly, while side-sleeping can contribute to compressed, bulging discs.) It was difficult at first, but I found several things helped. I applied a scented lotion with calming oils. Then I discovered a heating pad that I put in the microwave for a few minutes and lay it on my chest and abdomen, which gives a nice warm weight and adds to a feeling of being secure and protected. Sometimes I put on a few tracks of relaxing music before sleep. I don’t know about wrinkles, but I’ve noticed I break out a lot less and have the best sleep of my life.

  • Delphine November, 26 2013, 3:19 / Reply

    J’avais lu pareil, mais quand j’en ai parlé à une amie spécialiste du sommeil, elle m’a dit : ” la meilleure position pour une bonne oxygénation est sur le côté ”
    Sans appel, qu’il y a t’il de mieux qu’une bonne oxygénation pour la peau ?

  • bp November, 27 2013, 2:10 / Reply

    I have been a back sleeper all my life…. UNTIL RECENTLY when it counts! Argh! I believe sleeping on one’s back has tremendous benefit to your face, neck and back muscles. Not having gravity and the weight and pressure of all that blood rushing to your face for hours on end keeps things relaxed. But lately I have started moving around in my sleep like crazy. Will have to work on back sleeping again! This post was the perfect reminder.

  • Monica November, 27 2013, 2:56 / Reply

    Absolutely! When I was in my 20s I worked as a makeup artist in Hollywood. I met a woman who was in her early 50s whose skin looked as though she were only a few years older than me. She’d had no work done and was not using botox. (I can testify to that – she had no scars and could show emotions on her face.) She said she used very good skin care products, stayed out of the sun and slept on her back with a neck roll instead of a pillow.

    I have slowly retrained myself to sleeping on my back since that time. The trick to retraining yourself is to buy a bed that is too uncomfortable to sleep on your side, such as a Japanese or Chinese platform bed with a thin mattress. After your fifth night of bruised shoulders and hips, you’ll never move in your sleep again.

  • jg November, 27 2013, 6:10 / Reply

    the most important thing is a long restful sleep–in any position that is needed to achieve this end. this is MUCH more important than any particular sleep position, especially if it is not 100% comfortable to you.

    the basics are what keep your skin young: good sleep, drink lots of non-plastic-stored water, keep sun off face (not body), eat a LOT of vegetables and fats compared to lesser amounts of simple carbs and proteins, exercise daily, use organic face creams and products ONLY–no chemicals.

    i don’t believe in Botox and all that crap. and i’m not young.

  • Eli November, 27 2013, 1:47 / Reply

    Perso, je m’endors sur le coté et dors sur le ventre…inutile de le dire, selon ta théorie, la CATA!!!
    Le seul moment où j’ai fait un effort, c’est pendant ma grossesse : pas le choix ;-) Et franchement, pas simple…même pour la bonne cause !!
    Désolée de faire ma “parisienne”, je vais continuer à dormir as usual et f…les rides !!!
    Garaaaaaaaaaaaaaance ! Les filles, et si on arrêtait de se faire des noeuds au cerveau et simplement profiter de la vie ??! Franchement avez-vous déjà vu un homme se préoccuper de se genre de choses…? Je ne sais pas pour Scott, mais si je suggerai la chose à mon homme, il se moquerai tres tres fort !

  • Judith November, 27 2013, 2:12 / Reply

    Je fais des cauchemars quand je dors sur le dos. Donc je préfère dormir sur le côté et risquer d’avoir quelques petites rides avec les années que de passer une nuit stressante qui est visible tout de suite sur mon visage…

  • Audrey November, 27 2013, 4:40 / Reply

    La position d’endormissement et la position de sommeil sont deux choses différentes. Des mouvements inconscients se produisent lors de notre sommeil, on bouge souvent ; mais par contre, c’est vrai que la position dans laquelle on s’endort est “comme enregistré” par notre cerveau et c’est ce qui explique, entre autres, qu’on a du mal à s’endormir sur le dos quand on est habitué à être sur le ventre !
    Le seul conseil “santé/beauty/santéééééé” : ne pas dormir sur le ventre parce que les cervicales et la posture en prennent un coup : essayer donc de rester 4h disons la tête tournée sur la droite… douloureux!
    Sur ce, bonne nuit ;-)

  • Elisha November, 27 2013, 9:00 / Reply

    I sleep on my back, straight as a rod. And yes, that’s my natural comfortable position. I also don’t place a pillow behind my bed. That, and regular back stretching is my secret to good posture.

    Aside from good posture, I’ve read somewhere that sleeping straight without a pillow is also good for you heart. The fact that it’s also a good anit-aging secret is new information to me too. In my experience, there’s truth in that. I notice the difference at times when I sleep on my side. When I wake up, my other cheek becomes thicker than the other one.

    It’s not impossible to be a straight-sleeper. I used to be a side-sleeper (on my right, while hugging my favorite pillow). When I noticed that I frequently get breakouts on my cheek because of my pillow, I tried to make it a habit to sleep straight.

    It took a while to get used to it. At first I had trouble sleeping until I slept on my side again. But as I persisted, my body learned to be more comfortable sleeping straight. Now I have trouble sleeping when I’m on my side.

  • Christine November, 28 2013, 1:35 / Reply

    I curl up and switch sides all night. I even tried to curl up when I was being put under anesthesia. Unless they strap me down, I’ll be a side sleeper till the end of my days.

  • Pages November, 28 2013, 9:26 / Reply

    lol ca m’a l’air compliqué… Si même en dormant il faut garder le contrôle pour rester belle…


  • Linda November, 28 2013, 4:45 / Reply

    Une amie à moi racontait que le secret de jeunesse de sa mère était de dormir sur le dos. Sur le coup, je n’avais pas compris, mais effectivement ça parait logique. Dormir sur le ventre ou le côté marque forcément le visage, ça ne se voit pas dans l’immédiat, mais à long terme, les plis s’installent. L’effet le plus frappant est peut-être celui des plis qui se forment au niveau du décolleté, entre les seins, et que je vois sur pas mal de filles (même âgées de moins de 30 ans).

  • Hanna Fideli November, 28 2013, 6:30 / Reply

    Hello Garance!
    First of all thank you for the as allways amusing and smart text. I have followed you for some time and allways find that you posts have a great sence of humor and self-perspective.
    I am a painter and was happily surprised when i read the title of this post since have worked with a series og paintings with the exact title “The science of sleep” tough in my project I worked with the natural sleeping pattern of people sleeping alone or togheter with someone.

    The state of sleep is so interesting too me since it is both safe and completely exposed at the same time and when I did my studies of people sleeping I found that almost everyone (even though perhaps starting of trying to sleep straight as an arrow)when reaching REM curled up in the same fashion as a baby inside the safety of the womb.
    I think that it is a very beautiful fact that you will find almost the same sleeping pattern regardless of the personality of the subject. Barrack Obama will sleep in the same way as an infant. Shows that we all have the same basic needs of comfort.

    Anyways if you want to see the painting you can do it here: http://hannafidelinordqvist.tumblr.com/

    Thank you again for adding smiles to my day! Tack!

    Hanna Fideli Nordqvist

  • Ingrid November, 30 2013, 6:39 / Reply

    Hey Hey Hanna…fellow Swede! Hur mor du idag???? And Bonjour Garance!!!!

    Is this your beautiful bedroom Garance? It’s looks dreamy!

    I think you shouldn’t worry about wrinkles. Just enjoy your life and your sleep. Whatever way you’re the most comfy!!!!! I once heard from a lady working in the cosmetics dept also never to smile, or do too much facial expression because it causes expression lines around the eyes. Ridiculous! And how boring too!

  • cece December, 4 2013, 6:59 / Reply

    I’ve trained myself to sleep on my back, and YES! it makes a huge difference. Six months and I look great every morning. Clear eyes, no lines, no “11′s”. I highly recommend it. I sleep with a firm pillow under my legs. That helps to keep me from rolling over.

  • Noemi December, 10 2013, 12:21 / Reply

    I already knew it, I read it somewhere months ago… so now I try to sleep straight on my back, but I’m kind of hopeless because I like to sleep on my left side, most of all, and lying on my belly.

  • linda January, 7 2014, 3:43 / Reply

    My adorable puppy sleeps to my left, and I must hold him.

  • gabi February, 26 2014, 10:06 / Reply

    J’ai mon coiffeur qui m’a dit la même chose : vous dormez sur le côté droit ? Voius avez moins de cheuveux de ce côté !!
    Comme je n’arrive toujours pas à dormir totalement sur le dos, j’alterne les côtés (avec mon chéri on change de place dans le lit toutes les semaines environ, voire tous les 3 jours…Je précise qu’à la base c’était son idée = il trouve ça con que chacun est un côté du lit qui lui soit attribué… donc on casse la routine en changeant de côté du lit ahaha). ;-)

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