Even if I’m not fundamentaly against fur (I explained why here), I like trying to find alternatives and so far, nothing has me convinced. And then this Max Mara coat came along, worn by Carine Roitfeld. And then this Zara jacket. And then, I found this coat by Dries Van Noten.

I loved it so much during the runway show that I totally put my name on a list (Yes, hello there, Fashion Hysterics Anonymous, how may I help you?) and honestly, I have not been disappointed. It’s super warm. It’s super soft and it’s very light on my shoulders. Also I swear, people won’t stop touching my coat; it’s almost bizarre. A little like the whole short hair thing: suddenly strangers stop to caress your fur… (Does that sound weird in English? It’s just as weird in French, rest assured.) Okay, you see what I’m getting at though.

And actually, it’s not too surprising because Dries said to me (Garance, friend to the designers) that he went looking for the perfect faux fur in a teddy bear factory in Germany.

YEAH, I’M A TEDDY BEAR YOU GUYS. Will you please hug me?

PS: Thank you to Scott for the photo!

Sunglasses, Céline; Jeans, MiH; Clutch, Mansur Gavriel; Sweatshirt, Isabel Marant x H&M; Sneakers, Nike.

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  • sabrina December, 2 2013, 9:06 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,

    Ton manteau est trop SWEEET!!

    ta coupe est géniale, moi qui suit super sceptique, je suis à deux doigts de craquer!!!

    Bonne journée


  • WELL LIVING BLOG December, 2 2013, 9:06

    Gorgeous find Garance ! The shape is beautiful and looks really nice on you
    XX Luba

    Urban chic look with cozy sweater and coated jeans, today on

  • Mafalda December, 2 2013, 9:06

    Cela faisait trop longtemps qu’on ne t’avais pas vue, ces photos sont géniales, tu es leste comme une gazelle!

  • sabrina December, 2 2013, 9:07 / Reply

    ps: tu es sublaiiiiiime

  • JENMA December, 2 2013, 9:09 / Reply

    Tu es superbe ! Le manteau va très bien avec les couleurs de la ville en plus (t’es trop parfaite) bisouxx

  • Cristina December, 2 2013, 9:09 / Reply

    You look incredibly stylish!!! This coat is perfect for you!!

  • Maude December, 2 2013, 9:10 / Reply

    J’adore le manteau, mais surtout J’ADORE tes lunettes!! D’où viennent-elles??

  • chantal December, 2 2013, 9:15 / Reply

    gwyneth paltrow in the royal tenenbaums <3

  • MGF December, 2 2013, 9:15

    Mais tellement!
    sauf les runners blanches.
    faudra en parler à Wes

  • mi. December, 2 2013, 9:15 / Reply

    fantastic Garance! Teddy Bear suits you (+ these glasses)! Big Teddy hug from London!

  • Cmoi December, 2 2013, 9:15 / Reply

    Tu as l’air GENIAL ma chère Garance!!! xxx

  • veronica December, 2 2013, 9:17 / Reply

    You look stunning dear!! I love your coat!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • L&F December, 2 2013, 9:20 / Reply

    LE fashion teddy….allez donc voir le mien de teddy just pour rire car il se vautre dans le canapé depuis les premières neiges: http://luckasetmoi.blogspot.fr/2013/12/j-24-le-chat-qui-prenait-la-vie-du-bon.html

  • coco December, 2 2013, 9:25 / Reply

    ma..gni…fi…queeee!!!et ou peut on se l’offrir pour son petit Noel ? en France j’entends….merci Garance

  • Jeanne Berre December, 2 2013, 9:25 / Reply

    Très très joli look, et quelle prise de vue. Félicitations.

  • Rachelle December, 2 2013, 9:26 / Reply

    Love your coat, you always look so fabulous in an effortless way.


  • Nikki Mellors December, 2 2013, 9:31 / Reply

    Love it. Love it. Love it. Entire look is superb. X

  • Nayara Moia December, 2 2013, 9:32 / Reply

    Lovely Garance!
    I would hug you for sure.

  • Eyespectacle December, 2 2013, 9:34 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    I agree with your previous thoughts about fur. I come from a similar background where farm animals are there to provide sustenance and where killed and treated with respect and never made to suffer.

    The fake fur you are wearing looks fab though, so hopefully we will see less real ones around ;-)


  • Gaëlle missGworld December, 2 2013, 9:35 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance,
    On ne se connait pas, même si je te connais un peu plus que ce que tu me connais, mais je te ferais un gros calins et je caresserais ta fourrure de Teddy bear avec plaisir!

  • Q December, 2 2013, 9:36 / Reply

    beautiful coat!!!… will bring you many years of joy!


  • Abi December, 2 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    Yeah, it sounds weird in English :) Love it!

  • Elisa December, 2 2013, 9:41 / Reply

    Really amazing!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  • Noemi December, 2 2013, 9:53 / Reply

    I like this coat, at least only some teddy bears got hurt in making it! :)

  • tiphaine December, 2 2013, 10:00 / Reply

    magnifique manteau! j’en avais un du même genre la saison passée, du coup je vois tout à fait de quoi tu parles à propos des gens qui n’arrêtent pas de te caresser haha ;)

    bon début de semaine Garance :)

    xo tiphaine

  • sophies December, 2 2013, 10:00 / Reply

    Tu es parfaite: j’adore ta coupe de cheveux, ton manteau et ce pantalon + baskets blancs je crie: j’adoooore! bises Garance

  • lygie December, 2 2013, 10:08 / Reply

    What a lovely coat! I can see why you put your name down. It is super chic and elegant in a casual way. I would definitely give you a hug. I have a fur vest that I adore and have experienced the draw – people always want to touch it!

  • Lana December, 2 2013, 10:08 / Reply

    WOW je suis bluffée par ton allure et ton sens du style !

  • Cecilia December, 2 2013, 10:12 / Reply

    It should be a wonderful sensation to be inside a teddy bear!

  • celine December, 2 2013, 10:16 / Reply

    La grande classe G!



  • Laëti December, 2 2013, 10:19 / Reply


    J’aime beaucoup.
    À bientôt !


  • Daiana December, 2 2013, 10:22 / Reply

    I’m so happy that people actually notice good faux fur exists! There’s no need to kill animals to look good!

  • E December, 2 2013, 10:25 / Reply

    perfect pics,perfect coat,awe you,on the second one you’re almost flying-this post just make me smile.)
    the shoes?

  • Ali December, 2 2013, 10:30 / Reply

    Joli manteau mais restons pragmatique. N’as tu pas froid aux chevilles ?

  • Anna Frey December, 2 2013, 10:35 / Reply

    Hey Garance!

    First of all: I love the coat and how you combined it with the white trousers and sneakers. Thumbs up!

    It’s really funny because some time ago you posted a picture of Stevie Dance wearing white skinny jeans on your blog…that picture was a real inspiration for me and my most recent blogpost is about white pants and how difficult it is to style them properly. And then today I see this picture of you and think “if someone can sport white trousers then it’s definitely Garance!”

    Love from Germany!


  • 40 and so what December, 2 2013, 10:36 / Reply

    Il est absolument ravissant avec cette lumière d’hiver ensoleillé !

  • jacqueline | the hourglass files December, 2 2013, 10:46 / Reply

    Faux fur can be hit or miss. Yours looks incredibly cuddly, and I like it! Maybe because it’s not trying to be what it’s not. It looks faux, but still super plush. Can faux fur be authentic? In this case, I think yes.

  • jessica December, 2 2013, 10:48 / Reply

    I’m just loving your hair!…and the coat of course!

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Clémence December, 2 2013, 11:09 / Reply

    Juste pour dire que tu es sublime avec ces cheveux courts et dans cette tenue. Voilà, c’est dit!

  • Sevan December, 2 2013, 11:10 / Reply

    Je craque pour le “style Garance” car j’aime tout, et ces belles photos pleines d’energie sont evidemment prises par Scott (who else ?)

  • matchingpoints December, 2 2013, 11:12 / Reply

    Ce manteau est très chouette, sport, chic selon. Ce qui est un plus c’est son poids ! L’une des matchingpoints a hérité d’un beau vison long (nous avons parlé de nos états d’âme…), il est magnifique, mais terriblement lourd !

  • It's About L.A December, 2 2013, 11:24 / Reply

    Super artcile, j’aime beaucoup lire ce que tu écris et le manteau est tout simplement génial!

  • Petra December, 2 2013, 11:26 / Reply

    Dear Garance, you look soooooo good!!! in each and every behalf!!!
    Do you still like your hair? Did you need some time to get along with your new hairstyle? Do you plan to grow it back or do you want to keep it for a while and cut it again?
    sooooo curious….
    xoxo Petra

  • Cohiba December, 2 2013, 11:33 / Reply

    Tu es belle sur ces photos ! Je précise : tu es belle quoi qu’il en soit, mais ces photos te mettent particulièrement en valeur.
    J’adore les couleurs camel/écru/blanc. C’ets douillet, c’est frais, c’est chic. La perfection !
    Et en plus, ce look convient très bien à ta coupe de cheveux. Sur la photo n°2, ça fait vraiment un joli profil.

    “Soudain, un inconnu plonge sa main dans votre fourrure”… Hahaha ! Génial ! Je suis hilare depuis 1/4 d’heure avec cette phrase. Tu as oublié d’ajouter : “Quand vous le portez [le manteau Max Mara], tout peut arriver” (ah, elle était chouette, la pub Impulse).

  • Virginie/Mode9 December, 2 2013, 11:38 / Reply

    Très belles photos !! Et ce manteau est top…je commence à m’intéresser à la fausse fourrure moi aussi, cette année.

  • Clemence December, 2 2013, 11:40 / Reply

    Sublime ce manteau and I love the hair!!!!


  • Ruby December, 2 2013, 11:40 / Reply

    Nah, not feelin’ this one, mlle garance.

  • Denisa December, 2 2013, 11:41 / Reply

    Beautiful look. I like your coat.

  • andreavytlacilova December, 2 2013, 11:53 / Reply

    I loooove your haircut Garance! :) Although I have never had such a short haircut, I am really thinking about it now as I see yours! :)


  • Catherine December, 2 2013, 12:00 / Reply

    Merci Scott, photos superbes, ça fait rêver…

  • Dominica December, 2 2013, 12:02 / Reply

    LOVE that coat ; not sure if it would complement my figure (I’m not that tall) but I totally love it on you, it seriously rocks !

  • Stefanie December, 2 2013, 12:06 / Reply

    That coat is AMAZING! As a vegetarian who’s recently gone vegan, I would never actual fur, and I’m even starting to back away from the leather, wool, and silk; but, I do love the look of a big cozy fur coat. Stylish and cruelty free for the win!

  • Valé December, 2 2013, 12:06 / Reply

    It’s a beautiful Teddy coat It seems so cosy ! I want the same.


  • Tina December, 2 2013, 12:14 / Reply

    Amazing post! I love this outfit… :)


  • Gigi December, 2 2013, 12:16 / Reply

    Ma chère Garance, je suis toujours in love pour ton style, cette fausse fourrure type peluche et le sweat street wear Isabelle Marant, pfff…super combo! Et puis cette coupe de cheveux te va super bien, définitivement :)


  • Janis December, 2 2013, 12:37 / Reply

    Stylish, chic and no animal had to suffer a cruel and painful death. YES!!!!! Thank you, Garance, for showing how great faux fur can be. You have so much influence on so many people! As the song in the Broadway show “Kinky Boots” says… “You change the world when you change your mind!”

  • Fabulous 30s December, 2 2013, 12:39 / Reply

    Oh my!!! It really does look huggable!!!

    Fabulous 30s

  • Dounia December, 2 2013, 12:50 / Reply

    Perso, je pense que tu devrais nous poster des photos de toi tout le temps :)

  • sev December, 2 2013, 12:55 / Reply

    TU-ES-JO-LIE !!
    La photo d’en haut est juste magnifique !! :D

  • CREEZY December, 2 2013, 12:59 / Reply

    Ce manteau vintage est sympa surtout quand il est porté comme vous le faites sur ces photos – de façon “sport” – sinon cela ferait trop “dadame”

    J’aime beaucoup les lunettes.. – Bref le look est très chouette !

    Le “moins” : le bout de la manches du sweat qui dépasse et qui, en plus, doit être gênant…

  • paula December, 2 2013, 1:05 / Reply

    Wow, you look beautiful!!

  • Aletheia December, 2 2013, 1:07 / Reply

    “pas fondamentalement contre la fourrure” ? c’est pour ça que nos commentaires ne sont pas publiés sur le site quand on ose dire qu’on en a marre d’en voir partout ?
    parce que : oui à la fourrure en peluche comme tu la portes !! et non ! à la fourrure/torture.

  • Andrea December, 2 2013, 1:13 / Reply

    Super photos, enfin un gros plan sur la nouvelle coupe de cheveux et manteau qui fait envie.
    Ma version du faux fur c’était ça:

  • Laura December, 2 2013, 1:24 / Reply

    J’adore ce manteau, ça donne vraiment envie de le toucher! Ton look est super, et les photos aussi!


  • anissa December, 2 2013, 1:27 / Reply

    Coucou Garance,
    Ce petit mot juste pour te dire que ton manteau et Magnifique !!! Il a l’air tellement confortable et doux.. La chance que tu as… Toujours aussi jolie, ET ta coupe…OH lala !!! comme cela se vois sur cette photo, tu l’assume totalement et c’est géniale.

    Bisous de France, (et plus spécialement de Normandie)

  • handMODE December, 2 2013, 1:33 / Reply

    Dear Garance, not a teddy but a trendy bear ;)!

  • Najiba December, 2 2013, 1:34 / Reply

    Ouuuuuh je te prends dans mes bras quand tu veux Garance haha

  • beata December, 2 2013, 1:35 / Reply


    you look so cozy and casually fabulous

  • Gabrielle December, 2 2013, 1:51 / Reply

    Wow! You look fantastic! Such grate shots, you are flying ;-) Ah, yes, that Dies coat! A dream of mine! If I could find one in my size, I would live in it the whole winter long! xxx

  • Noémie December, 2 2013, 1:54 / Reply

    Je suis raide dingue de ton manteau, de tes lunettes, de ton pantalon et de tes baskets! Bref j’adore ton look et tu es toujours aussi rayonnante!

  • juliette December, 2 2013, 2:00 / Reply

    i absolutely love this coat, looks great on you! Nice articles by the way. Xj

  • breanne@thestore.com December, 2 2013, 2:03 / Reply

    My boyfriend used to say that the ideal coat would be an extra-large teddy bear that you could just unwrap the stuffed animal from the stuffing and put it on. Sounds creepy, but yours looks simply huggable!!! More winter warmies I just can’t keep my hands off!

  • WENDY December, 2 2013, 2:28 / Reply


  • Charlie December, 2 2013, 2:32 / Reply

    Garance! Ces photos sont superbes!! Vous êtes rayonnante! Et ce manteau! Et ces lunettes!! Bref je crois qu’on adore là non?!!
    Basgi basgi!

  • Amalia December, 2 2013, 2:35 / Reply

    You look fabulous and happy. More like this please, don’t be shy.

  • The slow pace December, 2 2013, 2:36 / Reply

    I’ve been looking for a faux fur coat for ages but I don’t find the perfect one for me. How can I put this? I’m quite small and round so I can look like an Ewok very easily. Umpf. Anyway, I live in Germany so maybe you can ask your friend Dries where that teddy bear factory is located so that I can go there and find a teddy bear little coat for me. ;)

  • linda tol December, 2 2013, 2:36 / Reply

    I love your short hair! Can’t stop looking at it.

  • CarolineJ December, 2 2013, 2:42 / Reply

    Cette belle lumière d’automne sur ton manteau, avec ces lunettes géniales et tes cheveux courts toujours aussi canons… perfection ??! ;)

    xxx Caroline J.

  • paristempslibre December, 2 2013, 2:45 / Reply

    tu es magnifique garcance!!!!!!
    et oui, j’ai un manteau avec un col en fourrure max mara et je suis prod (d’anglais) et les élèves sont capables de toucher/caresser le col (après m’avoir demandé ou non la permission). je trouve ça hyper stressant en fait!

  • L'épingle December, 2 2013, 2:46 / Reply

    J’ai eu, et j’ai encore (mais j’ai refait la doublure) un manteau Rodier datant du début des années 80 (pendant une courte période, à cette époque, la marque a eu un bon styliste, un peu comme en ce moment) dans la même peluche (coton+nylon), et coupe pas très différente. Je peux témoigner que ça ne vieillit pas, contrairement à la fausse fourrure disons commune qui est vite pisseuse et mal coiffée.
    Je l’aime toujours…

  • Julia December, 2 2013, 2:50 / Reply

    Bonsoir Garance,

    J’adore ce look, comme personne d’autre tu sais mélanger les grandes classiques chiques avec des éléments sportifs et je super like les lunettes !

    Par contre je me pose 2 questions : le haut fait très chaud avec ce manteau + pull, mais en bas je vois : des chevilles nues… Donc :

    —> 1) Ce look est à porter à quelle température ?
    —> 2) Est-ce que le manteau compense le fait d’avoir les chevilles nues ??

    Bisous !

  • Gita December, 2 2013, 3:03 / Reply

    You look like a million bucks. Seriously, this look is ahmazing!


  • Eva December, 2 2013, 3:05 / Reply

    What an incredible photo of you, you look amazing! xx


  • Kathrine December, 2 2013, 3:11 / Reply

    Thank you Garance for caring. Beautiful coat and love your hair!

  • Sunday Desire December, 2 2013, 3:12 / Reply

    Yes to the alternatives to leather and fur!
    This one looks pretty fab ;)


  • Alexia December, 2 2013, 3:31 / Reply

    Cette photo est dingue. On te croirait sur un nuage Garance.

  • Manon December, 2 2013, 3:37 / Reply

    Vraiment pas grave que tu ne sois pas totalement contre la vraie fourrure. Du moment que tu es entièrement pour la fausse ;-)

  • Marie December, 2 2013, 3:51 / Reply

    Pas mal ! Pas mal! Tu le porte très bien, avec classe (rend bcp mieux que sur le site de DVN!)

  • Mandy@ladyandpups December, 2 2013, 4:03 / Reply

    Love this! You dressed it down perfectly (like any fur coat needs to be) with cropped jeans and sneakers! Beautiful.

  • Fashion Musings Diary December, 2 2013, 4:09 / Reply

    Fausse fourrure et vrai look canon!

  • Alex December, 2 2013, 4:28 / Reply

    Hahaha that’s too cute. I am definitely into teddy bear fur.

  • Lialia December, 2 2013, 4:33 / Reply

    Une femme élégante!

  • Patricia December, 2 2013, 4:38 / Reply

    woooo !!!! super cool Garance ! love the way you wear the fur coat with sneakers, whites, sweatshirt ! very chic !!!! often people wear fur coat in a dressed up version, which is too much and look like an old lady. The way you wear it is very inspiring !

  • Hayley December, 2 2013, 5:29 / Reply

    Loving your hair!

  • Marina B. December, 2 2013, 5:41 / Reply

    Très très très chouette ce manteau. C’est vrai que maintenant il y a de plus en plus de belles choses en fausse fourrure. Le “synthétique” progresse…!

  • Tanja December, 2 2013, 5:44 / Reply

    I wanna hug you…you little Steiff Teddy<3 BEAUTIFUL!

  • Ida December, 2 2013, 5:59 / Reply

    You and your coat are both stunning! I totally approve of picking faux over real fur even if it means you’re a teddy bear (as long as you don’t look like one of those cheap ones you win at town fairs ;P). Keep the gorgeous photos coming!

  • Lizzie December, 2 2013, 6:39 / Reply

    “Beary” cuddly, indeed!

  • sandra(last tango in paris) December, 2 2013, 7:02 / Reply

    oh gosh that coat looks amaaaaazing!!

    teddy bear fur coat?? seriously?! probably the coolest thing i’ve seen all year. seriously.

    but yeah that happens to me too when i wear a fur coat – people won’t stop petting/hugging me! preety ccreepy (in a larry david voice)

    love the short hair too!


  • shari December, 2 2013, 7:31 / Reply

    Nice…but not chic, sorry!
    But at the other hand I am thrilled that Dries Van Noten turned to Steiff!!! Seriously they make the best stuffed animals in the world and actually they are the inventors of the Teddy-bear :)))

  • Sandrine December, 2 2013, 8:35 / Reply

    Habituellement, j’aime la fourrure, mais seulement à petites doses sur des accessoires, par contre tu m’as charmé avec celui-ci!

    Sandrine x

  • Melanie December, 2 2013, 9:19 / Reply

    Oh Garance! You MUST do a video explaining how you managed that “I’m so in a rush that my feet are levitating off the ground as I run but I still look positively chic” pose! When I run in photos, I look like a salty dog, not cute.

  • Newborn Fanatic December, 2 2013, 10:44 / Reply

    That coat is so cute! I’m seriously loving how you styled it in such a comfortable way. I have this idea in my head that fur needs to look a little more glamorous but you proved me wrong! *thumbs up*
    p.s. obsessed with the celine!


  • Rebecca December, 2 2013, 11:11 / Reply

    The coat looks lovely, stylish, cuddly and warm. One ethical consideration I’m reflecting on is the coat’s afterlife. As it is made from a mixture of plastics it probably won’t be easy to recycle. It is likely to be less durable than a real fur coat, which may shorten its useful life. I find it so hard to navigate ethically through fashion and style. I bought my first new winter coat in 15 years last year – wool – but it was made in China and I couldn’t find any information about its manufacture, nor can I tell if it will last 15 years. I hope your beautiful new coat continues to look and feel wonderful for years to come.

  • Angie Muresan December, 2 2013, 11:36 / Reply

    Not a fan of Carine’s coat. In it, she looks like a teddy bear who overindulged in too much honey. Your coat, however, is very nice. And your attitude is the best.

  • Ingrid December, 3 2013, 12:13 / Reply

    Love your faux fur coat!!!!! And no animals were killed!!!!! YAY…….

    HUGS from California xoxo

    Love your hair! You look like a total doll

  • STEPHANIE December, 3 2013, 12:18 / Reply


  • Blaise December, 3 2013, 1:14 / Reply

    I love stories of clothes by their designers… teddy bear factory :)

  • Les M de Marie December, 3 2013, 2:28 / Reply

    Mon dieu Garance cette coupe te va vraiment à ravir !

    En ce qui concerne la fourrure.. Ce n’est pas encore terrain conquis chez moi!



  • Nicole December, 3 2013, 2:43 / Reply

    Love this coat! Looks so warm and soft!

    xx Nicole

  • Bec December, 3 2013, 3:52 / Reply

    Awesome haircut!!

  • Val de Bruxelles December, 3 2013, 4:11 / Reply

    Autant j’ai détesté le max mara autant je trouve celui -ci terriblement désirable, les proportions sont quand même beaucoup plus flatteuses! Très jolies photos et aaaarhg… le jean blanc parfait que je cherche toujours…. (pas transparent, pas trop slim, pas trop jaune, pas trop taille basse… ma quête du graal)

  • aga December, 3 2013, 4:12 / Reply

    Ooops, sth went wrong with my previous comment. What I wanted to say is that you look absolutely gorgeus Garance! The coat is fantastic but, the hair. THE hair, is sooooo great!

  • Zaza of Geneva December, 3 2013, 4:32 / Reply

    Sublime ce manteau !! Je veux le même !! Euuuhhh… est-ce qu’il existe en XXXXL ?

  • Elizaveta December, 3 2013, 5:25 / Reply

    You didn’t write where the ring is from!)

  • Olimpia Libertia December, 3 2013, 6:16 / Reply

    Really beautiful pictures. I don’t dislike faux fur coats entirely… I just don’t like when it is super ultra fake, like you look and it has that almost dirty appearance, you know. So that’s why I prefer when they are not trying to imitate fur all the way. Are you following? I think I lost myself… hahaha. So that’s why, the only faux fur that I can wear is my super huge (seriously, I feel like a bear, and is perfect for Ryanair flights, you can hide EVERYTHING inside my coat) and gigantic wine colour coat, with a super hoodie (the ones that you lose your head in it, and no one can see your face LOVE IT). People actually get scared of me when I wear that coat. And, like you said, if super fluffy and super warm!

  • julytoseptember December, 3 2013, 6:25 / Reply

    et elle ne fait pas fausse ou cheap sans faire vraie non plus :) bon après dans les magasins fast fashion (zara et cie) c’est un peu dur de trouver de jolies fausses fourrures. je n’en porte pas parce que ce n’est pas mon style mais ce n’est pas vraiment par problème éthique et en règle générale je déteste la fausse fourrure que je trouve très cheap donc je choisirai de la vraie ou sans

  • mara di campli December, 3 2013, 6:35 / Reply

    Je suis d’acord avec Althea ther’s no need to kill brutally animal when you can wear such a nice coat without violence.

  • Hanneke December, 3 2013, 8:48 / Reply

    You should post outfit posts like this more often, you are so good at it! xo Hanneke

    and you can check out my style on http://www.hannekeverstegen.com

  • Laima December, 3 2013, 9:06 / Reply

    My sister started eco-clothing line and believe me, how finding the right material proved to be challenging! But not impossible! http://lagamta.com/

  • Frida Kahlo December, 3 2013, 10:58 / Reply

    Bonjour..la super classe..pas de cadavre sur le dos…et en plus c est une merveille..vous le porté stylé..
    belle journée

  • ainhoa December, 3 2013, 11:27 / Reply

    :))).. n’oublie pas l’écharpe et les gants ;-) !!, c’est très intéressant que tu as mis des baskets avec ;-)

  • nice 974 December, 3 2013, 11:41 / Reply

    So cool ! Bien joué ! je ne savais pas que Max Mara faisait de la fausse fourrure ! Bonne nouvelle ! J’adore les manteaux en fourrure mais en vrai quoi et impossible d’en trouver un qui me plaise !

  • léontine December, 3 2013, 12:09 / Reply

    vous êtes su-per-be !!!!Les fossettes, le manteau, les cheveux, les chaussures, les chevilles, les petit taches de rousseur (ou c’est la photo?), enfin le teint, tout est beau !

  • andreea December, 3 2013, 12:32 / Reply

    I really like this coat. I think I would buy it as well.

  • andria December, 3 2013, 3:05 / Reply

    Great coat! I have the Carine Max Mara coat that my husband bought for me as a milestone birthday gift and I LOVE it. It is super warm and effortlessly chic no matter what you are wearing. The most expensive thing I own but so worth it!

  • Luca Jaan December, 3 2013, 5:57 / Reply

    Dearest Garance,

    I have started following your blogs about 5 years ago. Ever since it has been a great inspiration to me, every day so diverse, thank you for that! This fake-fur coat looks great on you and I have come to re-read your post on the whole fake/fur debate. One thing that has somewhat taken me by surprise this time was your statement “I’m not going to stop shopping at Zara anytime soon but just on a personal level, I’ve already started a while back trying to buy less and not promote the whole “all new, all the time” thing on this blog and elsewhere.”.

    I am totally with you, especially since Fashion can drive you into extreme consumption so easily – the Fashion monster has no mercy. I do have to admit though that I feel like, part of this blog has moved away from that. I am specifically talking about the whole “Shopping Cart” thing. It started this year, and for some reason that part is getting me off guard every time you post a new one. I am just curious, you are putting these carts together – of course Pinterest also adds its charm to it – but are you actually buying all that, every week? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe that everyone is in his or her personal responsibility to reflect on the amount of consumption. And maybe it is just another way to show what’s new out there?

    Re-reading the fur post, made me come up with my mind, that I could agree with you back then, because there was this beautiful balance you embraced on fashion, lifestyle, all that in a quite organic way. It wasn’t about buying stuff. Gradually this is becoming a stronger taste. I am certainly not an angel when it comes to consumption, I try as much as I can, rethinking any attempted purchase.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on that since also, it is quite fascinating to me how my personal perception is shifting. And for that only – cannot wait for all the post to come. :)

    Love to you!

  • Carol December, 3 2013, 7:09 / Reply

    You look incredible in the manteau faux! And the short hair suits you perfectly.
    Way 2 go, Garance!

  • Anna Z. December, 3 2013, 10:15 / Reply

    The haircut, the sunglasses, the coat – you got it ALL goin’ on there girlfriend!

  • Sunny Side December, 4 2013, 1:50 / Reply

    Cà me rappelle mon enfance j’en avais un en teddy bear ! cette coiffure te va génialement ! belle allure !

  • Daniela December, 4 2013, 4:25 / Reply

    This reminds me of the “touch the furry wall” scene from take him to the greek

  • no&me December, 4 2013, 6:43 / Reply

    Mais Garance, t’es trop canon ! Je kiffe cette nouvelle coupe, et ton sweat sous le manteau, et le manteau. You look perfect ! Envie de te prendre dans mes bras ? hihi, ben oui pourquoi pas, mais surtout, envie de me blottir dans ce manteau moi aussi :)
    Bisous et VIVE DRIES

  • Mireille December, 4 2013, 7:01 / Reply

    Franchement you rock Garance en faux fur!!!:-))

  • Suze December, 4 2013, 9:10 / Reply

    It’s a beautiful coat, Garance! And it looks superduper great on you! Love the mid-air moment in the second photo!

    Personally I really don’t like the feel of real fur and I also don’t like that animals get killed specifically for it (I’m shunning angora wool too now, have you read the news about the bunnies being skinned alive?). I do wear leather, since that is a byproduct, which I’m more okay with. As for food, I only eat meat very rarely, and only if it’s biologic (not sure about the correct English term for it).

    But it’s not easy making your mind up on these moral choices, especially because it’s quite hard to figure out what is indeed animal cruelty free and not and where you personally want to draw the line.

  • Micah Gianneli December, 4 2013, 9:38 / Reply

    Love it either way!

    Micah xx


  • Louise de Lima December, 4 2013, 9:39 / Reply

    Just love your hair!!

  • tami December, 4 2013, 1:59 / Reply

    Agreed that the fake fur is totally adorable but the cut of the coat is not flattering at all (very old fashion, grandma style and it ages you)! Also, now that you have short hair, don’t forget to go for a trim every 2-3 weeks. You have to keep your haircut tight and chic! Short hair can look ‘wild’ and overgrown very quickly. ILU G!!

  • Margaux December, 4 2013, 3:38 / Reply

    Garance je suis hyper fan de tes cheveux. Quel est ton secret?

  • julent December, 5 2013, 2:24 / Reply


    I read your post on wearing fur that you linked to above. It doesn’t make much sense to me. It sounds like you’re saying that in order to be anti-fur you’d have to also be a perfect vegan who doesn’t wear wool or leather and also rescues animals in her spare time. So, instead you’re going to be nothing and do nothing about animal welfare.

    This is like saying, “I know I’m never going to have the perfect body, so I’m not gong to exercise at all and never go to a single yoga class.” Or, “I know I can’t have the perfect career, so I’m going to sit all day on the sofa and never try.” I know that’s not how you live your life.

    You don’t have to be the perfect vegan woman if that is not who you are. Focus on what you CAN do for animals. Start small. In my opinion, not wearing fur is step one.

    Love your blog, btw.

  • Isa December, 6 2013, 3:01 / Reply

    Enorme cette photo ou tu traverses la rue , les 2 pieds ‘en suspension’ au dessus du sol !

    La parenthèse Enchantée.fr

  • Leighanne December, 8 2013, 2:37 / Reply

    Its sooooo good to hear people thinking like this! I have stopped eating pork completely (they really do have it the worst) and only eat red meat and chicken if I know where its come from. I also have issues with leather but continue to wear it. Its too warm here in South Africa to wear fur but I dont think I would. I hear what you are saying about half measures, but I still maintain that its better to do something than nothing. Thank you for a great post, its these things that make me feel like the world just might change one day.

  • Cybill December, 11 2013, 8:23 / Reply

    Love this one!!! Especially the sunglasses!
    Everything suits perfect on you!

  • annette December, 13 2013, 12:10 / Reply

    thank you for posting about faux fur. i haven’t been able to wear fur for over 10 years ever since i saw a show on the fur trade. too cruel, and all for humans to be ‘fashionable’. faux fur is so much more fashionable. when i see real fur, i see dead animal, so i never think it looks luxurious or great. this coat looks amazing on you!! beautiful.

  • Luxtine December, 18 2013, 2:15 / Reply

    Superbe allure

  • Camille December, 24 2013, 9:16 / Reply

    Oh, the light/sunshine outside in these pics… Definitely, the gorgeous late autumn/early winter light/sunshine of New England!
    I miss it so.

  • nathalie December, 25 2013, 4:03 / Reply

    Coupe extra, fausse fourrure et basket, très cool et glam ! What else!

  • carolin magdalena January, 18 2014, 1:47 / Reply

    such a pretty smile! and the coat is fabulous

  • marta February, 28 2014, 6:16 / Reply

    You look adorable :)

  • Ola March, 16 2014, 11:36 / Reply

    Garance, I read our blog from time to time.
    As much as you look nice in this coat, have you considered in your faux vs real fur debate – how harmful is faux fur? There are lots of articles on the internet on the production of nylon. I know, we cannot just get away from plastic etc. And I also had faux fur in the past. I also had a real one – when I was a little girl, my mam made it for me, so it was even more than lux item… :)
    Think how many years is this faux fur going to exist. Bit scary!
    Unless you hunt in Norway o Sibera… do you reall need fur, or is it just something you “want” to have?


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