How to wear a wide belt

How to wear a wide belt

A lesson from Theory pre-fall…

I’m adding a newsboy cap and now an extra wide belt to my winter wardrobe. With a dress, a shirt, a sweater or a jumpsuit, it looks cool paired with just about everything. I’m trying to decide if it will work for me or if a wide belt will just make me look…wide?

Do you think wide belts are flattering? Have you mastered the look?

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  • Caroline Dé December, 16 2013, 12:23 / Reply

    Je n’aime pas vraiment cette ceinture… Pas très flatteuse. Elle a apparemment pour but de marquer la taille avec l’effet classe en moins ! Bien trop épaisse à mon goût.

    Bisoux de France !

  • andreea December, 16 2013, 12:23

    it’s perfect if you have no boobs :P


  • Lucia December, 16 2013, 12:36 / Reply

    I think wide belts can be flattering but it depends where you position them….i think it’s better if the belt is where your waist is thinner or above that line if you don’t have a flat belly (as it’s thr case with me). I use a black leather one to give a twist to a flannel dress with a full skirt, but the Theory looks are very inspiring!

    Baci dall’Italia!

  • Suze December, 16 2013, 12:36

    Flannel wide-skirted dress with such a belt sounds nice!
    And I agree with you about the positioning – I too often see it right on the belly/hips, as to camouflage some extra pounds, which isn’t flattering at all.

  • Alexia December, 16 2013, 12:49 / Reply

    Les grosses ceintures étaient à la mode il y a de ça un peu moins de 10 ans … j’ai des super photos en attestants où mes copines et moi portons fièrement des énooormes ceintures avec à peu près tout et toujours sous les seins … pas mon époque la plus glorieuse …

    Je préfère les ceintures fines, je les trouve plus distinguées: elles sont discrètes tout en marquant la taille! Je ne dis pas que je n’aime pas les grosses ceintures mais je trouve qu’elles sont plus complexes à accessoiriser et le faux-pas est vite là!


  • Tess December, 16 2013, 12:53 / Reply

    I think really wide belts only work well if you’re more on the tall side and have no curves – another words, if you have a figure like a model.

  • Virginie/Mode9 December, 16 2013, 12:59 / Reply

    J’adore, là comme c’est présenté, mais dans la real-life ça ne marche pas, en tout cas pas sur moi ! Tu as l’impression d’être engoncée, mal à l’aise…et puis si tu n’as pas une taille hyper fine, ça épaissit et si tu as des seins oublie carrément ! :-)

  • Anne December, 16 2013, 12:59

    Je suis d’accord avec Virginie. Les ceintures larges sont plutôt à éviter quand on a des seins.
    Moi j’en ai une en poulain rayé zèbre que je porte principalement sur une robe en maille un peu trop grande pour moi pour la structurer à la taille et aussi lui donner un côté fun avec l’imprimé. Comme je n’ai pas de poitrine, je trouve ça pas mal de marquer la taille pour retrouver un peu de féminité sous nos épaisses couches hivernale :)

  • Elizaveta December, 16 2013, 1:15 / Reply

    Recently tried this dress at Aritzia:

    all white, super simple, cool silhouette and …it came with this wide belt. First I was like – thanks, but no thanks – never been a fan of belts really. But still gave it a try and surprisingly it was quite lovely. I think it’s a danger trend tho…def not for everyone.

    Here is the dress: http://us.aritzia.com/Le-Fou-by-Wilfred-BALLADE-DRESS/49518,default,pd.html?dwvar_49518_color=3030#prefn1=refinementColor&prefv1=WHITE&start=2


  • Sarah December, 16 2013, 1:43 / Reply

    Has anyone figured out how to make this work with a short torso? It just made me look like I was shaped like a barrel.

  • Nx December, 16 2013, 1:50 / Reply

    oh to have a long body. wide belts sit on my waste and touch my bra!! horrendous on me!

  • Laura December, 16 2013, 1:50 / Reply

    J’adore, et les looks sont super! Ca me plaît d’en porter de temps en temps, et là j’ai vraiment envie de m’y remettre!


  • Eva December, 16 2013, 2:00 / Reply

    I still think it’s a hard piece to wear and you really need the right figure! I especially love it with a dress or when it’s really wide to cover the bottom of a blouse or shirt. xx


  • Gabrielle December, 16 2013, 2:31 / Reply

    Love these look, especially those black on black ones. I think the black wide belt with the black jumpsuit could even work for smaller people like me. I definitely want to try that. xxx

  • shani December, 16 2013, 3:57 / Reply

    I have a couple of the wrap around, tie in front variety (Kind of like for kimonos) in different colors. They always add a great statement to my outfit (and help keep me from eating too much when they’re cinched tightly!).

    Shani x

  • Lizzie December, 16 2013, 7:10 / Reply

    Loooooooove it! My to go-to belt is a black, wide, leather one (80s vintage). For a similar effect, I favor some obi-like finely woven ones. It elevates every outfit to the point of receiving compliments from total strangers. I don’t think height is of an issue in pulling this off. Like your photo here, I have discovered monochromatic + the belt look work because, visually, it does not cut you in half. Awesome post, Miss Alex!

  • Leslie December, 16 2013, 8:31 / Reply

    I haven’t worn a wide belt in a while. I like how it looks!


  • juli December, 16 2013, 8:54 / Reply

    Great post! I love wide belts even though I am short — I am however long-waisted…I also think that monochromatic is the way to go —

    Somehow less successful on the beige outfit….hmmmm. Looks kinda like a weird peplum.

    I love them on a knee length dress — heels —- lipstick —– the best.


  • nic December, 16 2013, 8:55 / Reply

    I think if you want a wide belt to be flattering, you need to have better posture than the model in the photos above!

  • Lune December, 16 2013, 9:53 / Reply

    I’m built too delicately for wide belts. Sorry, at 1.5m and 39kg, the only wide belt I will ever wear is an obi. (I’m just the right size for mail-order yukata, though…)

  • jen December, 16 2013, 10:49 / Reply

    i’m only 5′ so i’m careful about belts…limited body space for lines! :)
    i really like wearing wide belt to cinch coats and when wearing longer dresses.

    stretch material is forgiving and comfortable to wear; i found a great black elasticized one with leather neon green accents at the clasp–nice way to give a LBD a twist. leather wide belts give something a bit more structure and edge. sometimes i wear mine to make a top + skirt look like one outfit.

    the theory look w/the shirts seems a difficult way to wear wide belts unless you are long and lithe…but they make the dresses more interesting and less boxy.

    definitely best at your true waist to add to your shape or give you some.

  • Pauline December, 16 2013, 11:14 / Reply

    Wide belts is definitely not for average size Asians (and that’s me). I guess it only works on Liu Wen-type bodies.

  • Elna December, 17 2013, 12:42 / Reply

    I feel like I just won a boxing or wrestling championship belt. Not for me :(

  • Isa December, 17 2013, 5:52 / Reply

    Tres bonne question !
    Sur la photo, la ceinture large est magnifiquement portee, probablement parce que les tenues en elles memes sont passez depouillees. J’imagine que ca doit etre la cle de la reussite…

  • Heidi December, 17 2013, 7:39 / Reply

    I love a good wide belt with something a little more blousy. A great way to create a waist in any outfit. I love the simple solid looks from theory.


  • Caroline December, 17 2013, 8:51 / Reply

    I agree with the lots of the comments about figure : you can’t wear a wide belt if 1/ you’re short, 2/ have big boobs or 3/ have wide hips.
    Put if you have a model’s figure, I’m sure it looks great…

  • jen December, 17 2013, 10:34 / Reply

    sad to see so many of the comments skewing towards the ‘can’t wear it without the perfect body’…feels like belts should be able to be worn by all, just varying what you wear it with to suit you best

  • Rathna Sharad December, 17 2013, 11:26 / Reply

    I think wide belts are gorgeous. To make it work for different body types and keep it from looking frumpy play with width of belt and length of top.

  • Newborn Fanatic December, 18 2013, 3:30 / Reply

    I love wide belts but haven’t fooled around with it for years. It’s hard to master because they somehow emphasize the lower pooch women may have. I feel like the lower part of the cloth kind of bunches up and it’s hard to pull it off.


  • Jaci December, 18 2013, 10:57 / Reply

    I have a brand of super special belts here in London and it is not uncommon for women to approach us saying they love belts but think they don’t have the right figure to wear one… It is great to prove them wrong! ;) There are so many widths, materials and cuts, you just have to find what works for your body shape and the look you want to achieve.

  • Vanina December, 19 2013, 3:03 / Reply

    looks are really cool and think such a belt could be very nice in each wardrobe. All that matters is the combo! :)


  • Rachel February, 21 2014, 8:44 / Reply

    I absolutely love the really wide belts and would love to buy one but I am told at a size 14 I am too big. Do you think this is the case? I love this one from The Latest Thing

    Would it make me look bigger?
    I also like this one from Asos:

    Any tips?

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