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According to Cameron

According to Cameron

Cameron Diaz has a new book…

It’s all about fitness, nutrition and the body. But the section that stuck out the post was titled “In Praise of Pubes” — sorry, it’s a little bit NSFW (depending on where you work…)

Cameron goes on in defense of a full bush saying, “Pubic hair also serves as a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness. Pubes keep the goods private, which can entice a lover to come and take a closer look at what you have to offer. Also, let’s be honest: just like every other part of your body, your labia majora is not immune to gravity. Do you really want a hairless vagina for the rest of your life?”

Alright, let’s discuss…

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  • Aurélie January, 7 2014, 12:56 / Reply

    ONG! Really?????

  • andreea January, 7 2014, 12:56

    i guess that in europe the bald look didn’t quite become the trend that it is in america…


  • Anita Irlen January, 7 2014, 1:11 / Reply

    Yes, Cameron Diaz, yes. Agree.

  • Jen Wilson January, 7 2014, 1:11 / Reply

    Haha! Awesome! Why are people so afraid of hair? We’re only animals after all.

  • laura January, 7 2014, 1:11

    thanks jen!!!! i am teaching my 4 year old this very fact- but it seems we forget it so often!

  • Léopoldine January, 7 2014, 1:12 / Reply

    C’est hyper drôle de lire ça ici. Mais POURQUOI elle a eu ENVIE de traiter CE sujet?
    C’est limite dégueu….

  • rosamunde January, 7 2014, 1:35 / Reply

    I like how she’s written this paragraph in an almost code, understandable to every woman but maybe not that apparent to every man?

  • Teresa January, 7 2014, 1:36 / Reply

    Oh god… Yeah it’s funny that she speaks about it. Every time I took all my hairs i got an urinary infection… So I gave up on total depilation! After all if they’re there it’s because they’re needed no?

  • C January, 7 2014, 1:47 / Reply

    Too much theory around pubes?

    But sure is worth a laugh!


  • Floflo January, 7 2014, 1:49 / Reply

    assez d’accord, mais préférez un buisson structuré à un buisson sauvage, à mon humble avis.

  • C January, 7 2014, 1:49

    Buisson structuré versus buisson sauvage! J’ai aimée!
    Structured bush versus savage bush! <3 it!
    Bien sur que ça c'est mieux! It is definetly better!

  • Florence January, 7 2014, 1:49

    Jardin à la française VS jardin à l’anglaise! ;)

    Mais qu’en disent les hommes????

  • Manon January, 7 2014, 2:34 / Reply

    Le pire c’est que je serais capable de le lire ce livre….en fait je vais le lire :-(

  • Suze January, 7 2014, 3:05 / Reply

    I agree! And am happy that the naked cat seems to be slowly going out of fashion again.

  • April January, 7 2014, 3:41 / Reply

    Regardless of how a woman feels about having a full bush, it’s refreshing to hear a (gorgeous, healthy) celebrity offer a different viewpoint. If a woman doesn’t want to feel like a 12 year old girl, why should (current) prevailing notions of preferred pubic grooming force her into removing most or all of her pubic hair? I say thanks Cameron!

  • Terry January, 7 2014, 3:56 / Reply

    The pubes are important – they help keep bacteria out of the vagina and also protect the area from uncomfortable friction during sex…I never understood the appeal of going bald. Why do I want to look like a preadolescent? I’ve kept a lush but well tended to garden for years and I’ve never heard any complaints. :-)

  • Megan Autumn January, 7 2014, 4:11 / Reply

    Never thought of it in that way….
    I will now be reconsidering my want for laser hair removal lol

  • Fitness Stylist January, 7 2014, 4:16 / Reply

    She is in great shape. If you have an iPad, try The New York Model Workout.
    Its on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-new-york-model-workout/id704533992?mt=11

  • andreavytlacilova January, 7 2014, 4:19 / Reply

    Oh my, don’t really know what to say.. Cameron has a special way of saying things :D


  • MarlaD January, 7 2014, 4:23 / Reply

    About the gravity…I’m afraid it’s going to be similar to what happens to tattoos as we age…I’d say keeping the options open is a good idea.

  • Nina Nagy January, 7 2014, 5:14 / Reply

    Haha, j’adore que Cameron parle de ça, par ce qu’il y a un peu un dictat de l’intégral de nos jours, même si je pense sincèrement qu’il n’y a pas à avoir de débat, car chacun-e fait comme bon lui semble après tout…

  • LaBouyxonne January, 7 2014, 5:23 / Reply


    Elle assure Cameron!

    Et je pense comme elle, je trouve que ça manque de féminité et de mystère.
    Bien sur en restant dans le raisonnable!

  • Jay January, 7 2014, 5:23 / Reply

    My significant other actually preferes a little hair. And to be honest, I was shocked and pleased to hear. I have to agree with him, there’s something a little sexy about tamed (not shape specific) pubic hair. It’s sort of like a drum roll to the “ta-dah”.

  • Beverley Marsland January, 7 2014, 5:25 / Reply

    Actually if the alternative is grey pubic hair then I will keep waxing.

  • Suzy January, 7 2014, 5:25

    i am not there yet – does it grey?

  • Sisi January, 7 2014, 5:25

    Lol good question ====> google search!!

  • Diane S. January, 7 2014, 5:25

    I am sorry to say, yes, it goes grey. Don’t ask how I know. I just do. It’s so sad.

  • Another Kate January, 7 2014, 5:39 / Reply

    To add to Cameron’s words of wisdom. Have you ever asked yourself why your partner would find the appearance of pre-adolescent genitalia exciting? VERY CREEPY!!!

  • sisi January, 7 2014, 5:39

    I’m just sure that my partner has never seen pre-adolescent genitalia…

  • Kiri January, 7 2014, 5:44 / Reply

    WOW – ok.
    Well I don’t really agree with her – I find long pubic hair gross.
    But that said I will use it when I am older to cover up the tattoo I have there. :-)
    That’s why I don’t laser it all off. :-)

  • Bernadette January, 7 2014, 5:58 / Reply

    C’s comments cant help to bring to mind her unforgettable “sex with your car” scene in the recent and amazing film “The Counselor”!
    A recent conversation with a friend (a Gynaecologist and a Psychotherapist) talked of increase in women reporting with “I don’t look normal” because they don’t naturally resemble “Barbie downstairs” porn models, actors, etc. Apparently its very common now for girls in that line of work to have substantial surgery to achieve a very flat and taunt look “down there”. This of course is very confusing for those not used to seeing the natural adult female form (isn’t difficult to image the confusion for a young man or woman who has only ever seen air brushed/surgically manipulated genitalia).
    So good for Cameron. B

  • Diana January, 7 2014, 6:22 / Reply

    I read this book of love letters from the 18th or 19th century and one male lover referred to his female lover’s pubes as her ‘fringe of Venus’; thats was so beautiful that I’ve never had a brazilian since

  • Marina B. January, 7 2014, 7:21 / Reply

    Ah oui, quand-même…!!))
    ça – ça peut être le sujet d’un post (yes, you can) : “épil’ or not épil’ ” ??

  • johanna January, 8 2014, 1:27 / Reply

    awesome writing, Diaz–
    couldn’t agree more-

  • fenghuang January, 8 2014, 1:31 / Reply

    Ahahah, elle est mignonne, mais bon on a pas de poils au niveau du vagin, c’est de vulve qu’il fallait parler ;)
    Mais elle a le merite de soulever un sujet intéressant, et dont il ne faut pas avoir peur de parler! Hey, c’est votre corps les filles, cest pas dégoûtant! :)
    Perso, je n’aime pas quand il n’y a rien, le côté prepubaire me derange…(en plus du côté galère à gérer) je raccourcis juste la longueur, c’est plus agréable à porter pour moi et mon amoureux préfère ;)
    Mais bien sûr c’est vraiment une question de préférences esthétique!

  • Caroline January, 8 2014, 4:17 / Reply

    Merci Cameron!
    Tout d’abord, pourquoi vouloir s’imposer la douleur d’une épilation totale? En plus, à la repousse, ça gratte…
    Ensuite, et les gynécos le confirmeront, les poils sont là pour une très bonne raison, ils servent à protéger cette zone des bactéries.

  • ava January, 8 2014, 4:26 / Reply

    A (very groomed) lover of mine once almost forced me not to shave, because he loved the “mysteriousness” and animality about it. He said it made me look more like a “real” woman. It felt kinda awkward at first, as I had been shaving for most of my life. But then I started to like it!
    Strangely enough it makes me feel more like a “girl” again, than shaving everything off does.

  • Natalie Hale January, 8 2014, 5:08 / Reply

    It`s a matter of personal preferences. As for me, I just don`t feel comfortable having hair down there. I feel… unclean. And it TICKLES.

  • Agnès Pollet January, 8 2014, 5:42 / Reply

    Les poils ont aussi une fonction autre que purement esthétique : ils adoucissent les frottements irritants et forment barrière contre les infections.

  • sisi January, 8 2014, 5:42

    Une barrière contre les infections,vraiment je ne suis pas sûre.
    Peut-être à une époque où les gens ne se lavaient pas tous les jours ou s’essuyaient avec des feuilles d’arbre et qu’ils allaient “faire” dans la foret lol

  • No Gloves On January, 8 2014, 6:37 / Reply

    NO !! Really? She wrote that?? LOL
    Hurray for Cameron Diaz! Despite all the pros and cons of what she wrote, actually writing it is a very bold move!


  • Polly January, 8 2014, 8:03 / Reply

    Well this is a shock! Good on her though, to each their own!


  • shopgirl January, 8 2014, 8:27 / Reply

    Agree with Cameron and with comment of ANOTHER KATE. Creepy indeed.

    Also shaving and waxing of such delicate skin and consequent inflammation of the skin, redness and rash over several days-is this really attractive and sexy to anyone?
    Of course the one who claims that it does not happen is simply lying.

  • Eloïse January, 8 2014, 9:03 / Reply

    Bonjour le studio,
    Je dois vous dire que je suis plus surprise par les commentaires que par les propos de Cameron Diaz. Cela me fais doucement rire les personnes qui trouvent les propos de Cameron Diaz choquant alors qu’aujourd’hui le monde ne parle que de sexe. En y réfléchissant bien, il y a du sexe de partout, des les films, dans les magazines, des les clips; et donc je suis étonnée qu’une simple histoire de poils puissent choquer!
    Sérieusement, il n’y a pas quelque chose qui cloche là dedans?


  • Cilou January, 8 2014, 9:03

    Je n’aurais pas dit mieux… :-)
    Les gens parlent beaucoup mais se trouvent finalement très mal à l’aise quand on parle clairement de “vulve”, “vagin”, “clitoris” …

  • mymy January, 8 2014, 10:18 / Reply

    Mais évidemment, il est très important d’en parler et surtout : yes Cameron !

    Et cela n’empêche pas une “petite taille” de gazon pour garder l’ensemble joli et présentable.

    Faut arrêter cette culture du politiquement correct qui ne voit la beauté que dans les trucs carrés, maîtrisés et formatés. C’est ça qui est moche.

  • Beverley Marsland January, 8 2014, 11:13 / Reply

    Actually i got a home wax kit yesterday from Ricky’s (US only) GiGi brazilian kit and it comes with pre cleanser, oil to protect skin, wax off cleanser and slow grow lotion all for $12.99 – it is all but painless to use and no inflammation at all. What I object to is paying £50 in London to have it done for me; If you are new to home waxing choose the non strip variety its a totally different experience.

  • CÉLINE January, 8 2014, 12:08 / Reply

    J’ ai toujours trouvé que les “zézettettes” (oui on dit comme ça chez moi) ça faisait sexe de petite fille et du coup j’ai toujours trouvé douteux les hommes qui préféraient ça… bon ça va un peu loin là mais au fond c’est ce que je pense! Donc vive le FREE BUSH !

  • KatyE. January, 8 2014, 12:09 / Reply

    Loved how she put it! I love her even more after this! I totally agree. I am 46 and have noticed for a long while now how my younger women “sisters” are “down there” in the showers at the fitness club, the public pool, etc. I´ve felt like a barbaric bush woman for years now because I refuse to take it all off to look like a young girl of 10 again. (Well, you know what I mean- since I REALLY WOULDN´T ANYWAY- since I´ve had 3 kids and had all natural births!). But, the point is- IS THAT I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY WOMEN WOULD DO THIS!? I am proud of my womanism – the bush. I don´t let it grow long- so all good. O.k… I do shave my armpits and my legs…and now at 46- I even shave the upper lip and the mole hair- so, I´m not against grooming…. But, is it the porn industry´s fault?! Or is it because women do this to help their partner not miss the spot….I´M JUST ASKING! WHY DO THE ONES WHO DO IT- DO IT? EDUCATE ME! Best regards, an older “sister”

  • Katerina January, 8 2014, 12:09

    Well, simply put, as far as I know :) men prefer it without. And majority of women take it off for that reason. And I agree it is creepy. But men like bodies like that of fifteen years old girls on women so it gets creepier … There are exceptions , but my husband is not one of them…

  • M. January, 8 2014, 2:03 / Reply

    No, it tends not to go grey even when one’s hair does, but there is much less hair. I miss the lovely bush I used to have. (Well, I only miss it once in a while when I think about it in the bath.)

    But don’t worry about that as you will have other more important things to worry about. And you can still wear great clothes.

  • Collie Mae January, 8 2014, 3:15 / Reply

    I concur…

  • tizzylish January, 8 2014, 4:21 / Reply

    Is it just me or is Cameron looking like Madonna these days?

  • LLL January, 8 2014, 4:42 / Reply

    1. It does gray.
    2. A women’s mon pubis shaved does not look like a prepubescent girls. They are different.
    3. Someone commented on unwanted friction but it does increase wanted friction.
    4. Some men like with some like without and some like both.
    5. Every woman should do which ever she prefers and let everyone else do what they prefer in this department.

  • Sisi January, 8 2014, 4:42

    ++++ for this comment !! lol

  • Solene January, 8 2014, 4:42

    Totally agree with that !

  • Fatima January, 8 2014, 4:42

    Thank you LLL.
    Every woman should do what she likes. To each their own. Ain t nobody dictating me what looks right down there :)

  • Diane S. January, 8 2014, 5:14 / Reply

    To each his own. Personally, I go for neat and tidy, but don’t care if someone else wants to go full bush, totally bald, wear a merkin, or have a hair sculpture of a miniature schnauzer.

  • Eunice January, 8 2014, 10:10 / Reply

    Dans le fond on s’en fou, non? C’est plutôt personel à chacun, pourquoi on se soucierait de l’opinion de Cameron?

  • Marcela January, 9 2014, 12:11 / Reply

    OMG so funny!!!!!!! I actually just went bold for the first time last time I waxed. Its cool and kinda weird. It makes it VERY difficult to peet in public restrooms where you’re not supposed to “touch” the toilete. But the childish look makes me very uncomfortable. And i think sex is better it a little hair. I used to be all conscious about my pubic hair during sex but the whole thing felt weirder without it.

    I am up for a little hair!

  • Lucia January, 9 2014, 6:21 / Reply

    Don’t shaved armpits look like pre-adolescent girls’s armpits, shaved legs like pre-adolescent girls’ legs, and shaved men faces like pre-adolescent boys’ faces?

    I understand the fight against the dictate but let’s not exagerate!

  • Emma Louise January, 10 2014, 12:43 / Reply

    A friend of mine was invited with her band to perform at The Playboy Mansion. She is a very strong and amazing woman – who prides herself (among other things) on her full bush.

    After she’d played, she was standing around the pool when some of the Playboy Bunnies started taking a skinny dip in the pool. Of course, they had no hair down there.

    Shamelessly seizing this opportunity to make a point, she quickly de-clothed right there and proudly paraded her (sizeable) full bush around the perimeter of the pool, long enough for everyone in the vicinity to see…


  • Catherine January, 10 2014, 10:46 / Reply

    When I first traveled in Europe in 1982, I was shocked by the European girls who had hairy legs and hairy armpits (I didn’t see their privates, but I assume they were also au natural), yet who were so totally cool and hip. When did it change? I think everybody is so busy watching porn online that they have twisted expectations about sex and sexuality, including what their partners’ bodies and their own bodies should look like. It turns sex into a sport or business aimed at personal satisfaction, rather than an intense form of communication and sharing between two people and aimed at pleasing each other, not just one’s self. I think guys want women to look like pre-pubescent girls because the porn industry has deemed it so, telling them “here’s what’s sexy,” based on the idea of pushing the limits and dancing around with pedophilia to make their products even more exciting.

  • KatyE. January, 10 2014, 10:46

    I agree! That´s when I came to Europe- from the states- in the 80´s and I too, was shocked to see the girls with hairy legs and armpits. When I told them that in the states, we shave that away because we view hair there- as untidy, dirty and grouse. They told me right back that- what a stress it must be to have to shave it off all the time. My Grandmother (European) said she had never shaved and she actually got less and less hair on her legs and under her arms as she got older. Of course, I would, as an American, never go so far as NOT to shave my armpits or legs- because I thought it looked nicer. But, it was because I was trained to do so- living in America. Women were supposed to be skin smooth in those spots. Now, it´s the bush that has to go. I don´t like it. Who makes up these rules and why?

    I´ve lived in Northern Europe since then, and more and more women have become “Americanized”- also in this department. But, it´s the younger women here that has started it- and we older women want to stay hip and stay young looking. But, is this all -going too far? Everyone has a choice-yes, but nobody wants or likes to be different. Who or what dictates how we should look like as women or men, for that matter?

  • Lisa Walker January, 10 2014, 10:46

    Thank you for saying this!

  • Erica January, 11 2014, 9:14 / Reply

    I could not agree more. A nice bush is hot. :) My boyfriend is the one who changed my mind on this.

  • Maddy January, 12 2014, 9:55 / Reply

    I cant. I’m all for hairless everywhere except my head and eyebrows and arms. I cant stand the sight of hair anywhere else !

  • myself January, 12 2014, 3:15 / Reply

    Ineteressant à lire, je pense. En ce qui concerne la “toison pubienne” non merci, pas pour moi, le ticket me va très bien ;)

  • Anna January, 13 2014, 5:27 / Reply

    I love Garance’s blog because she always has such a great conversation below the posts. And I also agree with some of you that it’s matter of your personal choice and you bf’s choice.


  • Niamh Moloney January, 14 2014, 10:46 / Reply

    I just prefer not having them there. I’ve never had any complaints about it so i think ill will continue the way i am going.

  • LLL January, 14 2014, 4:13 / Reply

    And what about women who prefer that men shave their chests? Is that “Creepy” too? Or women who have a “thing” for bald men? Does that mean they are “into” babies? So silly!! I will say it again, to each his own.

  • Marie-Anne January, 31 2014, 8:51 / Reply

    Un bon gros LOL

  • Heidi Segelke Resky February, 9 2014, 11:57 / Reply

    Pubes are gross…that’s why I have chosen to live without them. By the time gravity drags down my labia majora, it will already have done a number on my face – at that point what is the difference.

  • Nata May, 24 2014, 6:54 / Reply

    Many of you said that hair down there is gross, but maybe you should think about it why do you think it looks gross. It’s the advertisements, popculture, porn industry which made us think like that. Women hadn’t shave for ages and I hope that we will be free again soon, and that our daughters won’t spend so much money on such useless things. Hairy legs and armpits are ugly for me too, but I know that it’s just a matter of fashion and it can be changed. Natural is beautiful.

  • Margaret June, 5 2014, 4:53 / Reply

    I do understand her. Where I come from, older women hold an ancient idea that a full bush is like a token of womanly power. Sort of like long hair was to ancient warriors maybe – that by cutting it off they lose some or their power. Also, hair removal is quite a new thing here in post-soviet Europe, it’s not a given, so it’s not totally weird to keep the hair.
    I may or may not grow my pubic hair back when I’m older, but for now, I don’t miss it. I remember how it was before I ever started grooming it, and it was messy – just a lot of hair, a lot of washing and so on. And when I groomed it, I never knew how much to shave off, so by the end I’d just keep a narrow strip of hair. That seems weird to think back. I don’t remember what having pubic hair felt like.

  • Theresa June, 5 2014, 6:24 / Reply

    As annoying as shaving is, I just prefer it because I’m a bit of a neat freak down there. I actually have found that if I grow my pubes long enough things just become itchy and tangly and bothersome. I am also dismayed by their lack of compartmentalization–they tend to creep towards the backside if you catch my drift. I’ve never been able to accept that, so I annihilate them.

    I love the concept of au natural and body acceptance and all that, but I can’t embrace my pubes!

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