In case you were wondering how it looks on the street when the weather hits New York, here you go…
I’ve been in Salt Lake City for two days, the city of the winter Olympic games, and it’s warmer than it is in New York !!!

Snow days are pretty funny fashion-wise.

You can spot real New Yorkers in a sec because they are the ones with the real snow boots, as the mix of snow + salt kills any other type of shoes – but apart from that, everybody does what they can. It’s like if, on these kind of days, everybody was like “all right guys, no fashion today okay everybody?” and was going for whatever layering seems available. It’s pretty cute.

I like this one a lot, a military jacket over a puff jacket under a Mexican blanket. You’d have to think about that one, right ?

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  • Kimberly January, 24 2014, 9:02 / Reply

    I will assume she has on fleece lined leggings. which, by the way, is ingenious! Enjoy ALT!

  • severine January, 24 2014, 9:03 / Reply

    Magnifique cette photo…la lumière, la neige, les couleurs, c’est sublime, bravo !

  • Clemence January, 24 2014, 9:04 / Reply

    Je viens tout juste d’emménager a NYC et c’est l’enfer…
    J’ai decide de lacher l’affaire d’être fashion parce que de toute façon on ne voit que ma doudoune et mes shoes…
    J’adore son style sur la photo ;-)

  • veronica January, 24 2014, 9:05 / Reply

    how much snow!! Too much for me!!:-)
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • Cristina January, 24 2014, 9:06 / Reply

    What a beautiful shot! This look is awesome! I love a snow day, in my town in Spain never snows and I miss it a lot

  • Karl et Val Café January, 24 2014, 9:06 / Reply

    Magnifique photo ! J’aime beaucoup les couleurs qui s’en dégagent…..

  • alix de beer January, 24 2014, 9:06 / Reply

    Loool! Dans ces cas-là, on se dit qu’on est pas trop mal lotis à Paris niveau météo!!! (On se rassure comme on peut!)

  • Mamzette January, 24 2014, 9:08 / Reply

    Oui je sais je sais, vous en avez tous marre de la neige là-bas, mais nous ici que dalle, nada, pas un flocon ni le bout de la queue d’un glaçon, rien. Alors oui, ça fait rêver, moi aussi je veux me mettre une couverture autour du cou et jouer les blasées en construisant un mini bonhomme de neige du bout de la botte!

  • Mafalda January, 24 2014, 9:09 / Reply

    Quelle photo magnifique! En ce qui me concerne je pense que c’est impossible d’avoir du style lorsqu’il neige!

  • gersande January, 24 2014, 9:13 / Reply

    Beautiful picture!!!

  • Anette January, 24 2014, 9:15 / Reply

    It might be “cute” when this happens a few days each year, but when it lasts for 5 months every year, and you have to wear snow boots every day (because snow, water, street-gravel/sand (to prevent slipping on the ice), and salt kill any normal shoe, as everybody knows), and people can just forget about fashion at all, because it just goes on and on, and if you don’t care about it, you just freeze and make yourself look ridiculous, it is not cute at all. Nice picture, though

  • Mila January, 24 2014, 9:15

    Anette, do you by chance live anywhere near Estonia? Because that is how it is here as well!! Might as well put on a snowsuit for 5-6 months!

  • Anette January, 24 2014, 9:15

    Yes, Mila: Norway, climatically speaking, I suppose that is quite Close to Estonia

  • Anastasia January, 24 2014, 9:15

    I can only join.
    From Russia with love.

  • Rosa January, 24 2014, 9:15

    With love from Canada!

  • Marie F January, 24 2014, 9:20 / Reply

    j’adore son style.

    J’espere que tu auras d’autres photos de ce style, ça permet de donner des idées…

    parce que moi, quand il neige et comme la plupart des personnes, on ne voit que mes yeux. Je suis emmitouflée dans ma doudoune avec une grosse écharpe, un bonnet et mes bottes de neige. Je ne prête même pas attention si ça va bien ensemble ou si c’est présentable.

  • Geneviève January, 24 2014, 9:23 / Reply

    J’adore cette silhouette… emmitoufflée mais élancée! Les jours de neige à Paris (pas cette année, il fait incroyablement doux pour l’instant), que fait-on? Et bien, pas grand chose, n’est-ce pas?!

  • ZOE January, 24 2014, 9:26 / Reply

    It’s -30 degrees here in Montreal everyday these days, there is not much going on with fashion anymore i can tell you …..

  • Katharina January, 24 2014, 9:40 / Reply

    the photo is amazing! I remember that when I was a child I couldn’t wait for the first snow to come. Now that’s completely different. I’m thankful for each day that passes without snow and ice. But – now that I see this really beautiful photo …. It’s friday. Let it snow!
    Katharina // katinka

  • Shan January, 24 2014, 9:43 / Reply

    Zoe’s right. I’m in Edmonton Alberta and though it’s been freakishly warm since Christmas it doesn’t last. Winter is quie pretty but it’s hard to dress warmly and fashionably! Can’t just give up on fashion for six months of the year — but when it’s reallllllly cold, we layer up and to hcck with style.

  • Belen Baquerizo January, 24 2014, 9:45 / Reply

    I actually think it looks awesome! love the mix of print and color

  • Alexandra January, 24 2014, 9:50 / Reply

    This picture is so cool!! I never would have thought of the Mexican blanket layer.

    And it was beyond lovely and dream-like to meet you at Alt, Garance. Thank you for your inspiring talk and for being such an amazing woman and example for so many. It makes me so happy to see your success and to see that you remain as grounded and kind as you are. And if you ever want to escape the snow, come to San Francisco! This winter has been divine.


  • vanessa la belge January, 24 2014, 9:58 / Reply

    Je rêve ou ses bottes sont compensées ?!

  • Dafné January, 24 2014, 9:59 / Reply

    Petit doute… “J’ai particulièrement aimé celle-ci, une veste militaire SUR une doudoune sous une couverture mexicaine. ” ? … :)

  • Nicole January, 24 2014, 10:06 / Reply

    Does anyone know who’s boots she’s wearing??? They looked like Marant at 1st glance, but a closer look they appear to be wedge wellies??????

  • Kristi January, 24 2014, 10:16 / Reply

    I heading to NY next month for NYFW and worried and excited at the same time for this kind of weather! I love this mix of styles,

  • Noe January, 24 2014, 10:17 / Reply

    Congratulations on the awesome photograph…

  • moietelisabeth January, 24 2014, 10:22 / Reply

    Awesome outfit, really!! Love that authentic poncho !
    And think that in Helsinki (Finlande) that lasts like almost half of the year.. :)

  • Fiona January, 24 2014, 10:27 / Reply

    That silhouette! And the fact that it exists so wonderfully atop all that layering – beautiful.

  • akaNPY January, 24 2014, 10:37 / Reply

    Tres jolie photo!
    Moi, apres un an a NY, j’ai aussi investi dans des bottes de neige. Mais pas celles qui font des pieds de pingouin tellement repandues dans NY. J’ai trouve une paire BCBG Generation, chez Century 21 qui sont vraiment pas si mal… pour des bottes de neige:
    Bon week end!

  • Nathalie January, 24 2014, 10:41 / Reply

    J’adore les superpositions des differentes couches

  • Laëti January, 24 2014, 10:41 / Reply


    C’est vraiment très joli :)


  • shani January, 24 2014, 10:46 / Reply

    In this weather, I am not ashamed that I am glued inside my puffer coat. I aspire to look more fashionable in the cold, but then I’m just too damn cold! I was walking in the slush and snow last night behind a woman wearing high-heeled platform boots, and I just thought, “God bless.” I’d be on the ground on my ass wearing those things in this weather!

    Shani x

  • natalie January, 24 2014, 11:08 / Reply

    This is such a great photo! I had the hardest time photographing the snow storm… and here you’ve captured it so well!

  • novella @ January, 24 2014, 11:24 / Reply

    OK, wish I could have all your pics to decor my entire room!
    Fabulous :)
    a fashion & DIY blog…

  • A January, 24 2014, 11:24 / Reply

    Looks like these boots…|SeasonId=59I&CollectionId=AIM&ItemId=14&VendorColorId=MDAwIE5FUk8=&SeasonMemoCode=actual&GenderMemoCode=women&CategoryId=118&SubLineMemoCode=shoes

  • A January, 24 2014, 11:24

    Sorry, the link seems to be broken… Casadei Wedge boots

  • Pamela January, 24 2014, 11:36 / Reply

    Were you at Sundance? I was in between Salt Lake City and Park City for 2 days last weekend seeing movies and observing some really strange fashion choices (lots of weird Russian style fur hats even though it was not that cold). I saw two films that won’t get out of my brain, 1. God Save the Girl – the Belle and Sebastian musical – it was so awesome to be transported into the world of that band and 2. Liar’s Dice – might be one of the most heart-wrenching film I’ve ever seen but well worth the pain.

    Anyhow, I’d love hear your thoughts if you were, in fact, there.

    Love your illustrations and blog and new (and old) hair and humor and bla bla bla.

  • Dominique January, 24 2014, 12:15 / Reply

    lovely outfit girl :)

  • Yasamin January, 24 2014, 12:22 / Reply

    I don’t have to think too hard…. I love it! She looks rad.

  • 40 and so what January, 24 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    Je la trouve parfaitement bien habillée et sa superposition est top ! Mais dis moi, elle ne porte pas de bottes de neige parce que si elles sont faites pour la neige, JE LES VEUX 8

  • Dominica January, 24 2014, 12:24 / Reply

    fleece lined collants !
    I found them at H&M and they are the best for these weather conditions ; even when your boots are more practical (I’m using Aigle boots with an extra pair of leg warmers) than stylish, one can still make the best of it, sartorially speaking ..

    great picture btw ..

  • Judith January, 24 2014, 1:19 / Reply

    En effet, ce “combo” est plutôt cool!
    Mais mon Dieu, déjà qu’avec 4/5°C à Paris je suis gelée, je n’imagine pas à NY avec la neige…

  • Charlotte January, 24 2014, 1:28 / Reply

    She did a good job being fashion in a winter white New York.
    I really wouldn’t mind that outfit here in the snow!

  • 33 January, 24 2014, 1:58 / Reply

    Awesome photo! Perfect blend of weather and fashion. I do hope that her boots are snow and salt proof.

    In Los Angeles it’s been high 70′s and low 80′s during the day. All my winter coats are just hanging in the closet. Layering? No way!

    Then again, I can see why severe cold would kill fashion. I’d wear my pack boots (plus MicroSpikes) with 2 or 3 layers of wool socks, 4 to 5 layers on top, fleece lined tights under jeans, or thick thermo under snow pants (plus beanie, wool scarves, and gloves). Forget about pretty handbag, too.

    When it’s that cold, no wonder most people resemble hobos, all puffed up under layers of clothings with no thoughts of matching anything.

  • Laura January, 24 2014, 2:16 / Reply

    Elle doit être bien au chaud, et en plus elle est stylée! Et la photo avec toute cette neige est super!

  • Sevan January, 24 2014, 2:23 / Reply

    Belle photo “ouatee”.
    J’aime particulierement ce bout de “couverture mexicaine” depassant. Ludique et jolie.
    Il fait frais dans le sud de la Floride ce qui me permet de sortir les vetements d’hiver et de chausser enfin mes differentes bottines. J’en profite car le “froid” ne dure pas longtemps !

  • Le monde des petites January, 24 2014, 2:31 / Reply

    Oui en effet, assez fun ce look!!!!
    Et quelle belle photo!!! <3


    Le monde des petites

  • Karli January, 24 2014, 2:39 / Reply

    Pas vrai! Welcome to my hometown! Visit Bodega or Bar-X for great cocktails or maybe a margarita at Frida’s Bistro. Hope you enjoyed the break from NY weather.

  • Boglarka Nagy January, 24 2014, 2:40 / Reply

    This beautiful photograph makes me wish to be there right now. I love the colors, the composition and there is a magical feeling beyond expression that comes through by looking at it. I suddenly felt like it is Christmas coming again! Thank you Garance

  • Caro C January, 24 2014, 2:43 / Reply

    Same here in Stockholm! Except the fact that almost everyone dresses in black!
    But its a challenge to look good without looking like a black ball with 5 layers and terrible boots…

    Some tips on how to dress from an expert would be great! ;)

    Bon weekend!

  • Lisa Marie Diary January, 24 2014, 2:44 / Reply

    Style 100% canon <3

  • Lansky January, 24 2014, 2:44 / Reply

    Je vis au Québec depuis toujours et c’est seulement cette année à mes jeunes 23 ans que j’ai finalement compris que ça ne vallait pas la peine d’acheter de belles bottes pour l’hiver. C’est soit Huner ou bien mais gros Sorel! Il n’y a pas plus de fashion lorsque la saison hivernale est là sauf si je suis en auto ou autre. :) Je réserve mes belles bottes pour début printemps et durant l’automne.

  • juli January, 24 2014, 2:45 / Reply

    I miss NYC snow….all my best scarves are from those days! Fur/wool/pom pons/ruffles/velvet/stripes…with your hair peeking out all over (or in your case “on top!”)

    Oh do post on scarves!

  • Annika Tibs January, 24 2014, 2:45 / Reply

    super cute!

    Totally missing NYC right now, on the west coast its blue skies and sunny! Just a little frost this morning… so I guess I cant complain about this great weather! There is just something so cozzy about snowy winter days tho…


    Happy TGIF


  • Manon January, 24 2014, 2:56 / Reply

    Waouuuh!! J’admire :-))! Super street style d’hiver

  • Katiouchka January, 24 2014, 2:57 / Reply

    The best in snow boots ( quite elegant for snow shoes and some come with wedges ) in my opinion is la Canadienne . Really made for canadian weather and city life .
    Kisses from freezing Montréal

  • Charlie January, 24 2014, 3:02 / Reply

    La photo est magnifique *_*

  • M January, 24 2014, 3:19 / Reply

    Great snow fashion.
    Makes me want a Mexican blanket.

  • carolin magdalena January, 24 2014, 3:21 / Reply

    must be freezing cold! hope you had a lovely day though!

  • Ophélie January, 24 2014, 3:25 / Reply

    Ca paraît irréel… Je ne suis pas fan de la veste militaire malheureusement, mais alors cette silhouette perdue au milieu d’une ambiance glaciale, c’est fabuleux. On aurait presque envie d’y être… presque ! ahaha

  • princessglee January, 24 2014, 4:21 / Reply

    There’s absolutely nothing about cold weather that I like except the clothes you get to wear in it. This picture illustrates that idea perfectly. Has me wanting to don some camo and stripes.

  • Marina B. January, 24 2014, 5:23 / Reply

    Bonjour tout le monde!
    c’est quoi exactement ces “bottes spéciales neige”? Ce sont des bottes en caoutchouc, ou autre chose, une (des) marque précise? Je suis curieuse… Et puis c’est utile, de savoir!
    Bonne soirée))

  • Lynn-Holly January, 24 2014, 5:44 / Reply

    I love this picture! I’ve seen so many pics on fashion blogs with girls in super cute outfits recently, and I can’t help but think that they must’ve taken them before the snow hit. This is the first realistic hey-it’s-freakin-cold pic I’ve seen. I love it!

    xx- Lynn-Holly from

  • sylva January, 24 2014, 7:14 / Reply

    Dear Garance, saches que pour rien au monde, je n’échangerais mes hivers montréalais avec ses ciels bleu Klein, son soleil, son manteau de neige et son air cristallin avec la grisaille pluvieuse et glacée de Berlin, Paris, Bruxelles ou Londres. J’ai vécu 1 an dans la ville-lumiere que j’adore mais mon dieu que c’est triste l’hiver. Ici c’est la lumiere et les sports d’hiver praticables en ville. Seule catastrophe? Quand il pleut et qu’ensuite tout gele! Pour la mode? Rien de plus beau que des habits dignes des -20 ou des -15 car c’est assumé et on peut choisir de superbes matieres et des vetements de qualité. Ma comparse montréalaise exagere quand elle dit qu’il fait toujours -30 a Montréal. Ca c’est quand on rajoute le facteur éolien qui ne peut se chiffrer. On a tapé une fois -25 et de nombreuses fois des -15 en descendant. Je t’assure, quand tu auras fini de voir le frois comme une menace et que tu en feras une saison propice aux activités extérieures. tu deviendras folle des vetements et autres équipement associés a la nordicité et le froid. PS; pardonnes la ponctuation douteuse car j’ai des problemes de clavier!

  • MAGDA January, 24 2014, 7:14

    You’re soo right. Winter with snow, even if cold or veeery cold is still much better than winter with no snow. The first is beautiful and magical while the latter is just sad and cold.

  • TeMo January, 24 2014, 7:30 / Reply

    Somehow making all of the crazy cold and snow, chic. I love this.

  • Lori Sprows January, 24 2014, 11:54 / Reply

    I’m in SLC for Sundance too and am enjoying the mountain chic fashion!!

  • Sunny Side January, 25 2014, 2:52 / Reply

    Comment vivre dans un tel froid ? Help Alex quelle crème protège le mieux ? Hey hey Salt Lake City … Fais-tu un atelier à Sundance ? je viens de lire … dévorer les trois livres de l’ex redacteur en chef du Première américain Peter Biskind, absolument passionnants jubilatoires et nécessaires pour avancer dans une telle jungle de pouvoirs et d’égo ! Good luck !!!

  • c2G2 January, 25 2014, 4:32 / Reply

    “Les jours de neige, niveau mode, sont assez comiques”

    C’est juste le quotidien de millions de personnes dans le monde ;-)

    Comme je bosse dehors avec les chevaux qu’il pleuve, grèle, neige ou vente, dans la boue et dans la gadoue, j’ai investi dans ça :—-fourrure—.html

    Un bonnet et un vieille doudoune Max Mara en duvet que je ceinture : nickel !

  • Jessica January, 25 2014, 4:40 / Reply

    Cette photo est vraiment belle !


  • Sophia January, 25 2014, 6:22 / Reply

    I absolutely love this picture. In Stockholm (where its freezing, but less freezing than NYC at the moment), I am wearing two down jackets under my coat. I look like the michelin man, but at least I don’t have frost bite!

  • sandy January, 25 2014, 6:48 / Reply

    I like her paltform boots, I like her coat with the mexican scarf: it is such a great and original mix!

    New on my Fashion blog:
    Incredi Bubble

  • TiphX January, 25 2014, 8:38 / Reply

    Jolie photo ! Je note l’idée des plateform shoes: finalement ça reste la meilleure solution pour rester toujours quelques centimètres au dessus de la neige !

  • Zuzana January, 25 2014, 8:44 / Reply

    This picture is soooo awesome. That snow! And her jacket, I like it. I starting be jelaous, that in the middle of Europe isn´t a snowstorm. Can you imagine it, we have almost Spring.

  • Naomi January, 25 2014, 9:12 / Reply

    La neige est tellement photogénique, non? J’aime aussi beaucoup les couleurs de ce photo!

  • VictoriaDiary January, 25 2014, 9:52 / Reply

    Magnifique photo !!!
    Blog mode, cuisine et bien-être:

  • Nicole Daniels January, 25 2014, 10:03 / Reply

    Hey Garance

    I love this site and I love reading your posts. I welcome your new contributors but like some others I come on here to read you and only you. Would you please add the name of the contributor on the home page of the article so we don’t have to click through to find out the author and I can keep dipping into the voice that I love to read – you! Thanks and kisses xx

  • LeDandyChic January, 25 2014, 10:07 / Reply

    Quelle photo magnifique sous la neige ! Je me délecte chaque fois de tes mots jetés à la volée et de ces photos sublimes que tu postes. J’aimerai te faire découvrir également notre site pour faire un tee shirt !

    Je t’embrasse Garance.

  • Henri Coleman January, 25 2014, 10:45 / Reply

    Look like a wonderful Christmas card! Great Snap!

  • Patty January, 25 2014, 12:49 / Reply

    Love your blog!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Anastasia January, 25 2014, 2:08 / Reply

    I think it’s an excellent example of style in such a weather. Good mix. I like it so much.

  • Youknowvintage January, 25 2014, 2:43 / Reply

    Mon Deu! C’est vraiment une temporel

  • MAG January, 25 2014, 4:22 / Reply

    Garance, this is a great picture and post. Show us some more winter fashion !!! From the comments it looks like lots of your readers is from countries where a real snowy winter exists, I think they’ll like it. And it can help the rest of us have an idea of what and how to wear shall we go to a snowy town or country one day ! Love ya xoxo

  • Melodie January, 26 2014, 6:34 / Reply

    Je confirme il fallait y penser…ou pas! En revanche la photo est superbe et n’a pas dû être des plus facile à prendre vu les conditions!! ;)
    Bises et bon dimanche!

  • Blaise January, 26 2014, 10:58 / Reply

    I’m the total opposite of Olaf (from Frozen movie), the Snowman who wants to experience Summer. In our place where it is eternal summer, I want to experience winter, as in snowing Winter. I experienced Winter before but the snow was already starting to melt.

  • MedinMode January, 27 2014, 7:29 / Reply

    Très belle photo ! Et effectivement le style est original :)

  • mari January, 27 2014, 4:09 / Reply

    This is actually super stylish for a snowday! And it looks like she is wearing heels too… She’s a soldier!

  • Mum addict January, 28 2014, 10:25 / Reply

    Le style est vraiment peu commun mais reste quand même très original pour les jours de neige.
    Sublime photos!

  • Newborn Fanatic January, 29 2014, 12:04 / Reply

    This looks really great! Love the huge camouflage!

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