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FW by the Numbers

You can’t quantify fashion. Or can you?

At the Studio we decided to add up our experiences from this FW numerically… sort of. Here’s how it went down, by the numbers!

- 3 black beanies
- 14 slices of pizza
- 6 pairs of rain boots
- 25 bottles of water
- 4 daily Starbucks runs
- 3 ways of spelling Garance at Starbucks
- 8 backstage passes
- 295 shows flipped through on
- 4 live streams watched (and counting)
- 2 bars of Lindt Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
- 7 trips to the Smile To Go (for the fennel soup and dark chocolate cookies)
- 6 cabs
- 14 front rows
- One bus crash witnessed (no one was injured!)

Total = 392 snow capped, fun, exhausting, snack filled moments. More to come!


The Studio

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