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In case you missed it…

Here are the videos from the Open Studio!

It was so fun to be able to sit down with Anna and talk about design and with Lola, to talk about everything from thank you notes to dating. Here are both videos in case you missed them! …Sorry about the quality, it was a little crazy at the Open Studio that day !!! Promise to be better next time !!!!

Talk with Garance & Anna Bond

Talk with Garance & Lola Rykiel

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  • andreea March, 31 2014, 1:07

    i disagree: lioness garance needs to come back! :)

  • Gabrielle March, 31 2014, 1:21 / Reply

    Ah! Thank you Garance! I missed it and am super happy to watch that now! xxx

  • It's About L.A March, 31 2014, 2:47 / Reply

    Ça devait être génial, tu es superbe Garance !


  • Caroline Mt March, 31 2014, 5:02 / Reply

    Alors :
    1/ Garance tu es sublime
    2/Tu es sublime
    3/ Moi non plus je ne pourrai jamais travailler tard dans la nuit. J’aime bosser, et bosser beaucoup mais pas sur mon sommeil.

  • Aleksandra March, 31 2014, 6:03 / Reply

    I watched these over the weekend (from all the way in Australia) and they left me feeling so inspired!

    I have been a HUGE fan of Rifle Paper Co. since they started all those years ago. And as an avid reader of yours too, this weekend was truly on of the most exciting collaborations for me. I want every single piece.

    (And Lola was really interesting to listen to, too. I loved hearing two Frenchies have a conversation in English – the accents!!!!)

  • holly March, 31 2014, 7:54 / Reply

    what a lovely get together =)
    hearing you talk about letters as well makes me think.. maybe if you happen to want to extend the stationery line at some point some lovely letter paper might be a good idea? its so hard to find nice, elegant but simple designs nowadays!

  • holly March, 31 2014, 7:58 / Reply

    only just found the letter paper designs in the store… love them!!

  • david April, 1 2014, 6:26 / Reply

    Oh Garance your first step must be to have your own talk show…you are the sweetest/charming person…ever!
    Mais malgré tout, je préfère l´Europe…et tomber amoureux ici sans importer d´où viens tu, si tu as o non de l´argent, vrai amour! pas d´amour sans risques! la vie c´est un risque…

  • andreavytlacilova April, 1 2014, 12:01 / Reply

    I am glad you filmed it! I wish I had been there but I am stuck in Europe for now :/


  • Lucia April, 1 2014, 5:00 / Reply

    Thank you, Garance, for inspiring us to dare and to express our creative selfs! :)

  • Fan April, 2 2014, 3:10 / Reply

    Hey ces vidéos sont géniales! Va-t-il y avoir une traduction? Ce serait super car les sujets m’intéressent vraiment beaucoup!! :)
    Bravo à tous!

  • david April, 3 2014, 7:02 / Reply

    Sorry i wanted to say…your next step (not first) should be to have your own talk show…i really would love to watch it every week…you have to think about to incorporate this format to your blog…i do love your interviews and appearances live…

  • M. April, 5 2014, 2:33 / Reply

    Ah, Garance. For years I had one ear pierced. I had some lovely earrings. But people constantly stopped me in the street to tell me kindly that I had lost one. Eventually got my other ear done. But now I sometimes wear those dangly ones with a simpler one in the other ear. And I still get stopped!

  • Fan April, 12 2014, 6:25 / Reply

    J’aurais tellement tellement aimé que ces vidéos soient traduites! ça à l’air super intéressant!!
    Bravo pour tout ça en tout cas, c’est fantastique tout ce qui se passe en ce moment! :)

  • Christine Billo July, 17 2014, 7:13 / Reply

    j’adore ta coupe!!

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