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The Saint Laurent Bracelet

The Saint Laurent Bracelet

It was time for me to invest in timeless jewelry….

While getting dressed recently for our Open Studios , my sweet admirer mentioned that my look would be REALLY great with a beautiful watch or bracelet. I stopped, and said, “Well, that would be nice wouldn’t it… if I had like, even one truly noteworthy piece of accessory to adorn my body.”

And so, this was my thought process when I first saw the Saint Laurent bracelet. Simple, clean lines, not too round and not too sharp and of course GOLD! It was perfect, I would take four! (Slow down Brie, you will take one so you can eat next week and you will adore that bracelet as though it was a gift from Yves himself.)

Voila! Here it is, my first outfit enhancing piece of jewelry to last a lifetime. (My lifetime, I will be buried with that bracelet ;) )

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  • katie April, 14 2014, 5:05 / Reply


  • andreea April, 14 2014, 5:05

    perfectly simple! for the moment, i’m looking to buy their magic wand for retouches – touche eclat! :)

  • It's About L.A April, 14 2014, 5:19 / Reply

    The bracelet is very nice, simple yet cool


  • Sevan April, 14 2014, 5:22 / Reply

    LE bracelet ! Saint-Laurent evidemment !

  • Lucia April, 14 2014, 5:45 / Reply

    Minimal and perfect. Stunningly simple piece.

  • MoniqueMonica April, 15 2014, 7:31 / Reply

    Simple and elegant. Truly a timeless piece.
    I have one similar from Dolce & Gabbana and I wear it all the time. Whether by itself or combined with others, it attracts attention.

  • Charlotte April, 15 2014, 7:31 / Reply

    Hello Brie, although the bracelet is beaitiful, i m not quiet sure that a bracelet in VERMEIL is really a bracelet for life… wear it a bit day in day out and it will loose all it s luster.. for that price, you can def find something more longlasting (lahtough most probably not branded)… bestx

  • Marie April, 15 2014, 7:31

    Hello Brie,
    I totally understand your envy to have a jewel that will last for your all life (sorry i’m french …)
    BUT, really, that’s exactly the kind of thing you should be discussing with a jeweler, that can create something really special JUST FOR YOU, that will have a story and will last forever.
    I have just bought a golden ring that a jeweler i know for a long time and appreciate, have done for me, and for the same price I would have had the smallest ring by Ginette_Ny (witch I adore but I would have been paying for the name of the brand).
    And Charlotte is absolutely right that a vermeil bracelet won’t last as good as real stuff !
    I think high-value jewelry is the one subject that shouldn’t be chosen because of the brand.
    Have a nice day !

  • ann April, 15 2014, 10:39 / Reply

    mmmh…mais qu’est-ce donc qu’un admirateur secret ? un admirateur dont l’identité doit rester secrète ou un admirateur qui t’envoie de charmants petits mots ?

  • Zoe April, 15 2014, 10:53 / Reply

    I agree with Charlotte and Marie. Vermeil is not gold and it won’t last all your life. For a simple bracelet like this you’re just paying for the brand … Get the real stuff!!

  • ghislaine April, 15 2014, 11:31 / Reply

    simple et magnifique !

  • andreavytlacilova April, 15 2014, 2:38 / Reply

    I recently got my pandora bracelet and I must say that I have never gotten any better and more beautiful gift! What is better than keeping all of your memories on your arm?


  • Irelu April, 15 2014, 8:20 / Reply

    Is it gold-filled, gold-plated or solid gold? It’s just that I, too, invested in a Saint Laurent jewellery piece, which I believed would last a lifetime and even become a family heirloom or something, but to my disappointment, it turns out it was merely gold-plated (despite being outrageously expensive) and the patina is already wearing out (after only 2 years, during which time I wore it only a few times). And it’s not like I didn’t take care of it properly! I was suuupercareful.

  • Sandra April, 16 2014, 12:02 / Reply

    I am sorry to say this but this bracelet looks like the one you can get for a euro at just any random souvenir stall. Nothing special at all, well , of course, this is my opinion. When I think of timeless elegance I think of Alhambra bracelet by Van Cleef and Arpels (which i know is super expensive but then…we are talking timeless) , or Cartier, or even vintage Chanel… (i think timeless does not need to be plain has to be classic and interesting.)

    Sandra from

  • Lou Andrea April, 17 2014, 7:41 / Reply

    As a jeweller, I can but agree with the ladies above. I do love super refined design though! And think if Saint Laurent invested in making perfect quality across all their product as they do with clothes and accessories, it would be awesome.

  • Anastasia April, 22 2014, 12:52 / Reply

    Timeless and chic – at least, in terms of style!


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