They say style is in the details… Well – one of the things I do the most, without even thinking about it, is rolling up my sleeves. I even roll up the sleeves of my coats ! At this point, it’s more a weird habit than any kind of style science – and that why I thought it was time to explore the cuff, but like – seriously.

I asked Brie to give me a few pointers…

Here’s what I’ve observed from Chinatown to Fashion Week…

There are just a few simple steps to three very chic (and sometimes old-fashioned) rolled sleeves. This is an art form we’re taking about here!

The Pro Roll
- flip back the cuff once
- pull the cuff up past your elbow
- bring folded sleeve up and over cuff
- pushup to your liking!

Simple Flip
- unbutton jacket sleeve buttons, turn back once
- scrunch up to elbow
- flip cuff over once
You’re done!

High and Tight
- pinch excess sleeve fabric, fold left like a pleat
- fold back cuff several times to secure
- wear high at bicep
- note: best with 3/4 or short sleeve shirts

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Shirt, Mother; Jeans, MiH; Jacket, Stella McCartney; Shirt, Blk Dnm; Jeans, Mother ; Bag, Vintage Balmain; Bracelets, Pomellato; Shirt, Madewell.