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  • sandrine May, 16 2014, 5:29 / Reply

    J’ai très hâte de sentir les parfums des jumelles Olsen pour Elizabeth & james, j’ai entendu dire que les 2 fragrances mélangées ensembles sentaient divinement bon!

    Sandrine x

  • andreea May, 16 2014, 5:29

    i’d try that mascara! :)

  • fashionsphinx May, 16 2014, 5:34 / Reply

    YES ! me too !
    you read my mind , and probably our collective minds

    where do I find the perfect white boyfriend skinny jean ??????

    not skinny skinny skinny….boyfriend skinny

    thoughts ?

    do not posses a single pair of white jeans any more , have not found one I liked ( and not horribly expensive , or too transparent , or too stretchy ) in 5 years

  • Eva May, 17 2014, 3:30 / Reply

    The sandals and bag are so perfect and love the pop out even more because of the all white look, beautiful! xx

  • Ai-Ch'ng May, 17 2014, 4:20 / Reply

    As I find white very difficult to keep clean, I buy mine from Cotton On – super cheap, in an Aus Size 12 or Aus Size 14. They are actually skinny fit – but if you buy skinny jeans in sizes that are two to three sizes bigger than you normally wear, they fit like boyfriend jeans, with a tiny bit of stretch (not over-stretchy like “jeggings” – yuk).

    Or, buy the boyfriend jean from your boyfriend’s jeans’ department, but in the smallest size – like a 26″ or 28″

    Then, I take a cheese grater to the knees for a bit, just where the knees would normally get holes, wash vigorously maybe twice, and wear.

    I would never buy expensive (more than $45) white apparel for myself – except for white silk shirts and white Churches brogues, as I tend to attract dust/car oil/pasta sauce/soya to myself when I wear white pants or shirts.

  • fashionsphinx May, 17 2014, 4:20

    thanks for info……will look around and check out Cotton On

    The problem with certain white jean fabrics is that they are too thin and stretchy, and made to be worn tight and then you see all the cellulitis ! gross

    I did have a gorgeous man’s white jean from the men’s “Vintage” collection at J Crew , for a few years I only whore those , but now they are way too big on me

    another favorite is the APC white jeans but they cost a fortune

    will continue my quest for the perfect pair. I agree on not spending a lot on white jeans because they are way too high maintenance and you have to wash them a lot…i also prefer the more casual look of white jeans, a bit destroyed and not perfect like Gwyneth Paltrow

  • gaptoothedgirl May, 17 2014, 5:17 / Reply

    White with an accent of color is my fav this summer.
    xox, Gap.

  • Nya May, 17 2014, 6:15 / Reply

    I have to admit that getting the perfect pair of jeans is a tough task.
    The perfect white is another case all together.

  • Charlotte May, 18 2014, 7:19 / Reply

    Wouldn’t mind wearing this white look today!

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