Two Dots

Two Dots

We have a problem.

We can’t stop playing Two Dots on our iPhones. And by we, I mean Emily, Erik, Garance and myself. Emily was the one that told us all to download it, so I blame her for the fact that I haven’t looked up from my phone in days. I never thought I would get so addicted.

The point of the game? Connect the dots and sink the anchors.

Have you played it?

PS: I’m on level 25 and totally stuck. Help!

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Add yours
  • andreea July, 2 2014, 4:08 / Reply

    i have never played a computer game…it’s just not for me :)


  • Marion July, 2 2014, 4:40 / Reply

    Aaaaaahh je comprends totalement, je suis accro à ce jeu aussi. Peut-être parce qu’il a un graphisme minimal beaucoup plus agréable que candy crush ?
    Bref, je bloque au niveau 35, je suis dessus depuis 4 jours.

  • Roxanne July, 2 2014, 4:52 / Reply

    Heureusement, je n’ai pas commencé à jouer. J’ai déjà fait l’erreur avec Candy Crush et 2048 donc je n’ose pas. Mais je dois dire que ça a l’air chouette quand même comme jeu. Mdr

  • Janelle Andrea July, 2 2014, 4:58 / Reply

    Two Dots is so beyond addictive, I literally have dreams about it! I’m stuck on level 82, but I cant. stop. playing.

  • Liz July, 2 2014, 5:05 / Reply

    I need to try that game!!


  • Zsofia July, 2 2014, 5:07 / Reply

    I am so happy to read that I’m not the only one that got addicted! My case is way more serious as I am on level 72 (and totally stuck) but I have to admit that I’ve spent days being stuck on previous levels (59 arrrgh). I even got my boyfriend into playing: he downloaded the app for ME on his iPad but needless to say he’s the one playing with it ever since.

  • Nathaly July, 2 2014, 5:07

    How did you pass level 59? I’m having a hard time here, I’m stuck!!

  • Emily July, 2 2014, 5:22 / Reply

    I’m stuck at level 29! If anyone has tips on sinking those anchors please let me know :)))

  • Ayesha July, 2 2014, 5:22

    Hi Emily,

    Here is an unofficial but very good guide.

    Also have you tried to look for walkthroughs on youtube?

    If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email – support@weplaydots.com, I’m happy to help in any way I can!

    Thanks for playing!


    Let’s be friends!


  • CC July, 2 2014, 5:30 / Reply

    Is this Candy Crush-esque? I haven’t tried that one either, and I’m afraid of becoming addicted!


  • mincis July, 2 2014, 5:45 / Reply

    This might be helpful — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwVU5TnQGAE :)

  • irena July, 2 2014, 5:59 / Reply

    i finished all levels and now i’m playing the old ones until they upload new ones and i am a mom!!
    is it possible to be more pathetic?

  • Sevan July, 2 2014, 6:16 / Reply

    Bloxorz et Tangram ! Ces jeux m’obligent a controler mon impatience !

  • Deb July, 2 2014, 6:19 / Reply

    Oh just wait till you get to level 72… I’m stuck and I feel like it is giving me a har time on purpose! lol They’re trying to make me buy those extra moves, but I will conquer without them I tell you! It’s so addictive… I downloaded the original dots because of Garance and now this one is even worse… lol

  • Tanya July, 2 2014, 6:48 / Reply

    Stuck on 26!!!

  • TK July, 3 2014, 12:25 / Reply

    Thanks for sharing! Two Dots is definitely an aesthetically lovely and addicting game! I’m stuck in the fifties levels !

  • Polinechocolat July, 3 2014, 1:36 / Reply

    I was thinking I was the only addict ^^ Hopefully I can go out and see the world again 8)
    I’m stuck at 54…

  • kellye July, 3 2014, 2:27 / Reply

    It seems interesting, I want to play this game.

  • L'Irrégulière July, 3 2014, 3:15 / Reply

    Je suis arrivée au bout, j’attends qu’ils proposent des niveaux supplémentaires… du coup, je joue à Birzzle !

  • Nostris July, 3 2014, 3:56 / Reply

    Ahhh moi je suis bloquée au niveau 85 !Si quelqu’un a des conseils à me donner…

  • FELIPE July, 3 2014, 4:12 / Reply

    The best!!

  • MissPimpin July, 3 2014, 4:50 / Reply

    This post makes me feel like an addict, I mean, a drug addict. I’m already addicted to my phone, to candy crush (I’m desperate to finish it before the end of the summer), before that to Angry birds.
    I want a life, a real one, beside my phone
    So hard not to check on that new game you’re talking about …
    AAAAARGH !!!!!!!

  • niki July, 3 2014, 5:43 / Reply

    level 55…..so surprised we are sharing the same addiction…..

  • La pose mode July, 3 2014, 6:09 / Reply

    Je ne connaissais pas ce jeu avant aujourd’hui, et je sens que je ne vais pas le télécharger vu ca que tu en dis (la dépendance tout ça, c’est pas trop mon truc =P)
    Bon courage !
    Bise !!


  • Zehra July, 3 2014, 6:26 / Reply

    This games is addictive, I completely love the visuals as well! I’m currently on level 85… Stuck.

  • Alix July, 3 2014, 7:06 / Reply

    Alléluia on ne va plus entendre parler de Candy Crush!!!
    Merci les amis…

  • Ashley July, 3 2014, 8:21 / Reply

    I’m stuck on level 25 too! …for more than a week now. How can it be so hard?

  • Natalia | Fashioned by Love July, 3 2014, 8:52 / Reply

    Uhm, this one is new to me and I have a feeling I will be addicted for a while. :)

  • Petya July, 3 2014, 9:17 / Reply

    Lol, I blasted trough all that levels, but some took me quite a time…. and I never used the in app purchase option

  • Noemi July, 3 2014, 9:23 / Reply

    I try to avoid any type of games, because my blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook are enough!! :-)

  • lygie July, 3 2014, 11:36 / Reply

    I play everyday BUT I started limiting myself to 5-10 mins because it is soooooo addicting.

  • Des L. Louise July, 3 2014, 12:28 / Reply

    je suis complétement bloquée au niveau 69 ! Mais la vie est belle, ce jeu est beau….

  • Cg July, 3 2014, 12:28

    Être bloquée au niveau 69….. J’en rêve ! :D

  • Kate July, 3 2014, 1:04 / Reply

    It’s addictive. The only way to really keep progressing is to pay for the power ups…don’t take me to Vegas. I’d never return.

  • Camille July, 3 2014, 1:31 / Reply

    uh oh. you got another victim. im hooked. [happy 4th weekend by the way:)]

  • marie July, 3 2014, 2:01 / Reply

    Pas encore ;)

  • Cathy July, 3 2014, 2:11 / Reply

    Addicted to Two Dots! I finished all the current levels, but I still go back and play levels that I previously passed. O_O

  • Kristen July, 3 2014, 2:29 / Reply

    My sister and I play that alllll the time. We have not made it as far as level 25 yet, it gets SO DIFFICULT because it’s much harder to get squares

  • Alix A July, 3 2014, 4:12 / Reply

    Niveau 44 hehe . Tu vas adorer que tu vas devoir briser la glace ahah, mais on est d’accord c’est juste addictif, quand je réussis un niveau que je traine depuis plusieurs jours j’ai des réactions assez disproportionnés ..

  • andra // fox lane July, 3 2014, 4:36 / Reply

    me too! totally addicted. can’t get enough.

  • Vincent July, 3 2014, 5:19 / Reply

    Bon voilà comme je l’ai dit sur twitter ma vie sociale est finie (thks pour la mise en favori ;D ), mais genre vraiment finie. Par contre je suis déjà bloqué au niveau 4 :/ maintenant je suis triste sans amis et frustré devant mon téléphone ah ah! Vous inquiétez pas Studio Doré j’essaye de bien le vivre.


  • Ana July, 3 2014, 6:16 / Reply

    Level 44 now! It’s very addictive indeed! I had to stop for a while…:)

  • Another Reader July, 3 2014, 7:42 / Reply

    I’ve been very tempted to download this App but have hesitated about it and this make me seriously consider about getting it mmmm……..Yeah I definitely do it now ;)

  • Another Reader July, 3 2014, 7:48 / Reply

    For those who have been playing on this App… do you necessarily have to spend real money to get through levels? or you can totally do it for Free?

  • Shivani July, 4 2014, 8:14 / Reply

    Level 72! It’s just impossible. Has anyone managed to get past it without buying more moves?

  • Claire-Line July, 5 2014, 4:07 / Reply

    Bien sûr on est tous accro, jusqu’au prochain jeu tout mimi. :-)

  • de passage July, 5 2014, 4:25 / Reply

    Je suis coincée un peu plus loin avec des ancres et des cases gelées ! Je n’en peux plus… Ça fait 3 jours que je recommence ce même niveau et j’ai l’impression que je n’y arriverai jamais.

  • Beatrice July, 6 2014, 6:06 / Reply

    Je suis bloquée au 85!!!!!! Je déteste les boules de feu!

  • A July, 7 2014, 3:52 / Reply

    Late to the party, but yes, you can get to 110 without spending a dime. It takes a while.

    It’s addictive but beyond that, I love how much care went into the design and music of this app. The graphics are beautiful and as you connect the dots the chords match the background music, which is so fun to listen to sometimes I just turn the app on and let it sit there and play!

  • Mary July, 7 2014, 12:23 / Reply

    thanks so much for that, since I read this on Saturday I’m up to level 26 #thereweremoreimportantthingsicouldhavebeendoing

  • Manxmut July, 7 2014, 4:33 / Reply

    Level 82, refuse to purchase power ups and keep promising myself to give it one more go and then delete it if not successful , this has been going on for 3 days now. I think I may need medication.

  • Thalie July, 7 2014, 5:29 / Reply

    I thought I was the only one obsessed with that game, it’s incredible addictive.

  • Cait July, 8 2014, 9:39 / Reply

    I’m at level 62 without any purchases. I find it absolutely addictive, thank god there is a limit to how much you can play at a time without paying. If I had unlimited lives I would never leave the house.

    There is a great game called Monument that is worth checking out– it is a puzzle game with beautiful graphics and it has a set end point so you can lose too many days of your life to it. I am also a compulsive Threes player.

  • Laureen @Peachylau July, 8 2014, 11:20 / Reply

    Oh non, ca me donne envie de le telecharger…

  • Laureen August, 4 2014, 7:38 / Reply

    J’ai découvert ce jeu par hasard, depuis je suis fan ! Longtemps bloquée au niveau 110, j’ai réussi a le surmonter et depuis ce soir je bloque au niveau 133 …. Je pense que je vais devoir attendre la prochaine mise a jour avec impatience.

    Il faut dire aussi que mon copain et moi avons parié sur le premier à finir le jeu …. Et je suis largement en tête ! ??

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