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Simple and Seasonal

When it comes to Japanese food, I feel like sushi has become the know-all, end-all definition. I mean, sushi is great but not something Japanese people consume much at home. And trust me,...


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I Like to Cha Cha

New Yorkers are obsessed with drinks – from juices to kombucha to iced coffee to cocktails....

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I Took a Chill in Ibiza

Despite popular opinion – Ibiza is not just an island for partygoers hoping to live the...

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Traveling Light

How do you travel? I just got back from Greece. It was a press-related trip to interview the...

Six Times the Trendy

Six Times the Trendy

Last season we brought you a full on resort-a-thon experience.



Mija just made the move to New York! She’s lived all over the world, and I think it shows in...

Hey Man…

Hey Man…

I like that look and think it should be mine.

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Career / Cathy

Growing up, the only part-time job I was okay with having was one in retail. I was totally fashion...

Mating in Captivity: Esther Perel

Mating in Captivity: Esther Perel

I first got in contact with Esther Perel through her fantastic, fun, and eye-opening Ted Talks. I...

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Mane Signature

When it comes to my hair, I am far from experimental.

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One Love

As a typical millennial, I fall into the category of a Netflix binge watcher.

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Do Not Disturb

One day, I’ll have a bright, sunny house and a big bathroom with a huge window. I’ll have a...

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Embrace the Curl

“The bigger the better” became my motto. Au natural became my go to look. It’s...

Style Story / Daniel

Style Story / Daniel

It’s Men’s Fashion Week (claps and cheers in the background)!!!! Which is my favorite time to...

Return of the Teva

Return of the Teva

I don’t know about you, but my memory of Teva sandals stretches back to elementary school in...