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mndfl meditation sara auster

Steady Minds

It’s Earth Day! So obviously we’re getting all green juice, yogi, hemp, meditation on you… no but seriously, as you may have noticed, meditation is becoming quite a trend!


Customize Me!

Customize Me!

I looooveeeeee anything that can be customized. Don’t you? I would customize my toilet paper if I...

heather anderson posture garance dore photo

Perfect Posture

Out of everyone at the studio, I think it’s probably the case that I’m tied to my desk most...

Dream Retreat Garance Dore

Dinner Diets

I’m moving into a new apartment this weekend and couldn’t be more excited to have an actual...

fashion week photo garance dore playlist music

Playlist : From the Runway #3

Every season we like to share some of our favorite tunes from the runways, and this season things...



I’ve always had perfect vision, never needed glasses, I always opened my eyes under water, at...

brittany clybourn garance dore photo


Over the past several months I’ve challenged myself to try as many different exercise classes,...

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Crissy & Kimmy

The thought of having a twin has always intrigued me… Would it be “The Parent...

kate moss stand up

Stand Up!

… Because they say sitting is the new smoking. No joke. Has anyone else been hearing about this??...


the science of sleep garance dore beauty photos

The Science Of Sleep

Somehow living in the city that claims to never sleep can make you all the more aware of how...

hygiene freak kate moss garance dore photos

Hygiene Freak

I like to shower 2 – 3 times each day, and apparently that’s kind of insane?

stress eater garance dore illustrations

Stress Eater

Some people, when they’re stressed, don’t eat. That’s not me. I’m the...

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No Judgement!

Leave your judgement at the door, people. Especially if that door is leading you into a sweaty,...

how long is too long garance dore illustrations

How Long Is Too Long?

The longest relationship I’ve ever been in is the one that I have with my birth control… Yes,...

cotton garance dore illustrations


It’s the same thing every month. And, no, we’re not talking about your phone bill. (Even...

eat what you feel laila gohar garance dore photos

Eat What You Feel

Is there something you don’t eat? For a long time I didn’t eat meat, only fish.  Yep, I...

what about kris caitlyn jenner garance dore photos

What About Kris?

It’s so funny. Everyone’s got something to say about this month’s Vanity Fair cover — even...