Do Not Disturb

One day, I’ll have a bright, sunny house and a big bathroom with a huge window. I’ll have a vanity in it with all my makeup perfectly organized, a big bathtub, a shower, an armchair, and I’ll be able to listen to music and read there for hours while I do my nails and no one will be able to say anything about it because there will be a sign on the door in capital letters: DO NOT DISTURB.

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Style Story / Daniel

Style Story / Daniel

It’s Men’s Fashion Week (claps and cheers in the background)!!!! Which is my favorite time to check out what the dudes are...


The minis

eymele burgaud garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Conscious Cleaning

I make my bed. Every morning.
fringe benefits shopping cart garance dore photo

Fringe Benefits

Are you getting your fringe benefits?
cha-cha_garance-dore photo

I Like to Cha Cha

New Yorkers are obsessed with drinks – from juices to...
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Let's Talk About

I Took a Chill in Ibiza

Despite popular opinion – Ibiza is not just an island...
Six Times the Trendy

Six Times the Trendy

Last season we brought you a full on resort-a-thon...
Hey Man…

Hey Man…

I like that look and think it should be mine.
daytime dress pant shopping cart garance dore photo

Daytime Dress Pant

I love the look of a tuxedo-like pant during the day!

A Beauty Minute with Corinne

Morning: Most of my skincare routine happens at night. When I wake, I refresh with the Yon-Ka toner. Maybe I’ll put on the regenerator or Liz Earle. For makeup I use Giorgio Armani foundation as a concealer. I’ll tidy my brows with gel, if I’m not working that’s it. I like to wear light makeup if I’m not taking photos. If I’m doing a show or photoshoot, I’ll use the foundation all over, and NARS eye makeup. I like to keep the natural tone in my lips, sometimes we’ll do a bit of lip liner as lipstick, to enhance the tone.

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let's talk about Lunettes

christian dior sunglasses beach still-life garance dore photos

Rayon de Soleil

stella jean style story rome garance dore photos

Style Story / Stella Jean

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retro super future sunglasses


Paris Fashion Week Street Style Sunglasses

The Perfect Combination

Social Eyes

Social Eyes

Hannah Dilworth Pink Sunglasses Concrete + Water Photo


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

In Color

You know who does the colored lens look impeccably? Robert Downey Jr.. Seriously! Google “Robert Downey Jr. glasses” and you’ll see all the glorious rainbow shades he pulls off. He’s my summer sunnies inspiration…

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the party garance dore illustration

The Party

“Will you come with me? I’m just going to make a quick stop at Pat Cleveland’s book launch and then we can go to dinner. It will only take a few minutes!” We arrived without knowing exactly what to expect. In...


mariel hemingway in her words garance dore photo

In Her Words: Mariel

Mariel is the type of woman who has endless stories that stretch far beyond a familiar last name. She started her career young and in Hollywood, which for some people, may have been a recipe for disaster. For Mariel,...