The minis

Hey Man…

Hey Man…

I like that look and think it should be mine.
daytime dress pant shopping cart garance dore photo

Daytime Dress Pant

I love the look of a tuxedo-like pant during the day!
The Return of the Lady
Let's Talk About

The Return of the Lady

I’m a little bit obsessed with Luca Guadagnino’s most...
Think Pink

Think Pink

Last weekend I decided to paint my bedroom with a fresh coat...
The Newsletter
In The Know

The Newsletter

The newsletter is coming back!
gallery day shopping cart garance dore photo

Gallery Day

Ok, so here in NYC it’s a little too sweaty for a leopard...
mane signature garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

Mane Signature

When it comes to my hair, I am far from experimental.
Bob Marley One Love Garance Dore photo
Let's Talk About

One Love

As a typical millennial, I fall into the category of a...

Career / Fafi

I’ve always been fascinated by Fafi’s work. Her subversive dolls, but also the crazy courage she has to go out and paint in the streets at night – something I would never have been able to do.
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liberty london print backpack bag garance dore photos

Love Liberty

There’s something so intrinsically sweet about a Liberty of London print. I have a soft spot for them and, while the patterned fabric might also be a quilters dream (my mother is definitely guilty here), they also...


no arm done physical beauty garance dore photos

No Arm Done

Let’s talk about our best physical features. Here’s my thinking: we’re so often told to embrace our inner beauty, but shouldn’t we find a part of our physical selves to love too?


let's talk about On Vacation

Summer Escape

Summer Escape

Southampton Getaway

Southampton Getaway

casa via dei delfini labeque axel vervoordt interiore garance dore photos

At The Labèques’

costa rica beach garance dore photos

In Costa

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos Greece

San Giorgio

Valise d’été

Valise d’été

Daphne Javitch Photo

La La Land

Marco Polo Illustration

I Hate Being A Tourist

Lisa Marie Fernandez Photo

Summer Vacation

Take Me To Church

Maybe it was London, but I love my new Church loafers. They’re kind of perfect, no? Simple and classic in the most obvious of ways.
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sheherazade goldsmith style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Sheherazade

We’ve already confessed our love for Loquet London on the blog, but I’ve been wanting to introduce you to the designer, Sheherazade, for awhile now. I love her style — it’s so feminine and colorful, and I’m a...


little news diary garance dore illustrations

Little News!

I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I was finishing my book for three months now. But this time it’s really true! I submitted all my texts, all my...