No Arm Done

Let’s talk about our best physical features.

Here’s my thinking: we’re so often told to embrace our inner beauty, but shouldn’t we find a part of our physical selves to love too?
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church loafers shoes garance dore photos

Take Me To Church

Maybe it was London, but I love my new Church loafers. They’re kind of perfect, no? Simple and classic in the most obvious of...


The minis

cha-cha_garance-dore photo

I Like to Cha Cha

New Yorkers are obsessed with drinks – from juices to...
brie welch ibiza garance dore photo
Let's Talk About

I Took a Chill in Ibiza

Despite popular opinion – Ibiza is not just an island...
Six Times the Trendy

Six Times the Trendy

Last season we brought you a full on resort-a-thon...
Hey Man…

Hey Man…

I like that look and think it should be mine.
daytime dress pant shopping cart garance dore photo

Daytime Dress Pant

I love the look of a tuxedo-like pant during the day!
The Return of the Lady
Let's Talk About

The Return of the Lady

I’m a little bit obsessed with Luca Guadagnino’s most...
Think Pink

Think Pink

Last weekend I decided to paint my bedroom with a fresh coat...

Style Story / Sheherazade

We’ve already confessed our love for Loquet London on the blog, but I’ve been wanting to introduce you to the designer, Sheherazade, for awhile now. I love her style — it’s so feminine and colorful, and I’m a huge fan of her haircut (if I had straight hair, I’d have this cut…) and basically I’m just a fan of hers, in general.
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little news diary garance dore illustrations

Little News!

I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I was finishing my book for...


let's talk about Lunettes

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Rayon de Soleil

stella jean style story rome garance dore photos

Style Story / Stella Jean

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retro super future sunglasses


Paris Fashion Week Street Style Sunglasses

The Perfect Combination

Social Eyes

Social Eyes

Hannah Dilworth Pink Sunglasses Concrete + Water Photo


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Message From Clémence

I have a weakness for tee-shirts with messages on them.
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