vanessa moody balmain x h&m

Balmain x H&M

I know, I know, I know, I know. We’re so blasé. We’ve seen a million of these high street / designer in vogue shows. We. Don’t. Care.    But while I was sitting at the...


loulou dela falaise ysl

La Muse

The shows have been going on for several weeks now, and what you’ll sometimes find at the...

Fashion News #37

Fashion News #37

Balmain for H&M releases first campaign photo.

nyfw shopping cart garance dore

It’s NYFW!

It’s NYFW and I’m looking for an amazing leather mini skirt…. perfect with a...

Fashion News #18

Fashion News #18

Balmain Announces Collaboration With H&M The news was confirmed last night at the Billboard...

Garance Doré Beauty Photo

Good Morning!

When I say I love having a morning routine, I really love having a morning routine. It’s the...

Garance Dore Illustration


Saturday morning, I made myself a coffee and opened Vanity Fair. As I was turning the pages, I see a...


Fashion Week Invitation Photo

I Love Calligraphy

Even though I love all the crazy invites we get to shows, most of the time the ones I keep are the...

Are we Ballin or what?

Are we Ballin or what?

I bought this t-shirt for $10 the other day on Broadway, with a friend. I bought it a little bit for...

Go big or go home?

Go big or go home?

I love love love these Dolce & Gabbana earrings. But but but… like the Balmain we talked...



I really like that Maud, who is French and lives in New York, has that very French je ne sais quoi...

Balmain Earrings Photo

Supersized Chandeliers at Balmain

Earrings are back, in every shape and size ! We’ll talk about it more soon, but in the...

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #2

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #2

Aaaaand, a whoooole day late… Here is my second Paris Fashion Week Diary ! Damn video,...

Braid Photo

The braid…

The girls walking the Balmain show sported a simple, natural braid with a hint of grunge. We are big...

At Balmain

At Balmain

I’m wearing so much Balmain, I’m a walking invitation.