garance dore puppy love

Puppy Love

Since I moved a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I have been really strongly considering getting a dog. We have a bigger place, we got a car, we’ve gone full-blown domestic, so a dog feels...


little news diary garance dore illustrations

Little News!

1/ I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I...

mirabelle marden interiors garance dore photos

At Mirabelle’s

We went to Mirabelle’s place in Brooklyn the other day. She’s an art collector who lives in...

whitney brown puppy photo garance dore

The Outtakes / Don’t Work with Animals

To finish up the year, we will be sharing some of our fun stories and outtakes from an amazing 2014....

Caroline Ventura Photo


I stopped by Caroline’s apartment last week to take some photos and see her jewelry collection...

At Amanda’s

At Amanda’s

I love Amanda Brooks‘ apartment and her eclectic mix of prints and textures. I love her...


Buenos Aires, moments.

Buenos Aires, moments.

My friend Sofia, Buenos Aires skies, words of desperate love all over the city, beautiful courtyards...

My Pet Square

My Pet Square

Hi ! Live from my favorite café in Sydney (I am going to take pictures of it, I love it too much!),...