Gisele Bundchen
In Her Words: Myla

In Her Words: Myla

I’m always so inspired by those who are able to share their stories and emotions with honesty and simplicity and loved Myla Dalbesio’s words about her body and her relationship...


wetsuit surfing roxy beach garance dore photos

Get Real

Have you ever worn a wetsuit? If you have, you know that putting it on and taking it off is the...

Fashion News #14

Fashion News #14

Uniqlo Announces Collaboration With Carine Roitfeld Stocks predicted to sell out, fast. Sarah...

watch your back garance dore illustration

Watch Your Back

“Does my butt look ok?” That’s the number one question my friends ask me when...

Garance Dore Skinny Mirror

The Skinny Mirror

We have a mirror at the studio that makes you look like Gisele.

Garance Dore Illustration


Saturday morning, I made myself a coffee and opened Vanity Fair. As I was turning the pages, I see a...

Self Service Magazine Photo

Self Service

The new Self Service has arrived!!! You know it’s one of my favorite magazines and once again,...

<em>Deep Thoughts</em>: Body

Deep Thoughts: Body

Hi!  Here are three deep thoughts for your morning. They’re all about body image and no,...