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I’m really excited to share this article with you from the October issue of Glamour. First of all, because there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion (hehe) and also...


Garance Dore Week

24 / 7

Here’s two or three things I did this week… I got back from Las Vegas.

Garance & Les It Girls

Garance & Les It Girls

This summer, I shot an ad campaign for American Glamour. Giant : The size of the production....

Stockholm <em>NY</em> Stockholm

Stockholm NY Stockholm

You can get it real, you can get it imitation, or you can get it vintage.  It works well as a...

no good very bad taste

no good very bad taste

I’m developing a very questionable addiction and I need your opinion. It’s nothing new,...

the naked truth

the naked truth

Sorry, this article is only available in French.