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Editor’s Letter #11

I’ve just landed after a series of trips that were just as amazing as they were exhausting.


Southampton Getaway

Southampton Getaway

The Hamptons are so close to NY I often forget how beautiful and vacation-worthy it is there. The...

travel kit guarantee more illustrations

Travel Kit

You might think I’m a pro at traveling and vacation and, in a way, it’s true. My passport is in...

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The Perfect Road Trip

We love road trips – who doesn’t? There’s no better way to truly explore a landscape,...

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It’s about to get really really cold here in New York (hello, polar vortex!), so I’m already...

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos Greece

San Giorgio

Here are a few photos of the hotel where I spent my Mykonos week, the San Giorgio. I loved it....

A week in Mykonos

A week in Mykonos

I’m going to talk to you one last time about Mykonos, ok one second-to-last time, and then I...

A Montana Vacation

A Montana Vacation

For my summer vacation, I headed to Whitefish, Montana…


Travel Beauty Garance Dore

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products!...

Bonjour from Corsica

Bonjour from Corsica

A little layover in Corsica to say hello to my family and let my nephews jump on me – the...

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Beach Wear

It’s vacation time!!! I managed to pack a super light bag (22.3 kg — I’m writing...

Les Vacances

Les Vacances

It’s time to take a holiday. At the Studio, we’ve been carefully mapping out our summer...

A St. Croix Vacation

A St. Croix Vacation

Being the first to leave on vacay at the Studio was pretttttttty great!

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Montauk Postcard

I’m spending the last few days of summer with my family in Montauk…