The other day, Chris picked up some kind of weird, slightly slimy, flesh-colored thing off the floor. He held it between his fingers and showed it to me with a worried look on his face:

“What’s that?”

I admit, for two seconds, I wasn’t sure either. Then suddenly I realized what it was and put on my most chill face possible to answer: “Those? Oh, nothing, they’re my nipple covers!” I grabbed them out of his hands, and was reassured when he said: “Oh, well okay!”

Yeah, being a woman is full of weird moments like that.

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Au Soleil

Au Soleil

Brie gave us the run down on some killer swimwear options for the summer, but if you’re like me and wondering what you can...


The minis

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Let's Talk About

Simple and Seasonal

When it comes to Japanese food, I feel like sushi has become...
gone surfing shopping cart garance dore photo

Gone Surfing

I’ve been doing a whole lot of California dreaming these...
Pinned Down

Pinned Down

It feels like everything is customizable these days. And why...
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Pocket PMF

Pocket PMF: Moving to New York

New York, New York!
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Let's Talk About

Conscious Cleaning

I make my bed. Every morning.
fringe benefits shopping cart garance dore photo

Fringe Benefits

Are you getting your fringe benefits?
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I Like to Cha Cha

New Yorkers are obsessed with drinks – from juices to...
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Let's Talk About

I Took a Chill in Ibiza

Despite popular opinion – Ibiza is not just an island...

The Track Pant

I’m sure you’ve seen this trend around… I’ve actually lived through quite a few versions of it. Do you remember J.Lo in her pink Juicy Couture suit? Or what about those damn Adidas track pants that popped up on every fashion girl? Until now I really wasn’t into dressing up an athletic pant, it felt forced. But there is something about this particular iteration that just feels so right.

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This is kind of THE summer look in New York. A simple tank dress and Converse. It couldn’t be much simpler – but what makes


let's talk about Lunettes

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Rayon de Soleil

stella jean style story rome garance dore photos

Style Story / Stella Jean

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retro super future sunglasses


Paris Fashion Week Street Style Sunglasses

The Perfect Combination

Social Eyes

Social Eyes

Hannah Dilworth Pink Sunglasses Concrete + Water Photo


Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Easy Does It

Summer is the season for a lot of exciting things: barbecues, warm rooftop social gatherings, and as G wrote about last week, beach days where we can grapple with self confidence and grace as we maneuver the sandy beaches in a bikini we aren’t ready for enjoy the sun rays and ocean breeze! It’s true, summer is great for a lot of things. Heavy makeup is not one of them.

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Do you know any chill people who don’t get worked up about things? People who manage to take things as they come, who know how to not take things personally, and don’t over analyze every minute of their...


And We’re Off!

And We’re Off!

Have you noticed? Shoulders are out! Women are embracing the off-the-shoulder with open arms …pun intended. It’s a funny thing to see so much skin present on the streets without being overtly sexualized....