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A Guide for Thrill-Seekers – Five Extreme Sports Hobby Ideas

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Are you a true thrill seeker? When you ride roller coasters or dive, do you get excited? It’s natural to be scared of things that are scary, but it’s also natural to seek adventure to feel the rush of adrenaline. Your heart starts racing and your senses may feel heightened. We love to feel alive and that’s what extreme sports are all about. In this article, we present five ways to get that thrill in a relatively safe way.

1. Defy Gravity with Tricking

Have you always been in awe of people who can control their body while doing cool tricks on land and up in the air? Then tricking could be a suitable hobby for you. To be fair, tricking includes a whole plethora of hobbies: martial arts, gymnastics and parkour to name a few, so it really depends on what you prefer. Martial arts are great for developing the mental side while parkour develops a range of motion and overall coordination. If all these seem like too much, you can simply get an Airtrack or gymnastics mat to your home and start small, exploring the tricks that we did when we were kids.

2. Fly through Skies by Ziplining

Many adrenaline junkies have the desire to fly and feel weightlessness as it provides an addictive and fun feeling in our bodies. In fact, all recommendations in this list give a similar feel in a way or another. Ziplining is no different in that it allows you to reach high speeds while sitting in a harness. Ziplines come in various lengths, so you can test the waters with shorter ones before exploring something like the Jais Flight which is 1.75 miles (2,83km) long! Located in Dubai, this beast of ziplines reaches the speed of  3.2 mph (150 kmph). Other well-known ziplines are Sky Trek Monteverde, Victoria Falls Zipline and Mosjøen Zipline.

Now, you do not need to have any special talents for ziplining. Simply purchase the tickets to zipline and go through the mandatory safety instructions given by the staff. Then, you’ll be secured to the harness and zipline itself. Then, once your turn comes, it’s time to simply enjoy the ride!

3. Jump to New Heights with a Trampoline

If ziplining is a bit too hardcore for you or you simply don’t have the opportunity to go enjoy such hobby (because let’s face it, it’s expensive and quite rare to find) yet you still want to feel like you’re flying, consider getting an outdoor trampoline for you or for the whole family. Nowadays, trampolines can provide a much more pleasant and safe experience compared to the ones we enjoyed when we were kids. For the highest, softest and most even bounces, opt for a rectangular trampoline instead of a classic round one. While they may be on the pricier side, they are ideal for those who seek thrills.

Starting trampolining is easy, since all you need is a trampoline. Once confident in basic jumping and tricks, you can start getting that adrenaline rush by learning more complex tricks and attempting higher jumps. However, please remember to keep safe first! High quality rectangular trampolines are good in that they are designed for a long time use. In other words, they’ll last for years if not decades to come.

4. Make Amusement Parks as Your Hobby

Do you tend to watch hours of POV videos of roller coasters and other amusement rides before visiting the park yourself? Well, why not do the same and make it your hobby! Some adults have owned their love towards amusement parks by making it their thing. They visit as many parks as possible and rate various rides based on factors such as the airtime, comfortability and uniqueness of the rides. The global community is highly active and thus you are likely to find similar minded people that can help you start with your new hobby. Start by visiting the local amusement parks first before planning your big trip abroad!

While this hobby is expensive, most extreme sports are. For the hobby, you’ll need a suitable camera that stays on you even when you are on the rides, tickets for the park as well as other travel related tickets and bookings done.

5. Try rock Climbing to overcome challenges

Introduce rock climbing as a thrilling and physically demanding hobby.

Discuss different types of rock climbing, including indoor and outdoor options.

Highlight the mental and physical benefits of rock climbing.

Suggest using a trampoline to build core strength and practice movements that can be applied to rock climbing.

If these are not thrilling enough for you and you prefer something physically demanding, chances are you may enjoy rock climbing. This truly is an extreme sport that requires time and patience. To start safely, we recommend climbing indoors at first. There, you have the opportunity to get guidance and tips on how to master various climbing techniques and also gain strength; something that is an absolute must if you want to continue climbing.

Once you are ready to take the next step, you may want to explore the outdoor possibilities. Please bring a more experienced outdoor climber with you; this is not something that you can do yourself! Start small and build up from there. There are numerous hot places for rock climbing in Canada, such as Squamish, The Bugaboos, Niagara Escarpment and more.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

It’s clear: the call of adrenaline is irresistible. Whether you end up finding your way of tricking or start ziplining or trampolining (or something else), the activities listed in this article are sure to offer a taste of exhilaration like no other.

However, as you may expect, safety is paramount with any extreme sports. Make sure you get proper training if it is necessary and follow all precautions. So, why wait? Seize the moment and chase for truly thrilling adventures!

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